Friday, July 22, 2016

Trump was the candidate all along

In all honesty, I was never a Trump guy. As I've said a hundred times if you would have asked me a year ago to rank the order of candidates of bother parties in the order I would prefer them as president; that was pretty much the order they went out of the race.

Hell Scott Walker, my guy didn't even make it to labor day.

Which leaves me to Trump.

He was the next to last person I would have like to see as president; in front of only the Billary.

Like others, I really thought that Trump's novelty would ultimately wear down and when things got tough, he would start to fade.

In the past month, I have asked others who follow politics that if Trump had never entered that race, who would have been. (please feel free to comment as to who you think it would have been).

The conventional wisdom is that it would have been Cruz with his second place finish. But that assumes the dynamics would have been the same without Trump. They would not have been.

When I think back on the field, it is clear to me that every republican outside of maybe Christie or Cruz was just another variety of Mitt Romney or John McCain; nice guys and losers.

After watching Trump last night, it was clear that he may have been the only shot republicans had at putting a stake through the heart of the Billary, the vampires of American politics. Can you imagine any of the other candidates giving us a William Wallace like pep talk like Trump did?

I actually believe that Trump is going to win and it won't be close. The thing most media members won't say about the Billary is that the public opinion of her goes up when she disappears. When it's omnipresent, the public opinion of the Billary drops like a millstone.

There. I'm on the record without Greta Van Susteren.