Friday, March 18, 2016

Note to (alleged) conservatives - Shut the hell up

Prior to the Ohio primary, The Loveland Mrs. Gekko was asking me who I was voting for.

I told her I was voting for Bernie Sanders (for the record, I am a registered democrat and believe that everyone should register as a democrat for reasons noted here)

I also told her that in August of last year if you would have asked me to rank the candidates in the order of who I would like to be president that was just about the order that my candidates went out in (Scott Walker, Rick Perry, etc)

We're now down to the last five candiates and I have them ranked in this order

1) Cruz
2) Kasich
3) Sanders
4) Trump
5) The Billary

So as you can see, I'm not a Trump guy. Trump has never been about anything but self promotion. Despite his real estate development acumen, he has really never run a successful business entity (remember Trump airline, the New Jersey Generals, the casino's). He as liberal as Bernie and/or the Billary.

So, as a conservative, there's a lot to not like about Trump.

However, note to Mitt Romney, if you had ran your presidential campaign with the same passion as that freakin' speech you gave about Trump a couple of weeks ago, Trump wouldn't even be an issue. You would be the president.

People are pissed and Trump is the pissed party's candidate.

And frankly, the way you clowns are reacting to his candidacy makes it clear to me that maybe he should be the party's candidate.

Seriously? You're worried about Trump's conservative bonafides? The party who's graced us with such conservative stalwarts as Bob Dole, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, John McCain, Mitt Romney and great conservative programs such as expanded Medicare, porous borders, No Child Left Behind etc, etc.

Throughout this primary season, I've been waiting for one of these debate moderators to ask the question "what hill will you or the republican party die on?"or what issue(s) will the republican party defend or die trying?

Anyone? Anyone? Anyone?

On this blog, I've noted at least seven issues or constituencies  the democratic party will defend until their last breaths. I've named them here.

Think about it. If you want to cut one dime, and I mean literally one dime of Planned Parenthood funding, democrats will cheat, borrow, steal, maim, kill and eat the dead of anyone who will get in the way of that.

What is that issue for Republicans in office? Please tell me?

So Trump isn't conservative and won't defend the conservative cause. And that makes him different than Paul Ryan, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell how?

I'm willing to drop $100 that the senate will approve Obama's Supreme Court nomination. The party is already folding up the tents by Obama just naming the dude.

So Trump is a foul, manic narcissist.

Well, rank and file republicans have been politely sitting by for years while the party apparatchik has given us a nice helping of prison love all the while telling us that we should be enjoying it because democrats won't kiss you behind the ear when they're done.

Now, we have the converse, these same people who have been telling us for years to compromise our principles for compromised candidates are trying to sell on what a big, bad wolf Donald Trump is.

So to David Brooks, David French, Charles Cooke, Peggy Noonan, and the rest of you country club republicans let me say this in the Donald Trump vernacular..............

Fuck you.