Friday, November 14, 2014

Governments never lie

This is really becoming a trend.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has published a remarkable letter (PDF) this morning in which the Department of Justice admits its lawyer misled a panel of judges during oral arguments last month over the legality of National Security Letters, or NSLs.

To the surprise of some observers, during his rebuttal, Justice Department lawyer Douglas Letter told the three judges that recipients of NSLs could, in fact, speak about the letters in general terms. They could discuss the fact that they had received a letter and could engage in public debate about the "quality" of the NSLs they had received, he said.

But actually, they can't. Letter's statements contradicted longstanding policy, and EFF apparently asked the DOJ for clarification. The result is that DOJ has sent a note to the Clerk of Court for the 9th Circuit to correct the error, clearing up "an inadvertent misstatement by government counsel during the rebuttal portion of the argument."


Animal Farm

You know about that war on women.

Look at what those misogynist republicans did to one of their own.........

Rep. Tammy Duckworth of Illinois, who is expecting a baby in December, is being denied a request to vote by proxy in the House Democratic Caucus leadership and committee member elections next week—even though her doctor advises she can’t travel to Washington in the late stages of her pregnancy.

Denying someone the right to vote?

I guess the democrats can speak to it since they employe it so often.


Jonathan Gruber at Noblis - January 18, 2012

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Life in "Progress" City - Baltimore edition

A recent report shows that Baltimore is one of the few U.S. cities to rank in a list of the worst cities in the world for violence.

The report on Business Insider says Baltimore is number 36, with about 38 homicides per every 100,000 residents.

It is one of a handful of U.S. cities on the list, which also includes St. Louis at No. 45, New Orleans at No. 26, and Detroit at No. 24. 

Now for my question.  St. Louis, New Orleans, Detroit and Baltimore are almost exclusively democratic cities. You can't find a republican there with a search warrant and Dog the Bounty Hunter.

So are these cities violent because they're democratic or are they democratic because they're so violent?


Jonathan Gruber brags about the "basic exploitation" of American voters

The bottom line with all these videos is that ultimately they really portray the belief among the "elite" that the uncleansed masses are too stooopid to know what they really want/need.

Biden: Middle Class Label Not a Compliment in DC, 'It Means You're Not S...

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Life in "Progress" City - Philadelphia edition

What bothers me most about liberals is that they go out of their way to protect and nurture the ding dongs, derelicts and douchebags of society and poking the eye of those people who just try to do things right from the beginning.

When it comes to the immigration debate, why aren't democrats pushing for liberalization of people trying to get into this country legally.

Instead they'll use all of their political capital to protect this piece of shit.....

An illegal immigrant driving drunk and without a license crashed through a fence Sunday, hitting and killing a 3-year-old girl as she was waiting in line for ice cream in Porterville, California.

Adolf Balbuena, 18, mowed down the toddler, Angeles Moreno, as she and several others, including an 8-year-old boy, were waiting line at an ice cream truck.

After hitting Moreno, Balbuena backed up and drove away. He was arrested at his home around an hour later, the Fresno Bee reported.

Initial reports did not state Balbuena’s immigration status, but KMPH reported on Tuesday that he is an illegal immigrant from Mexico. Though the local district attorney is handling the case, U.S.  Citizenship and Immigration Services will ultimately decide whether he will be tried in the U.S. or deported back to Mexico, the TV station reported.


Liberal goes Conservative

This guy's transformation is not unlike my own.

I can thank reading Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell columns for mine.

Fox Airs New Gruber Video: Voters ‘Too Stupid to Understand the Difference’

here we go

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Liberalism.........killing the ones you love

Read through this article and ask yourself who benefits and who gets hurt most by this policy..........

Minneapolis Public Schools are implementing a new policy aimed at eliminating the gap between the races when it comes to suspensions. Nothing will change for white students, they will still be suspended at the discretion of each school’s principal. But for minority students, specifically black, Hispanic and Native American students, the Minneapolis Schools Superintendent’s office will personally review each case.

This new policy is part of an agreement with U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights announced last week after an investigation into why minority students made up such a high percentage suspended students in the past.

Superintendent Bernadeia Johnson told NPR, “I and all of my staff will start to review all non-violent suspensions of students of color, especially black boys, to understand why they’re being suspended so we can help intervene with teachers, student leaders and help give them the targeted support they need for these students.”

In a press release announcing the new policy, which begins Monday, Johnson’s office said, “Moving forward, every suspension of a black or brown student will be reviewed by the superintendent’s leadership team. The school district aims to more deeply understand the circumstances of suspensions with the goal of providing greater supports to the school, student or family in need. This team could choose to bring in additional resources for the student, family and school.”

What's the big deal?

Kids creating distractions being readmitted into class causing further disruptions making an already difficult learning environment even more difficult for the teachers and the students who truly want to learn something; thereby putting hard working minorities at a disadvantage against kids who go to schools that don't put up with this nonsense.

Robert De Niro on Mitt Romney

This is hilarious when you weigh what Bobby says here v. what he does in real life..........

Back in 1997, Robert De Niro bought a big, ol’ farmhouse and a few dozen acres of land in the Ulster County town of Gardiner.

In the years since, he’s done what many homeowners do: He improved it. He added land, and he transformed one unused barn into a recreation center and another into a workshop. There are also two guest houses.

Then the town did what almost all towns do: It jacked up his assessment — to $6 million. The De Niro trust that owns the land is contesting the assessment.

That’s led to some perverse consequences. De Niro’s wealth gives him the wherewithal to fight even after a judge ruled against him. Under the new assessment, his property taxes come out to $170,000 a year. Problem is, the town’s already spent $150,000 in legal fees.

And even if the city wins, it will get only 11 percent of the tax revenue: 60 percent goes to the school district. So it’s already a losing financial deal for Gardiner.

De Niro has been painted as greedy, with the suggestion he should just shut up and pay up. And there is certainly an element of hypocrisy on the actor’s part.


Obama So Isolated Dem Senators Call MSNBC To Learn White House Plans