Saturday, April 14, 2007


I made my quadrennial trip to the Ohio BMV yesterday to get my driver's license renewed. I was first in line so I figured I'd lucked out and it would be a quick visit.

After a 20 min wait, the "friendly" lady at the counter informed me that due to a new federal law prohibiting my social security number from being used as an identification, it would not longer appear on my card. Sounds like a good idea!

Her next sentence got me a little confused. She told me that since my number would not be on my card, the next time I visited the BMV I would need a form of identification with my social security number on it to prove who I was.

Now does this make sense? The BMV won't put your number on the card, but requires that you show them another form of ID that does show the number. Our social security numbers were never meant to be a form of identification. Who are the clowns creating these laws?

Elect me

In several posts, I've described several of the presidential candidates as geeks, who probably had their lunch money stolen from them as kids.

Does this picture more or less hit the nail right on the head?

At least we can't see her "cankles".

Resistant Gonorrhea

A couple of weeks ago I posted a piece about why people are so willing to teach abstinence to smoking, drugs and drinking but not sex.

What if your kid(s) could possibly get antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea from drinking a beer? Would you more or less be inclined to teach them about abstaining from drinking?

I know that the popular culture is to pass out condoms and beg kids to use them but if you don't believe that abstinence training doesn't work how could you possibly think that the message "abstain from sex unless you have a condom" could possibly work?

Friday, April 13, 2007

Bridge to Nowhere?

Here's an article about the replacing the Brent Spence Bridge in Cincinnati.

If you not from the area it's the I-75 bridge that crosses the Ohio river and is in sore need of replacement.

One of the things holding up the construction of the bridge is simply how the government is going to pay for the bridge.

I've got an idea for you. How about paying for it with the 35 cent per gallon excise tax the feds and state already slap on a gallon of gas. You know the excise tax on gas that's supposed to be used on these types of projects.

Somehow, the feds have no problems coming up with a few billion on a bridge in Alaska that services about 100 cars a day.

This bridge might be one of the most vital in the US. Without this bridge, how are businesses going to be able to leave Michigan and Ohio and move to Tennessee and Georgia?

Would Archie Bunker be crucified today?

Well a local radio shock jock was finally fired for lynching of a group of basketball players in New Jersey.

Given the public clamor you would have to believe that's what happened this week.

Out of curiosity, could you put a show like All in the Family on the air in the year 2007? When this show came on in 1973(?), it was controversial to say the least, but it seems like we are able to have a more free discussion of race in this country back in 1973 then we can 34 years later.

I just find that it's amazing that instead of a honest discussion about race, we continue to get this incredible shout down by the usual suspects.

I don't think George Jefferson would have approved.


"It is the besetting vice of democracies to substitute public opinion for law. This is the usual form in which the masses of men exhibit their tyranny."

-James Fenimore Cooper

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Sharpton Speaks

"It is our feeling that this is only the beginning. We must have a broad discussion on what is permitted and not permitted in terms of the airwaves..." - Al Sharpton

So Al Sharpton wants to limit what can be said on the radio? Is this the same Al Sharpton that has used the term "honkies", made derogatory remarks about Jews and once said that most Southerners are "just a bunch of red-neck crackers who get drunk and kill black people."?

I'm not so sure Mr. Sharpton is the best person to determine what can and can't be said on air.

Weather Brainwashing

"In a campaign without peacetime precedent, the media-entertainment-environmental complex is warning about global warming. Never, other than during the two world wars, has there been such a concerted effort by opinion-forming institutions to indoctrinate Americans, 83 percent of whom now call global warming a "serious problem.''

George Will: Fuzzy Climate Math

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Quote of the Day

A liberal is always the guy taking a penny from the cup at your local convenience store.... a conservative always puts one in.


Student Loan Corruption - It's for the Children

It's always been my opinion that if you really want to cut the price increases going on in secondary education quit subsidizing it with government backed student loans and other education subsidies.

But Gordon, kids won't have the ability to get into school if they cannot borrow the money for tuition.

Yeah, I know the schools and the student loan providers are all worried about the kids ability to get into school and get an education to the extent that they are able to pay for the tuition with the student loans.

Here's a nice piece about kickbacks going to the schools from the altruistic student loan companies and the universities they fund.

Some of the schools involved include University of Pennsylvania, New York University, Syracuse University, Fordham University, Long Island University and St. John's University not exactly your run of the mill diploma factories.

Someday, I would love to match up the number of corporate scandals with the number scandals involving government program and have some liberal tell me again how compassionate it is to fund these programs.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Josh Hamilton

In what is in inspirational story, regardless of how his baseball career ends up, Cincinnati Red's outfielder Josh Hamilton hit a home run Tuesday night to record his first major league hit. After being selected in 1999 as one of the top prospects in all of baseball, Hamilton screwed up his life with drugs and alcohol. His recovery shows the importance of faith and family in a person's life. Let's hope he can stay clean and continue to be a positive example to others.

Headline... Shock Jocks are Shocking

Apparently, a complete civil rights violation occurred this week when a national talk show host, known for his offensive diatribes, actually offended an ethnic group.

I won't say his name because these are the things that get the headlines for these guys, the only reason I mention this story at all is because tomorrow is the anniversary of Cincinnati's race riots.

All the outrage then, is the same outrage today, expressed by the usual suspects (again no names mentioned for the same reasons).

What has happened to the Queen City since the riots? Well, the city put clipboards in the hands of the "racist" white cops and had them quit patrolling the worst neighborhoods in the city.

As a result, the murder rates have escalated to where the city is resembling New Orleans or Detroit. But I guess that it's OK because it's better to have 500 young black men killed by 500 other black men than one black man shot and killed by a white police office.

While it appears that the two incidents are unrelated they are in fact totally related. People looking to shoot a gnat with an elephant gun while young black men are getting gunned down in the streets.

I guess being dead is better than being disrespected by a racist.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Tressel Hayes....

People wonder how a totally normal guy from Buckeyeville, aka Columbus, could have such an attitude about an Ohio State University.

Here's why

"Buckeye's fan names son Tressel Hayes"

These are the kind of goobers you end up eating next to at the school cafeteria in Buckeyeville. That area is only one generation from 8 inch foreheads on the kids as a result of all the Buckeye inbreeding.

And Cowherd makes fun of Cincinnati.

Crank up the SUV's

Apparently, all this global warming awareness has resulted in everyone rapidly reducing their CO2 emissions, or in Al Gore's case, buying up all those carbon neutral credits.

How else do you explain snow at baseball games, below freezing Easter temperatures and these poor cute little otters getting eatin' up because of a frozen bay in Alaska.

So here's the deal, drive your SUV or this cute little guy gets eaten by a wolf.

Toyota moves

Here's an article about Toyota moving it's main offices from Michigan, home of the free Ipods for kids, to Erlanger, KY.

Notice that the move went right through the state of Ohio On I-75 to Kentucky, the home of business friendly hillbillies.

Maybe that's the solution to the state's economic woes; we just blow up the Brent Spence Bridge and the companies will have no choice but to stay in Ohio. What scares me is that I'm sure that's probably a serious proposal for some Ohio lawmakers.

Edward's "neighbor"

Here's an interesting piece about John Edward's "neighbor".

Just out of curiosity if you own a 28,000 (that's thousand) square foot home on 102 acres and the home includes an indoor basketball and handball court, do you really have "neighbors"?

Most of my friends think I make fun of Edward's hair because I am apparently jealous of his tremendous mane. But watch this video and tell me if this is a guy we really want for president.

Cincinnati: It don't stink!

Maybe Cowherd was right. Here's the latest slogan for the city....

Cincinnati: Home to Five Outhouses

"This is better than an indoor toilet," said Ofie Knose, 70, of Crosby Township. "It don't stink."

"I come in here, pull my drawers down and let it go and that's it..."

"If two people want to sit together and stink together, they can hold hands..."