Saturday, September 29, 2012

Dear daughter

Dear Daughter,

I found this note crinkled up in the garbage.

I'm going to offer a novel idea for you.

If you are mature enough to engage in sexual activity, then you should be mature enough to deal with the costs and consequences of that activity. If you can't, maybe that meathead boyfriend of yours should kick in.

I can't believe I raised you to believe otherwise.

Now leave your Mom alone. Next time try hand writing a birthday card.


RJC Presents: "Perilous Times"

This is really a must watch.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Uncle Sam's Unlimited Plan: A Government Cell Phone Giveaway (playlist)

Life in "Progress" City - East St. Louis edition

Angered by the recent murders of four young people, the mayor announced today that police are going to impose drastic new measurers to keep teens off the streets.

“There is something going on in the community at this point that we’ve got to safeguard them and keep them off the streets,” Mayor Alvin Parks said. “There are people shooting at each other for no reason whatsoever.”

Among the new rules: **Minors are to be off the streets at ten o’clock on both weeknights and weekend nights.**Minors on the street during school hours will be arrested on sight.
**Police will also perform I.D. checks on street corners and conduct gun searches, and Parks says he won’t hesitate to call in the National Guard if the spike in violence continues.


Life in "Progress" Country - France edition

President Francois Hollande's Socialist government unveiled sharp tax hikes on business and the rich on Friday in a 2013 budget aimed at showing France has the fiscal rigor to remain at the core of the euro zone.

The package will recoup 30 billion euros ($39 billion) for the public purse with a goal of narrowing the deficit to 3.0 percent of national output next year from 4.5 percent this year -
France's toughest single belt-tightening in 30 years.

But with record unemployment and a barrage of data pointing to economic stagnation, there are fears the deficit target will slip as France falls short of the modest 0.8 percent economic growth rate on which it is banking for next year.

The budget disappointed pro-reform lobbyists by merely freezing France's high public spending rather than daring to attack ministerial budgets as Spain did this week as it battles to avoid the conditions of an international bailout.

Anyone want to put a wager down that France's gross tax receipts will go down next year?


Who will they vote for? #191

Meet a gang of teen girls. Why are they in the news? Watch the video. So let's assume that ACORN registers these cretins to vote. Will they pull the chain for Obama or Romney?

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Obamavoter --Assassinated Libya Ambassador "had it coming"

The American way? #1

One of the things that has become a real irritant to me lately is how totally ungrateful people are when getting free stuff.

The client I referenced earlier has been subsidizing his fully capable son for the past ten years. He's given this guy a $1000/mo. plus totally pays for his house expenses, utilities taxes etc.

My client played back a voice mail his son left him calling him every name I've ever used plus some I didn't know existed.

Now there have been people in my life I've had issues with. But if they we're floating my life style to the tune of $25k a year, I'd keep my damn issues to myself.

I've finally come to the conclusion that when you do something nice for someone, you should expect a response in the tone of  "is that all".

So yes, these are the 47% of clowns in this country Romney need not campaign for.

The American way? #2

On Thursdays, I have a standing lunch appointment with a client on the western side of town.

As a result, I try to book appointments nearby around that lunch.

Today, I got the opportunity to go to client who's bookkeeper is currently borrowing student loan money to go to school.

Sounds noble for a young guy to go to school at night to better himself. That's the American way right?

Well apparently it is. See this guy isn't going back to school for more skills or an advanced degree, he's taking borrowing more money to take course so he can continue his student loan payment deferment.

Is this a great country or what?

The American Way #3

So I'm thinking that if you have enough free time to protest a Mitt Romney campaign appearance, you have enough time to get a job and pay for your own damn phone. Does that make me insensitive to poor people?