Saturday, February 10, 2007

Snow Daze

As another winter storm races towards the Cincinnati area, take note of the following from


As Gordon would say, "Where the hell is my global warming?"

Minimum Wage Hike in Practice

Yesterday, I had a conversation with a client who is part owner of a clothing manufacturer with his family. They employ roughly 30 people. (as a courtesy, I won't name the state the company is located in)

They have been struggling for years to keep the doors open for this company and quite frankly haven't been able to to price it's product competitively due to union labor contracts. They already shut down their Ohio plant years ago and have been hanging on for years with this other plant

He told me that in 2006 the union passed along an $11,000 year increase in the union run health care coverage ($367 / employee). In addition, the union passed along another $11,000 increase in the union run pension plan.

The state this plant is located in had the infinite wisdom of passing it's minimum wage law which kicks the minimum wage up significantly in the next year (I won't say the amount for the reasons above). While his company does not pay minimum wage, the base rate in the contract is pegged to the minimum so any increase in the minimum is an automatic increase to his employees.

As my client says, "if we raise our prices more than 3% per year we might as well hand them our competitors business cards".

So now confronted with a 20% increase in the cost of labor within one year, they are moving their production to Columbia or China and will have the plant closed by the summer. Oh yeah, the city this plant is located in isn't exactly a hot bed of economic opportunity for low skilled laborers.

So for all you do gooders trying to help out the little guy, congratulations, you just helped out some poor guy in Bogota.

More Walmart Hate

Why does the Left hate Walmart so much?

On Tuesday, "two Democrat-appointed judges on what many consider to be the most liberal federal appeals court in the country gave trial lawyers the go ahead for the largest class action employment discrimination lawsuit in American history. Sounds like a big deal, right? Well, the numbers show just how big a deal it really is.

The class of plaintiffs approved by the two judges includes each and every woman who has ever worked at a Wal-Mart or Sam's Club store nationwide over the past eight years. According to the pair of judges, the class "encompasses approximately 1.5 million employees, both salaried and hourly, with a range of positions, who are or were employed at one or more of Wal-Mart's 3,400 stores across the country." Legalized Extortion

Lieberman Quote

Senator Joseph Lieberman (I-CT), on Congressional Resolutions Disapproving of the War in Iraq:

"For the Senate to take up a symbolic vote of no confidence on the eve of a decisive battle is unprecedented, but it is not inconsequential. It is an act which, I fear, will discourage our troops, hearten our enemies, and showcase our disunity."

Friday, February 09, 2007

Lefty Blogs

In the past week, I had the "pleasure" of going to a few liberal sites to read some of the postings of their readers.

Here at the Daily Kos , is an interesting post by someone titled "Why I hate America".

On Shakespearessister, a blog by a John Edwards campaign staffer, is a nice post where she refers to conservative Christians as "christofacists", but it's offset by all the f-bombs written all over it.

And here is one at Where the writer asks an interesting question about the immaculate conception "What if Mary had taken Plan B after the Lord filled her with his hot, white, sticky Holy Spirit?"

I keep hearing about how the Democratic party is the party of inclusion, especially for people of faith. Yeah, I get that when these are the thoughts of staffers and influential opinion makers for the party.

For the life of me, I still do not understand why Catholics and Jews are still a vital voting block of the DNC when this kind of mockery of faith is rampant throughout the party.

At least there are some intellectuals out there who are willing to acknowledge that people of faith care about society. Here's an interesting piece written by Roy Hattersly the money quote is in the byline "We atheists have to accept that most believers are better human beings".

Maybe if the DNC leadership were willing to acknowledge the premise of his piece, they might be able to attract more religious conservatives.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith RIP

In a shocker for every dead pool out there, Anna Nicole Smith died today.

While I would like to be solemn about the ending of one's life, the fact is, Smith represented every thing that's wrong with our culture today. It's all about celebrity over substance; consumption over contribution; exhibition over class.

It's not ironic that she had to buy her only redeeming quality.

Unlike Hendrix, Joplin, Monroe, & Dean she was famous for simply being famous.

When someone like Smith dies, it always has me remember Princess Diana and Mother Teresa who died within months of each other.

Who had happier more fulfilling life? I would bet that on her death bed, Mother Teresa had a much more sense of peace, purpose, and accomplishment with a life spent surrounded by the worst poverty and squalor in the world, as opposed to Diana, who lived what most would think was a fairy tail of wealth and glamor.

I usually opt not to acknowledge people like Smith, T.O., O.J., Pete Rose, Bob Huggins, The Clintons, etc. because that's what they crave, the spotlight. They are the worst of the narcissists.

But maybe someone reading this blog today will get the message that the quality of your life will always be measured by what you give... not what you get. If one person gets that from her death, then Smith will not have died in vain.

iPod Ban?

The Nanny State rears it's ugly head again... in New York, of all places.

First it was cell phones in cars, then trans fats. Now, a new plan is on the table to ban gadget use while crossing city streets.

If you use them in the crosswalk, your favorite electronic devices could be in the crosshairs. Legislation will be introduced in Albany on Wednesday to lay a $100 fine on pedestrians succumbing to what State Sen. Carl Kruger calls iPod oblivion.

Bill Banning iPods

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Freedom of the Press?

Many are probably unfamiliar with Josh Wolf, a San Francisco blogger who defied a court order to turn over a video of a demonstration in the city.

He now holds the dubious distinction of being jailed longer than any other journalist in history.

While libs want to hold up the constitution and scream "freedom of the press", the constitution never said that freedom of the press included immunity from court orders or immunity from government secrecy or treason laws. The freedom of the press was written into the constitution so that people could be critical of the government without being jailed... not the case here.

I'm against shield laws because it gives immunity to "journalists" above and beyond what the common citizen would get. I'm also against whistle blower immunity as well for the same reason.

Here's a concept for Mr. Wolf, turn over the tape or enjoy your bologna sandwiches.

Driving in snow

The drive in was good for me the roads seemed pretty clear in Maineville & Loveland

Of course the evening was complete with listening to "Cincinnatians don't know how to drive in the snow" from my NE Ohio girlfriend.

This is the thing I always point out to people. Their recollection of people driving in bad weather was 20-30 years ago when people drove with studded snow tires and chains on their tires. You can clean up a road pretty quick when people are chewing it up with those babies.

Unfortunately, these are now illegal. So we're forced to drive in this crap with all weather radials.

Anyway, it was 5 degrees coming in this morning. I'm still waiting on my damn global warming.

Cincinnati snow jobs

My drive in to downtown Cincinnati wasn't too bad this morning, Clermont Co, Montgomery, Loveland, etc., have done a great job.... but then I passed the Welcome to the City of Cincinnati sign near Norwood. From that point on into the city, the roads looked like they had never been plowed. I guess they're hoping the snow will melt off the highways? Or maybe the snow plow drivers left early with the rest of the city yesterday afternoon? Glad to see they're putting the 2.1% of my income they take to good use. Keep up the good work guys!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Time to toughen up!

What's happened to us? We can't handle a little snow and cold?

I always said I'd never start a sentence with the words "When I was a kid...", but I'm going to anyway. When I was a kid... I remember standing outside waiting for the bus with my ears feeling like they were going to fall off, my feet numb and the boogers in my nose frozen solid.

I'm no fan of the cold, I'd much rather be in St. Thomas right now. But even after all the "global warming" of the past couple decades, schools shutdown for an inch of snow or the sniffles and people head for their bunkers when the weather starts acting like it should in Ohio during February. And it's pretty obvious we don't have the guts to win a war anymore. There's too many wimps, sissies and cowards in charge these days.

Where's John Wayne (or John Galt)?

Naga RIP

My favorite animal at the Cincinnati Zoo died yesterday.

Naga, a 9 foot Komodo Dragon passed away of an abdominal infection. He was every bit the "hero" that Barbaro was. Let's hope the NY Times reports his life in the same manner.

By the way, it's 4 degrees outside, where the hell is my global warming? With Global Warming, lads like Naga could make Canada part of their habitation.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Mexican Tortilla Shortage

For those who love to help out the global warming alarmists by purchasing ethanol, please note, you may be starving a Mexican.

Why would that be? Because the US has increased production of ethanol brought on by more state requirements, the price of corn has shot up tremendously. As a result, tortillas, a staple in poor Mexican diets have become increasing expensive. So much so there are now riots in Mexico City protesting the prices of tortillas.

To make matters worse, it actually takes more energy to produce ethanol than we get from the use of the fuel. A scientist at Cal Berkeley (not exactly a conservative hot bed) has produced a study reporting the disparity.

It is now 5 degrees outside, where the hell is my global warming?

Question answer

My question last week regarding a family making a $120,000/yr.

First, note that this familial income puts you in the top 10% of all household incomes in the country. Congratulations, you are rich. So when some clown running for office talks about tax cuts for the rich they are talking about you.

Here's the tax breakdown

Federal tax $15,009
FICA tax $7,440
Medicare tax $1,740
State of Ohio tax $4,797
City of Cincinnati $2,520
Real estate taxes $3,000
Sales tax $1,192 ( per IRS table )
Total taxes paid $35,698

We now have $84,302 remaining which stills sounds like a lot but let's back out a mortgage of $2,200 a month, utilities & phone of $400.00/month, insurance $50.00/mo. a couple of car payments $800.00/mo., auto insurance $100.00/ month. groceries $700/month.

You now have $51,000 in annual expenses related just to home and car.

That leaves you with $33,302 to pay for retirement (401k), soccer fees, vacations, gas and oil, repairs & maintenance (car and home), cable, entertainment, clothing, appliances, day care/school tuition, gifts etc, etc, etc.

So in my mind if someone says "it's a tax cut for the rich" my response is "it's about damn time".

Da Bears

Rex Grossman sucks. The only thing keeping his quarterback rating above 0.0 is the fact there is no factor for fumbled snaps in the equation. To be an NFL quarterback it's assumed you can do that.

Maybe next year.

By the way, where the hell is that global warming.... it was -1 when I came into work today.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

go Bears

I couldn't agree with Midas's post more on the boorishness of the Super Bowl (all rights reserved) pre game.

Regardless, By ten o'clock I expect to be doin' the Super Bowl Shuffle.

Of course this coming from the same guy that predicted the GOP would keep the House....

Super Bowel

Well, it's finally time for the Super Bowl (am I allowed to say "Super Bowl" or do I have to use the phrase "The Big Game"?). After two weeks of hype and endless analysis from the idiots at ESPN, it's finally time to actually play a football game. Let's just pray that it's a good game.

If I (Midas) could make some changes, I'd do the following:
1. Play the game on Saturday instead of Sunday.
2. Have only 1 week after the AFC and NFC championship games.
3. Blackout ESPN for the week leading up to the game.
4. Ban the lame and painfully long half-time shows.

The Super Bowl might be the greatest spectacle in sports. Good and bad.

The good?

It’s a day for football. It’s a day for friends and family. It’s a day to eat, drink and be merry. Maybe we should follow the lead of a few people who are lobbying to turn the day into a national holiday. Come on, would you really miss Presidents Day if we replaced it with Super Bowl Day?

The bad?

It’s one of the most disgusting displays of excess in sports. We’ve come to accept the hype that surrounds the game, but should we have to put up with the lunacy, blatant commercialism and hypocrisy it attracts?

Rick Taylor: It’s the underbelly of the Super Bowl that rubs me raw this week.

What Constitution?

"There they go again. House Democrats should at least provide variety in their venality. Last Wednesday, fresh from legislating new ethics regarding relations with lobbyists, they demonstrated that there are worse forms of corruption than those involving martinis and money.

They again voted to give the delegates to the House from Guam, American Samoa, the Virgin Islands and the District of Columbia, and the resident commissioner from Puerto Rico, the right to vote in the House when it is sitting as the "Committee of the Whole,'' which is how it sits almost all the time. It is in that status that almost all debate about and amending of legislation occur."

George Will: Voting Rights Chicanery