Saturday, February 03, 2007

roads, police, fire

Here's an unbelievable story about the use of city funds. The young lady at the right has received over $350,000 for a job she has never done.

Daryl Parks of WLW fame has the complete story on his blog.

Money quote "I am not able to get the wheels of justice to move without your powerful assistance and attention. I am in need of your help to correct these injustices..."

police, fire, roads!!!!!!

Socialized medicine

I had a copy of the US Constitution out the other day ( I actually keep a copy in my car if you ever want to challenge me ) and it's funny... I never saw an article in there saying that US citizens had a right to "health care".

There's freedom of speech, right to bear arms, the right to not self incriminate, right to assemble, the right not to be exposed to double jeopardy but I cannot find that right to health care anywhere in the text. The Founding Fathers appeared to be pretty thorough after all, you cannot be convicted of a ex-post facto law.

But maybe they were not that smart. In my mind, here's a list of the most important things people need for survival


So before we socialize medicine shouldn't we make sure everyone has these things first. Why should we pay for water (usually sold by the government no less) when it's an essential element of life. You know why the government doesn't provide it for free? Because they know we'll pay for it and we'll pay for it before beer, cigarettes, lottery tickets, etc. and if we don't, they'll be out in our front yard to turn it off.

Next to global warming, the right to health care is the biggest joke around. The reason most people are not insured? Because they don't see it as an essential cost to live. I know from my own personal experience, when financial times got tough, the health insurance was one of the first things to go. You know what didn't go? Beer. I could have paid for my health insurance out of my monthly beer consumption but I saw beer as a larger need for myself than health care.

So before you go socializing health care, make sure that every man woman and child has their beer consumption covered.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Hillary for Prez

Hilary loves the oil companies. So much so she wants to take all their profits and "put those profits into a strategic energy fund".

've got an idea for Hilary, how about all her buddies buy Exxon/Mobil and they can take all the profits and re invest in all the alternative fuel sources their hearts desire.

The whole thing would be laughable if we weren't witnessing more and more people thinking it's OK to steal or use someone else's property for some "benevolent" cause.

Let's eliminate smoking by not allowing your private businesses to have smoking areas. Let's confiscate that income you earn and use it for someone's health care. Let's take your home
and give it to a developer who'll put real nice condo's on the land.

Of course, "you" never have to worry about that because it all someone else's stuff you have no interest in.

They came for the Jews and I said nothing because I wasn't Jewish.......

Thursday, February 01, 2007

LA musings

LOS ANGELES -- Out here in LA it's amazing how often cars and taxis are used. One would think that in a city that's known for it's environmental activist, people would be more "green" when it comes to their transportation of choice.

Ironically, a recent UCLA report found that "the Hollywood/LA film and television industry emits a whopping 140,000 tons a year of ozone and diesel particulate pollutant emissions from trucks, generators, special effects earthquakes and fires, demolition of sets with dynamite and other sources. "

I wished I'd had a camera with me on Monday when I walked by a black Hummer with the following license plate: 7 MPG. Parked right next to it, in it's shadows, was a Toyota Prias. Only in LA...

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Married taxes

A couple of months ago, I threw out the challenge to tell me how much a single guy making a million would pay in taxes. Today, I throw out the challenge for a married couple.

Assume a married couple with two kids (ages 10 & 11), both work making $60,000/yr, they have $8,000/ a year in mortgage interest ( $123,000 x 6.5%) with $3,000 a year in real estate taxes.

Assuming no 401k contributions or other investment income

How much do they pay in all collective taxes?

Ohio Tax Commissioner

I've been to several conferences where representatives from the Ohio Dept. of Taxation have presented.

It has always bothered me that more often than not these representatives speak as advocates for higher taxes/increased budgets for the state.

I remember one quote from a rep when she said "I don't know how the state will be able to function if a sales tax repeal is passed".


This is why we elect representatives, senators and governors....... this is their job.

The Ohio Dept of Taxation's sole job should be to collect the tax as outlined in the tax code by our elected officials, they should not be in the business of lobbying pro or con anything in the tax code unless those elected officials need their input related to the ability of the department to collect the various state taxes.

Here's the commissioner's comments about tax reform for the state.

There's another 10 jobs to the state of Kentucky

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Jon Cary nevr stoppes

To think we were only one state away from this guy being president. Thank God the GOP stole Ohio.