Saturday, May 19, 2007

Creation Museum

Why are so many groups deciding to protest the opening of the Creation Museum in Northern Kentucky? Many of them are the same people who pride themselves in being "open minded" and "tolerant of other's beliefs". Yet, for some reason, they find it necessary to mock a museum (which was totally funded by private money) that is just trying to present their answers to many age old questions.

What's also interesting about it is that these groups think they have all the answers. Well, if they do, why are they even bothering to take the time to discuss a museum they think is a lie, a fraud and just plan silly? It's equivalent to me trying to debate with my three year old. Why bother using up all that time and energy debating a museum dedicated to an "ancient myth", as one fellow wrote. I have my opinion-- "Me thinks thou doth protest too much!"

Lawrence M. Krauss: An interesting cultural experiment is taking place in Petersburg Kentucky, near the Ohio border. The experiment will shed light on the following question: How much money and glitz does it take to institutionalize a scientific lie?

Great media fanfare is already beginning to surround the official opening later this month of the $27 Million Creation Museum, close to the Cincinnati airport. Designed to oddly resemble natural history museums throughout the world, this will be a supernatural history museum, denying most, if not all, of natural history on this planet as centuries of careful study and experimentation have revealed it.


Bengal Arrested

We have another Bengal arrest.

A.J. Nicholson is charged with misdemeanor assault. Taylor Mill Police arrested Nicholson Friday afternoon. His girlfriend says he punched her in the eye.

Enquirer: Bengals Linebacker Bonded Out Of Jail

Friday, May 18, 2007

Open the front door

The estimated 12 million undocumented immigrants living in the United States could be put on the path to citizenship under a new immigration bill agreed upon Thursday by a bipartisan group of senators.

Immigration breakthrough could pave way for citizenship

The President's reaction: Today, Republicans and Democrats in the United States Senate came together and agreed upon a proposal that offers a much needed solution to the the problem of illegal immigration in this country. This proposal delivers an immigration system that is secure, productive, orderly and fair. I applaud the Senators who worked in the spirit of bipartisanship over the past months to address this issue, which is critically important to the American people.


Today's GOP - The Stupid Party?

The "stupid party" moniker has often been applied to the GOP, but seldom has it been more applicable than it is to today's Republican Party.

The Republican politicians, insulated from the real world in D.C., are too timid to take on the Democrats, too arrogant to listen to their constituents, and have an antagonistic attitude towards the grass roots activists who should be their biggest supporters. No matter how big of a screw-up the Democrats make or how outrageous their behavior is, they can also count on their Republican pals across the aisle to meekly cut them a break while simultaneously going out of their way to irritate conservatives.

John Hawkins: Republicans Really Are the Stupid Party

The Angry Left

Thomas Sowell: That people on the political left have a certain set of opinions, just as people do in other parts of the ideological spectrum, is not surprising.

It is surprising, however, how often the opinions on the left are accompanied by hostility and even hatred. Particular issues can arouse passions here and there for anyone with any political views. But, for many on the left, indignation is not a sometime thing. It is a way of life.


Thursday, May 17, 2007

Detroit Rock City

From the "Don't they have something better to do" department.

Detroit votes to impeach President Bush.

Given how well the city of Detroit is run, I'd consider that quite an endorsement for the President>

Endorsement Time

You haven't seen much on this blog related to political analysis because it's just way to freakin' early to be going through this right now.

However that changes today with an endorsement for Hillary.

Who's endorsing her? None other than Jenna Jameson.

Money Quote

"...The Clinton administration was the best years for the adult industry and I wish that Clinton would run again. I would love to have him back in office. I would love to have Al Gore in office...."

Let the 2008 election season begin!!!!

Slippery Slope

Remember when the seat belt laws came into effect?

The police were only supposed to ticket you for the offense if you were pulled over for another offense.

But then the traffic fascists decided that you could be pulled over for just a seat belt violation.

Now we have Seat Belt Check Points.

Is it any wonder why civil libertarians get their buns up in an uproar when things like the Patriot Act get passed.

How long before...."Can we see your papers"

Gordon's Gone

Since I haven't had a day off since Christmas (from my real job), Gordon is going to take a much needed vacation off and head to FL for a few days.

I want to see this Utopia they call Florida; no income tax, prosperous business communities, nice weather. When I come back maybe I'll be rid of my Ohio cynicism.

I doubt it.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Bumper Sticker of the Day

PETA - People Eating Tasty Animals

For the Kids

A couple of weeks ago, suburban school buses were attacked by brick throwing thugs as the buses attempted to leave the Cincinnati Zoo for a field trip. A five year old was hurt in the attack from flying glass in the bus.

Well police arrested the thugs, a 12 & 13 year old. This is the part of the article I found amusing.

The 12-year-old, a student at Rockdale Elementary, was arrested at 4:45 p.m. Tuesday. The 13-year-old was arrested at 7:50 a.m. today. It was not immediately clear which school the 13-year-old attended.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say I doubt the 13 year old was a "student" given that the crimes occurred during school hours.

On the same on line page, two students received perfect ACT scores. I doubt either did time in Rockdale Elementary.

Speaking of the Fairness Doctrine

If we bring back the Fairness Doctrine would that mean CBS, NBC, CNN, et al would have to report that there are scientists who have reversed their positions on man made global warming?

Fairness Doctrine

This ties in nicely with the last post.

Democrats trying to bring back the "Fairness Doctrine."

Once again, the party of free speech espousing their credo
You're free to say whatever you want in this country as long as we agree with it.

College Gun Bans

In the shadows of the Va Tech shootings, Hamline University in Minnesota sent out emails to it's undergraduates informing them they would be able to talk to counselors for those that needed it.

Troy Scheffler emailed back saying that the University could do a lot by getting rid of it's gun ban (on top of some other choice thoughts).

What does Scheffler get for his troubles? Banned from the University until he was evaluated by a psychologist.

After reading this, what comes to mind are the thought police. Say the wrong thing and you're hauled off to a Siberian gulag for a little "re-education" in the sun of arctic Russia.

Once again, free speech for all, unless you want to say something politically incorrect.

By the way, the irony in this whole fiasco. The University placed a police officer in front of the class Scheffler was to attend. You know what, the policeman had a gun to protect the students.

Freakonomics and the Tax Gap

Congress keeps yapping about the "Tax Gap", the gap between what people should pay in taxes according to the tax code and what the Treasury ultimately collects.

Want to know one thing they could do; get rid of the Earned Income Credit. If you are not familiar with the credit, it's essentially welfare for lower wage working people.

Apparently, people in poor neighborhoods have determined that the cost of getting caught claiming Earned Income Credit they do not qualify for is out weighed by the credit itself. As a result, you have a proliferation of tax cheats and an entire industry of local tax prep companies helping people commit fraud.

The IRS knows political correctness, so they don't want to touch it with a ten foot pole because it looks like they're not sensitive to the needs of the "poor".

But if you throw a few people in jail for this crap, you'll see this activity dry up in no time.

Jerry Falwell Fallout

I was never a big Jerry Falwell fan, when I was an agnostic or after my conversion to Christianity.

I always thought he was more apt to push people away from Christ rather than having them look into that relationship for themselves.

None the less, I don't think his passing deserves this treatment.

Here are some of the comments (censored for profanity)

No loss. It came 20 years too late.

Sometimes a picture says it all.... Burn in hell Jerry, Burn in HELL!

rest in peace you bastard

That's anything but wrong. He caused more hate than any one person should in a single lifetime. He's burning in Hell as we type.

Hope you brought sunscreen for your trip to the thereafter. You'll need it.

First class a$ worm food...the world finally makes sense.

I guess one of the things Jerry could be rightly accused of was his lack of tolerance, especially towards homosexuals. But let me ask, do these sound like the words of tolerance?

Since I've gotten into this blogging thing, I've notice that liberals suffer from a tremendous amount of projection; a psychological term where one continually sees their prejudices and stereotypes in others.

Even in the few comments I've received on this blog from liberals, they interpret my beliefs as hate when they use this kind of language and scatological thoughts; what could be more hateful.

I'm just guessing but I'd bet a lot of money that many of the people above are proponents of hate crime legislation. Could anything be hateful than the language used above.

What is it about you that I hate so much about me?

Maybe a liberal should ask the question to themselves.

Planned Abortionhood Part II

Tying in to the Planned Parenthood obfuscations in SW Ohio related to the abortion performed on a 14 year old girl, is a piece by Michelle Malkin noting a clinic in California requesting that a girl lie about her age so that they don't have to report the rape to authorities.

For those not in the know, sex with a 15 year old or younger in Ohio is a felony regardless of consent. So obviously any girl 15 or younger who seeks an abortion, is a rape victim by law. The failure by any clinic to report such rape should be obstruction of justice.

Of course, what do I know, I'm still trying to figure out how a minor can get an abortion but can't run in a road race without parental consent.

A couple of years ago I debated a woman about the "woman's body" concept of abortion. In my mind of it's simply her body to do as she pleases, a woman should be allow to prostitute herself.

Her response, "but there are emotional health costs when women prostitute themselves." Is that right?

I know of seven women who have had abortions and this is my anecdotal assessment of those circumstances. Each one can tell you the time date and place of the abortion, the one's who don't regret the decision have serious problems with depression, drugs and/or booze.

So I would like to see a serious study of the aftermath of woman who have had abortions. What do you think we would find? Of course, we're never going going to see such studies because to do so will somehow be twisted in the media as men's attempt to "oppress" women.

Someday, people are going to get that it's the doctors from Planned Parenthood that chain women to a life of oppression from their guilt.


I thought Cincinnati Public Schools were bad.

Here's a piece noting that 27 Chicago Public School children have been shot and killed in the past year.

Do the math. One school system, 27 kids killed. Why are we worrying so much about professional soldiers in Iraq doing their job when we have this kind of mayhem happening in out inner cities on a regular basis?

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Run for that Cure!

Here's a great piece about a study done by the Mayo Clinic linking the use of the birth control pill and breast cancer. Here's the conclusion of the Mayo Clinic study.

"The research concluded that the risk for breast cancer is increased by 44 percent for women who take the Pill before conceiving their first child"

So now I'm sure you are thinking the Susan G Koman Breast Cancer Foundation would be flooding the airwaves educating women about the risks of the pill. After all, they are constantly releasing information about the use of certain detergents, eating of certain foods, etc. where there may be a link to the consumption of those products and breast cancer.

Here's a list of risk factors noted on the Koman site. You tell me, do you see consumption of birth control pills anywhere on the site?

What do they do in response to this information? Nothing. Unless you consider a $25,000 donation to Planned Parenthood, an organization that hands out these pills like dinner mints, something.

What in the hell could Planned Parenthood do with this money that has any relation to the Koman mission?

I guess it's more important to be politically correct than actually save women from the hells of breast cancer.

Don't Buy Gas Today!

Over the weekend, I spent time with a family member who was telling me all about boycotting gas today.

Given that it was a family outing, I tried my best to keep my political views to myself; no need to be fighting on Mother's Day. Now that I'm in the confines of my office, I'm free to say this guy is an idiot. I really didn't want to give it a thought until a heard a similar idiot on the news talking about this boycott.

If you are a moron lacking in economic education (which, by definition, probably makes you a liberal democrat), here is a supply/demand curve.

Notice a couple of things. As we consume more gasoline and there are no increases in supply the price will go up. As we consume less and supply remains the same, the price will go down....

The same applies to the supply side.

The fact is, as a country, we continue to use more and more gasoline. However, for a lot of reasons, our supply remains static. As a result, the price increases. Now, if we, as a country, boycotted gasoline for say 30 days, we might see some form of price decrease but this one day thing is shear folly.

Gordon, aren't you worried your relative might read your blog and be offended? Not really, because I'm pretty sure if he could read he 1) wouldn't be a democrat and 2) he wouldn't already believe this garbage.

Obama to Increase Taxes

Barack Obama wants to rollback the Bush tax cuts for the rich (aka increase taxes). I guess he hasn't looked at this article noting that revenue collections hit a record in April.

My question to Senator Obama "I know you're a politician, so you're not that smart by definition, but can you see that tax cuts for the rich actually gives you Senators MORE money to blow on bridges, global warming research, and hall of fames?".

This is why I'm convinced that tax increases are more than "revenue generation" for governments it's about control and power. My guess is those future tax hikes will probably have some exemptions for Las Vegas casino interests (Reid constituents) and San Francisco real estate developers (Pelosi constituents).

Bloomberg not running

Michael Bloomberg is not running for President.

Dang, we could have used another RINO in the field.

Wyatt Crow

This just in...

Sheryl Crow just adopted a baby boy, named Wyatt. I hope she limits her Nanny to one square on those diaper changes.

This is day 30 of the Sheryl Crow celebrity carbon footprint tour... Do you think she'll use Pampers on lil' Wyatt?

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Monday, May 14, 2007

The God Filled Air America

Don't ask me why, but I was just talking to someone about the "fairness doctrine" and the subject of Air America came up. I wasn't sure if it was even around anymore since all the Ohio affiliates dropped it.

So I did a web search and there it was. Of course, outside of Randi Rhodes and Rachel Maddow I didn't recognize one of the personalities.

But what caught my attention was this add for the movie "The God Who Wasn't There."

After the 2004 election, there was a big deal made about the "Faith Gap" and how Democrats weren't making the connection that they were also people of faith.

But really, if that were true, would you be displaying ads completely anti-faith on your liberal talk flagship? Think this guy is buying ad space on Hannity & Colmes?

This is what confuses me about liberals, atheists and global warming alarmists, many of whom are one in the same; why should we care about taking care of the earth let alone our fellow man?

I mean, if you believe death is it for this lifetime, why not be a gluttonous, hedonistic, selfish pig all about our individual wants and desires? Who cares if anyone or anything is hurt in the process? So the earth's temperature increases a couple of degrees, I'll be dead, so why should I care? If we are no different than pig or monkey, why should we exhibit the same kind of animal like survival behaviors without regards to anything or anybody?

As smart as dolphins are, do you think they are working on a plan to reduce their CO2 emissions? I don't think so.

Liberals love to use Ken Lay as the epitome of corporate greed but who cares? Old Ken is now dead so if he didn't believe in the afterlife it sounds like it all worked out for him. He lived like a pig and gorged himself and died. Pretty much calls it.

Maybe a liberal out there can explain to me why we should defer self gratification. After all, if we are simply a freak of random DNA why shouldn't we leave this planet and all it's species extinct?

Secure Borders?

If this is true every congressman, senator and president as well as INS official should be canned immediately.

Apparently, three of the terrorists involved in the planned Ft. Dix attacks were smuggled in by their parents through Mexico.

I've never been an anti-immigration protectionist, but I'm a believer in having a border because it's what makes us the US. If there is no border, we might as well be, well...... France.

I've mentioned this in the past and I'll pound on it again. I was at a ball game and a beer vendor in the stands was required to scan my driver's license to buy a beer (it provided him with a name and age info). If it's that easy, it should be easy enough to require this for employment clearing houses, airline tickets, voting, etc.

But unfortunately, nothing will happen because we have a potential huge voting block the everyone covets. When is someone going to covet the voting block that's actually allow to vote legally?

Network Blues

CBS News wants to pass off Katie Couric's poor TV ratings as a reaction of the American public view of woman in the newsroom.

I hate to bust the CBS management bubble, but here's a clue; Katie Couric developed her reputation on the Today Show from being "perky" not as a credible news anchor.

Now imagine using that characterization of the past news anchors; Tom Brokaw, perky; Dan Rather, perky; Peter Jennings, perky. It's beyond hilarious.

The Today Show caught a lot of flak when little Katie would deal out the controversial interviews because the public (mainly women) wanted a "perky" person in the morning.

Diane Sawyer, perky? Leslie Stahl, perky?. I don't think so.

I think the business people at CBS News need to take a business 101 course... First lesson, when your potential customer won't buy your crap, don't blame them for not being able to smell the rose buried in it.

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May 15th

Nothing like a family reunion to drum up bad economics.

Just a reminder, if you want to send a message to the oil companies about how powerful we ae as consumers, boycott purchasing gas tomorrow, May 15th. If you want the oil executives laughing uncontrollably, boycott gasoline tomorrow.

If you want to avoid any lines on Wednesday, fuel up on Tuesday.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

Today is Mother's and there is probably no irony in the fact that we celebrate this day on what would normally be the Sabbath for most people.

The Fifth Commandment is Honor you Father & Mother. It's mentioned in the following books in the bible; Exodus 20:12; Deuteronomy 6:4– 9; Matthew 22:36–40; Ephesians 6:1–4.

For those who have an issue with their parents, remember that they only had their parents to role model after. No one is perfect and for this day, let's give up our issues with our parents and celebrate them for making us everything we are and everything we're not.