Saturday, October 18, 2008

Tonight's DUI checkpoint

Tonight's waste of government resources will be in Blue Ash on Reed Hartman Highway.

If you are a Bengal, you can go and sign autographs while being cited for DUI.

Obama...Practice what you preach!

Obama says he believes in equla pay for equal work. But, like most liberals, he just doesn't want to practice what he preaches.

From IBD
Pay Equity: Barack Obama has criticized John McCain's actions in the case of Lilly Ledbetter, who sued for alleged pay discrimination. But if Obama supports equal pay for equal work, why doesn't he do it in his office?


If all you used were data culled from the Report of the Secretary of the Senate, covering the six-month period ended March 31, 2008, you'd think McCain was the champion of Rosie the Riveter and Obama the heartless male chauvinist troglodyte.

Crunching the numbers, Obama's 28 male staffers were paid a total of $1,523,120 for an average salary of $54,397. Obama's 30 female employees divided $1,354,580 for a female average salary of $45,152. Obama's female staffers, on average, make just 83 cents to the dollar his male staffers make.

McCain's office, by contrast, is a feminist fantasy. McCain's 17 male staffers carve up $916,914 for an average salary of $53,936. His 25 female employees split $1,396,958 for average pay of $55,878. In McCain's office, a woman earns $1.04 for every buck a man makes.

Practice what you preach, Sen. Obama.


A new media low

It looks like the NY Times has spent a lot of time coming up with a Cindy McCain hit piece.

They even went so far as to go through one of the McCain's teenage daughters classmate's Facebook page to drum up some crap....

The lead reporter on the story, Jodi Kantor, went trolling for trash among schoolmates of the McCains' 16-year-old daughter, Bridget. Here is the email Kantor sent via Facebook to another kid at Bridget's school:

I saw on facebook that you went to Xavier, and if you don't mind, I'd love to ask you some advice about a story. I'm a reporter at the New York Times, writing a profile of Cindy McCain, and we are trying to get a sense of what she is like as a mother. So I'm reaching out to fellow parents at her kids' schools. My understanding is that some of her older kids went to Brophy/Xavier, but I'm trying to figure out what school her 16 year old daughter Bridget attends-- and a few people said it was PCDS. Do you know if that's right? Again, we're not really reporting on the kids, just seeking some fellow parents who can talk about what Mrs. McCain is like.

Also, if you know anyone else who I should talk to-- basically anyone who has encountered Mrs. McCain and might be able to share impressions-- that would be great.

Thanks so much for any help you can give me.

Jodi Kantor
Political correspondent
New York Times

More at Powerline....

It's a good thing they're making sure they properly vet a potential First Lady and all. Maybe someday they'll actually get around and vet the story about Bill Ayers ghostwriting The Messiah's auto biography.

I am Joe

Another homicide in "Progress" City

From the Enquirer

The 500 block of Elberon Avenue became the city's latest homicide scene after an 18-year-old man was shot.

The man's family members identified him as Timothy Wehr, a soon-to-be father of a second child who worked for a moving company down the street.

Wehr, who lived in the neighborhood, was found dead inside the apartment building about 4:45 p.m. He had been shot in the face.

Now how is it that out here in gun clinging, Jesus Freak, neanderthal, "Redville" we don't seem to have the homicide problem that exists in these sophisticated urban areas?

The good thing is if we elect the Axis of Taxes (Obama, Pelosi, Reid) we can have the United States of Detroit soon.

The conservative cocoon

A great piece at The Corner on urban conservative critics of Palin.

So, when a conservative pundit mocks Wasilla, he's mocking conservatism as it's actually lived, as opposed to conservatism as a theoretical fantasy playground for the purposes of cocktail-party banter. David Warren, a great comrade of me and David Frum in our battles up north, wrote a column on this theme after the last Canadian election, beginning:

It’s when you no longer know where your milk comes from, let alone where you got your opinions, that you have become over-urbanized.

And over-liberalized. A township that digs its own wells and plows its own roads is less susceptible to the beguiling notion that everything necessary in life is a mysterious "government service" to be provided by faceless bureaucrats far away.

As for Sarah Palin, I think she could use a fewer sharper moose gags, but I'm not sure David Brooks is the go-to guy for that. And, to return to his Charlie Rose "Barack is the mountain" shtick, any PBS-watching inbred stump-toothed knuckle-dragging plaid-clad mountain man not yet face down in the moonshine or enjoying a bunk-up with his sister might think that Mr Brooks' bizarre metaphor gives the game away: the "conservative cocoon" is somewhere you drive through en route to the hiking trip.


Friday, October 17, 2008

From the party of compassion

Listen to this audio of Congressman Mahoney, who recently fired one of his ho's.

This guy is lower than one of those cock roaches in Midas' post.

Of course you won't hear much about him in the national media since they're all consumed about the 1979 unpaid parking ticket of Joe the Plumber.

Who Will He Vote For - #91

Travis Fessler wanted to break a world record Saturday by putting 10 Madagascar hissing cockroaches into his mouth.

The Florence resident, and co-founder of the Pickled Brothers Sideshow, went one better at Kenton Lakes Sportsplex.

Fessler held 11 of the hissing cockroaches in his mouth for the mandatory 10 seconds. The bugs had to measure at least 2-1/2 inches in length and survive the attempt to qualify for a Guinness world record.

The previous world record holder was “Jungle” John LaMedica of Delaware who last year managed to stuff nine hissing cockroaches into his mouth.

Socialism - Obama Style

David Limbaugh...

"In certain unscripted moments, Barack Obama has given us a glimpse of his socialist inclinations, but I wonder what percentage would vote for him if they truly understood the extent of his radicalism.

Yet the financial crisis has created a climate of fear and uncertainty and unleashed an unprecedented tolerance for large-scale government intervention, which is playing perfectly into Obama's hands. People are blaming this largely Democratic-spawned mess on Republicans because Bush is still president.

Maybe I'm being too much of an alarmist, but I'm worried for the first time in my life that the election of a presidential candidate could lead to a fundamental change in our system of government. Just listen to the comments of post-debate focus group members expressing a knowing willingness to accept Obama's socialism, such is their angst at the subprime mortgage mess.

Already some 38 percent of Americans do not pay income taxes, and Barack Obama wants to increase that percentage dramatically. How ironic that he and other Democrats pretend to be targeting their message to "working-class" people when many of their constituents aren't working. But such is class warfare that the upper-middle class and wealthy are demonized as not earning an honest living. "


Palin: Don't Turn The Buckeye State Into The ACORN State

HT Maggie Thurber

Record breaking pace in "Progress" City

The city of Cincinnati is catching back up to the homicide record....
A 36-year-old man was fatally shot late Thursday in the 1900 block of Millvale Court, Cincinnati police homicide investigators said today.

Kevin Lamont Smith was pronounced dead at the scene of the 9:20 p.m. homicide.

Cincinnati police and fire crews were called to the area after receiving a report of a shooting at that location.

No suspect information was released. No arrests have been made.

This is the 60th homicide so far this year in Cincinnati. At this time last year, there were 56 homicides.

Now how is that all these young black men are being shot to death in the city when all the racist, gun toting, red neck, republicans keep moving out of the city into Redville out here in the 'burbs?

Who's shooting all these guys? I'll bet they're not McCain voters.

Another Blue State figures out socialism doesn't work

Hawaii is dropping the only state universal child health care program in the country just seven months after it launched.

Gov. Linda Lingle's administration cited budget shortfalls and other available health care options for eliminating funding for the program. A state official said families were dropping private coverage so their children would be eligible for the subsidized plan.

"People who were already able to afford health care began to stop paying for it so they could get it for free," said Dr. Kenny Fink, the administrator for Med-QUEST at the Department of Human Services. "I don't believe that was the intent of the program."

State officials said Thursday they will stop giving health coverage to the 2,000 children enrolled by Nov. 1, but private partner Hawaii Medical Service Association will pay to extend their coverage through the end of the year without government support.

"We're very disappointed in the state's decision, and it came as a complete surprise to us," said Jennifer Diesman, a spokeswoman for HMSA, the state's largest health care provider. "We believe the program is working, and given Hawaii's economic uncertainty, we don't think now is the time to cut all funding for this kind of program."


The Communists are "giddy"

A rare bird in the political world, the US Communist Party is feeling rather smug in these days of capitalist turmoil.

At the party's New York headquarters on 23rd Street in Manhattan, regional party chairman Libero Della Piana, 36, laid out why he thinks Marxist-Leninism's time has finally come.

"We are very excited, we feel that we are at a turning point," Della Piana, an imposing half-Italian, half-African American with a pony tail, told AFP.

"We can afford to be less on the defensive for the first time since Ronald Reagan, and we can say our word in rebuilding America on a new basis, rebuilding a better world, instead of one based on the greed of the few."

The US Communist Party was founded in 1919 and never really took off. It was ostracized during the Cold War and members faced discrimination, even firing from their work, during the anti-Communist drive of the 1950s.

Today, the party claims to have 3,000 to 3,500 members -- seemingly not a threat to the giant Democratic and Republican parties contesting next month's White House election.

But American communists think that the collapse of Wall Street and huge disillusionment among the public with the economy has put them on a roll.

"We receive more and more phone calls, we have more inquiries from people, we see an increase in interest," Della Piana said. "We hope to be part of the discussion. I can see a role for the Communist Party in this next period."

If Obamamania wins, you bet there will role for you.


Thought of the day

Ten years ago, if you were to tell people that in 2008 Iraq would be running cleaner and less corrupt elections than the state of Ohio, they would have had you committed.

Anybody around here have a purple thumb?

Obama - I don't need your help

I started my business 12 years ago. About three years into my start up, the business wasn't exactly going where I wanted it to and I started racking up some serious debts.

In 2001-2004 here is a list of the credit issues I had racked up.

Credit Cards - $42,000
Delinquent real estate taxes - $11,000
Auto loan - $15,000
Commercial lines of credit and term debt - $60,000
Commercial mortgage - $60,000

This list doesn't even include the back payroll taxes and income taxes I'd racked up.

Things were so bad I received a call from my mortgage lender. "Gordon what the hell is going on... Your property is worth at least $150,000, you only owe $60,000 and it's about to be foreclosed for delinquency, why?"

I responded by asking "are you guys willing to roll up the debt and take a mortgage on all of it?"

"Get the &$% out of here" was his reply. Needless to say, my credit score was so bad I was worried about a SWAT team invasion every time I went into a store to buy groceries.

Coupled with an on going separation and divorce, it was so depressing I didn't want to get out of bed in the morning and some days, I didn't. So I have complete empathy for those faced with what seems like insurmountable debt.

None the less, it wasn't until I felt the pain of watching my car being towed away that I knew I needed to get my act together.

I took a second job and started really applying myself to my business, I came straight with my employee(s) and asked for their help in cleaning up my mess, and I spent many, many hours trying to organize my life and business. During tax season, I was working 80 hours a week; 60 off season.

My neighbor noticed all the hours I was working and said "I guess you need two jobs to survive a Bush economy". I thought it was funny because I don't remember George Bush holding a gun to my head as I racked up a credit card to screw around with some skank in New York.

Regardless, I'm sharing this as it relates to Joe the plumber and potential home owners looking at foreclosure. See, no government program helped me out. In fact, government assistance probably would have simply allowed me to avoid the consequences of many bad decisions and enabled me to continue making them.

For four years, I worked my ass off to clean up my financial mess and I did it. The only debt I have today is an $80,000 mortgage note. Everyone got paid back in full.

To be clear, I had some help. But I was accountable to those who helped me, I never got an invisible hand out.

So now it looks as though Obama wants to seize some of my current earnings to "make sure that everybody who is behind you, that they've got a chance for success, too. "

Mr Obama. I'm already taking care of the people behind me. I get that I wouldn't be where I am today without these people behind me. In fact, Mr. Obama where the hell were you when I was getting cash advances to cover the payroll of those people I was taking care of? Could I count on a government bailout plan to reimburse me?

There are few people who had as much going against them as I did to achieve that "chance for success". Take a second job, save your money, buy a business, and you will have lots of "chances for success".

Now the Obamunists want to take the money I earn today and give it to someone not willing to do the things I had to do to clean up my act?

What incentive is there for Joe the plumber to make his money knowing that the Obamunists and the Axis of Taxes want to steal it away and give to the guy who's not willing to make his same sacrifices?

Listening to his the democratic talking points, Mr. Obama made it to Harvard Law School and US senator all on his hard work and dedication. How is it that those same rules for success don't apply to the rest of America? Unless all that's BS.

It's so socialist like to take the wealth of someone when they never had to feel the pain of selling CD's to buy Christmas presents for their family.

So liberals can take their shots at Joe the plumber but I get it because I've been there. I've had tax delinquencies I had to clean up. I deal with clients who have been swamped with debt as a result of the dream that didn't work out.

I'm not making $250,000 a year yet but I don't want Mr. Obama's help and I don't want that socialist clown to coming to my door and taking my money to give to someone else when they weren't willing to make the same sacrifices I made to earn it.

Pain is a powerful motivator and learning tool. Government programs are not. Just look at our inner cities and witness see how many of those people have felt the pain of their life choices. Does it look like they've learned anything from their bad choices? No.

Like most people Joe the plumber gets it. He doesn't want Obama's help and he'll take care of those he needs to; that's the way it use to work in America. Unfortunately, it looks like our world view will become extinct soon.

Democrats affair with Fannie and Freddie

From Stuart Taylor, media liberal (Ok that's redundant)....
But the pretense of many Democrats that this crisis is altogether a Republican creation is simplistic and dangerous.

It is simplistic because Democrats have been a big part of the problem, in part by supporting governmental distortions of the marketplace through mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, whose reckless lending practices necessitated a $200 billion government rescue last month. It is dangerous because misdiagnosing the causes of the crisis could lead both to regulatory overkill and to more reckless risk taking by Fannie, Freddie, or newly created government-sponsored enterprises.

Fannie and Freddie aside, it's worth pointing out that many, if not most, of those greedy Wall Street barons are Democrats. And that the securities and investment industry has given more money to Democrats than to Republicans in this election cycle. And that opposing regulation of risky new financial practices by private investment banks and others has been a bipartisan enterprise, engaged in by the Clinton and Bush administrations alike.

But the roles of Fannie and Freddie are my focus here. Powerful Democratic (and some Republican) advocates of affordable housing, including Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee Chairman Christopher Dodd, D-Conn.; Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y.; and House Financial Services Chairman Barney Frank, D-Mass., have been the GSEs' most potent and ardent champions in recent years. Meanwhile, the agencies and their employees have orchestrated a gigantic lobbying effort (costing more than $174 million between 1998 and 2008). They have also made campaign contributions of more than $14.6 million between the 2000 and 2008 election cycles, with some of the largest going to Dodd and Barack Obama.

A leading illustration of this Democrat-GSE symbiosis came in summer 2005. The Senate Banking Committee adopted a bill to impose tighter regulation on Fannie and Freddie, with all Republicans voting for it. But the Democrats voted against it in committee and killed it on the floor.

You'd think we'd have a good republican running for president who would point out that this is what we get if the "Axis of Taxes" wins the trifecta of national politics.

I'm glad they vetted this

The National news media seems hell bent on vetting "Joe the Plumber". Maybe when they can free up those resources, they can actually vet one of the presidential candidates ties to a socialist party in Chicago and that William Ayers ghost authored his first novel, I mean, auto biography.

From the American Thinker...
This afternoon ABC's Charlie Gibson reported on his hourly radio news report the results of his network diggin' dirt on Joe the Plumber.

Gibson reported that Joe has a "lien" for failing to "pay his property tax." The lead-in, stated by a co-reporter, was "Oh, by the way, Joe..."

Here's a guy who's just an average citizen, approached by a campaigning Obama, who expresses his opinion. It's his right as a citizen.

Problem is, what Joe said isn't consistent with the ABC party line. So Joe is now in the crosshairs, and they'll stay on Joe the Plumber in an effort to ruin his life and destroy his credibility.

This is just a taste of the "Thugocracy" that Michael Barone wrote about.

Criticize Obama and the old big media will work hard to ruin you. This is extremely dangerous for this democracy.

On the Ayers Obama collaboration click here

The Axis of Taxes

The Wall Street Journal on the incoming Axis if Obama wins and the senate gets a filibuster proof majority....
If the current polls hold, Barack Obama will win the White House on November 4 and Democrats will consolidate their Congressional majorities, probably with a filibuster-proof Senate or very close to it. Without the ability to filibuster, the Senate would become like the House, able to pass whatever the majority wants.

Though we doubt most Americans realize it, this would be one of the most profound political and ideological shifts in U.S. history. Liberals would dominate the entire government in a way they haven't since 1965, or 1933. In other words, the election would mark the restoration of the activist government that fell out of public favor in the 1970s. If the U.S. really is entering a period of unchecked left-wing ascendancy, Americans at least ought to understand what they will be getting, especially with the media cheering it all on.

The nearby table shows the major bills that passed the House this year or last before being stopped by the Senate minority. Keep in mind that the most important power of the filibuster is to shape legislation, not merely to block it. The threat of 41 committed Senators can cause the House to modify its desires even before legislation comes to a vote. Without that restraining power, all of the following have very good chances of becoming law in 2009 or 2010.

It's going to be a rough four years

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Hills they Die on #3 - Trial Lawyers

Due to time, I haven't been able to finish my "Hills They Die" on posts. But I'm getting back on today with Trial Lawyers....

We hear all the time about CEO's making 100 million plus but when is the last time you heard a top democratic official talk about excess compensation when it comes to trial lawyers.

Trial lawyers have managed to suck billions out of the American economy for years; often, using fraudulent tactics (see Milberg Weiss). But you won't hear a peep from the party that derives millions of dollars in campaign contributions.

In fact, we already know what a scumbag John Edwards is. It shouldn't be a surprise that he used his scumbag skills to procure his hundreds of millions of dollars in net worth and a 28,000 square foot house from essentially one big home run in a malpractice law suit.

Of course, democrats will argue these valuable, selfless servants keep the big corporate ogres from victimizing the people but when a company I own stock in is sued for a downturn in its stock price, who pays the legal fees for the plaintiff and my company? Me! The shareholder; it's like suing myself.

Are the trial lawyers looking out for the little guy when the plaintiffs get a settlement from an airline and are compensated in drink and meal vouchers while they get paid in cash? I don't think so.

So as sure as the sun will come up tomorrow, you can guarantee that the democratic party will do everything they can to protect these barnacles on the American economy.... or die trying. Because it's a hill they'll die on.

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Joe Biden Can't Count

Joe Biden vs. Joe the Plumber

Biden should know, he's been self employed for how long?

Quote of the day

As heard on the Wall Street trading floor yesterday.

"This is worse than a divorce. I've lost half my net worth and I still have a wife."

Thanks to reader Bernie

Let's make corporations pay all the taxes

From the Tax Foundation Blog....
Throughout the debate, Sen. Obama repeatedly showed an unfortunate ignorance of one of the fundamental principles of taxation: all taxes are paid by people. On multiple occasions, Obama claimed that businesses or corporations "can afford" to pay higher taxes. But such a statement is just ridiculous. Companies have no "ability to pay" taxes. Does the corporation's building pay the tax? How about its fax machine or water cooler? No. People pay the taxes. Here is one such example of why Sen. Obama would get an F in public finance:

Then Exxon Mobil, which made $12 billion, record profits, over the last several quarters, they can afford to pay a little more so that ordinary families who are hurting out there -- they're trying to figure out how they're going to afford food, how they're going to save for their kids' college education, they need a break.

What Sen. Obama doesn't understand or doesn't want to tell the American public is that when Exxon Mobil writes that check to Uncle Sam, some PERSON is paying the price for that. In the short-run, that person could be a shareholder, a worker, or a consumer. But the fact that Exxon Mobil has a lower after-tax profit means that some PERSON is worse off. For example, Exxon Mobil would likely reduce its dividend payment, or its share price could fall, and that hurts every PERSON who was invested in Exxon Mobil at the time the tax was enacted.


Joe the Plumber weighs in on debate

Ohio Plumber Says He Doesn't Want Obama's Socialism

I'm glad they vetted that

It's a sad state of affairs when one liberal news outlet is calling out another for being over the top.

From the LA Times...
Who is Todd Palin? What is his influence?" CNN's Rick Sanchez asked urgently Tuesday afternoon, just before a commercial break. "What is his tie to AIP, the Alaskan Independence Party?"

The anchorman's serious tone and dancing eyebrows -- not to mention a "The Palins and the Fringe" banner across the bottom of the screen -- suggested big surprises. Must-see TV! And all of it coming "right after the break."
So I holstered the remote for a couple of minutes and waited to see what CNN was up to.

The answer: no good.

Rather than deliver a single revelation, the 24-hour cable news channel coughed up a reheated, overwrought and misleading story that seemed designed to yoke Sarah Palin and her husband to the most extreme secessionists in Alaska.

Yes, Todd Palin once belonged to the Alaskan Independence Party. And his wife, the governor and now Republican vice presidential nominee, has been friendly with some of its members.

But neither CNN nor the other news organizations that have reported on the connection, including The Times, have shown that Sarah Palin embraced the call by some in the party to sever their beloved state from "the Lower 48."

It's nice to know that CNN feels that it's important for its viewers to know about the party affiliation of a vice presidential spouse 10 years ago, yet somehow doesn't have the time to do a story on the presidential candidate's ties to a socialist New Party.

I think that pretty much confirms the media's bias.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Help Wanted - community organizer

Doug Ross with an ACORN job application

Do you have access to a car or other vehicle?
Don't know/don't remember

If No, do you know how to hot-wire an ignition?

If Yes, how many homeless vagrants or illegal aliens can you transport?
0-1 Coupe
2-4 Sedan
5-7 Minivan
9-11 Conversion van
12-99 Schoolbus
100-199 Semi with empty trailer

Do you know any dead people?

If you had to make up names for some reason, which do you prefer to use?
Dead people
Disney characters
Members of the Dallas Cowboys/NFL team
Cast of Beverly Hills 90210
Cast of Star Trek
Superheroes like "Batman" or "Underdog"
Other cartoon characters like "Tin Tin" or "Jonny Quest"
Names of cheap beers, malt liquors and wines
Series of random letters like "Aasdfasdf Aasdfasfs"

Please check any relevant experience?
Intimidating bank employees
Slashing tires
Breaking and Entering
Armed Robbery
Mail fraud
Wire fraud
Real estate flipping, mortgage fraud
Rating subprime debt tranches "AAA"

How would you prefer to be paid?
Cigs (menthol)
Cheap beers
Cheap malt liquors
Cheap wine (specify red, white or gray)
Crack cocaine
Cans of mackerel

When can you start work?
Tomorrow after 3pm

If tomorrow, do you need written directions to remember how to return here?

Lowry on Ayers

Rich Lowry on our favorite anti American zealot, William Ayers....
Not surprisingly, the Ayers attacks don't appear to have worked. You can argue it's because McCain wasn't comfortable enough with them, or if only he'd been more full-throated—and included Wright—it would have made a difference. I doubt it. Attacking Ayers had to be just a cog in a much larger case against Obama (we tried to outline it here). Now people like Dick Morris seem to think linking Acorn and Obama will make a huge difference. Acorn obviously deserves all the obloquy being heaped on it (see our editorial here), but I can't see many people voting on the issue. People are focused on the financial crisis, and unless/until McCain has a compelling, future-oriented message and program on the economy, nothing else is going to help him much. Check out this post from Ben Smith. A Republican consultant wrote him about a focus group where he aired an incredibly harsh anti-Obama spot that everyone in the room believed—but it still didn't matter. Here's a quote from one woman in the focus group: "Well, I don't know much about this terrorist group Barack used to be in with that Weather guy but I'm sick of paying for health insurance at work and that's why I'm supporting Barack."

Once again, I'll go back to this whole McCain approach to Obama. This election is a national referendum on Obama. There are just way too many cards in the democrats favor right now to say otherwise. If the public is comfortable with Obama, he will win. If not, he won't

The whole point for McCain is to show that Obama's unfit to be president. McCain's crew keeps attacking Obama by throwing shit against the wall and hoping some sticks. It won't work.

What McCain has to do (and it may be too late) is paint a portrait of Obama as an untrustworthy, anti-American, socialist by using each of these dots as the paint.

Wright dot
Ayers dot
Pfleger dot
Farakhan dot
Fannie Mae contributions dot
Chris Dodd and Barney Frank dot.

etc etc etc etc etc etc

Wallah! now you have an entire portrait of our financial collapse in the lap of democrats and anti American radicals.

I've read that McCain doesn't want to use the Fannie Mae route because it will cast him as a racist.

HELLO!!!!! John, you became a racist the day you accepted a nomination to run against The Messiah.

Once again, McCain needs to decide A) Be a nice guy and be a loser B) Kick ass and be president. It's really that easy.

Who will she vote for? #1555

Meet Jessica Flores.

Why is Jessica in the news?
It might look embarrassing to carry a sandwich board apologizing for your actions in front of the city police station, but Jessica Flores said it is a good thing that happened to her.

She agreed to hold a sign apologizing for being drunk when she kicked, spit and cursed at officers in exchange for felony charges to be dropped against her.

Now come November, who will get her vote?

Barack Obama (aka The Messiah) ?
John McCain (aka Sarah Palin's running mate)?

New democratic butter

Thanks to reader Bernie

Having a bad day?

Probably not as bad as this one.

Just remember, a good story will always outlive a good time.

Thanks Reader Doug

Life in "Progress" City

I know the first thing I do when choosing a restaurant for the Gekko's to go to is make sure they have enough bouncers on staff.

OK, I'm kidding. See, out here in Redville, we don't need bouncers in restaurants, that's a creation exclusively for those "progressive" areas of town.

But, you know, we do lose something for entertainment in Redville. We don't get to witness bouncers being shot outside of the restaurant...
A patron shot two bouncers late Tuesday outside Vito’s restaurant, 7750 Reading Rd., Cincinnati police said.

The bouncers asked two customers to leave after some sort of dispute inside the foyer area about 10 p m., said Sgt. Calvin Johnson.

The patrons left the restaurant, but one of them retrieved a gun from a vehicle and fired at the bouncers. One was shot in the foot, and the other was grazed in the arm, Johnson said.

Yeah, call me a wimp, but the next time I take the lovely Mrs. Gekko out for Italian, I think we'll just go to Bravo's out here in Mason where we don't have to worry about gunned downed bouncers.

The good news is, with an Obama presidency and a democratic congress, the whole US can be as "progressive" as the inner city.

The United States of Marxism

It's a sad day indeed when we need to go to the Canadian press for clear and accurate reporting our US politics.

None the less, a nice analysis of a future Obama presidency....
Communism has never worked in any country in which it has been tried. In practice, Communism—the ultimate goal of liberalism—affords everything to and for the power elite and little to nothing for everyone else. It also does away with the concept of meritocracy—unless of course one is a member of the aforementioned power elite. However, more and more this is what Democrat presidential candidate and Senator Barack Obama seems to be proposing.

On Monday 13 October, Barack Obama was asked by an Ohio plumber: “Your new tax plan is going to tax me more, isn’t it?” Obama answered him with: “It’s not that I want to punish your success. I just want to make sure that everybody who is behind you, that they’ve got a chance for success too. My attitude is that if the economy’s good for folks from the bottom up, it’s gonna be good for everybody. I think when you spread the wealth around [AKA wealth redistribution], it’s good for everybody.” We have to imagine that Karl Marx would be extremely proud.

We already have the set-up for a USA-Communist government in place. The Democrats—via their organizations Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae and ACORN (to be fair to other Democrats ACORN is actually almost solely Obama’s group)—have pretty much brought the world’s financial institutions and its people to their knees and on their way to complete destruction. Similar to what Hugo Chavez has done to Venezuela, Democrats are first going for nationalization of financial institutions, which will be followed by Democrat’s takeover of other industries. Does anyone out there still remember California Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters’ threat to take over US oil companies?

Electing Barack Obama to the presidency of the United States of America will pretty much finish the Democrats’ job.


Morris on our little ACORN

Dick Morris on the little ACORN sprouting that big Obama tree of corruption...
As Obama lengthens his lead, the Republicans are praying that the election becomes close enough for the Democrats to steal. But, meanwhile, ACORN, the radical community group, is becoming an embarrassment for Obama. It is not as if its shenanigans are likely to tip the result, with the Democrats so far ahead, but as they are raided by the FBI in state after state (11 so far) they are becoming identified as the electoral equivalent of Greenpeace — extremists who will stop at nothing to get their way.

What makes ACORN particularly embarrassing for Obama is that he used to be one of them. He served as general counsel for ACORN in Illinois, channeled millions to the organization from the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (whose funds he distributed), and has lately spent $800,000 of his campaign money to subsidize the group's activities. For this emolument, ACORN has registered voters 15 times over, canvassed the graveyards for votes and prepared to commit electoral fraud on a massive scale.

With friends like this, Obama doesn't need enemies. As their radical activities make headlines every day, Obama's intimate involvement with these radicals becomes more and more of a political liability.


Rep. Waters Speaks About Obama at ACORN

So much for being a nonpartison advocacy group

Hi, We're ACORN and we're gonna beat McCain down

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Terry Tate - Office Linebacker

If Obama gets elected, I'm hiring this guy to increase productivity.

From a little ACORN a big Obama sprouts

It's bad enough that the Obama campaign is stealing votes through their surrogates; now they're actually stealing money....
A North Kansas City couple has been left scratching their heads after they became the victims of a political scam.

Steve and Rachel Larman say a strange credit card charge appeared on their statement this month -- a $2300 donation to Barack Obama's presidential campaign. The Larman's say they don't want this to be about their political affiliation, but they say they're not about to give the Obama campaign any help from their pocketbook.

They said they notified Chase, their credit card bank, to report the fraud.

"(They) said that they had seen-they were familiar with this," said Steve Larman. "It was fraud, they believe through telemarketing but they were going to be doing some more investigations."

The Larman's don't want their politics to enter into what is essentially just a fraudulent charge. But they say that the charge involves the Obama campaign adds insult to injury for the registered Republicans.


Richard Cooey RIP

I'll never pretend to know everything, but I do know one thing for certain; Richard Cooey will kill no more.

Hopefully he received more mercy from his creator than he gave to his victims.

For you anti death penalty folks who would like to think Cooey was no threat to society. Tell that to the family of Robert Vallandingham who was killed by a pack of death row inmates during the Lucasville riots.

Obama and the Plumber - Spread the Wealth

The Professor of Socialism 101 explains it to a plumber.

Spoken by a man who never had to get a cash advance on his credit card to take care of the "people behind him".

From a little ACORN a big Obama sprouts

A piece in the WSJ on The Messiah's connection to ACORN... (HT Darke blog)
Acorn uses various affiliated groups to agitate for "a living wage," for "affordable housing," for "tax justice" and union and environmental goals, as well as against school choice and welfare reform. It was a major contributor to the subprime meltdown by pushing lenders to make home loans on easy terms, conducting "strikes" against banks so they'd lower credit standards.

But the organization's real genius is getting American taxpayers to foot the bill. According to a 2006 report from the Employment Policies Institute (EPI), Acorn has been on the federal take since 1977. For instance, Acorn's American Institute for Social Justice claimed $240,000 in tax money between fiscal years 2002 and 2003. Its American Environmental Justice Project received 100% of its revenue from government grants in the same years. EPI estimates the Acorn Housing Corporation alone received some $16 million in federal dollars from 1997-2007. Only recently, Democrats tried and failed to stuff an "affordable housing" provision into the $700 billion bank rescue package that would have let politicians give even more to Acorn.

All this money gives Acorn the ability to pursue its other great hobby: electing liberals. Acorn is spending $16 million this year to register new Democrats and is already boasting it has put 1.3 million new voters on the rolls. The big question is how many of these registrations are real.

Do you think we can get a presidential candidate with the balls to call this out?

One down about 60,000 to go...

From the NY Post

Investigators probing ACORN have learned that an Ohio man registered to vote several times and cast a bogus ballot with a fake address, officials said yesterday, as they revealed that nearly 4,000 registration applications supplied by the left-leaning activist group were suspect.

The vote of Darnell Nash, one of four people subpoenaed in a Cuyahoga County probe of ACORN's voter-registration activities, was canceled and his case was turned over to local prosecutors and law enforcement, Board of Elections officials said yesterday.

Nash had registered to vote repeatedly from an address that belonged to a legitimately registered voter, officials said during a hearing at which the subpoenaed voters were to testify.

When will they vet this?

I wonder when the NY Times will vet this.....
It looks like Jeremiah Wright was just the tip of the iceberg. Not only did Barack Obama savor Wright’s sermons, Obama gave legitimacy — and a whole lot of money — to education programs built around the same extremist anti-American ideology preached by Reverend Wright. And guess what? Bill Ayers is still palling around with the same bitterly anti-American Afrocentric ideologues that he and Obama were promoting a decade ago. All this is revealed by a bit of digging, combined with a careful study of documents from the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, the education foundation Obama and Ayers jointly led in the late 1990s.

John McCain, take note. Obama’s tie to Wright is no longer a purely personal question (if it ever was one) about one man’s choice of his pastor. The fact that Obama funded extremist Afrocentrists who shared Wright’s anti-Americanism means that this is now a matter of public policy, and therefore an entirely legitimate issue in this campaign.

I guess the Times will get to it as soon as they expose Piper Palin for still wetting the bed.


Obamamania - Catch it

How to make your city a dump

You start with sprinkling criminals into your police force......
Keovongsa Siharath was arrested in Henry County on charges he punched his stepfather.

Jeffrey Churchill was charged with assault in an altercation with a woman in a mall parking lot.

Calvin Thomas was taken into custody in DeKalb County on a concealed weapons charge.

All three are now officers with the Atlanta Police Department.

More than one-third of recent Atlanta Police Academy graduates have been arrested or cited for a crime, according to a review of their job applications. The arrests ranged from minor offenses such as shoplifting to violent charges including assault. More than one-third of the officers had been rejected by other law enforcement agencies, and more than half of the recruits admitted using marijuana.

“On its face, it’s troubling and disturbing,” said Vincent Fort, a state senator from Atlanta. “It would be very troubling that people might be hitting the streets to serve and protect and they have histories that have made them unqualified to serve on other departments.”

But Atlanta police say it’s not so simple. Officials have been trying without success for more than a decade to grow the department

to 2,000 officers, an effort hurt by this year’s budget crisis. With competition for recruits intense among law enforcement agencies, Atlanta has had to make concessions.

“We would like, in an ideal world, to see every applicant with a clean record, but obviously that’s not reality,” said Atlanta police Lt. Elder Dancy, who runs the department’s recruitment unit. “I don’t think you’ll find any departments who hire only applicants with squeaky-clean records.”

Three decades ago, a police officer with a criminal record was much less common than it is now, said Robert Friedmann, a criminal justice professor at Georgia State University. But times have changed and many agencies have had to relax their hiring policies, Friedmann said.


Monday, October 13, 2008

ACORN's Dispicable Efforts Continue to Pollute Democracy

Guilt By Participation

Consequences for failure? why bother.

Somehow, the Seattle Public Schools must have been infiltrated with some common sense republicans.

For the first time in seven years, Seattle public high-school students who do poorly can receive a failing grade on their report cards.

Since 2000, not a single student has received an E, a mark more commonly known as an F. High schools instead handed out N's for "no credit," which didn't affect a student's grade-point average and took much of the sting out of failure.

But the E is back — effective immediately.

The reason, the district says, is a technical one. In a larger review of high schools, a district committee recently realized that the exclusive use of N's violated School Board policy.

The change, however, has been welcomed by many principals and teachers who believe that students should face more consequences for failure.

Don't worry kids, when you get to be an adult, you won't have to worry about consequences for your failures.

Unplanned pregnancy? We got you covered.

Fail to get an education? Got it.

Buy a house you can't afford? Got it.

Steal an election? here's more money.

Shoot someone in cold blood? You're covered.

Bengal jokes

It's a premature fall for Bengals jokes. For the past couple of years we've at least been able to wait until November to tell them.

The Ohio State Police are cracking down on speeders heading into Cincinnati.

For the first offense, they give you two Cincinnati Bengals tickets. If you get stopped a second time, they make you use them.

What do you call 47 millionaires around a TV watching the Super Bowl?

The Cincinnati Bengals

What do the Cincinnati Bengals and Billy Graham have in common?

They both can make 70,000 people stand up and yell 'Jesus Christ'.

How do you keep a Cincinnati Bengal out of your yard?

Put up goal post.

Where do you go in Cincinnati in case of a tornado?

To Paul Brown Stadium...they never get a touchdown there!

What do you call a Cincinnati Bengals player with a Super Bowl ring?

A thief.

What's the difference between the Cincinnati Bengals and a dollar bill?

You can still get four quarters out of a dollar bill.

How many Cincinnati Bengals does it take to win a Super Bowl?

Nobody knows and we may never find out!

What do the Bengals and a possums have in common?

Both play dead at home and get killed on the road