Thursday, July 03, 2014

When gov't runs health care

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Denying me my reproductive rights

There's an irony to the Hobby Lobby decision coming out this week.

Just this past weekend, I was drinking some beers with Midas and I asked him to pay for a vasectomy I was scheduled for.

His first response was STFU.

But I told him that if he didn't pay for it, he was denying me my reproductive rights.

Then he responded with his GTFOOH slam.

Honestly, that conversation never happened because it would never dawn on me to ask someone to pay for my own health issues.

But I wonder if I met up with Sandra Fluke and asked her to pay for my vasectomy, would she cut me a check?

Obviously, Sandra has a lot more money than I do. I don't have the ability to drop a 100k into a congressional run. So it seems only fair that she pay for my vasectomy, a little Levitra, and maybe even some hookers to I can fully express my reproductive freedom.

Someone please tell me how I am the one who has this screwed up.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Who did she vote for? #10199

Meet Nicole Hill.

Why is she in the news?


It has been six weeks since the city turned off Nicole Hill's water.

Dirty dishes are piled in the sink of her crowded kitchen, where the yellow-and-green linoleum floor is soiled and sticky. A small garbage can is filled with water from a neighbor, while a bigger one sits outside in the yard, where she hopes it will collect some rain. She's developed an intricate recycling system of washing the dishes, cleaning the floor and flushing the toilet with the same water.

"It's frightening, because you think this is something that only happens somewhere like Africa," said Hill, a single mother who is studying homeland security at a local college. "But now I know what they're going through — when I get somewhere there's a water faucet, I drink until my stomach hurts."

So Nicole here has no money for her water bill but she appears to have plenty of money for tattoos, her nails and hair coloring.

Given her seemingly poor choices in life, do you think Nicole pulled the chain for Romney or Obama?