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How the Obamunists killed employment in this country

Heritage with a list of ways the Obama Administration has stifled job growth.

Stimulus package
Frank-Dodd Financial Bill
Environmental Protection Agency regulation
Regulatory Assault on Employers

Read the explanation detail here.....

They missed a couple of things.

How about the increase in the minimum wage and the Lily Ledbetter fair pay Act which encouraged US employers to hire overseas workers because the are immediately cheaper and you don't have to worry about a bunch of contingent liability for the future.

What's so hard to understand about that.

The Audacity of Indifference

Friday, July 08, 2011

Who did she vote for? #81

Meet Amilia Oveide. Why is she in the news?

The New Mexico woman arrested for twisting off her daughter-in-law's nipple during a drunken brawl last year will avoid jail in a plea deal approved by her injured kin.

Amilia Oveide, 46, copped to an aggravated battery charge and was ordered to pay Marie Cadney’s medical bills (which totaled about $10,000). Cadney, 30, is the wife of Oveide’s son. Oveide, whose rap sheet includes a pair of felony convictions, was sentenced to three years probation as part of her July 1 plea agreement.

As detailed in a Las Cruces Police Department report guaranteed to make you wince, Cadney and the Oveides had “been drinking most of the night” on December 12 when an argument between mother and son became “very intense.”

Cadney told cops she sought to separate the duo, but began arguing with her mother-in-law. That is when Oveide “grabbed her right breast and began to squeeze and pull on her nipple,” said Cadney. Oveide, pictured in the above mug shot, let go only after her daughter-in-law began punching her in the face
Now in the 2008 presidential election did Amilia vote for Obama or McCain?


Refresher course

From a commenter to Doug Ross months ago. This guy expresses my sentiments exactly. Except I'd probably use all caps...........

I am so f***ing tired of hearing - from both sides of the spectrum - that something needs to be done about "jobs."

F*** "JOBS"

Jobs are a byproduct of healthy industry. They are not a goal in and of themselves and they most definitely are not something the government itself should be trying to encourage or create.

Jobs are what happen when someone has too much work to do by himself, so he gets someone to help. If you want to work, GO F***ING WORK. Start a f***ing business. Find something that you can do and do it and sell the product of your labor to others.

What? You don't want work for yourself? You want to work for someone else? Fine, but it's not businessowners' responsibility to employ people and its not the federal governments responsibility to somehow force them to. If you want a f***ing job, then AGITATE THE F***ING FEDERAL GOVERNMENT TO EXPAND BUSINESS AND "JOBS" WILL COME. Make it easier for the people who actually do business and jobs will come as a byproduct. Jesus Christ, and you're also asking for higher taxes on the very people you need to create your precious JOBS? ARE YOU F***ING KIDDING ME?

WHAT THE F*** HAS HAPPENED TO THIS COUNTRY? Why does everyone want to be treated like a child? And the g****m federal government ENCOURAGES this s***.

I am so f***ing tired of this straight out of Marx s*** that somehow the people are just entitled to share in someone else's fortune and capital in the name of "jobs." GO MAKE YOUR OWN F***ING JOB.

Businesses aren't in the business of making "jobs," they're in the business of CREATING VALUE FOR THEIR OWNERS. When you say that a business should be making more JOBS, you are saying that the capital of those business owners should not actually belong to them and belongs to the "workers". Thanks a f***ing lot, Stalin.

"Fund Jobs Not Wars"

Has it every occurred to these people that only one of those is actually the responsibility of the federal government to fund, and its not "JOBS".

F*** f*** f*** f*** f***.

Let's go back to Gekko's Law. I espouse that when business contracts, it's the people on the lower end of the economic ladder who get squeezed.

Here's an example.........

Right now, the Gekko's hire a lawn treatment and landscape company to treat and mow the lawns at my company and my palatial 1400 square foot, palatial estate in "Redville". If my business slows down to the point that I have time on my hands to do it myself. I will. Those jobs will then disappear. The fact that I can make more money doing my specialty allows me to "hire" people to clean my office, mow my lawn, paint, etc.

When things contract for businesses, it's the people on the lower end of the food chain (or as a friend of mine calls it "the bottom of the scrotum pole") who will always bear the brunt of the slowdown. Something the dumb asses in government can't seem to get their arms around.

Take another example. When things go bad, the Gekko's are less likely to go out for dinner and eat at home. Who bears most of the brunt of that economic decision?

1) Barbara Boxer?
2) A low skilled, Skyline Chili server?
3) Tom Cruise?
4) A corporate jet pilot?

But what do I know, I've only created a job or two.

Marco Rubio July 2011

Jesus! Finally...... someone who finally gets it!

Here's the dirty truth to all you "progressives". Without all the corporatists in the world hiring people and adding value to goods and services, there's no tax dollars to fund any of your government fairy tales.

Even the Red Chinese understand that.

This should add jobs

Ask yourself the question.

What happened to life expectancy in this country when we introduced carbon spewing coal fire electric plant? You know, the plants that fuels our electric cars...........

The Environmental Protection Agency is clamping down on pollution from power plants in 27 states that contributes to unhealthy air downwind.

EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson announced on Thursday a plan to clean up smog, soot and acid rain in downwind states -- where they combine with locally produced pollution, making it impossible for those states to meet air quality standards on their own.

The rule differs from one proposed in July. Power plants in the District of Columbia and five states -- Delaware, Connecticut, Florida, Louisiana and Massachusetts -- will no longer have to control for two pollutants -- sulfur dioxide, responsible for acid rain, and nitrogen oxides, which contribute to smog and soot.

Texas, by contrast, will have to reduce more pollution than the initial proposal.

The regulation replaces a 2005 Bush administration proposal that was rejected by a federal court.

Seriously, do these people have some sort of mental disability?

Thanks to Matt for the tip.

Read more:

Insanity = Obamanomics

Let's keep doing what we're doing 'cause it's working so well.

It's a significant trend. I think the adjective "sluggish" would be the best adjective to describe life under Obamanomics.

And don't we all want more sluggish in our lives...............
U.S. employment growth ground to a halt in June, with employers hiring the fewest number of workers in nine months, dampening hopes the economy was on the cusp of regaining momentum after stumbling in recent months.

Clue phone to Obama, those businesses who fly in those corporate jets, emit carbon oh..............., and hire people; they are your friends. Not your enemies. You might want to make things nice for them.

Now a question for my "progressive" thinking types. Is the current unemployment situation helping/hurting/indifferent to the following people.......

1) Steve Jobs
2) A railroad employee
3) Ke$ha
4) The local grocery store clerk.


What can more "progressive" than the color white

Apparently, even the NAACP has the call.................

In a press release issued this morning, the NAACP condemned 24-hour cable news channel CNN for its recently announced prime time news lineup, calling the lack of diversity in its collection of news anchors a “glaring omission.”

“The NAACP is deeply concerned with the lack of African American journalists in prime time news, both on cable and national news shows,” NAACP President and CEO Benjamin Todd Jealous said in the statement. “We have come to expect this from the likes of Fox News, but not other networks. While we understand that news is now a 24-hour cycle, most Americans get their news from the morning and evening prime time broadcasts.”

The new CNN news lineup, which was announced yesterday, features John King, Anderson Cooper, Erin Burnett and Piers Morgan.

C'mon there's an Englishman in there.


More Tea Party violence

There seems to be an awful lot of democrats in the violent tea party movement........

A former political operative with a history of gun and drug charges has been indicted in the 2008 bombing that seriously injured a Clayton lawyer.

Milton "Skip" Ohlsen III has been charged in federal court with five weapons offenses in connection with the Oct. 15, 2008 detonation of a bomb in a Clayton parking garage that injured lawyer John L. Gillis.

It has always been believed that Ohlsen — who was a central figure in the campaign conspiracy that saw former Democratic state Sen. Jeff Smith sent to prison — was actually targeting another lawyer who had a similar car and parked in the same Carondelet Plaza garage as Gillis.


A former promoter of mixed-martial arts fight, Ohlsen worked in the shadows of the campaign world as a Democratic political operative.

Who did he vote for? #51

Meet Rodrick Dantzler. Why is he in the news.........

Police in Grand Rapids say that seven people were shot and killed at two locations on Thursday and they are actively searching for suspect Rodrick Shonte Dantzler.

Police say three people, reportedly two women and a 10-year-old girl, are dead at one scene, and four others were killed at a separate scene about two miles away, reports CBS affiliate WWMT.

According to a local station, another man was shot in what police believe is a related incident, but was not killed.

The shootings stemmed from a domestic issue, reports The Grand Rapids Press.

Police say they are searching for the 34-year-old Dantzler. Dantzler is described as a black male, about 6-feet-2-inches tall, weighing 265 pounds with a large, muscular build, dreadlocks, and tattoos all over his body.

So in the 2008 presidential election did Rodrick here vote for Obama or McCain?


Thursday, July 07, 2011

Refuting the refuters

Reader Tim tipped me off to an article refuting the WSJ article on the minimum wage and teen unemployment.

Money Quote

The plunge — which began on Bush’s watch and continued through his “boom” — took place during a period when the minimum wage was $5.15/hour and was not raised until 2007. No explanation for that inconvenient fact. Or the inconvenient fact that the teen employment/population ratio rose after the Sept. 1997 increase in the minimum wage to$5.15 (where it stayed until a decade later, when it went to $5.85).

Let me offer this information.

While the federal minimum wage did not increase until 2007 many states hiked minimum wages in years prior to that. In fact, Ohio's was increased via referendum November, 2006. I'm guessing that well over a third of the states increased the wage prior to Ohio, which might explain the drop prior to the

But just look at the map at the top.

The Blue states are states who follow the national minimum wage law. Green States are states who are higher. Notice how the green states tend to be the more "progressive" of these states.

Does anyone want to bet a lot of money on how the teen unemployment ranks between these states? Buehler? Buehler? Anyone?

Let me know and I'll take your money.

Life in "Progress" City - Chicago edition

Hey, it ain't just whitey fleeing the city like the Exodus................

Chicago’s loss of 200,000 residents — more than 180,000 of them black — will make the process of crafting a new ward map “as challenging as it’s ever been,” a powerful aldermen warned Wednesday.

With Hispanics demanding more City Council seats and blacks determined to hold on to what they’ve got, the once-in-a-decade political sweepstakes to accommodate the 2010 U.S. Census will get under way Aug. 1.

The City Council’s Finance and Rules Committees plan to hire consultants and set up a war room to begin the process of redrawing the city’s 50 wards, each with a population of 53,000 residents, down from 57,000 a decade ago.

It’s not going to be easy.

I'd like to propose some questions to Mr./Ms. "Progressive"

If you had to guess, would you assume that the blacks leaving the city are more or less affluent than the ones who are staying?

What is it about all the amenities city life offers that has blacks leaving rather than staying?

Is it the...
Shitty Schools?
High taxes?
Crappy business culture/employment opportunities?

Is it possible that blacks are leaving the city for the same reasons that whites are?


Life in "Progress" City - Atlanta edition

Across Atlanta Public Schools, staff worked feverishly in secret to transform testing failures into successes.

Teachers and principals erased and corrected mistakes on students’ answer sheets.

Area superintendents silenced whistle-blowers and rewarded subordinates who met academic goals by any means possible.

Superintendent Beverly Hall and her top aides ignored, buried, destroyed or altered complaints about misconduct, claimed ignorance of wrongdoing and accused naysayers of failing to believe in poor children’s ability to learn.

For years — as long as a decade — this was how the Atlanta school district produced gains on state curriculum tests. The scores soared so dramatically they brought national acclaim to Hall and the district, according to an investigative report released Tuesday by Gov. Nathan Deal.

How sad is it that you have to cheat and you still don't test out to suburban schools?


Life in "Progress" City - Chicago edition

Residents of the Chatham neighborhood have been put on notice to keep an eye on their air conditioners.

Thieves have been sneaking into back yards and crawling onto rooftops to steal entire central air conditioning units.

As CBS 2’s Kristyn Hartman learned, a rash of central air theft on the South Side prompted one neighborhood to put out a warning.

One Chatham resident, who asked to be identified only as “Randi” is using not one lock, but three, to protect her new air conditioner after thieves made off with her old one.


Wednesday, July 06, 2011


"Neither rain nor snow...will keep the president from his appointed roun...

Branch Gorevidians - When faith trumps science

The headline of this post really shouldn’t be controversial. It chimes perfectly with what Kevin “null hypothesis” Trenberth wrote in that notorious 2009 Climategate email to Michael Mann:

The fact is that we can’t account for the lack of warming at the moment and it is a travesty that we can’t.

And it’s what Phil Jones admitted in a BBC interview when he said that there had been no “statistically significant” warming since 1995.

Why then am I mentioning it now? W-e-l-l, because just as ze war is to the Germans, Chappaquiddick is to the Kennedy family and that Portland masseuse incident to Al Gore, so the recent lack of warming is to the, er, Warmists. They hate it. It’s an affront to everything they believe in. Damn it, if the world isn’t warming with the alacrity they’d prefer, how are they going to keep the funding gravy train going, and how are they going to persuade an increasingly sceptical populace that the “science” is “settled”, the debate over and the time for action is now? That’s why they can’t reminded of the truth often enough. It’s like salting the slugs that are ruining your garden: necessary, but also kind of fun too.


Wanted - another liberal

CNN on Wednesday cancelled Eliot Spitzer’s 8 p.m. political talk show, “In The Arena,” after only nine months, and said it would shift Anderson Cooper’s 10 p.m. nightly newscast into the time slot.

The cable news channel also said that Erin Burnett, a new hire from CNBC, would take over the 7 p.m. time slot on weekdays, replacing John King, who will move to 6 p.m. “The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer,” which currently runs from 5 to 7 p.m., will move to 4 to 6 p.m.

The shake-up is intended to stabilize CNN’s television ratings and create better transitions between shows. The only prime time show that is unaffected is “

Piers Morgan Tonight,” the 9 p.m. interview show that was introduced six months ago.


Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Who did they vote for? The Anthony Jury

There's a certain irony that for both the OJ and Anthony verdicts, I was in court testifying in divorce cases.

Both times, I was coming out of the courtroom shaking my head in disbelief of how crappy our justice system operates only to get the news on these verdicts.

So according to the Anthony verdict, if you kill your kid and can somehow hide the body long enough for the forensic evidence to deteriorate it's a free pass for murder.

Of course, it also helps to lie and obfuscate to authorities so that they can't obtain said forensic evidence that can be used to convict you.

Seriously, what did these bozos think happened to that kid? Did she die picking up a pizza? Do these people understand that there's no reality TV camera to show Casey dumping a body in the woods?

None the less, it's clear that these jurors have the intelligence of a single cellular organism. Which begs the question. In the 2008 presidential election, who carried the Anthony Jury voting block? Obama or McCain?

But hey, how about that hug George Anthony's going to give Casey at her welcome home party. That should be special.

Update Casey's apparently going to start frequenting night clubs in search for the real killer.

When governments "create" jobs

I'm surprised it was this efficient...........

When the Obama administration releases a report on the Friday before a long weekend, it’s clearly not trying to draw attention to the report’s contents. Sure enough, the “Seventh Quarterly Report” on the economic impact of the “stimulus,” released on Friday, July 1, provides further evidence that President Obama’s economic “stimulus” did very little, if anything, to stimulate the economy, and a whole lot to stimulate the debt.

The report was written by the White House’s Council of Economic Advisors, a group of three economists who were all handpicked by Obama, and it chronicles the alleged success of the “stimulus” in adding or saving jobs. The council reports that, using “mainstream estimates of economic multipliers for the effects of fiscal stimulus” (which it describes as a “natural way to estimate the effects of” the legislation), the “stimulus” has added or saved just under 2.4 million jobs — whether private or public — at a cost (to date) of $666 billion. That’s a cost to taxpayers of $278,000 per job.

In other words, the government could simply have cut a $100,000 check to everyone whose employment was allegedly made possible by the “stimulus,” and taxpayers would have come out $427 billion ahead.

Furthermore, the council reports that, as of two quarters ago, the “stimulus” had added or saved just under 2.7 million jobs — or 288,000 more than it has now. In other words, over the past six months, the economy would have added or saved more jobs without the “stimulus” than it has with it. In comparison to how things would otherwise have been, the “stimulus” has been working in reverse over the past six months, causing the economy to shed jobs.


Who did they vote for? #107

During the last presidential election, who carried the "we don't know when we declared independence from England" vote? McCain or Obama.............

American Fourth of July traditions are tightly woven into the fabric of U.S. society, but the history of the country’s independence seems to have slipped through the seams.

A Marist poll released Friday shows that only 58 percent of Americans know when the country declared independence. Nearly a fourth of respondents said they were unsure and sixteen percent said a date other than 1776, when the Declaration of Independence was signed.

Young people posted the most troubling scores with 41 percent of people ages 18 to 29 saying they were unsure when the Declaration of Independence was signed and 27 percent saying the wrong date.

One in four Americans do not even know which country the U.S. gained independence from. The correct answer, of course, is Great Britain, although 20 percent of respondents were unsure of that fact.

Here's a hint. It probably inversely correlates to the same people who become republicans from going to 4th of July parades.....


Life in "Progress" City - New York edition

Hey buddy, can you spare a square?

The city is so hard up for cash that it's rationing toilet paper in women's public restrooms -- to the point where bathroom attendants are doling out a few measly squares per patron -- along the world-famous Coney Island boardwalk.

The Post witnessed stone-faced Parks Department employees leave toilet-paper dispensers empty last week and instead force astonished female beachgoers to form "ration lines" in the bathrooms.

Regina Ballone, 25, of Brooklyn visited a boardwalk bathroom at West 16th Street Wednesday and was "grossed out" at the thought of someone else handling her toilet paper.

Read more: