Friday, August 31, 2007

Gay Marriage

During the last presidential election, a friend of mine told me that he didn't want to vote GOP because they made a big issue out of gay marriage.

I've always held the point that there is no issue of gay marriage for the GOP. They've never tried to do anything allowing or disallowing gay marriage. As far as the GOP was concerned marriage was an institution between a man and a woman and had been for centuries. No big deal.

That was true until some liberal court judges decided they wanted to make an issue of it.

Now we have a liberal hack judge in Iowa marrying a gay couple in the state.

Now remind me, Who's making an issue of it?


When the poverty rankings of cites came out earlier this week, I was trying to find the time to come up with post regarding the "war on poverty" and how it's done nothing to our country but rip away the soul of our inner city populations.

On the anniversary of Katrina, I will always be struck by the people just hanging out waiting and waiting and waiting for someone to save them. I will always be amazed at the total poverty of soul and imagination that I saw from the people down there in the hurricane's aftermath.

But as I was blog surfing this morning, I ran across this post by Scott Ott at Scrappleface. As you know, Scott's blog is 99% satire and good satire at that.

But he wrote a post to the editor of a San Francisco city newspaper after last year's Katrina anniversary and was critical of Scott's satire. He absolutely crushes it with his response.

Here's some powerful excerpts.

The danger of centralized government control is not that it robs a few dollars from rich people and gives them to the poor. It’s not even that such a bureaucratic behemoth spawns the waste of billions of dollars. After all, it’s just money.

No, the threat of this system is that it strips a man of what makes him a man, and turns him away from his inner resources, or the inclination to partner with neighbors to solve problems. It humiliates him, blinds him and ultimately cripples him.

And then this

Journalists, by habit, prefer stories they can receive from the tip of a spoon held by an “expert” or official. They, too, have turned to big government and have become dependent upon her for their sustenance. What most Americans know of the situation in the hurricane zone is only what TV or other news sources tell them. Most of that information comes from “authorities” in the government. The reporters have told us that the real story is all about the government’s response. They have largely ignored the responsible activities of thousands of unseen hands restoring towns, parks, homes and lives.

Success stories are buried. Tragedy is blared from the housetops. It’s a self-reinforcing cycle that further deepens dependence upon the government, and further strips the dignity of the person.

The victims of Katrina are not really the victims of Katrina herself. The tragedy began long before the hurricane hit.

Natural disasters have always happened and always will. While, mercifully, they don’t occur every day in every place, they are common enough that we ought to have an expectation that bad things can and will happen. We need to cultivate the inner resources in ourselves, our children and our neighborhoods to cope with the inevitable. When we cede that power and responsibility to the federal government, we surrender a part of what makes us human and leave ourselves more vulnerable to the tempest.

Whether you believe in God or not, you have surely experienced how the human soul sings when we gather in chorus to accomplish a great purpose in the midst of tragedy. It’s as if we were designed to work together with our family, friends and neighbors. There is a blessing in it that exceeds the penalty of the curse.

Our state-run schools and spoon-fed media have conditioned us to look to government. They’ve also trained us to take offense at any expression of love that doesn’t result in government intervention and redistribution of taxpayer dollars. ‘Compassion’ has been redefined as ‘entitlement’ and thus stripped of its power and utility.

The devastating impact of this mindset is the apparent withering of the individual spirit and of community cooperation which have been the hallmarks of this great nation.

When my own community was hit by flooding some years ago, people stepped off their porches, shouldered sandbags, delivered meals, took in the homeless, wielded shovels against the muck, and generally helped each other in the task of restoration. As awful as that flood was, I will always remember it fondly, not for the harm it did to us and to our property, but for the good it did in us and in our community.
And concluding

We don’t have time to blame anyone for our misfortunes. We’re too busy working to overcome them. We don’t have faith in some distant bureaucrat, rather we turn to the resources that God has placed near at hand. We lean on our brothers. Many of us call on our Father in our time of need, and He sends our neighbors who love us more than we love ourselves. Later, we will turn to our helpers when they need us and repay the debt, only to learn that no debt existed because acts of compassion shower blessings on giver and receiver alike.

Amen Brother

Don't say it

Years ago, I was in serious conversation with my ex wife and she made the comment "I'm a powerful woman".

I turned around and told her "you know... powerful people don't have to say it, they exude it"...... Maybe one of the reasons my marriage didn't work out.

Since I've been in business (over ten years), I've encountered two individuals who introduced themselves to me as "Christians". They turned out to be some of the biggest liars and scumbags I've ever met.

And I've run into people that start a sentence with "let me honest with you...." and it's always the biggest line of doo doo your ever heard.

How many politicians state "I'm not a politician"?

Then Bill Clinton came out with his infamous "I did not have sexual relations with that woman...."

So I've adopted this saying "if you have to say it, then it's probably not true."

Now when Larry "gimme three taps" Craig comes out on a podium and emphatically states "I am not gay, never been gay and I don't even use Ben Gay.....", I think I'm pretty certain that he's gay.


Here is Friday Humor to start a long weekend.

Male Bathroom Etiquette - Brain Shavings
Drunk Driving Test - Nasty, Brutish & Short
Hilliard Darby Prank - You Tube

Help for sub prime borrowers

President Bush outlines a plan for people who are having difficulty with sub prime mortgage deals.

I've got a plan if you are one of these people.

1) Pay your mortgage.
2) If you can't pay your mortgage, sell your house.
3) If you can't sell, work with your lender regarding foreclosure.

Gordon, you are so harsh, why are you so mean to people who are about to lose their homes?

Look, right now I have two family members trying to keep it together and actually pay their mortgages current.

One just took a bath from the sale of a home and we figure they had to be at least $25,000 underwater on their mortgage. Why should someone today get a bailout when this family didn't? This stuff has been going on as long as there have been home loans.

It's tragic that so many people are getting their butts kicked on this mortgage business. But I know way too many young people that had to have a $200,000 home right out of college and they let these scum bag mortgage lenders and real estate agents work them into the deals they wanted.

I see these people in my office every year during tax season. Every year they're surprised that $12,000 in mortgage interest doesn't translate into a $12,000 federal income tax refund.

This is tragic for each and every family going through it but getting the government involved is one way to assure that no one will learn a lesson because they know there's a safety net waiting for them.

The Shocker

First, Senator "Knock three times" Craig educates me about hazards of tapping my feet to my favorite Monkee's song and now I learn of a new sign called "the shocker". Apparently, a high school football team was disciplined for showing the sign in their team photo.

Maybe that's why I never got laid in college... I didn't know sign language.

Endorsement for Edwards

I see the Breck Girl got a key endorsement from the carpenter's union.

Why shouldn't they? He single handedly employed every carpenter in North Carolina to build his 28,000 square foot house.

Castro's pick

Apparently Castro likes a Hillary/Obama ticket in '08:

Writing this week in a communist party newspaper, the jurassic tyrant picked a Hillary Clinton-Barack Obama ticket as a likely winner in next year's U.S. election.

He cited it as one of many things he's been right about, alongside his prediction of the victory of Jimmy Carter, whom he now praises as much as he once rolled him like a fine Cohiba.


Thursday, August 30, 2007

Man arrested in women's restroom

I wonder what signs he used?

Where's the crime?

I've had my share of fun with senator Larry "Knock Three Times" Craig regarding his latest difficulty.

But now that the dust has settled I have to ask; Where's the crime?

Are you telling me that if I'm in a bathroom stall and tap my foot, slide it over, and then put my fingers underneath the wall, that's a crime?

Well Gordon, it's an obvious solicitation for a lewd act.

It is? I had no idea until now that was a signal for a lewd act. In fact, prior to this week, I probably would have thought it was a signal to borrow my sports page.

What if I'm in the stall next to him and I accept his "signal" as an invitation and he looks at me and says he wants a guy who looks more like Kevin Spacey instead of Kevin James, is that a crime? Where's the actual "lewd act"?

If you've read this blog for a period of time, you know how I feel about these sex stings already. Now we have the thought police out there assuming you're committing a lewd act just because you're remembering a beat to a song and you have a "wide stance".

Just like Foley, his main offenses were creepy, not illegal. And if that were the standard by which we make things illegal, then Hillary, Obama and the Breck Girl would all be in jail today because they give me the creeps big time.

Immigration hypocrisy

On Mike McConnell's show yesterday, he went into some of the things that Koch Foods attempted to do to find out whether or not their employees were illegal or not.

Apparently, the company suspected that they did have a number of illegals but didn't really have a way to effectively find out how to gather information without singling out hispanics, thereby exposing them to discrimination suits and civil rights violations.

So how do the feds respond, they blow into the place arresting 161 employees.

Does the hypocrisy end there? Nooooooooo. Dave at NixGuy then tells of ODJFS offering assistance to those impacted by the arrest.

So let me make sure I got this right. You arrest a worker because they are illegal and then offer public assistance to the illegals' families.

I was in traffic court a couple of years ago. There were probably four illegals in court for a variety of offenses; drunk driving, driving without insurance, etc. Not one of these people were detained because of their illegal status.

And yet this same government wants to come down on employers for hiring these people.... It's totally ridiculous.

Many want to bust the heads of companies who hire an illegal to which I ask this question; Assume you need a worker, one shows up with what looks to be legitimate documentation, what do you do?

You cannot do a preemptive check on the legality of the documentation, that's illegal, what do you do?

When employers receive information regarding discrepancies related to names and social security numbers they are specifically told that they are not allowed to fire the employee for the discrepancy they are just supposed correct the error. Many times the illegal will give yet more false information.

But this same illegal can walk into a BMV and get a license with the same totally bogus information.

I've got an idea, let's make government officials responsible for the deportation of illegals when they KNOW they have one. Let's hold the same officials responsible for the integrity of government documentation they KNOW is obtained illegally. Let's force the same government officials to set up a system whereby an employer can obtain the adequate documentation to determine the legal status of employees.

Once these same officials can do this, then we can start busting employers heads.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


It's nice to see Hillary following along in Bill's footsteps.

Recognize this house? The family that lives in this house has given over $40,000 in campaign contributions to the Billary Campaign in recent years.

For democrats I have question. Do you really want another Clinton presidency where we'll have to deal with these weekly corruption updates?

Meanwhile, a liberal 527 group was fined $775,000 for illegal campaigning in the last election( Hat Tip Liberally Conservative). Remind me who's the party of corruption.

Sacrifice your SUV

Hair Edwards wants you to sacrifice your SUV.

I'll make a deal with Mousse. I'll give up my SUV when you give up your SUV, hair gel and a 28,000 square foot house.

Expect him tapping his foot in a bathroom stall near you.

It's time

I don't know why, but college football is my second favorite sport behind college basketball.

The only thing that bugs me the most about college football is the outright hypocrisy of the governing bodies which are the BCS conferences.

Who was last year's national champions? I would offer Boise State.

But Gordon, they didn't play anybody.

Well, here is the Big Eleven non conference schedule for the 2007 season.

Appalachian State at Michigan
Youngstown State
at Ohio State
Florida International
at Penn State
at Northwestern
at Michigan State
Washington State
at Wisconsin
at Illinois
at Northern Illinois
at Toledo
Indiana State
at Indiana
Bowling Green
at Minnesota
Akron at Ohio State
at Northwestern
Bowling Green
at Michigan State
Miami (OH)
at Minnesota
Eastern Illinois
at Purdue
at Michigan
Notre Dame
at Penn State
Western Illinois
at Illinois
Syracuse at Iowa
at Western Michigan
Citadel at Wisconsin
at Penn State
at Indiana
at Michigan State
at Syracuse
Central Michigan
at Purdue
at Florida Atlantic
at Iowa State
Notre Dame at Michigan
Ohio State
at Washington
at Northwestern
Michigan State
at Notre Dame
Notre Dame
at Purdue
Eastern Michigan at Michigan
Kent State at Ohio State
Northwestern at Eastern Michigan
Northern Illinois at Wisconsin
North Dakota State
at Minnesota
Ball State at Illinois
Ball State at Indiana
Penn State at Temple
Western Michigan at Iowa

You tell me how is Boise State going to get a game with one of these "somebody" teams. You couldn't find more cupcakes, Twinkies or fruit pies on a Hostess truck (or a certain senator's favorite public restroom).

If you think I'm just banging on the Big Eleven, the SEC Big Twelve and PAC Ten are just as bad.

The fact is the NCAA doesn't run college football and never has. Before the BCS was the CFA, and they made sure the bowl trough was only going to feed the power conferences.

With the current BCS configuration and the extra regular season game it's only gotten worse. The power teams go out of their way to schedule an undefeated non conference schedule and then hope to play an undefeated conference schedule for a BCS title shot.

So this weekend, I'll be at on my couch watching hours of coverage of the Big Eleven - MAC Challenge.

My infamous prediction. By week 7, all the talking heads will be wondering which of the 6 or 7 undefeated teams deserve a BCS title shot only to watch all but one of them lose by week 11.

PS I know why they call it THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY, they never leave Ohio until about mid November.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The honorable senator

One of the honorable senator's claims of innocence. He claims he was using a "wide stance in the stall". See the video of a reenactment.

A "wide stance"? What did he eat? a loaf of Wonder bread?

Typically you might use a wide stance in a football game, weight lifting, maybe even dog fighting, but going to the bathroom?

Now I know where Broke Back Mountain came from. Apparently you need to use a good stance to perform your gay acts, otherwise you might end up with disc damage.

Thank you Mr. Bennett

Here is Charles Wayne Bennett. If you want to reduce your child's future to a life of crime, give him the middle name of Wayne, it seems to work all the time.

Apparently, Mr. Bennett here has a batting average of over a 1000. He's committed more crimes than he has years of life.... 37 years.

At least he's done society a favor and allowed the cops to take him out. We'll no longer need to keep a space at the local jail vacant for him anymore.

For the anonymous poster from earlier in the week, this picture will be Dante Allen & Alphonso Price in a few years.

The good news is, this guy wasn't at a recent city peace rally.... His felonies were all in the suburbs for a change.

Good news you'll never read

More good news you'll never see anywhere.

US Poverty Rates Decline

The Census Bureau reported Tuesday that 36.5 million Americans, or 12.3 percent -- were living in poverty last year. That's down from 12.6 percent in 2005.

The median household income was $48,200, a slight increase from the previous year. But the number of people without health insurance also increased, to 47 million.

The last significant decline in the poverty rate came in 2000, during the Clinton administration. In 2005, the poverty rate dipped from 12.7 percent to 12.6 percent, but Census officials said that change was statistically insignificant.

What's interesting to me is how do they come up with income numbers to determine poverty. The article states an annual income of $20,444 for a family of four to be "living in poverty". But I don't believe this consists of tax free benefits such as food stamps, Earned Income Credit, WIC, subsidized housing, school lunches, etc. all of which a family of four with this income would be eligible for.

So I believe income is a bad determination of poverty.

I believe a better indication of measuring poverty is measuring the assets people own. For instance, if you own a TV, a VCR, a cell phone and a car you are not living in poverty. And my guess would be that many of these families own some if not all of these assets.

America has the fattest poor people in the world and if you are poor & fat are you may be living in poverty, but only in poverty of the soul.

Tap three times

An Idaho senator gets busted for lewd behavior in an airport bathroom (reason #1,938 why to think all senators are scumbags).

I've heard these stories about these airport interludes and how the cops are always looking for people who place their belongings in the stall to block the view. What I never knew was the special "signals" you can use to attract your new found friend.

The report continued: "At 1216 hours, Craig tapped his right foot. I recognized this as a signal used by persons wishing to engage in lewd conduct. Craig tapped his toes several times and moves his foot closer to my foot. ... The presence of others did not seem to deter Craig as he moved his right foot so that it touched the side of my left foot which was within my stall area."

Again, I ask the question. What the hell is it with gays and public bathrooms?

Second question, if I'm going to go at it in a public bathroom stall, the ho should be good looking. But how can you tell when you're in a stall and you can't see the person?

Are part of the foot taps signaling "I'm a 5'10, 175lb. with dark hair & brown eyes, I enjoy salsa dancing, beagle puppies and sunsets?"

Third, why can't gays meet each other in bars like heteros do? If you need a signal because your gaydar's not that good maybe they could come up with bar signals. Like say...... come into the bar wearing a boa. A dumbass like senator Craig might be able to pick up on that one and you wouldn't have to run into those messy situations..... like cops picking up on your stall signals.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Fines Issue

Nice to see the smoking police are doing their job...

The Ohio Department of Health has fined 32 businesses and fraternal groups for failing to comply with a statewide smoking ban, officials said today.

Among those fined $100 for a second offense -- after receiving a warning letter -- are a tire company from Milford, a Fraternal Order of Eagles from Middletown and Jay's Lakeside Inn, also in Middletown.

Texting Troubles

Now here's a real class act. Texting is getting a lot of people into trouble.

A Cincinnati man is behind bars today, accused of soliciting sex from a teenage girl via cell phone text messaging - and police say it all started with a wrong number.

According to police, Roy Martin, 33, mistakenly sent a text message to a wrong number, then tried to continue a conversation with the woman whose cell phone he'd texted. To get him to leave her alone, she told him she was 14 years old. But that seemed to encourage Martin, according to Tom Scheben, spokesman for the Boone County Sheriff's Department.


The people most happy about the Bengals legal trial and tribulations might be the Chicago Bears.

Without the Bengals, everyone would notice the collective rap sheet of the Bears added to last night with the mysterious 3:00 am crash of Lance Briggs Lamborghini.

Apparently, you can only dance to the Super Bowl Shuffle when you've had about 20 drinks and a couple of guns.

DUI Checkpoints

This past weekend's DUI checkpoints netted a whopping 8 drunk drivers off the road.

Gordon, you say that so sarcastically. At least they got those 8 drunk drivers.

Well, let's see. 15 officers at a DUI checkpoint on a Saturday night between 11:30 - 2:00 am, it seems to me that these 15 officers could have found that many drunk drivers just patrolling the area in a normal fashion. They would have even caught a Bengal or two.

In addition, they created a traffic hazard when a guy jumped the line ands headed on to the interstate with no lights on.

So I would offer that this falls under the headline "doing something for somethings sake".

Where's the daddy

In all the 9 months we've been doing this blog we've never had more traffic on a post than Midas' post of Brenda Nesselroad-Slaby, the school teacher who left her child in a car all day in 100 degree temperatures.

I've not really followed the story that closely but I haven't read anything about the daddy in this case. Where is he? Are they married? I'm just trying to get a beat on what the deal was because it doesn't smell right to me.

Writer's Block

Usually I come up with posts during my reading of the news in the morning. This morning I couldn't really find anything worth writing about until I read this fine comment on my Dante Allen post.

my guess is you a white over size teenager that get bully on so you try to put everyone else down.Grow up lame also you seem like you want to be his love intrest fag.

Are you serious?

Let's address this post ad infinitum (which I'm sure the commenter has no clue what that means.)

First, notice that the writer is more interested in my bullying of poor little Dante than he is of the murder little Dante committed. This person did a blog search looking for people persecuting poor Dante. But where's the same compassion for the kid this thug killed at a "peace rally" for cryin' out loud.

Second, I hope this person never got a high school diploma, it just says even more about why I found the need to move out of the city. Here's a clue you anonymous piece of excrement; you are an idiot.

Third, I wouldn't be Dante's bitch, he would be mine. This punk wouldn't be anything if he wasn't hiding behind a weapon.

Fourth, this post proves my many posts on the problems of the inner city. This moron is more interested in what Whitey has to say about poor Dante than actually calling out kids in the city doing all the killing.

I just wonder how this clown managed to get internet access.