Saturday, August 08, 2015

Why Good People Should Be Armed

The War on Women - Marilyn Pharis edition

Who's responsible for the war on Marilyn Pharis?

A man who allegedly attacked a 64-year-old California woman and brutally raped her is an illegal alien from Mexico who has been arrested four times in the past two years.

The victim, Marilyn Pharis, died eight days after the attack, which occurred July 24 while she was asleep in her Santa Maria home. An autopsy is being conducted to help determine if Pharis died as a direct result of the heinous crime.

Victor Aureliano Martinez Ramirez, 29, was arrested shortly after the attack while he was inside another home nearby.

He is charged with attempted murder, first-degree burglary with person present, assault with intent to commit rape, sexual penetration by foreign object and resisting a peace officer, according to the Santa Maria Times. His bond is set at $1 million.

Now if you are of the liberal political persuasion let me ask you a question.

When illegal immigrant criminals come rolling into this country, who do you think will bear the brunt of their crimes?

A) Caitlyn Jenner
B) Suburbanites
C) Ted Cruz
D) Poor/meddle class women


The War on Women - Sviatlana Dranko edition

Meet Sviatlano Dranko

Why is she in the news?

An illegal immigrant from Mexico has admitted to strangling a 30-year-old New Jersey woman he worked with, and setting her body and house on fire to cover up the crime.

Juan Jimenez-Olivera, 30, pleaded guilty Wednesday to murder, aggravated arson, desecrating human remains, theft and related offenses in the slaying of Sviatlana Dranko, his co-worker at a pizzeria.

Jimenez-Olivera admitted in court to strangling Dranko in April 2014 in her Hillsborough home, stealing $6,000 and lying to police about his involvement before turning himself in two days later.

The good news for Sviatlano is that democrats would defend her right to an abortion if Juan had gotten her pregnant.