Saturday, July 07, 2007

Why Not?

At first, I saw this Headline on Drudge and like 99% of the US, I blew it off.

But like most things, it kept gnawing on me until I got fed up enough to post on it.

The Headline

Allergic US employee sues to ban perfume at work

Why not?

Why shouldn't a business make an accommodation for this woman. Businesses are required to make accommodations for disabilities, pregnancies, family leaves, atheists, smoking, no guns; pick your poison. How do you discriminate one issue from another?

At some point, I expect a lawsuit where a stripper is not required to actually disrobe because it's degrading.

Moore Lies...

I am a new American, but I grew up and worked for many years in Canada. And I know the health care system of my native country much more intimately than does Moore. There's a good reason why my former countrymen with the money to do so either use the services of a booming industry of illegal private clinics, or come to America to take advantage of the health care that Moore denounces.

Government-run health care in Canada inevitably resolves into a dehumanizing system of triage, where the weak and the elderly are hastened to their fates by actuarial calculation. Having fought the Canadian health care bureaucracy on behalf of my ailing mother just two years ago - she was too old, and too sick, to merit the highest quality care in the government's eyes - I can honestly say that Moore's preferred health care system is something I wouldn't wish on him.

More Lies from Moore...

Live Earth: What planet are they on?

The most conservative assessment of the flights being taken by its superstars is that they are flying an extraordinary 222,623.63 miles between them to get to the various concerts - nearly nine times the circumference of the world. The true environmental cost, as they transport their technicians, dancers and support staff, is likely to be far higher.

Moreover, the pop stars headlining the concerts are the absolute antithesis of the message they promote - with Madonna leading the pack of the worst individual rock star polluters in the world.

Supermodel Kate Moss, another profligate polluter through her use of private jets, is producing a T-shirt for the event. Yet, Gore is touting the concerts as 'carbon neutral'. So how can that be?

Live Earth Hypocrisy...

Friday, July 06, 2007

Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations

James Taranto of has a great analysis of a column by Ellen Goodman of the Boston Globe.

Goodman's complaint? that Justice Thomas doesn't walk the walk when it comes to racial preference, despite being the beneficiary of such programs.

He does a great job of breaking down her double standard of race treatment. However, he misses what I believe to be Justice Thomas' views on discrimination. Here's a segment of Goodman's column

A special shout-out to Clarence Thomas, who may embark on his annual road trip in his 40-foot motor home knowing that he's accomplished one life goal. The justice is now talked about even less in terms of race--less as the profligate successor to Thurgood Marshall than as a certified member of the court's right wing. Color him conservative. . . .

Thomas's psyche still intrigues those who search for the biography in his opinions. We know Thomas as a man who benefited from the affirmative action he scorns. He attended Holy Cross with a scholarship established for blacks after the death of Martin Luther King Jr. He was accepted to Yale Law School, where a program committed 10 percent of the seats to minorities. . . .

I have no doubt that Thomas sees himself as the victim of racism and the "racism lite" experienced by many black professionals tagged as "affirmative action babies." He's kept the pile of rejection letters received after graduating from law school. At his searing confirmation hearings, he froze the senators in their tracks by consciously describing himself as the victim of a "high-tech lynching." He also knows that many people questioned his credentials for the Supreme Court.

First, from this commentary, it's clear to Goodman that Thomas never would have been accepted into Yale without a handout. How does she know this? Maybe Thomas was so gifted, he would have been accepted without "special treatment". Maybe he understands and resents whites who think he would have only achieved with the help of white guilt morsels of special treatment. Maybe, Thomas knows that despite being a gifted jurist on the US Supreme Court, there's always going to be some lowly racist columnist out there that writes crap like "hey, you never could have have made it without our white guilt program of help."

Maybe Thomas knows that until there becomes a time when we legislate as color blind society, black achievement will always be viewed in the shadows of white help... how degrading.

I remember an episode of the West Wing where one of the female characters was openly hostile to a bill in Congress to increase the pay of women in the workplace.

When confronted by one of the male characters who said something like "we doing this bill to help someone just like you!"

Her response was "maybe I don't want your help. Maybe I don't want to be viewed as someone who got their success because someone "gave" me a hand. Consider that I'm good enough that I don't need your damn help."

Maybe Justice Thomas wants a life for blacks where they never have to "pay back" white liberals for the help they never ask for in the first place.

Out of curiosity, I wonder if Goodman would be willing to quit her job so that Justice Thomas could take her spot?

Pot Kettle Black Award

It appears that this week's winner the PKB award may need to be inducted into the Hypocrisy Hall of Shame.

Once again we have Hillary Clinton speaking out on the Bush commutation of Scooter Libby's sentence.

I guess her criteria for Scooter... Line my pockets and we'll get 'er done.

Playing Politics with Libby

As much of a political junkie as I am, I'm often surprised at how uninterested I am on certain issues in the overall political landscape.

Take Scooter Libby, I've made one small previous post on him. I guess I figure that all the talking heads out there will beat it to death so I don't need to.

With that said, I was actually surprised that Libby was convicted. After all, the principle government witnesses (Tim Russert, Judith Miller, et al) seemed to lack the consistency in their testimony that Libby was charged with.

Alan Dershowitz, has a great piece (in the Huffington Post no less) about the whole Libby fiasco. Dershowitz, no conservative by any means, actually wrote a brief supporting the appeal on behalf of Libby.

The bottom line, if you are ever questioned by a government prosecutor, refuse to answer, plead the fifth, and move on.

Ask Martha Stewart and Scooter what happens when you cooperate. The crime you commit may be your own.

Live Earth

Given that I've spent the better part of a week at some concert or another, I don't think I'll be tuning in to this weekend's big "Live Earth" shows.

Instead I'll be doing what I can to make up for the Humongous Carbon Foot Prints these concerts will be leaving. You know, the very footprints these guys are making us aware of.

I just wonder how much CO2 all these performers release from the following

Garbage and refuse for about a half million attendees, more than a square a visit I swear.
The electric use for one act that could power a home for two years.
The flights, not commercial, for all the entertainers.
All the moving of band equipment and Bono's favorite hat
And all the CO2 exhaled from Al Gore's hot air.

About seven years ago, the area I live in was hit by a pretty good tornado that destroyed a neighborhood nearby. I remember a news reporter on sight reporting about all the devastation in the area. Then he says "police and fire officials are asking the public to avoid coming into the area as they'll get in the way of emergency vehicles."

As he is saying this, a fire truck is honking for him to get out of the way until they finally turn on the siren to blast out his report.

It's when I understood why media people and celebrities make for natural liberals. It's all about "do as I say, not as I do".

Animal Farm

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Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Koby Stopper

In a classic match up of Braun v. Finesse, Joey Chestnut won the Nathan's hot dog competition, knocking down 66 hot dogs (in twelve minutes) to Kobayahsi's 63, a modern day record.

While the results are official, there is the ongoing rumor that Chestnut is taking steroids and Nathan's was awaiting results of their steroid test. Of course the test is a joke, since they don't test for Human Growth Hormone or EPO.

If Chestnut tests positive for steroids, baseball could strip Chestnut of his hot dog eating record. According to Hot Dog Eating Commissioner, Bud Selig.

Wait a minute, I think I just confused the hot dog eating competition with the Tour De France, or maybe the Olympics, or was it baseball. I'm so confused. I guess since so many sports are tainted with 'roids what the hell.

John "Gee my Hair Smells Terrific" Edwards

John Edwards has made the "Two America's" his campaign theme.

I couldn't agree more with the two America's assessment, there's the America filled with people working, paying bills and trying to make their lives better.

Then there's the other America; the one where politicians fly in hair stylists for a $1,250 haircuts and live in 28,000 square feet homes and tell the other America that he "feels our pain".

If this guy pays $1,250 for a haircut, how much does he spend in hair products. His bathroom must look like Cher's.

How about listening for a change

During the show last night, I saw Mr. and Mrs. Yuppie with their three kids and two Blue Tooths (if it's plural should it be Blue Teeth?).

I'm always going to be behind the curve on technology but regardless, if you use one of these things continuously.... you are a loser.

Seriously, you're at a concert among thousands of people... what call are you expecting that you'll be able to hear anyway? Sally calling about the color of her drapes? Jim, with the new tee time?

Here's an idea for the couple who wants to be in touch. Take out the Blue Tooth, put it on the ground, smash it with your foot and try listening to your kids for a change. Lord knows, we had to listen to them all night.

Crazy for you

After seeing a few concerts over the years, the formula pretty much goes.

1) Play a couple of old tunes to get the crowd into the show.

2) Play a couple of tunes from the album you're trying to hock.

3) Make a few obligatory compliments about the city.

4) Finish strong.

5) Play the songs under the original arrangement.

and finally, save a couple of the crowd favorites for the encore which you'll do no matter what anyway.

So it was refreshing when Heart came out, no intro and kicking ass right away. I think they went song to song to song for a good half an hour before stopping to make a couple of comments and then back into the show.

They also played some covers by The Who (Love, Rain on Me) and two Led Zeppelin covers for the encore (Black Dog and Misty Mountain Hop). It was one of the best shows I've ever seen.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Carry on My Wayward Son

Went to see Asia and Kansas last night.

I think I like to see these guys play in their 50's because

1) Most out already been in and out of rehab
2) At midnight they're usually in bed catching some winks instead of partying with 14 girls on the tour bus.
3) As my girlfriend says, they need to play because they don't have health insurance.

Some thoughts from the show.

I swear the follicle count on rock stars is astronomical. I guess sex drugs and rock and roll ages your liver significantly but at least you get to keep your hair.

If this is the kind of weather we get from global warming 80 degress with 25% humidity, I'm buying an SUV and letting it run continuously.

Off for Head East and Heart tonight.

You gotta read this.

IowaHawk has a a great piece of satire on the London/Scotland screw ups.

Thought for the day

As we celebrate the 4th today keep this in mind. The Patriots instigated the Boston Tea Party over the Stamp tax. Do you know how much the tax was on the tea?

3/4 of one percent, .0075, or less than a penny for your public school math kids.

Top Dog

All eyes will be on Joey Chestnut at Nathan's Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating Contest in Coney Island, N.Y.

Chestnut is aiming to break his own world record of eating 59.5 hot dogs and buns in 12 minutes.

This year's event took on a new twist after Takeru Kobayashi, 29, the world's most famous speed eater and six-time Nathan's contest champion, reported that a jaw injury would prevent him from competing at full chomp. Some openly wondered whether Kobayashi was playing possum to lull the up-and-coming Chestnut into a false sense of security.

More, more, more...

God Bless America!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

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Who's next

Last night Gordon, et al, spent the evening at the KD Lang/Lyle Lovett concert. I'm not a huge Lyle Lovett fan but I have to say if you get a chance to see him with his "Large Band" you should check it out.

KD Lang was ok but her show had me doing flash backs to watching Lawrence Welk with my parents. She was really funny on stage. At least she can have some fun about her sexuality. Quote of the night from a 10 year old kid in front of us turned to his parents while KD was playing "Mom, is that Lyle Lovett?"

Finally a question prompted from last night. If you are a lesbian, you like women correct? If that's the case, why do most lesbians always seem to hook up with women that look like guys? I mean at least Ellen is feminine looking. I would think you'd want someone feminine not a female look a like of Johnny Depp

Anyway, off tonight to see Kansas and Asia in Mason; tomorrow, Head East and Heart in Blue Ash. Then? off to rehab.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Yo Joe!

We're buying the Reds to win. Anything else is unacceptable.

-Bob Castellini, Jan 2006

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"I'm a baseball guy"

I don't care what anyone thinks, this team was better than 31-50; especially in the National League Central.

I have never seen a team that lacked so much in fundamental execution. At times it was like watching my beer league softball team.

While I understand that today's baseball game is played differently, Narron couldn't seem to get the most out of these guys. Unfortunately, my biggest fear is this interim guy will get the team to play 40-40 ball the rest of the way; just enough performance to hire him permanently instead of getting a real manager in the off season ala the Bengals with Coslett, LeBoBo, and Steakhouse Dave.

In addition to Narron, Krivsky really needs to look at the stars of the team. When your most expensive players are dogging it, the rest of the team follows in behind.

Maybe Castellini can hire Isiah Thomas or Matt Millon, they've been pretty successful in turning around bad situations.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

It was inevitable...

Jerry Narron fired. Pete Mackanin in as interim manager for the Cincinnati Reds.