Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It's a better use of federal funs to me.

I woke up this morning and it was raining at my palatial doublewide. Raining again. I belive we've had rain at least 40 days since April 1, so this seems appropriate and frankly a lesser waste of money than reality.......

As record rainfall continues in Cincinnati, city officials are scrambling to reallocate federal funds that were to be used for construction of a streetcar. The funds will be used to build an ark.

The plan to use federal money for a streetcar had come under fire by conservative anti-tax groups. These same groups are generally supportive of the ark building plan. “As long as there is no future burden on the taxpayers,” said anti-public transportation lobbyist Chris Flannery. “Saving our civilization from the destruction of an angry God via an ark may be a good use of this federal transportation money. Of course, we’re also going to have to insist that no union labor be used to build it. Other than that, let’s start lining up two by two.”


MSNBC's Rachel Maddow: The Hoover Dam

Hey Rachel

Who are the people who would block construction of a project so large?

Hint, it ain't conservatives.

Berardino"GATE", AFL-CIO's Nick Berardino Admits to Intercepting Emails...

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Life in "Progress" State - Michigan edition

A man who won $2 million on a Michigan lottery show has told a TV station that he still uses food stamps.

Leroy Fick of Bay County admitted he still swipes the electronic card at stores, nearly a year after winning a jackpot on "Make Me Rich!" He told WNEM-TV in Saginaw that more than half the prize went to taxes.

Fick says the Department of Human Services told him he could continue to use the card, which is paid with tax dollars. He told WNEM: "If you're going to ... try to make me feel bad, you aren't going to do it."


Liberalism...... Killing the ones you love

For those who gloat about using science over politics, I wonder what do they think of this scientific study on the miminum wage..........

Increases in the minimum wage — which rose
10 cents to $7.40 an hour in Ohio this year — have priced young black men out of the entry-level job market more than twice as fast as their white counterparts, according to the study, based on figures reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics from 1994 to 2010.

The study found that for each 10 percent increase in the minimum wage, employment for young black males without a diploma fell by 6.5 percent. By comparison, the drop in employment was 2.5 percent for white males ages 16-24 with no diploma, and 1.2 percent for

Even blacks who remained on payrolls after minimum wage increases saw their hours cut back more than any other group in the survey, which concluded that for each 10 percent increase in the minimum
wage, hours were reduced by 6.6 percent for young black males, 3 percent for white males and 1.7 percent for Hispanics.

“Our study suggests that when the minimum wage goes up, it causes the difference between black and white unemployment rates to rise,” Even said.


Who's the racist?

Obama White House Hands Out 111 Obamacare Waivers- Hides It on Website

Obamacare is so good for everyone, we'll let everyone opt out.

He proved he was a Kennedy at heart

Last week, it came out that Arnold Schwarzenegger and his longtime wife Maria Shriver were splitting up.

Today: the next shoe drops.

The LA Times reports that Arnold Schwarzenegger has had a love child with a member of his houshold staff for over a decade, and that up until recently, Shriver had no idea.

Just like a porn movie

If you are a guy, you've probably watched a porn movie where an anonymous cleaning woman steps into your hotel room while you're showering and decides to have sex with you before she even knows your name.

Apparently, the French don't read porn, they live it........

Strauss-Kahn, meanwhile, says he didn't force himself on the chambermaid.

As he was deemed a flight risk and held without bail, his lawyer offered a hint at how he will be defended against the sex-assault rap.

"The forensic evidence, we believe, will not be consistent with a forcible encounter," big-shot attorney Benjamin Brafman said. "And we believe there is a very defensible case."

Prosecutor John McConnell described the accuser as a highly credible victim who "provided a very powerful and detailed account of the violent sexual assault."

So it looks like the French guy is going to use the Penthouse Forum defense........

"I never thought I would have a sexual experience to submit to the Forum until last night when a maid came into my hotel room.........."


What am I missing?

Dear Chase Bank

I currently have a $20,000 credit card through your bank. In addition, I hold four other credit cards with credit limits of $20,000 each.

Currently, each of those cards are maxed out but I have a vacation scheduled for the next week and I have no available funds to take such a vacation.

Based on the financial wisdom of Timothy Geithner, I believe that my personal financial health would be in jeopardy if your company doesn't increase the limit on the card I hold with you.

Apparently, the only way to guarantee that I pay you back what I currently owe you is for you to loan me more money.

So I am requesting that you increase my credit limit by $10,000 and when I get back from vacation, I'll be happy to sit down with my family and work on a repayment plan.

Thank you for your time.

One of your best customers,
Mr. I.M. Progressive


Iowa Voter Chews Out Newt Gingrich After His Paul Ryan Attack

Monday, May 16, 2011

Life in "Progress" State - CA edition

And you thought Pam Anderson was on Baywatch to act? She probably got paid less than the real life guards......

High pay and benefits for lifeguards in Newport Beach is the latest example of frustrating levels of compensation for public employees. More than half the city’s full-time lifeguards are paid a salary of over $100,000 and all but one of them collect more than $100,000 in total compensation including benefits.

When thinking about career options with high salaries, lifeguarding is probably not one of the first jobs to come to mind. But it apparently should. In one of Orange County’s most desirable beach destinations, Newport Beach, lifeguards are compensated all too well; especially compared with the county annual median household income of $71,735.

It might be time for a career change.

According to a city report on lifeguard pay for the calendar year 2010, of the 14 full-time lifeguards, 13 collected more than $120,000 in total compensation; one lifeguard collected $98,160.65. More than half the lifeguards collected more than $150,000 for 2010 with the two highest-paid collecting $211,451 and $203,481 in total compensation respectively. Even excluding benefits like health care and pension, more than half the lifeguards receive a total salary, including overtime pay, exceeding $100,000. And they also receive an annual allowance of $400 for “Sun Protection.” Many work four days a week, 10 hours a day.

Lifeguarding in Newport Beach is a pretty good gig, if you can get it.


When governments get involved

It's like Mrs. Kravitz putting her nose where it doesn't belong.....

The government's recent $8,000 cash incentive for first-time home buyers has proved even more costly for recipients than for taxpayers, according to data released Monday. Typical buyers have lost twice as much to price declines as they received from the program.

The median home value fell to about $170,000 in March from $185,000 a year earlier, according to That means a buyer who closed on a house just before the tax-credit program expired in April 2010 collected $8,000 but has since lost $15,000 in value. Those who bought earlier in the program have done worse; the median price is down $20,000 from March 2009.

"The $8,000 first-time home buyers tax credit . . . has brought many new families into the housing market," the White House boasted in November 2009 upon announcing an extension and expansion of the program. Judging by sales declines since, that seems beyond doubt. Over the past year, the pace of existing home sales has fallen more than 6% and that of new home sales has fallen 22%.

The credit wasn't great for taxpayers, either. IRS says it paid $26 billion in home buyer credits in 2009 and 2010, enough to cover the maximum $8,000 credit for more than 3 million buyers. (It says at least $513 million went for fraudulent claims. Some claimants hadn't bought houses. Some filed twice. Some were under age 18 or incarcerated.)

In October 2009, when the extension of the $8,000 credit for homebuyers was under consideration, I outlined five reasons the U.S. didn't need more housing perks. These included already-high prices and an abundance of benefits, the questionable stimulus value of home subsidies and a gaping budget deficit. In January 2010, with the extension passed, I recommended that eager buyers wait at least nine months and purposely miss the $8,000 tax credit deadline to take advantage of price declines after. The median price fell about $8,000 over the next nine months and another $8,000 since.

So now let's work through this. Who really made out on the credit? Was it poor people who were able to buy a first time home, or those home owners who were able to sell their homes at inflated prices?

All this program did was bastardized a housing market that needs to hit rock bottom sooner rather than later.

Where have we seen this before?

If the name cash for clunkers means anything, start there.


Boomerang Kids - NTTV Nightly News

What the hell, the parents get to cover their kids on their health insurance until 26 anyway.

Oh, by the way, for all you soon to be college grads who supported that "hope and change".........

Welcome home.

What do we nicknames these people?

We've had truthers, birthers and now these clowns.....

It's been only two weeks since President Obama reported on national television that an American commando team in four military helicopters had killed Osama bin Laden in his Pakistan bedroom. Within literally minutes, word of the terrorist's death by gunshot prompted seemingly spontaneous street celebrations outside the White House and elsewhere.

Now comes word from noted pollster John Zogby that while an overwhelming majority buys the administration's account, a surprising almost one-in-five likely American voters believes the Al Qaeda founder is not dead at all, nor buried at sea, as Obama officials have stated.

How could this possibly be?


1 out of 3 ain't bad

I watched the Krauthammer take on Obama's immigration speech and generally agreed but this guy has a take on Krauthammer...........

So far so good. Then the bottom drops out. Krauthammer: "I count myself among those who really do mean it. I have little doubt that most Americans would be quite willing to regularize and legalize the current millions of illegal immigrants if they were convinced…that the border is under full operational control…" noting that Americans "are a generous people" and that "[U]pon receipt of objective and reliable evidence that the border is secure…the question would be settled and the immigrants legalized."

Americans are indeed a "generous people," Mr. Krauthammer. But they are not utterly stupid. Nor do they have amnesia. The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 granted amnesty to 2.7 million illegal aliens then, ostensibly in return for stricter control of the border and harsher penalties on businesses who hired border-busters. What did we get? One-for-three, which is precisely why we now have an exponential increase in the number of illegals residing in America, who along with their enablers, are demanding, not requesting, amnesty.

And I use the word "exponential" instead of a hard number because Americans are also not buying the "conventional wisdom" that we currently have 11 million illegals in the country. That number is nothing more than another lie perpetrated by those on both sides of the aisle with a vested interest--as in cheap votes for Democrats, and cheap labor for Republicans--in satisfying the bankrupt desires of people who would toss America itself over the cliff to enhance their political power or satisfy their financial greed.

Question, Mr. Krauthammer. Do numbers matter? Does your sense of American generosity remain unperturbed if we're talking about 30 million illegals--or more? Does it include "chain migration" or "family re-unification" by which those granted amnesty could bring their extended families to America as well? Perhaps these are inconvenient questions in Washington, D.C., but they're substantially less inconvenient to millions upon millions of unemployed and under-employed Americans. They're substantially less inconvenient to people whose communities are under assault, or those who have been directly victimized by illegals' criminal activity, or those disgusted by politicians who grant privileges to illegals unavailable to American citizens.

Once again my take on immigration. We have a border for a reason. The federal government has a duty to secure that border and to ensure that anyone who comes in is someone we desire to come in.

I have clients from at least the following countries Jamaica, Mexico, Columbia, Kuwait, Canada, Costa Rica, Pakistan, France, Great Britain. I wouldn't care if we allow 30 millions of these immigrants to become citizens because all of them have the following

1) criminal background checks
2) screenings for infectious diseases
3) sponsors who have jobs waiting for them
4) went through the legal process as it exists today

I hate amnesty programs of any type. The city of Cincinnati recently approved an amnesty program for delinquent parking tickets. What does it communicate to the people who received a ticket and paid it promptly?

It says "you are a dumbass!"

Seriously, why have any respect for the law when there's no penalty for not following it.

The demogoging of this issue by democrats to accuse strong border proponents of being racist is losing it's wind.

Read the whole piece.

Animal Farm

Nothing says distributing the wealth more than staying in a $3000 a night hotel suite and raping the housekeeper...........

The arrest of Dominique Strauss-Kahn on charges of sexually assaulting a hotel cleaning woman in New York City is a personal humiliation for the French politician, but it is also a black mark on the International Monetary Fund that chose to overlook his previous sexual behavior. It will be fascinating to see how the grandees of French and international financial politics handle this one.

Mr. Strauss-Kahn is entitled to the presumption of innocence, and his attorney says he will plead not guilty. Some in the French press and even a French government minister are suggesting that the 62-year-old Socialist Party panjandrum may have been set up by his rivals. The charges are stunning enough—and French politics is strange enough—that we suppose anything is possible, but such a conspiracy would have to include a large number of players.

The facts of the case as reported by New York police so far do not look promising for the IMF managing director. The woman who entered to clean the Frenchman's $3,000-a-night Sofitel suite at midday on Saturday reported the incident immediately. She told police that Mr. Strauss-Kahn emerged naked from the bathroom, pursued her down a hallway and pulled her into the bedroom. She escaped and he then chased her again and dragged her into a bathroom.

I guess for this clown "sharing the wealth" has a different meaning.

Since he's French, let's call him Napolean.


Life in "Progress" State - CA edition

When the LA Times doesn't even have you back, what does it say..........

California's much-vaunted high-speed rail project is, to put it bluntly, a train wreck. Intended to demonstrate the state's commitment to sustainable, cutting-edge transportation systems, and to show that the U.S. can build rail networks as sophisticated as those in Europe and Asia, it is instead a monument to the ways poor planning, mismanagement and political interference can screw up major public works. For anti-government conservatives, it is also a powerful argument for scrapping President Obama's national rail plans, rescinding federal funding and canceling the project before any more money is wasted on it.

In other words. It's just another liberal boondoggle.

But that's not what's hilarious here. check this line out.............

We pointed out back in 2008, before voters approved nearly $10 billion in state bonds to fund the project under Proposition 1A, that it would be more expensive and difficult to build than its backers were letting on. But we endorsed it anyway because of the economic and environmental benefits the train could bring.

In other words, "we don't care what the costs.... we want a pony"


Who did they vote for? #51

Meet Gloria and Whitney. Why are they in the news?
Deputies say a Fort Myers woman arrested last week on more than a dozen charges was also hiding a knife in her vagina.

Gloria Esther Perez, 28, is facing eight counts of possession of a controlled substance without a prescription, four counts of possession of drug paraphernalia, two counts of carrying a concealed weapon and a count of disturbing the peace.

Deputies said the arrest stemmed from an altercation in the street between Perez and Whitney Noelle Krimmel, 26.

Krimmel is also facing several charges including 25 counts of drug possession, 11 counts of possession of drug paraphernalia, one count of battery, one count of domestic violence and a count of giving false identification to a law enforcement officer.

So when these ladies voted during the last presidential election, did the cast their ballots for The One or The Maverick?


Thanks reader Jeremy for the salacious details.