Saturday, September 08, 2007

Hagel Quits

I'm still wiping away the tears to hear that Chuck Hagel won't be running again. Chuck before the door closes, would you mind stopping by George RINOvich's office and tell him why it's a good time to go.

And while you're doing that, might as well stop by Arlen Specter's, Lindsay Graham's, Olympia Snowe and Ted Steven's office as well.

Osama or Obama

Isn't it interesting that most of the points made by Osama Bin-Laden in his latest tape sound like democratic talking points.

Look for more at the next Obama rally.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Looking out for your members

My disgust with unions, has never been a secret on this blog. Much of it a result of watching the Teamsters systematically steal my father's pension money.

But if you were ever iffy on your feelings about unions, you need to read this piece in the Men's Journal. After you read it, you'll wonder how the NFLPA is not held criminally liable for the treatment of disabled NFL players aka THEIR MEMBERS.

While it's hard to feel sorry for someone you might perceive as overpaid narcissist, some of these stories are absolutely incredible.

"It's criminal," says Ditka at an upstairs table in his huge, clamorous steakhouse in Chicago. "There's so much money in this goddamn game, and no one gives a shit about these guys. Bill Forrester's attached to a feeding tube, Joe Perry has to choose between eating and pain pills, and here's this Upshaw, with his $6.7 million salary, saying there's no dough left to help them out. That's greed talking, and nothing else"

He is speaking, or more like it, shouting about Gene Upshaw, the long-serving chief of the players union, who's become the white-hot focus of some veterans' rage. "The NFL is the worst-represented league, on the players' side, in pro sports," said Joe Montana in a 2006 newspaper survey of Hall of Famers. DeLamielleure, the anchor of the Buffalo Bills line that blocked for O.J. Simpson, turns red as a fire ant when asked about Upshaw. "I won't stop until that bastard's gone or in jail. He's a disgrace to every player, past and current."

Upshaw, who refused to speak for this article and elected to leave the country when Congress staged a hearing on the union's treatment of injured vets in late June, has responded to his critics with schoolyard taunts, calling Ditka too "dumb" to understand the issue and threatening to break DeLamielleure's neck.

So much for your union brothers helping you against the man. With friends like these who needs, well, friends.

Animal Farm

Mediocrity again

The NFL season will kick in full force this weekend.

As such, I need to once again, bang on the Bengals management.

After an 8-8 season in which you had the 30th ranked defense, you think you might actually do something to improve the "D".

In the Bengals case, they let go Tory James, Sam Adams, Brian Simmons and Kevin Kaesviharn. No big losses..... right? Except that they didn't replace those guys with anyone.

Gordon, they drafted Leon Hall to replace James. What about all the other guys?

On offense, they let Eric Steinbach go, and with Chris Henry missing the first eight games from suspensions, the Bengals have absolutely no depth on the offensive side of the ball.

The Bengals refuse to work the math on the team. Look at teams that have been consistently successful since the introduction of the salary cap and you'll see teams that routinely turn over 15-20 guys every year. They're always looking for cap friendly free agents and they don't hesitate to let over paid veterans go.

I had a friend who was a big college basketball fan after one miserable 2-25 season, I told him "At least all the guys will be back next year"

To which he responded "why would you want anyone from a 2-25 team back?".

When your a consistently 8-8 Bengals team, you probably only want half the guys back. But when you replace mediocrity with more mediocrity. Guess what? You'll probably be 8-8 again.

Let's go to Mexico

If it wasn't hard enough to keep jobs here in the state of Ohio, we now have another job killer bill the voters get this November.

This was handed to me at a football game last night.

Paid time off for all employees, even part time.

As I said earlier his week, there appears to be an outright socialist movement going on in the country. It will be the implosion of this great country.

Knucklehead award

Note to anyone trying to kill themselves by driving their car into a lake: Don't do it during a drought.

Two witnesses who were fishing nearby said they heard Wilcox rev his engine and then saw him drive into the lake, Carlson said. The car was about 95 percent submerged, 30 feet to 40 feet from shore.

"His head was actually above water the whole time," Carlson said. That was because the car's T-top was open.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Deju Vu all over again

Nothing says going back in time, like a Clinton getting illegal campaign contributions from a Chinese national.

Well, it appears that Mr. Hsu is now a fugitive from the law when he didn't show up to turn in his passport.

The fact that a Clinton is getting illegal campaign contributions is nothing new to me but what was interesting are the comments on as to where they might find Mr. Hsu.

Anybody check that park where they found Vince Foster?

Check Sandy Berger's socks

Ask that postman who lives in that little green house in California. Maybe he has Hsu's forwarding address?

back in China making toys

I'll bet that evil Karl Rove knows exactly where he is

It's going to be a great campaign season

It's only four hours before the free speech party shout down Ann Coulter tonight.

Ray Nagin has done so well as mayor of New Orleans that he's decided he may run for Governor of Louisiana.

"What I'd like to make sure everybody understands around America is that this city is overcoming a lot of odds. It's like a miracle city in some respects," New Orleans' fourth black mayor said. "Our citizens are doing incredible things out there in spite of a lack of resources, or broken promises."

A member of Nagin's inner circle told The Associated Press last month that the second-term Democratic mayor planned to announce a run for governor shortly after Labor Day. He has already taken several fundraising trips, and his technical adviser secured the Internet address

Empathy my butt

Here's the opinion of a bleeding heart in response to Ms. Slaby's neglectful death of her daughter.

Just out of curiosity, how would this woman feel about a man who was totally stressed out about the families finances? So much so he slaps his wife around from the stress. Would she be prompting us for "empathy"?

Homey don't play that.

Bush Haters

Why is W hated so much?

George Bush is not a very popular fellow. What is it about Bush that evokes such furor?

Let's start with the hard left, whether in Hollywood or the blogosphere, or among the academic elite. They hate George Bush. To them, his tax cuts, alliance with the religious right, opposition to abortion and gay marriage, and wars in Afghanistan and Iraq foster the image of an illiberal imperial America. His strut and mangling of words are more salt in their wounds.


Coulter Alert

Only 14 hours before Ann Coulter gets shouted down by those open minded, well read, free speech liberals.


What makes you qualified?

How do you know when you are qualified to be President of the United States? Ask Obama

"I've been in elected office longer than John Edwards or Hillary Clinton," said Obama. "I've passed more bills I'm sure than either of them --certainly in the state legislative level."

That's certainly comfortable..... all those state bills you got passed and all. Since you've been in the US senate you've at least been able to write and pass that one bill....... Wait, you haven't passed anything. For that matter, neither has Billary or the Breck Girl.

So I guess we'll just have to wait until you're president until you can actually get a bill passed in the senate. Maybe we'll call it the Obama-Clinton-Edwards Socialists on Display Act of 2008.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Judicial Incompetence

Incompetence is not just for prosecutors in SW Ohio.

Here's the piece as the Enquirer reports it

Suspended Bengals linebacker Odell Thurman will remain on probation for a drunken driving conviction, but Hamilton County Municipal Judge John Burlew today dismissed a probation violation.

During the hearing Burlew reminded Thurman to “walk the line.”

“It’s between you and (your probation officer) whether you see my ugly face again,” Burlew said. “I hope you don’t.”

So why bother putting probation on anyone's sentence if you are not going to do anything when they break the probation?

Oh, I'm sorry Burlew told Thurman he is still on probation.... It must be "double secret probation".

The Party of Free Speech

Tomorrow night the party of free speech will be out in full force shouting down Ann Coulter at Xavier University speech. Unfortunately, I won't be there do to a prior commitment.

You can expect a bunch of young dumb asses to shout her down and perhaps even hit her with the pie. You know it will be all those "open minded people who read books" perfecting the whole process of reeducation.


Buffoon or Corrupt

Prosecutor Don White's decision not to prosecute Brenda Nesselroad-Slaby is starting to venture into the Mike Nifong territory.

Police investigators are releasing information to the press that shows Ms. Slaby to have done this kind of thing before. Police actually thought there was enough evidence to prosecute an offense.

So White will now need to answer the question. Are you incompetent or corrupt?

Because of his decision, on the heals of the Amy Baker fiasco, he's starting to look like one or the other.

He better start putting his resume together.


All evidence indicated that Nesselroad-Slaby didn't intend to leave Cecilia in the car, Prosecutor Don White said.

So intent is what all it's about. If I get drunk, hit somebody in my car, I didn't intend to hit somebody, so I am not charged?

Give me a break. People don't intend a lot of things but are prosecuted for them none the less.

Look, I truly feel for this woman and her family. There be nothing more tragic but that doesn't mean a crime hasn't been committed. I'm sure that the next teenager who shakes his baby to death won't intend to kill the baby.

Hopefully, he'll do it in Clermont County and get Don White as a prosecutor. Unless, of course, he's poor.


NixGuy has a piece about why Republican leadership is worthless.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Midas still hasn't come up with an alibi when this happened.

Hopefully, it didn't squeeze the cream out of the donuts.


Last week, I noted how ridiculous college football rankings are and how they're loaded in favor of the big programs.

So I drank with glee when I saw the Michigan score Saturday night.

But my displeasure with rankings just showed through with the release of today's top 25 rankings.

You'll notice that Michigan at least dropped out of the Top 25 yet still received votes for the Top 25 in both the he AP and USA Today coming out in 34 and 27 respectively.

How do you justify giving any votes to a team that was just beaten on their home field by a Division 1-AA program? How do you justify voting them ahead of Brigham Young?

But Gordon they are just rankings, they really don't matter.

Except that they do matter. I guarantee the BCS championship game is going to be played by two teams in the top 10 which was set up before one team even touched a ball.

In Michigan's case, they'll be eligible for a much better bowl simply because they started ahead of BYU before the season starts.

So in the meantime, I can still hope the MAC pulls through in the Big Eleven - MAC challenge.


Congratulations to David Payne, former UC track and field athlete, for his 3rd place finish at the World Track & Field Championships in Japan (100 meter hurdles).

UC was represented well at the World's this year with an 8th place finish by Mary Wineberg (400 meters) last week.

Good job.

What actually is child endangerment?

On August 23rd, Brenda Nesselroad-Slaby left her child in her car for eight hours while she went into her school for work.

Today, the prosecutor announced that no charges would be filed against the assistant principal.

Out of curiosity, I wonder if there would be charges if the woman was poor, fell asleep and one her children was accidentally hit by car?

There was the famous case of Dr. McDreamy here in Warren County who was charged for simply leaving his kids in the car while he went into a Lowe's for some light bulbs.

Something continues to stink about this case. I don't know if this woman's husband or parents are connected but somehow, it appears to me that she received special treatment here.

The loss of a child is tragic, and I don't think the woman should spend time in jail but she should at least be charged with something....Negligent homicide? Child endangerment?

Somehow I don't think justice was served here and for the next parent that accidentally loses a child from their neglect.

Global Warming if you dare

If you haven't had enough head banging from the global warming debate, here's a very sober and intelligent piece by Professor Emeritus Fred Singer regarding the limits of global warming research and the limits of man's ability to correct said warming.

It's not really a pro or con global warming but instead a warning as to why is not a good idea to make massive public policy changes when there is so much that's not known about the issue.

Was it worth it?

If you read these posts enough, you know how much I love DUI checkpoints. I'm not a fan of anything where police are lining people up "checking their papers" and looking for crime without probable cause.

In addition, they are also ineffective. If you look at the numbers of DUI's they arrest at these checkpoints you'll find that the police would have arrested that many in a normal shift.

Now we get to add a homicide as part of the check point process. A man pulled out of the checkpoint and killed a motorcyclist during the ensuing chase.

This on the heals of a chase the week before that police backed off of because the driver was driving down the freeway at a high rate of speed with no lights on.

Congratulation Ohio Highway Patrol and Butler County Sheriff's Dept., hopefully John Kallmeyer's death was worth it.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Happy Labor Day

To all the men and women across the country who clock in day after day and do thankless work to provide us all with a better life, we wish you a nice day off.

To the Teamsters who represent so many of these people, how about quit stealing from their pensions they've worked so hard for.

Animal Farm.

Of course he would

John "the Breck Girl" Edwards is going to require forced doctor visits as part of his health care scheme.

"If you are going to be in the system, you can't choose not to go to the doctor for 20 years. You have to go in and be checked and make sure that you are OK."

Does anyone get the trending unabashed socialism in democratic stump speeches? The sad thing is, people want to hear it.

Coming next. If you disagree with a man made global warming hypothesis, you'll be required to go to special "schools" where you'll get an "education" on global warming.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

What a Rush

A month ago, Midas talked me into going to the Rush show with him.

I liked Rush a lot as a kid, I have a few of their albums (says how old I am) but I didn't think I was up to paying 45 bucks for a ticket to see them.

I'm glad I did.

I've never been to a three hour concert before and these guys played hard for the entire 3 hours (they did take a twenty minute break).

My general thoughts.

1) How do these guys kick out so much sound for three guys. Alex Lifeson only used four different guitars for the whole show.

2) How do you do a three hour show and not do "Working Man"?

3) Neil Peart is without question the best drummer in the history of rock and roll. His drum kit consisted of at least 15 different toms, snares, and basses as well as at least 10 different symbols a xylophone 2 manhole covers and a can of tuna. I was wondering how they got im in the middle of all that.

4) What the hell was up with the rotisserie chickens on stage? No kidding, they had three huge rotisserie ovens on stage filled with chickens and a chef coming out periodically to baste them. The band never said anything about it. It just made me hungry the whole show.

5) Riverbend is turning into a first class dump. The place needs a good 20-30 million dollar renovation starting with the gunning down of those lame faux statues on the pavilion. Let me know when we can take some target practice and I'll be out there with some AK-47's.

Regardless, still one of the best shows I've ever seen.