Thursday, November 06, 2014

Life in "Progress" City - Brooklyn edition

She’ll have her home back soon. 

An elderly swindle victim will finally reclaim her family home thanks to a Queens judge, who on Wednesday told the ex-con who allegedly forged her deed that he has ​10 days to move out. 

Darrell Beatty, 49, was ordered to vacate the disputed Laurelton Tudor three-bedroom, along with his two sons and their pit bull. If he’s not gone in 10 days, the sheriff’s office will do a forced eviction. 

“He’s a squatter,” Queens Housing Court Judge Inez Hoyos said in ordering Beatty to leave the property, which has been in the family of Jennifer Merin, 70, since 1931.

Beatty was in court in a failed bid to stave off eviction. Prosecutors say he filed a fraudulent deed to the home in February, claiming that he, not Merin, was the rightful owner.

How is this guy not in prison for fruad?


Hell........even tingles gets it

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

You dance with who brought ya'

This headline and byline caught my eye yesterday

Why Middle-Class Americans Can't Afford to Live in Liberal Cities

Blue America has a problem: Even after adjusting for income, left-leaning metros tend to have worse income inequality and less affordable housing.

You can read the article here but let me give you the Cliff notes on the article.

This is what liberalism creates in our cities and it's probably not so much that middle income families can't afford to live there but that they won't.

Most middle class families want to live in class communities with decent schools, low crime and good employment opportunities; all things liberals won't deliver since it pinches all of their constituents.

So this is what you get.

On April 2, 2014, a protester in Oakland, California, mounted a Yahoo bus, climbed to the front of the roof, and vomited onto the top of the windshield.

If not the year's most persuasive act of dissent, it was certainly one of the most memorable demonstrations in the Bay Area, where residents have marched, blockaded, and retched in protest of San Francisco's economic inequality and unaffordable housing. The city's gaps—between rich and poor, between housing need and housing supply—have been duly catalogued. Even among American tech hubs, San Francisco stands alone with both the most expensive real estate and the fewest new construction permits per unit since 1990.

But San Francisco's problem is bigger than San Francisco. Across the country, rich, dense cities are struggling with affordable housing, to the considerable anguish of their middle class families.
Among the 100 largest U.S. metros, 63 percent of homes are "within reach" for a middle-class family, according to Trulia. But among the 20 richest U.S. metros, just 47 percent of homes are affordable, including a national low of 14 percent in San Francisco. The firm defined "within reach" as a for-sale home with a total monthly payment (including mortgage and taxes) less than 31 percent of the metro's median household income.

Who wants to deal with that shit?

I've said it before, San Fransisco spends millions upon millions of dollars on their homeless. My Redville enclave of Maineville OH doesn't spend a penny. Who has the homeless problem? 

Think of it in a retail marketing realm. If you want to increase sales of Mountain Dew to young people do you spend your resources advertising on TCM and Fox News or do you spend money on MTV and maybe an internet campaign?

Liberals want to go to dinner parties held by the uber rich while maintaining the facade of helping the poor. Is it any wonder that's what their cities look like?

Ask Maxine Waters

Colorado Legislator on guns: "Feel like you're going to be raped ... you...

Those racist, sexist, xenophobe, homophobe republicans

Remind me again how republicans are racist when.............

Tim Scott, a black man, wins South Carolina in a rout. I guess all those cross burning tea partiers were too tired to vote against him. BTW Scott got more votes than Mr. Milquetoast Lindsay Graham. How the hell did that happen.

Mia Love, wins in Utah. Jesus, those conservative Mormans must have thought the election was next week.

They're sexist when.........

Moore Capito in WV and Ernst in Iowa won. Couldn't their misogynistic, neanderthal husbands keep them chained in the kitchen?

They're anti Hispanic Xenophobes when.............

Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are kicking ass in the senate and look to be contenders for the GOP nomination two years from now. Is it the Dream Act that keeps the GOP from deporting them?

They're homophobes when..........

Carl DeMaio, an openly gay republican wins. Maybe they're hoping for some gender re-identification.

If you were to listen to the major networks, you would probably believe that all of us white guys would be spending the morning having our traditional victory breakfast at your local country club where we discuss such topics as how we can use our power to hold down blacks, how we can keep our bitches in line, and how we can deport more Hispanics.

Do you think all this might shift that media paradigm? Maybe Chuck Todd might push back when a democrat claims a "war on women", "a war on immigrants" "a war on blacks", "a war on gays"

Don't hold your breath.

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

The Nostradamus award

Goes to me.

If you go through my archives, you'll see that I prediucted that there's going to be a big difference between health insurance and actual health care.

And now we see what Obamacare has brought us...........

When ObamaCare patients learn their deductible is so high they’re unlikely to get any reimbursement, they often wind up in places like the Denton, Texas Community Care Center.

"There are quite a few, and I saw another one today, where their deductibles are so elevated that they can't afford them," said Dr. Flippo Masciarelli, chief physician at the center, which was designed to treat indigent patients.

Robert Laszewski of Health Policy and Strategy Associates noted, "You're going to the doctor, you're paying (a) premium, and because of this really high deductible, you're not getting any benefits."

The administration pushed insurance companies to keep premiums low, but that also created high deductibles, about $5,000 per person for the least expensive plan, as well as narrow networks of providers.

But most people buy based only on premiums.


Monday, November 03, 2014

Do the Mule

I'm still recovering from last Friday nights Gov't Mule concert at the Taft Theatre.

I've often heard about Springsteen, Gratefull Dead, Allman Brothers shows last near 4 hours.

I've never been to a show that last five, I said five freakin' hours long.

Here's the set list for the Mule show last Friday. 37 songs long.

The show had a tribute to Neil Young. Thankfully I like Neil Young since 29 of the songs were his.

Of course, we then followed up that marathon with a show last night with Zach Deputy and Hot Buttered Rum.

It's gonna take me all week to recover. 

Why you should register as a democrat

As I noted in a previous post over the weekend. What do you think is the likelihood of a hardcore postal worker delivering your ballot right into a trash dumpster?

After you read this we'll set the over/under at 90%.

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night may keep postal carriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds. But partisan politics, now that may be another matter altogether.

An investigation has been launched into a Neenah postal carrier who allegedly dumped into a recycling bin hundreds of political advertisement mailers from the campaign of Mike Rorhkaste,
Republican candidate for Wisconsin’s 55th Assembly District, Rorhkaste tells Wisconsin Reporter.
Neenah Postmaster Brian Smoot, who was alerted to the incident on Thursday, confirmed there is an ongoing investigation into the matter, and referred Wisconsin Reporter to the Office of the Inspector General for the U.S. Postal Service. OIG representatives there did not return several phone calls seeking comment.
“I am not allowed to comment because it is an active investigation,” Smoot said of accusations that the unidentified mail carrier mishandled the political literature.