Saturday, October 27, 2007

State of the Blog

One year ago this weekend, I started taxmanblog. Most of it was in response to the upcoming election debacle.

When I started this blog, I had know idea what I was doing, so I did what U.S. senators do.... I winged it. I also incorporated the help of others so I would have someone to blame if the whole thing fell apart.

All I knew when I started the whole thing was that I wanted to add something new to the discourse. People are often surprised that I don't watch the news or the weekend programs like Meet the Press. Why should I? What do any of the talking heads on those shows ever add to the debate?

Well, after a year, this has become a serious labor of love. So much so that it has really taken away from my day job; the one that actually pays the bills. But I have to tell you, I do get a rush when fellow bloggers link to our posts, make comments to the issues we raise, get linked to national sites like CNN or the LA Times. It truly feels like we adding something to the debate and maybe altering the paradigm in which we all look at the world.

Since last year here are the vital stats of the blog

We've made over 1000 posts, roughly three per day.

We're currently ranked 14,114 on the Truth Laid Bear site which ranks us as a slimy mollusc on their ecosystem. That's out of well over 100,000 blogs. I think that's pretty good after only one year.

We've had well over 9,000 hits since I got the counter set up in February.

We're averaging about 75 hits a day.

I want to thank the following people for their contribution to taxmanblog

Midas, Who always seems to come up with a post when I'm bone dry.

Matt, Dave and Tom from the SOB Alliance who have done a great job in promoting conservative Ohio blogs.

Thurber's Thoughts, Nix Guy & Bizzyblog for their frequent links and comments to taxmanblog.

I absolutely hate those surveys that every store seems to want you to fill out. With that in mind, I am requesting something from my regular readers.

Please send me a comment below or an email to and let us know what you like, what you don't like, and any other comments that would improve the blog for you. In addition, I would also like to request that you spread the word about the blog. Turn your friends on to it. That, more than anything, will help me decide what to do with this thing going forward.

Finally, I am still looking for another poster to contribute to the blog. If you have any opinions bottled up that you want to unload, please let me know. I only have two requests. First, bring something new to the debate. Second, if you and Midas try to unionize on me, you'll be fired.

The state of the blog is good.

Best news in weeks

I jumped for joy when I saw this headline

Democrats Plan a Shorter Workweek

Unfortunately, as I read the article, it was clear that I was not going to get a shorter work week.

You see, Congress is giving themselves a shorter work week. But it's still good news. The more these guys do in Congress, the more I feel like I just got worked over in a bathroom stall with Larry "Can you spare a square" Craig.

Congress & the AMT

Congress is at it again... sitting on their hands as a lot of wealthy* American taxpayers are about to get screwed. This time it's the Alternative Minimum Tax.

*Note: See a tax professional for more details. You may not think you're wealthy, but the US federal government might say you are whether you like it or not.

"To avoid confusion and delays for taxpayers, it is critical that an AMT patch be enacted by early November. If Congress fails to act, we estimate that 25 million taxpayers will be subject to AMT in 2007 - 21 million more than were subject to the tax in 2006."

Translation: Congress better get moving or even more Americans will be cheated by the federal government.

Because cheating is exactly what the government is doing with this tax.



I heard this guy on the radio complaining that the college educated kids are getting four year degrees without a basic knowledge of American history, civics or economics.

Here is the quiz. I assumed this was going to be easy. I was wrong. I got an 83% but I couldn't even understand at least 5 of the questions on it.

Let us know how you fare.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Trans Fats

Well, the folks running the People's Republic of Ohio are at it again. And wouldn't you know it, another clown from Cincinnati is front and center. This time they're working on a effort to ban trans fat, the stuff that's bad for you but makes food taste really good. This adds to the list of things you can't do in Ohio that Gordon has been maintaining.

WBNS 10TV: An effort on the drawing board Thursday at the Ohio Statehouse could outlaw the use of trans fat when commercially preparing food.

One state lawmaker was preparing to introduce a bill that would ban the use of trans fat by restaurants. State Representative Tyrone Yates, D-Cincinnati, said his plan to ban the artery-clogging substance would force chefs to cook healthier.

Friday Funny - Will Farrell

Oh my God, we're all gonna die

File this one in the government scare folder.

Apparently, we're all going to die of MRSA, a skin infection resistant to some antibiotics. Somehow, I made it through alar, red dye #5, Y2K, acid rain, SARS, bird flu, etc. I'll take my chances with MRSA.

Look, the fact is, we're all going to die. It's a 100% probability. Quit giving the public a collective anxiety attack so you can sell advertisements.

I was in the store last weekend with the future Mrs. Gekko and she just about fainted when I put groceries in the kid seat of the cart.

The future Mrs. Gekko "Don't you realize there's probably fecal matter in that seat."

Gordon, "Honey it's a can of beans, if fecal matter can penetrate those beans, I'm probably already dead."

With my Nostradamus like ability, I'll predict that within five years, we'll all be required to have antibacterial wipes in our possession or we'll be faced with a fine.

Now give me my damn can of beans.

Not Guilty

Raykida Campbell leaves the courthouse Thursday. 'Take my picture and put under it 'Not guilty,'' she told the photographer.

Raykida, 20 was just found "Not Guilty" of vehicular homicide in the death of Tomanique Coates. I can't reply on the not guilty verdict as I was not privy to any of the facts of the case but here's what caught my attention.

1) This is how you dress in court facing a vehicular homicide charge?
2) Guilty or not, somebody lost their life. While you may be relieved of the not guilty verdict, the facts is, someone lost their life because of your poor driving. Hardly a reason to celebrate.
3) Where the hell are either of her parents in this picture? If she were my kid, I'd be kicking her ass all the way home.
4) Expect to see Raykida in a courtroom near you soon.

Sick Days

Enquirer: When Ohio voters go to the polls next fall to elect a president, they may also end up giving themselves a bonus – a guarantee of at least seven paid sick days a year from their employers.

Ohio labor unions kick-started petition-initiative movement for the Ohio Healthy Families Act, a bill that would require businesses with Ohio employees with 25 or more employees to grant their employees seven sick days a year – sick days that could be used not only when they get ill, but when their children, parents or spouses are sick.

Gordon posted more details on this topic. But, come on, let's read between the lines on this one.
It's pretty obvious this is tactic by unions and the Democrats to get as many people to the polls in Ohio (a crucial state to win for a candidate) during next year's Presidential election. Specifically, voters with lower paying jobs and blue collar workers, who are more likely to vote for a Democrat.

The Islamic Republic of Ohio

Ted Strickland just signed anti gambling legislation this morning banning electronic skill games that pay off. There's an estimated 50,000 of these machines in the state.

To quote Strickland

“They do not want an expansion of gambling in their state. I appreciate the General Assembly taking quick action to get these machines out of our state and out of our communities.”

Funny, I go to a lot of bars and I couldn't tell you if any of those bars have any of these machines. How much of a problem could they have been?

Isn't there a certain irony about a state that bans gambling because of it's potential social ills, yet runs a gambling monopoly called the Ohio Lottery.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Blame it on Bush

I just got back from the gym where I watched the Fox News coverage of the San Diego fires.

It looks like the fires were started by the work of an arsonist. During the report, Fox was nice enough to give us a profile of an arsonist.

- Probably a white male
- Has trouble with others in school or work
- Has trouble in relationships
- Lower than average IQ (between 70-90)

Now that we've narrowed down the suspects to every Teamster in the country, why don't we just arrest the guy who's really responsible, George Bush.

C'mon, Because of his global warming policy, the place was ripe for a good kindling. Ask Harry Reid, he'll tell you he saw Bush on the Nevada/California border with a five gallon gas can and smoking a cigarette. Nancy Pelosi will testify that she saw him at a Home Depot buying a drum of paint thinner two nights before the fires.

So let's just string the guy up now.

Mike, you're getting better

I guess Mike Duncan, chair of the RNC, must have read my rants about soliciting money solely on conservative's disgust with the Clintons.

Because I just got a new solicitation and Hillary was not mentioned once in the email. Instead, I got a new solicitation and for $35, you can buy little Max the Elephant.

Mike, this is better, but I really don't want to buy a stuffed animal, fly swatter, ink pen, underwear, gym shoes, cookies, tattoos or nipple rings with the GOP elephant on them.

What do I want to buy? Let's start with competent, smaller, less intrusive government.

Income inequality

I've never understood the democratic class warfare stump speech pointing out the widening income disparities between the rich and poor.

If I make $50,000 a year, how is my life impacted directly or indirectly by my neighbor who makes $50 million a year? The way I look at it, the guy pays the taxes that I don't have to pay.

Bloomberg has a profile on Paul Krugman, socialist columnist for the NY Times. The title is a misnomer "Krugman veers to the Left...... (In order to veer left don't you have to be right at some point?). Krugman is a big fan of redistributing other people's wealth.

Krugman is supposed to be an economist, but somewhere he missed Econ 101 - the Supply/Demand Curve.

So Paul, up above you'll see a slight variation of the Supply-Demand Curve. It shows the correlation between income and marketable skills. You'll see that as your marketable skills increase, your income increases. Notice the importance of "marketable skills". Being able to rack up 3 kajillion points on a video game does not constitute "marketable".

But to some degree I can understand why Krugman ignores this. After all, with the advent of the internet, he gets paid for opinion pieces some accountant in Cincinnati will do for free. It shouldn't be long before Krugman has to actually prove that his skills as a bad pundit are marketable.

Sure I want healthcare for everyone

An LA Times/Bloomberg poll shows that people want health care for the uninsured.

These polls always crack me up. Doesn't everyone want health insurance for every body? Of course. But the real question is "How much would you be willing to pay to see that everyone gets some type of health insurance?"

My guess is the answer starts to get a little more foggy.

Think the next poll should ask "Should every worker get a free six pack for a hard day's work?"


I thought I was reading something out of the Weekly Standard in reference to the San Diego wildfires. While the folks at the Washington Post didn't give Bush credit for how the fires have been handled, they didn't bash him either.

Some will be tempted to attribute the quick action exclusively to race. After all, San Diego County, where most of the more than 800,000 wildfire evacuees live, is predominantly white (66 percent) and well-to-do (9 percent poverty rate) compared to the mostly African American (67 percent) and poor (28 percent poverty rate) victims of New Orleans. But that would be simplistic.

Because of well-organized disaster preparedness planning at the state and regional levels and drills that are continually performed, California is considered the gold standard of emergency response. After devastating fires in 2003, San Diego County invested in the automated reverse 911 system, which this week urged San Diego County residents to evacuate. And Californians have something that Louisianans, in particular those in New Orleans, didn't have when they needed it most: leadership, in this case from Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and the San Diego mayor on down. That there have been just five fatalities in an inferno that has burned an area twice the size of New York City shows what can result from clear and coordinated leadership.

Armageddon is surely upon us.

Yeah, I 'd feel safe

Two men were rehabbing a home on McMicken Street when a few men approached them and demanded money, according to Cincinnati Police.

The men showed a gun and the two workers took off running on McMicken to a nearby fire station.

Before firefighters inside could help them, the men were shot, police said.

One was shot in the leg and the other was shot in the chest. Neither one suffered life-threatening injuries and should recover, police said.

This on the heals of Cincinnati Police Chief, Tom Striker, claiming how safe downtown actually is. Once again, If you have to say it, it's probably not true.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Take the Sox

I've resisted buying a notebook for a long time because frankly, I spend all damn day on the computer. I actually like to spend my evenings PC free.

But since I started this blogging thing, I'm finding that it really eats into my day job, which actually pays the bills. So I broke down and bought a notebook so I could defer the printing of my wisdom for the evening hours. My posts have lightened up while I set up this damn thing.

So I'm blogging live from Willie's Sports Cafe in Kenwood watching the World series and signing autographs.

Keeping up with my infamous predictions take the Sox in 5. I'm sure Midas will be happy

Do liberals demand good goverment?

Occasionally, I'll run through some of the Ohio liberal blogs linked through, and one of the things I never see in those blogs. I never see any liberal demand accountability for the government they pay for.

What I do see is demand for more government, especially when something like a Katrina disaster occurs but there is a general lack of demand for accountability on the programs we already have.

For instance, I'm still waiting to read my first post beating on the feds for the condition our social security and medicare system is in. We get all this stuff about SCHIP and nary a word about the programs we already have that are non responsive to our citizens already.

So the question remains. Do liberals demand accountable government?

Here's my hunch. Liberals don't like to get their hands dirty. They would rather sit around at parties and say they support this program and that program but there's really no interest in seeing that problems are actually resolved. They just like the pat on the back for doing good for their fellow man.

How else can you explain that after trillions of dollars for the war on poverty and yet we still have some of the worst looking slums in history of the country. Do you ever hear a democrat say "how could we spend all this money and still have these problems". Instead we get a dose of "we need an SCHIP program, yeah..... that's the ticket".

As a conservative, I might have more respect for a government program when the people that insist on having it, actually cares if it works.

Does the GOP care?

The American Thinker has an interesting piece title Should Conservatives show that "We Care", essentially outlining how democrats have co opted the SCHIP program to show that they care about it's citizens.

But the piece actually questions whether or not these programs are effective.


Here's an example of what Hanson is talking about. A RAND health insurance study in 1978-82 assigned two thousand families to various health insurance plans from free to full price. The result was inconclusive; the health of some poor families even got worse after they got free health insurance.

One of the things that always has me flustered with the GOP is that they allow democrats to paint them into the "they don't care corner". If I was Mike Duncan (which I could never be because my IQ is above 78), I would set up an organization named "GOP Cares", a 501 c 3 non profit organization who's sole mission would be to fill in the gaps between government programs and public need.

All these pols could ask for contributions from the population who support their campaigns and it would show the public and media that republicans have true affinity for those disenfranchised by various government programs.

But this could never happen. Why?

Because your average republican doesn't truly believe their constituents do have compassion for their brother. In addition, they don't like the idea that maybe a dollar spent on taking care of indigent citizens could be spent on a steak dinner for one of their consultants.

It's Bush's fault

Harry "the weasel" Reid has come out with his analysis on the California wildfires. Apparently, they are caused by global warming which, of course, was totally caused by George Bush.

I guess Reid never heard of Santa Ana winds, dry fall climate in California, or construction on hillsides which sheds what little water there is off of the dry brush.

Maybe a study need to be done on the Santa Ana winds; they could come from all the hot air spewing from California pols during election season.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Can't win on hate alone

Two conflicting titles today

It Takes an Agenda

Conservatives cannot live by Hillary-hate alone.


Candidate Hillary: the GOP's dream

While there's no question that rabid conservatives like me are dying for a crack at the Hildebeast, the GOP is going to have to come up with a message that's more than "at least we're not her. Money quote from the first article....

“Of the top three Democratic candidates, she’s absolutely the weakest in the general election,” Rasmussen says. “Hillary is a unifying factor for Republicans, and Republicans aren’t otherwise unified. If Hillary is the nominee, this is a competitive race.”

But see if you can spot the problem. Conservatives are fraught, angry at their traditional party, unable to decide on a standard-bearer, unsure even what they stand for. They don’t think this is the year to sort those problems out. They’re counting on a short-cut when the Democrats nominate an unelectable cold fish who has infuriated the Right for a decade and a half. Millions remember how they felt when she belittled other wives for “staying home and baking cookies,” and Bill Clinton promised voters “two for the price of one” if they sent his family to the White House.

On the Right, the list of grievances was even longer. Both Clintons were seen as ambassadors of 1960s radicalism and cultural decadence, and Hillary was the worse of the two: a pro-choice feminist who didn’t take her husband’s name until pollsters told her it would help him make a political comeback.

Yet for all of that outrage, Republicans lost that election to the Clintons. And the hope that voters will see what they see and reject what the Clintons stand for resembles the plan Democrats clung to in 2004. They choose John Kerry on the theory he would be the least controversial general-election candidate, then counted on an electorate fed up with George W. Bush to deliver the election.

For Goldberg's analysis click here

For Weigel's click here

Tanning is verbotten in Ohio

If it wasn't bad enough that Ohio has banned nearly source of fun within the Islamic Republic of Ohio borders, we've go another one down the road coming.

Tanning for teens. According to the Enquirer...

State Rep. Courtney Combs wants to make it mandatory for anyone under 18 to get a doctor's prescription before they can use a tanning salon.

No word yet if teens will be allowed outside for more than one hour of sunlight per day.

Next. Chuck E Cheese Pizza will be required to eliminate all noise within it's pizza joints.

The most important issues for conservatives

Many conservatives have been less than enthusiastic with the choices the GOP offer for president.

Yet I challenge all conservatives to note the three most important issues confronting our next president.


1) Completion of the Iraq War effort

2) Appropriate judicial appointments

3) Continues support of the Bush tax cuts and fiscal restraint

While most conservatives want to think that Rudy's pro abortion position makes him likely to support bad judicial candidates, the fact is, he was a former prosecutor. He understands why it's important to appoint judges that believe in separation of powers and don't want to become defacto legislators.

To my understanding, Roberts and Scalia will never shoot down abortion laws per se. What will happen is a deferral of the issue to the state legislatures which is where it belonged in the first place.

Now I do worry about Rudy's penchant for taxes and government spending but I don't think he'll govern as a democrat on these issues.

Curiosity, what do you think are the three most important issues for the next election?

Post a comment or email to I'd like to see what the general consensus is.

Ohio Job Killers

Maggie Thurber has a great breakdown of this goofy Sick Days Ohio campaign making it's way through the signature process.

Highlights of the bill.

* people who work part-time would get pro-rated days

* the sick leave would accumulate monthly and accrual would start immediately, even if a new employee might not be able to access said days until after being employed 90 days (probationary period)

* you could carry over days, but employers wouldn't be required to permit the accumulation of more than 7 per year (meaning employers could allow them to accumulate to whatever level they choose above the 7 days)

* you can accumulate and use the sick time in hourly increments

* an employer may only require an employee to provide certification from a health professional if the absence covers more than three consecutive work days, and the employee would then have to provide the employer with such certification within thirty days

* employers could be fined for not properly posting the notice of this law

* employers may not eliminate or reduce existing leave policies to comply with the provisions of the proposed law and should not be discouraged from providing a more generous leave policy

* unions could still bargain for more leave

* employers cannot use paid sick leave taken pursuant to this Act as a negative factor in an employment action, such as hiring, promotion, or a disciplinary action; or count the use of paid sick leave under a no-fault attendance policy

I was presented a petition last summer and signed it Seymour Butts.

Another Ohio job killer.


Monday, October 22, 2007

She's electable all right

When conservatives fret about the Hildebeast running the country, I always fall back on the notion that half of the country cannot stand the woman.

Gordon, do you have any facts to back that up.

In fact, I do.

Here's a Zogby poll to the question, who would you never vote for?

Clinton 50%
Kucinich 49%
Gravel 47%
Paul 47%
Brownback 47%
Tancredo 46%
McCain 45%
Hunter 44%
Giuliani 43%
Romney 42%
Hair Club for Men 42%
Thompson 41%
Dodd 41%
Biden 40%
Obama 37%
Huckabee 35%
Richardson 34%
Not Sure 4%

That's pretty good when you can manage to make "Dr Spock" Kucinich look like a fraternity rush chairman.

I'm always curious about the 4% who are "not sure". Who are these people? What is your name? Not sure would get 4%.

Not Big Oil, Big College

Apparently, the executives from ExxonMobil, BP oil and Shell found a new way to rip off the American public. They now run your local college and university.

College tuition went up 6.6% last year.

How is it that tuition has about a 30 year track record of rising faster than the rate of inflation.

Probably wouldn't have anything to do with the liberals who run these institutions. You know, those liberals all concerned with teaching our little ones.

Think about it. Kids can't afford college, Kids are no longer subject to socialism re-education camps, All of our youngest end up as libertarians. It's all coming together.

But Seriously

If you are one of these save the children SCHIP types I have a question for you. How is it that you can trust the government to manage such a big program effectively when....

1) Our infrastructure crumbles before our eyes. Bridges that needed replacing 10 years ago are 10 years from having a replacement plan.

2) Medicare is running a 10-17 trillion dollar unfunded liability that will need to be funded when the baby boomers hit retirement. Don't you think you'd want to shore that up before you went and added another big ole entitlement.

3) Social Security. See #2

4) Have you ever gone into a government office and not waited in a long ass line for service.

It occurs to me that before we entrust government with one more responsibility, maybe they need to show they can effectively manage what they already have.

Just remember the slogan our reps and senators tell each other...... "Congress.... If we weren't here, we'd be in jail".


Antioch College in Yellow Springs is about to close the doors on it's 230 students, each paying about $36,000 a year to attend.

Emma Emmerich, a 19-year-old second-year student from Cincinnati, said she's not interested in any other schools but Antioch because it is inclusive, diverse and addresses sexism and classism issues.

What I don't understand is why Emma doesn't just go to one of the state schools? She could save money and get the same socialist, feminist, class warfare, anti-male/Western civilization, pro-gay rights, anti-military, pro-abortion, post-modernist, education.

Some Monday Comedic relief

The past couple of weeks have been slow.... nothing to get my ire up. So I continue to inject a little brevity before the next City of Cincinnati bad idea comes to fore.

Another stunner

In another weekend stunner, the Bears scored a touchdown and won a game.

By the way, something that bothered me all weekend. Can anyone make a play anymore without a five minute celebration.

I watched three different games where guys we're celebrating plays where they actually received a penalty for roughing the passer or a personal foul.

You know your play will ultimately be noticed by the people that matter, the people that pay big money.

Campus gun bans

Apparently, the University of Cincinnati students, faculty & staff are protesting the campus gun ban by asking all people with concealed carry permits walk around campus with their empty holsters.

I wanted to link to some site but it's apparently not a news story for any of the local news to cover.

Is it a coincidence that the huge surge in off campus crime at UC might be connected to the gun ban? After all, let's say you can't have your gun on campus. I'd say the chances are good you're not going to have one in your back pack one block off of campus; and the criminals know this.

So nice going UC, you've effectively advertised to the criminal element around campus "Come here and rape and rob our students without fear".

Once again, my challenge to all those anti gun zealots; I'll have a lot more respect for your position if you put little signs up around your house indicating your house is unarmed and no guns are permitted on the premises.

I'm still waiting.....................

Dishwashers for Clinton

The Washington Post, not exactly a conservative paper of record, is blasting the Hildebeast for her insatiable appetite for campaign cash.


This appears to be another instance in which a Clinton campaign's zeal for campaign cash overwhelms its judgment. After the fundraising scandals of President Bill Clinton's 1996 reelection campaign, the dangers of vacuuming cash from a politically inexperienced immigrant community should have been obvious. But Ms. Clinton's money machine seized on a new source of cash in Chinatown and environs. As the Times reported, a single Chinatown fundraiser in April brought in $380,000. By contrast, 2004 Democratic presidential nominee John F. Kerry raised $24,000 from Chinatown in the course of his entire campaign.

As with the warnings it dismissed about the mega-bundles being brought in by fundraiser Norman Hsu, the Clinton campaign saw the red flags here. After the April fundraiser, when some of the donors' stated occupations seemed out of line with the amounts they were giving, the Clinton campaign wrote to contributors asking them to confirm that the money was their own. In the case of seven $1,000 contributions, donors did not respond and their checks were returned, according to the campaign. The campaign says that the others, including one who told the Times that he did not give the money, reaffirmed the legitimacy of their contributions.


Sunday, October 21, 2007

That trustworthy news media

Powerline, a blog no less, has a post exposing yet another pack of lies printed by the main stream press as factual.

You know that main stream media, the group that likes to belittle blogs because we don't have things like editors and fact checkers. Well apparently the Washington Post doesn't have those things either.


Mark Steyn with his surgical like incisions, lays out the "real war on children"


Etc. So what is the best thing America could do "for the children"? Well, it could try not to make the same mistake as most of the rest of the Western world and avoid bequeathing the next generation a system of unsustainable entitlements that turns the entire nation into a giant Ponzi scheme. Most of us understand, for example, that Social Security needs to be "fixed" – or we'll have to raise taxes, or the retirement age, or cut benefits, etc. But, just to get the entitlements debate in perspective, projected public pensions liabilities in the United States are expected to rise by 2040 to about 6.8 percent of our gross domestic product. In Greece, the equivalent figure is 25 percent – that's not a matter of raising taxes or tweaking retirement age; that's total societal collapse.