Friday, May 27, 2016

Tom Cotton destroys Harry Reid over 'cancerous' leadership and 'bitter, ...

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Why I am a conservative - Law and Order edition

I'm starting a series on "Why I am a conservative" showcasing the various issues running through our society and to show that being a conservative is contrary to our own self interests. This week is crime and punishment...............

Lately the Obamamunists, have taken to letting out non violent drug dealers back into their communities.

Why should I care?

These people aren't coming to our neighborhoods. Our communities are tough on crime. In addition, our homes are all armed meaning that anyone breaking in my home will find themselves on the short end of a Sig Sauer.

They are going back to the neighborhoods already brutalized by crime.

So, if I were to look at the crime issue from my personal self interest, I'd say "Great, let Obama pollute these already poor communities with the "justice involved"". That means that crime gets worse, businesses vacate taking their tax base and jobs out to "Redville", poor people continue to be poor and we get richer with more opportunities.

See the Gekko's are always going to live in nice, safe communities. We have the wherewithal to do so. In fact, if our neighborhood were to degenerate into a crime ridden infestation, we're not going to complain to city hall. We're just leaving.

But see, I'm a conservative for others, not myself. I have empathy for a single mom who wants to keep her son out of a gang. I have empathy for a grandmother who fears that someone's going to steal her social security money, I have empathy for families who want their children to be able to walk to school without fear of having their gym shoes stolen.

I have empathy for those who don't have the choices my family has access to. If we want poor people to get ahead in this world, we first must create communities that are safe for residents, employees, businesses etc. That's what creates vibrant communities.

For Obama to release vermin back into those communities and to slow walk the prosecution of future criminals just exacerbates the trauma for these areas.

So if you want to keep people down, follow the liberal line on crime and you'll get it.