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Howard University Students Talk About Obamacare

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Why, exactly, am I conservative?

After a number of issues popped up on the news recently. I started to wonder why I'm a conservative. After all, most liberal positions on the issues have no bearing on me and my family at all. In fact, we benefit from many of them.

Fortunately or unfortunately, nearly every liberal policy ultimately hurts the very people they're designed to help. Frankly, these people deserve the consequences for their own stupidity. Hey, the school of hard knocks is where most of my eduction came from.

Nonetheless, if you want to look at why income distribution continues to widen (aka why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer) in this country, consider the following............


I'm a balls to the wall conservative on crime. But really. Why? When liberals let criminals go, they're not moving back to my nice Redville enclave. Most are going back to the cities where they can victimize people who don't have the ability to move to a safe neighborhood.

Why should I care if another person in the 'hood gets shot by some clown who should be behind bars?


Why should I care if taxes go up? As I've said repeatedly on this blog. Consider that rich people pay no taxes. Ultimately, the only people who pay taxes are the people who can't pass along the costs to someone else.

When my software costs go up, so do my fees. The same is true of taxes. I still make money. The only person who takes in the shorts, is the guy who can't pass the tab to the guy behind him because there isn't anyone behind him.

Over reaching regulation

Do I want children drinking polluted water and breathing polluted air? Probably not since I'm drinking out of the same water supply and breathing the same air.

But I remember the good old days when we use to burn LEADED fuel in cars. Now we can't even produce it in Missouri because the emission might end up in Albany.

If you want a zero polluted environment, you'll have to ban all manufacturing in this country and the good paying jobs that goes with that. Actually, that's not even true since horse shit and human waste would line the streets and rivers like it did in 1910 creating much more hideous public health issues than pollutants kick out today.

So if you want poor people to rise out of poverty, you're going to have to deal with some element of pollution. But why should I care if auto, tires and computers are built out of the country? I've got mine already.


I'm for people having a choice about where their kids can go to school. But why should I care if poor people don't have the ability to choose the schools that work for their children?

I don't have any kids and if I did, I could afford to send them to private schools or move to a community with good schools.

That gives me and my kids a big advantage over kids forced to go to government sponsored cesspools.

Social Security/Pension Reform

I'm a proponent of reforming Social Security, Medicare and Public Pensions. Again, why? Afterall, I'm 50 years old. Chances are pretty good that these programs will be available to me for most, if not all, of my senior years.

Why should I care if these programs suck the economic life out of the young people who will have to pay for my benefit?


Why should I be opposed to Obamacare, the most egregious transfer of wealth from the young to the old in this country's history?

20 year old males pay higher auto insurance rates because they pose a higher driving risk. But 28 year old, perfectly healthy, males pay more........... because?

Thank you very much Mr./Ms 28 year old. I may pay for your birth control but you get to pay for my knee replacement.

It's a swap I'll take time and time again.

Student Loans

I'm against the student loan program. Why? Because all the student loan program has done is give a blank check to schools to keep ripping off kids who believe that a college education has become the end all, be all, to economic prosperity.

Why do I care if the programs are giant redistribution programs taking money from lower middle class and middle class kids and giving it to college professors and bureaucrats?

Let's just say that I've got my education and never had to sleep one night in my parent's basement after graduation. What's different today?

Minimum wage

I'm against the minimum wage hike. Why? First, because anything that creates barriers for new workers to get into the employment pipeline hurts them, not me.

Secondly, artificially increasing prices on the cost of production creates inflation. Who gets hurt more from inflation? Hint. It's not Donald Trump.

Easy Money

All Big Ben and the Bernake's have done the past couple of decades is create easy money and easy lending policies that created our giant ass home price bubble and subsequent burst.

Has it ever dawned on anyone that in the past three years, the stock market has kicked ass all the while worker's wages have deflated? You can thank big Ben and the Obama Treasury that have helped my 401k but done nothing for middle class job prospects.

In addition, we are totally insulated from another real estate bust since our mortgage is about seven years from being paid off and we're not moving anytime soon.

And even if we did, we've got the flexibility to absorb a downturn in the market. Something most young families didn't have when the foreclosure genie came a calling.

Social programs

You know who gets the most benefit from the food stamp, subsidized housing and other government programs? Try Archer Daniels Midland, landlords, convenience store owners et al.

It's a basic supply and demand exercise. Give people more money, they drive up the prices for basic needs. It's like a giant company store.

I have a client who is flat out getting rich from Section 8 housing. He buys distressed properties for about $10,000, spend about $10k in renovations rents them out for the tidy some of $850/month thanks to the government. He gets his money back in two years.

And then he pays me a lot of money to handle all the tax returns for those properties.

Is this a great country or what?

The bottom line is that as part of being a conservative is that we have to save liberals from themselves. It's really not that much different than a parent/child relationship. You don't let a kid sit and watch TV all day, eat donuts, not go to school because your life experience tells you that long term, it's not good for the kids and you'll pay the price for having them sleep in your basement when they should be out in the world starting their own families and starting the cycle over again.

So why am I a conservative? Because I don't want the country who provided me with so much to turn into Detroit who provides no one with anything.

Why do you need more than 7 rounds?

During the Thanksgiving weekend, this crazy Republican uncle got into the gun control discussion.

While no one expressed any concerns about gun bans, my one sister did wonder why anyone would need a magazine holding more than 6-7 rounds in a gun.

That very night, the city of Columbus provided us with the reason..............

A robbery suspect has died from a gunshot wound he suffered at the hands of one of his alleged victims.

Columbus Police say 23-year-old Jonathan Milton, two other men and a teenage girl tried to rob two people at a west side apartment on Cascade Court Wednesday.

10TV spoke with the robbery victims.  55-year-old Elec Reed says he ran outside for help when the suspects came in.

67-year-old Edward Finnell says that is when one of the robbers pulled a gun on him, and he reacted.

“I didn't want to shoot nobody, but i didn't want to get shot.  Just like something sprang and I was right back in Vietnam again- kill or be killed,” Finnell said.

You have one gun, four intruders. If you only have five in the chamber, you better have one hell of an aim............

A suspect shot during a home invasion on Thursday has since died, according to police. Jonathon L. Milton and accomplice Carmeore L. Johnson were both shot by a homeowner during a break-in at a Cascade Court home in West Columbus at approximately 5:30 p.m. Wednesday. Milton was pronounced dead on Saturday. Both suspects were initially transported to Columbus hospitals in critical condition. Johnson is now listed in stable condition. Police have arrested two additional suspects in relation to this robbery who now face aggravated robbery charges. One suspect also faces a murder charge.

Read More at:
A suspect shot during a home invasion on Thursday has since died, according to police. Jonathon L. Milton and accomplice Carmeore L. Johnson were both shot by a homeowner during a break-in at a Cascade Court home in West Columbus at approximately 5:30 p.m. Wednesday. Milton was pronounced dead on Saturday. Both suspects were initially transported to Columbus hospitals in critical condition. Johnson is now listed in stable condition. Police have arrested two additional suspects in relation to this robbery who now face aggravated robbery charges. One suspect also faces a murder charge.

Read More at:

Why are criminals targeting students?

The University of Cincinnati wants Hamilton County judges to crack down on “predatory targeting” of UC students on or near the main campus.

“You have the ability to send a clear, forceful and reverberating message to criminals and the broader community that predatory targeting of UC students will have severe consequences,” UC President Santa Ono and Cincinnati Police Chief Jeffrey Blackwell wrote to the county’s Common Pleas Court judges Nov. 19. “We respectfully ask that you do so whenever possible.”

The letter, which judges describe as unprecedented from one of the city’s colleges, underscores just how critical the perception of an unsafe area around campus has become at UC.

UC insists that burglaries and simple assaults are declining. It has spent more than $200,000 on off-duty patrols, cameras and lights in the blocks surrounding campus

“Even so, our students continue to be victimized as a troubling rate that is simply unacceptable,” Ono and Blackwell wrote.

Now you might ask, why would criminals targeting students. Well, they've got lots of toys, Ipads, Ipods, all kinds of Istuff.

You know what they don't have? Guns. Because the University has banned weapons from the campus. So when these kids step off of campus grounds, it's like chum for sharks.

Seriously, it's a basic cost/benefit principle. You'd think a college president would know better.


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Ineptocracy (in-ep-toc’-ra-cy), n. A system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.

Hat Tip Maggie Thurber

It's Time to Apologize, Claire

Chuck Todd: White House's 'Private Sector Velocity' Claim Is Indictment ...

Minimum wage criticism is a joke

I guess some union types are going to be striking to protest low wages at fast food joints.

Let provide some information on the minimum wage.

I have a client who owns a number of fast food restaurants. I just finished the payroll on one of those restaurants. I won't name the franchise specifically. Let's just say that their spokesman is a guy named Jared.

In that restaurant, of the nine employees four are paid minimum wage. It was five last week. But one of the employees, I'll call him Ryan (a teenager), showed he had some meddle and got bumped to $8.00/hr.

Now that's not a lot of money. IT'S NOT SUPPOSED TO BE.

See, that minimum wage got Ryan in the door. Ryan proved himself and got a bump in pay less than 30 days after he started.

My guess is, Ryan does some crazy shit. He probably comes to work, ready to work; meaning he's clean, on time and has a good attitude. Things that used to be a given, now they're called a skill.

He probably showed some interest in learning and moving up, to make more money.

My guess is that within the next thirty days, Ryan will either get another raise, or he will quit for a better opportunity. It's the way the economic ladder works.

Unfortunately, when you make the first rung of that ladder even higher for those first jobs, you limit opportunities for people to get on the first rung and start to move up.

Again, those opportunities won't limit people with "connections" as Kanye West would say. It hurts the people who don't.

If you are a college graduate and can't get your arms around that, you probably failed econ 101, if you took it at all. In which case you probably don't have the skills to work anywhere.

How about a little gratitude

I used to think that the most important quality most liberals lacked was any self awareness; an inability to identify that most of their criticisms of the right where projections of their own issues.

Then I started to recognize that most liberals lack a significant quantity of humility; the belief that they know more about what I need than I do.

But now I'm starting to think that liberals really lack the quality of gratitude.

Take this Ronan Farrow clown.....................

Now you might think that ole Ronan here might be Thankful for that Ivy league Education those
murderous ancestors established there in the northeast.

Or that Park Avenue Penthouse his ancestors traded a few beads for.

Or all those rich ass daddies, Frank and Woody that paid for all of this.

Do you think Ronan is willing to trade all his riches to those poor people his ancestors stole from.

I'm not holding my breath.

Good enough for thee but not for me

Mother Jones, a constant critic of Walmart low pay, isn't exactly enriching it's lowest paid employees...........

Many liberal publications fail to pay their interns living wages, despite decrying employees’ pay at companies like Wal-Mart and McDonalds, Vice’s Charles Davis highlighted Monday.

While failing to pay a “living wage,” at least one liberal publication, Davis reported, advised its interns or “fellows” to get on food stamps. That publication? Mother Jones, ironically named after labor leader Mary Harris Jones.

“During our first meeting with HR at Mother Jones, we were advised to sign up for food stamps,” one former intern told Davis.

looking out for the least of us.........liberal edition

I don't often link to Ann Coulter. I try not to recognize people who say provocative things just for attention.

None the less, this piece at Townhall really hits it out of the park.... Central Park.......

The rich in New York are always the last to experience a spike in crime. They might not even notice when the murder, rape and robbery rates go through the roof under de Blasio -- for the very reasons Barsky names: They can afford expensive neighborhoods, paid parking and concerts at Lincoln Center.
It's the poor and middle-class New Yorkers, unprotected by doormen, chauffeurs and ticket-takers, who will be the first victims of de Blasio's innovative new ideas on policing.
The non-1 percent live in neighborhoods that aren't the province of multimillionaires, with doormen standing guard every 15 yards. They park their cars on the street, eat lunch in public parks and attend free concerts -- all of which are also open to criminals. New-wave Brooklyn is about to become crime-wave Brooklyn.
For a newspaper that claims not to be worried about rising crime rates under de Blasio, the Times sure dedicates a lot of ink to assuring us that it's not going to happen – and if it does, it won’t be de Blasio’s fault. In anticipation of a return to the glory days of David Dinkins, let me be the first to say, I told you so. 

As I always say, I'm not a conservative for my own self interest, but for the least of us who have few tools to deal with liberal degradation.