Tuesday, September 16, 2008

McCain needs to strike now

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that McCain hasn't roughed up Obama on earmarks and/or his contributions from Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac yet?

From the beginning, I thought that it was a tough sell to transform McCain as some kind of reformer given that he has been part of the infrastructure for 30 plus years.

But if you are going to play that card, you need to get out in front of these economic attacks Obama is unloading on the McCain campaign. It truly paints him as a man with a "tin ear" on the average worker.

McCain can truly establish his role as a reformer by doing the following....

1) Highlight his earmark requests over Obama/Biden
2) Show the Fannie Mae connection
3) Go out aggressively and campaign on how "pay to play" has lead to these Lehman Brothers types woes and that democrats are the ones holding the bag.
4) Be aggressive on how the corruption in Washington has resulted in a weak economy.
5) Using the drilling example, highlight how democrats in congress don't put Amercian workers first.
6) Show the absolute hypocrisy of Rangel's chairmanship of Ways and Means.
7) Highlight the need for divided government

It occurs to me that many of these things are slam dunks and they fit right into the McCain narrative he's campaigning on. Obama's reeling right now and he's back flailing. This is a great time for McCain to put the heat on but it occurs to me like their holding back for an "October surprise".

But as anyone who's ever watched a Bengals game knows, prevent defense only prevents you from winning.

Drill now, Drill often.

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