Saturday, April 09, 2011

Tell me what's fair?

I just finished two returns. One taxpayer had an income of $740k and the other had an income of $650k.

If you are a believer in the rich not paying enough. Tell me what fair would be for each of these families.

As a reminder, if you are a taxpaying citizen of this country please join me next Friday night (Cindy's Friendly Tavern) at about 6:00 for a drink on me.

If you receive earned income credit, food stamps, unemployment, subsidized housing, etc. You are not welcome to join us; we've already paid for your beer. You are welcome to join us if you're willing to buy the beers for the people who pay for those bennies for you. Call it a thank you.

Obamanomics 101

Gold is now at $1475 an ounce.

Obama's greatest hits

Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid: We Can't Cut Anymore Spending Becau...

Obama's greatest hits

If we get rid of coal powered plants how will we fuel all those Volts on the road?

The hill they'll die on - abortion

Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) vowed yesterday that the provision to defund Planned Parenthood that passed the House earlier this year is “never, never, never going to pass the Senate.”

Schumer made the remarks Thursday on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., at a “Stand Up for Women’s Health” rally sponsored by the National Organization for Women, NARAL and Planned Parenthood.

That must make all those little aborted babies so proud.


Obamanomics 101

Traders are warning of a dramatic change in dollar selling. They fear central banks from the Middle East may force their Asian rivals to more aggressively drive the dollar down.

Too Many Dollars

In 10 months, the Dollar Index has lost 14% because the world keeps accumulating dollars it doesn’t want and sells them. Asian central banks are key.

Many Asian central banks have been forced into waging wars to keep their currencies from appreciating because of the influx of investors to emerging markets. They sell waves of their own currencies into the market in an attempt to keep exports competitive.

In return they often receive dollars. But with the Federal Reserve printing dollars and the greenback’s value continually falling, the Asians sell those dollars in order to preserve the value of their reserves.


Good news

Good news for the non-essential employees of the government. You can go to work today and continue to get a check paid simply for being non-essential.

Stewart Cink - College Days

Isn't it nice that the taxpayer's could subsidize Stewart's dreams with food stamps. At least now, the private sector can subsidize his dream by paying for his health insurance until he makes the tour.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Monday, April 04, 2011

The Green Regulation Machine: Saving the Planet or Killing Jobs?

Obama's greatest hits

I got the email today announcing The One's 2012 candidacy.

As a result, I thought it would be a good idea to reflect on the One's last candidacy......

I wonder How Peggy's handling that 3.89 a gallon gas?

MRC Protest Series: Union Member Confronted Over Assault of FreedomWorks...

Obama's mortgage is underwater?

Should the Obamas walk away from their million dollar mansion? Should they short sell?

With the recent decline in housing prices, the Obamas' Chicago mansion could be worth less than the value of their mortgages.

In mid 2005, the Obamas purchased their dream home for $1,650,000 in Chicago's Kenwood area.  Since then, real estate prices have dropped considerably and their mortgages may be underwater like millions of other Americans who bought real estate before the housing bubble burst.

But hey. If you would have read my post in 2008, you would have already known that he received a sub prime mortgage in the first place.


Stuff liberals run - student loans

You know how liberals have been banging on banks for conning people into mortgages they couldn't afford.

Where's the same outrage over student loans.

Liberals have been preying on students to borrow to their eyeballs to get degrees that may or may not ever provide a return on investment.............

Carrying more debt after they leave campus, more students defaulted on their student loans after the recession hit in 2008 and 2009.

The newest numbers from the Department of Education show that 13.8 percent of students whose loans first came due starting in October 2007 and had defaulted by September 2010.

The results are the first trial of a three-year rate, which drove up the numbers for most schools from the previous two-year window and made it difficult to compare with previous years. Defaults generally come after the loan is at least 270 days delinquent.

So let's see. If you default on a mortgage you can walk away with a credit blemish and a potential foreclosure on your record. If you default on a student loan, you never walk away. It's easier to walk away from Carmine the Loan Shark.