Wednesday, December 28, 2011

No fraud here

So Eric Holder wants to gut voter ID laws because they are discriminatory. Nevermind that it's seems racist to me to assume that African Americans can't perform the most perfunctory of citizen activities. But the claim that these laws are not needed because there's no evidence of wide spread fraud are hilarious.

This week we have New York............

A total of four Democratic officials and political operatives have now pleaded guilty to voter fraud-related felony charges in an alleged scheme to steal a New York election.

The latest guilty pleas expose the ease with which political insiders can apparently manipulate the electoral system and throw an election their way, by the forging of signatures of unsuspecting voters that are then cast as real votes.

"The phrase they use is: 'making sure they vote the right way,'" said a source close to the case, which is unfolding in Troy, N.Y. "It is not a Democratic or Republican thing. ... It is criminal."

Former Troy Democratic City Clerk William McInerney, Democratic Councilman John Brown, and Democratic political operatives Anthony Renna and Anthony DeFiglio have entered guilty pleas in the case, in which numerous signatures were allegedly forged on absentee ballots in the 2009 Working Families Party primary, the political party that was associated with the now-defunct community group, ACORN.

Tea Party Takeover

If you want to know what a Tea Party America might look like, there is no place like Kansas.

In the past year, three state agencies have been abolished and 2,050 jobs have been cut. Funding for schools, social services and the arts have been slashed. The new Republican governor rejected a $31.5 million federal grant for a new health-insurance exchange because he opposes President Obama’s health-care law. And that’s just the small stuff.

A new “Office of the Repealer” has been created to reduce the number of laws and regulations, and the Repealer is canvassing the state for more cut suggestions.

In the upcoming legislative session, Gov. Sam Brownback (R) plans to roll out proposals to change the way schools are funded, taxes are levied and state pensions are administered.

A year after voters vaulted hundreds of tea party candidates to power in Washington and in state capitals, the movement’s goals are being pursued aggressively in states such as Wisconsin, Ohio and Texas.

But in Kansas, as nowhere else in the country, tea party fervor is reshaping government. The same political forces of the Republican Party driving the confrontation over taxes and spending in Washington are now completely in charge in Kansas.

Here's a question for those who are skeptical of tea party influence. Let's say that Kansas stays on this track, will the average standard of living improve or decline in the next 5-10-15 years?


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Blue state exodus

Will the last person leaving, turn out the lights............

Democratic reaction to the news that Waste Connections, a $3.6-billion company and major Sacramento-area employer, is headed to Houston to seek a friendlier business climate tells other businesses all they need to know about the attitudes of those who run California's government.

State Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, D-Sacramento, gave these clueless and snarky remarks in response to the news: "In this instance you have a company that is, in fact, profitable, making significant revenue gains in 2011 and 2010. That doesn't speak to a bad business climate here in California when a good company is able to thrive in that way. So whatever Mr. Middelstaedt's (company CEO) reasons are to leave the great state of California, I know I'm pushing back."

Is it really the Senate president's role to determine the proper profit margin for a privately owned company? Talk about arrogance.

"The decision by Waste Connections to relocate, despite the 17 percent revenue increase and the $18 million cost to move to Texas, illustrates that businesses will endure short-term costs to ensure long-term prosperity," wrote state Sen. Mimi Walters, R-Laguna Niguel, in response to Steinberg's message. Walters quotes business-relocation expert Joe Vranich of Irvine, who notes that businesses typically save 40 percent in costs by leaving California because of lower taxes and more manageable regulations found elsewhere.

If California wants to improve its business climate and reduce its double-digit unemployment rate, its officials need to understand what companies such as Waste Connections are saying, rather than simply dismiss their concerns.


But hey, Let's not pick on California alone, how about Illinois, the land of liberal milk and honey........

On December 12, Illinois House approved CME-CBOE, Sears tax deal. Indeed, most of the above companies negotiated huge tax breaks and will stay in Illinois at least for a while.

Small companies with no clout and no leverage as well as taxpayers in general are the ones paying the price for the seriously misguided policies of Democratic Governors Pat Quinn, and Jerry Brown.

The Lord giveth, the Lord taketh away.

How to win an argument with a liberal?

Salon Magazine has an article on how to argue with a conservative relative during the holidays.

It's classic liberal drivel. There's no arguing the facts but twisting the subject matter.

I rarely get into many political arguments anymore. Why? Because I simply demand from the liberal at hand to tell me how life in Detroit (a city that is 92% democratic) is better under any objective quality? Schools, Crime, Unemployment, Poverty, Homelessness, Cost of Living, etc.?

Inevitably, the liberal at hand will either a) tell me there's other socioeconomic factors at hand (which tells me that they're a racist) or b) Try to hint that I'm a racist because Detroit has such a large black population.

So I hit them with California the liberal utopia if there ever was one.

And then I hit them with Europe where Europeans will be using their currency for toilet paper.

That usually shuts up said liberal but they still won't give up their beliefs in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

The fact remains that everywhere there is liberalism, there is a cesspool of humanity. Take any school district, city, township, state, country, continent where liberalism dominates and I'll show you an armpit.

So if you're liberal, give me example of where I'm wrong!

Dropping the conventional wisdom

One of the reasons I started this blog is the hope that somewhere someone might read and "get" how it is that liberalism does not, cannot, will not and has never worked in any society it's ever been tried in.

For the past several weeks, it's become more and more clear that we have a huge population that will never "get it". Which has really zapped my resolve with the blog.

What do I mean by "getting it"? Part of it starts with a media who's willing to drop the canard that the republican party is tool of the rich. Seriously, where's the evidence of this when you have Jon Corzine "losing" a billion or two in his company and Nancy Pelosi, who can somehow find enough dimes in her couch cushions to fund this...........
News that President Barack Obama arrived in Hawaii this weekend to join his wife Michelle and daughters Malia and Sasha in time for a Christmas holiday has been covered by news media worldwide.
The first family and their friends have been enjoying a reclusive 17-day holiday vacation in beach front homes in Kailua, Oahu.
But another powerful politician is here for the holidays as well, albeit on another island and with less media attention.
Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, D-CA, who served as Speaker of the House and is now head of the House minority, is once again spending her Christmas at the exotic Four Seasons Resort Hualalai at Historic Ka'upulehu in Kona on the island of Hawaii.
Pelosi reportedly plans to spend her Christmas Eve at midnight mass in St. Michael's Catholic Church in Kailua-Kona.
Pelosi spent the last two Christmas holidays in Kona at the same hotel in an elaborate suite that rents for $10,000 a night.


Why isn't the media all over the hypocrisy of this?


Who did she vote for? #102

Meet Jaquetta Simmons. Why is Ms. Simmons in the news?

A woman punched a 70-year-old Walmart greeter in the face after she asked to see a receipt for merchandise the woman was carrying out of the store.

Jacquetta Simmons, 26, was charged with two counts of assault for the attack that knocked 70-year-old Grace Suozzi to the ground causing the elderly woman to fracture the side of her face.

Simmons and her male companion ran out of the store in Batavia, New York after the confrontation at 11:30am on Christmas Eve.

So in 2008 did the above voter support Hope and Change or Four more years of Bush?

Who did he vote for? #101

So in 2008, did this guy drop the chain on McCain or Obama?