Saturday, August 30, 2008

Obamamania - Catch it

Thought of the Day

How many times did Sarah Palin vote "present" as governor of Alaska?

Maybe that's the "experience" democrats are talking about.

Kristol on Palin

Bill Kristol on Palin
There will be rocky moments. But they will fade if the McCain campaign lets Palin's journey take its natural course over the next two months. Millions of Americans--mostly but not only women, mostly but not only Republicans and conservatives--seemed to get a sense of energy and enjoyment and pride, not just from her nomination, but especially from her smashing opening performance. Palin will be a compelling and mold-breaking example for lots of Americans who are told every day that to be even a bit conservative or Christian or old-fashioned is bad form. In this respect, Palin can become an inspirational figure and powerful symbol. The left senses this, which is why they want to discredit her quickly.

A key moment for Palin will be the vice presidential debate, to be held at Washington University in St. Louis on October 2. One liberal commentator--a former U.S. ambassador and not normally an unabashed vulgarian--licked his chops Friday afternoon: "To steal an old adage of former Secretary of State James Baker .  .  . putting Sarah Palin into a debate with Joe Biden is going to be like throwing Howdy Doody into a knife fight!"

Charming. And if Palin holds her own against Biden, as she is fully capable of doing? McCain will then have succeeded in combining with his own huge advantage in experience and judgment, a politician of great promise in his vice presidential slot who will make Joe Biden look like a tiresome relic. McCain's willingness to take a chance on Palin could turn what looked, after Obama's impressive speech Thursday night in Denver, like a long two months for Republicans and conservatives, into a campaign of excitement and--dare we say it?--hope, which will culminate on November 4 in victory.


Where are the misogynists?

As I surfed the number of political blogs yesterday, I had to ask the question.

Where are the misogynists?

You know, those knuckle dragging, conservative, angry white guys who's whole meaning in life is being able to hold down women.

Rush Limbaugh
This woman's nickname is Barracuda, from her high school basketball days. She takes no prisoners. She's a government ethical reformer. She's been opposing Ted Stevens, who's got problems. Her husband works in the oil business. He helps to create the fuel that Obama uses to fly all over the country. The fuel that Obama says he wants to get rid of in ten years. This is tremendous, and everybody saying, "Well, how is she going to stack up against Biden?" It's not how she stacks up against Biden. It's how she stacks up against Obama. McCain has the experience-vs.-Obama thing wrapped up. "Well, what about foreign policy? She doesn't have any foreign policy." Neither does Obama! Our vice presidential choice is more qualified to be president of the United States than Barack Obama, the Democrat choice.

Hugh Hewitt
Sarah Palin is a real deal conservative, down the line, on all of the issues.

James Dobson
I shared with a colleague just a few minutes ago exactly what you said about the period of time when Ronald Reagan had broken onto the scene and I was in Washington D.C. the day he was inaugurated. That was one of the most exciting days of my life, because everything that we had hoped for and been working for had come to pass. I feel very much that way today.
Mark Steyn .
....And for the gun-totin' Miss Wasilla then to go on to become Governor while having five kids makes it an even more uniquely American story. Next to her resume, a guy who's done nothing but serve in the phony-baloney job of "community organizer" and write multiple autobiographies looks like just another creepily self-absorbed lifelong member of the full-time political class that infests every advanced democracy.

I have to admit I was cool to her selection because I believed Obama's experience was an easy target to exploit and I was against her selection as well as Bobby Jindal's.

None the less, she has the opportunity to transform what the GOP looks like. It's going to be harder for democrats to claim their tent is so big when there was room for Joe Biden but no room for a woman on their ticket when republicans found room.

In addition, how is it that conservatives like myself are more enthusiastic for a woman than the guy on top of the ticket? Because she's a conservative. It proves that conservatives are more committed to principle than labels such as race, sex, etc...

See, Obama disciple's aren't the only one's hungry for change. Conservatives are dying for someone to pick up the conservative flag and run with it. Palin fits that bill.

That could open lots of doors for people to say "democrats talk, republicans walk".

Game on!

Stipe to leave US

How many of these are we going to hear going over the next two months.....
Asked what he felt it would mean for America if McCain wins the election, Stipe smiled and said: "Well I'd have to move to England".

Mike, get your passport ready.

Messiahmania - Catch It

Friday, August 29, 2008

Pot, Kettle Black award

This is the first one in a while that hasn't gone to The Billary.

This week's award goes to Obamamania....
Today, John McCain put the former mayor of a town of 9,000 with zero foreign policy experience a heartbeat away from the presidency. Governor Palin shares John McCain's commitment to overturning Roe v. Wade, the agenda of Big Oil and continuing George Bush's failed economic policies — that's not the change we need, it's just more of the same.

Hello!!! Experience? I'm still turning pages to resumes to see what exactly either Biden or Obama have actually run. What has either of them accomplished?

Was it that "community organizer" thingy that Obama ran? By the way, I've driven through South Chicago, unless his goal there was to organize an outhouse, he didn't run that well.

Biden? I watched him run those Clarence Thomas hearings. That was pretty successful by most accounts.

What does either of them offer for foreign policy experience? Diplomat? A governor trying to lure foreign trade?

In my mind, she might be more qualified than any of these dirt bags.

Naughty Alaskan librarian

The politics of abortion

I was curious to see other blogger's thoughts on the Palin nomination and I ran into this little barb over at Jill's
For women’s vote, Eleanor Clift says: Clinton asked are you for me or the issues I stand for? Overturning Roe will now come up. How will she perform - like Dan Quayle and not up to it or dazzle us and make us think she can step in?

I've never understood why abortion is the one and only issue for some women; especially those past child bearing age.

First, we went through Reagan, Bush I and Bush II administrations. They were all allegedly pro life and despite 20 of the last 28 years of these pro life candidates, Roe v Wade still stands. It's not going anywhere.

Second, even if Roe V. Wade is overturned, a woman will still be able to chop up the baby in her womb at anytime because states will never be able to place significant abortion restrictions into law.

See, right now it's easy to be pro life because the you can always blame abortion on the Supreme Court. If, by some act of God, it's overturned, many of those "pro life" elected officials are going to be hiding in corners.

Third, if you are a woman that holds this issue so dearly and you are absolutely certain that you do not want a baby. I have an idea, don't get pregnant in the first place. If you can take the time and energy to worry about your elected officials taking away your "right", you have more than enough energy to avoid a pregnancy in the first place.

Maybe a woman past child bearing age can clue me in on why they'd vote for a pro abortion male over a pro life woman.

Where's Geena Davis?

I didn't realize that ABC brought back Commander in Chief. Given that McCain is all of 89 or 90, she could be the next president, much like the TV drama.

I've been critical of Obama's campaign playing right into McCain's hand. McCain must have decided to return the favor with his selection of Palin.

Look, she seems like a great conservative. But how do you bang on someone's lack of experience with this selection. This selection communicates that experience isn't important.

You can mix the four of these picks any number of ways and they look like the same thing.

McCain must have some kick ass polling that shows some truly pissed off Clinton supporters.

Unlike these other three senatorial ding dongs and derelicts, at least Palin has actually run something. These other dolts have never even run a lemonade stand.

Evaluating the demographic #2

A few weeks ago, I printed a GOP analysis of the rock star demographic. This week, my insider friend at GOP headquarters provided me with a breakdown of the movie star demographic.

Name: TV & Movie Personalities

Description: Made up of established actors, directors and producers in the motion picture and television industries.

Like the rock star demographic, this group contains an unusually high number of drug addicts & alcoholics. Multiple marriages and sex partners (and subsequent sex addictions) are also part of this group’s demographic.They also suffer from large amounts of emotional instability as evidenced by a higher suicide rate than the public at large.

In addition, there appears to be quite a little man complex among the Hollywood elite Tom Cruise (5’7”), Dustin Hoffman (5’5”), Richard Dreyfus (5’5”), Al Pacino (5’7”), and Bill Maher (5’8”). These were people who probably weren’t talented enough to be the jocks on campus. As a result, they carry an ingrained resentment against traditional power structures.

Current members of this group include but are not limited to Warren Beatty, Annette Bening, Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner, Pete Wentz, Rachel Leigh Cook, Kal Penn, Jennifer Hudson, Fran Drescher, Method Man, Sean Penn, Giancarlo Esposito, Danny Glover, Margaret Cho.

Estimated poll figures: Obama 84% - McCain 16%

What they are looking for in a candidate: For the most part, this is a group that wants their artistic talents appreciated by the general public (regardless of how crappy). In addition, many of them feel that they have an appreciation for the exploitation of the poor as a result of their own moral and ethical sell outs to get prime Hollywood jobs.

In addition, much like other democratic supporters, this is a group who is used to having people doing life’s dirty work for them. So in their minds, the democratic party would appear to be a nice fit to take of things they really don’t want to be bothered with.

Finally, because most of these people were freaks and geeks in high school, they see support of the democratic party as an attempt to put one over on the quarterback who stuffed them in a trash can back in high school.

How to impact the demographic: At this point in time, the GOP has some moderate vocal support from the likes of Jon Voight, Bo Derek and Patricia Heaton. Unfortunately, many conservative Hollywood types will remain in the background to avoid a potential blacklisting by directors, producers, etc.

Cost/Benefit of drawing this demographic: If you saw the Obama acceptance speech last night, you’ll get how truly unstable some of these people are. As a result, it’s probably a good thing to let these people continue their support for democrats.

Just leave them alone.

Friday Funny II

McCain v Obama guess which one is which

Friday Funny

Here's an old classic...

The party of the people

A good time for democrats in Denver....
An unruly crowd gathered outside a fancy lounge near the Pepsi Center for hours, pressing up against bouncers to get to the party inside. Anyone who made their way through the door found an open bar, a horde of lobbyists, political strategists and reporters and a handful of lawmakers. But first, you had to wait in line, then prove you were invited by finding your name on a pre-printed list. Unless, that is, you were former White House chief of staff John Podesta, in which case you hopped out of your black SUV, walked up to the door and strolled right in at around midnight with barely a nod at the security guys.

The nightlife at the Democratic convention has seen the usual celebrity hierarchy turned sort of upside down, with wonky Washington power brokers suddenly commanding the sort of VIP treatment at swanky clubs usually reserved for ex-reality TV stars. As soon as the night's speeches end -- and sometimes before then -- trendy bars and clubs around town have filled up with D.C. types wearing convention credentials around their necks. Performers from Kanye West to Willie Nelson have appeared on late-night stages, and most people in Denver could probably have managed to get through the week without spending a dime on dinner or drinks by bouncing from party to party.

There's a reason, of course, that even junior House aides are able to get into lavish events that keep them fed, drunk and entertained all week; the parties are sponsored by huge corporations with plenty of business pending before them when the whole scene heads back to Washington. With Democrats in charge of Congress, and aiming at the White House, corporate interests who only used to care about Republicans are using the convention to cozy up to the other side. In fact, according to tip sheets compiled by D.C. lobbying firm Quinn Gillespie (an equal-opportunity employer of Republicans and Democrats alike), there were far more evening receptions, cocktail parties and big blowouts this week in Denver than there will be next week in St. Paul. But the new interest in Washington's Democratic rulers made for some unusual juxtapositions between the party's platform and the anti-lobbyist rhetoric of Barack Obama's campaign.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

College football starts tonight

Gordon will be down at Nippert Stadium tonight for the kickoff of college football season (UC v. EKU).

Things to look for this season.

1) After the top 20 teams load up on 5 weeks of cupcakes and ho ho's, all the pundits will be charting out the road to the BCS championship with more than half the season and seven real games to go.

2) The Heisman voting will be down to six candidates by Sunday.

3) The NCAA will schedule a game between Penn State and Miami in Leavenworth.

4) The Big Ten will still not be able to count its members.

5) Temple will finally break out with a win against a MAC school

6) The teams in the BCS championship game will be chosen by a Chinese gymnastics judge, a Slovenian diving judge and Hugh Hefner; a marked improvement over sports writers.

It should be a good time.

Another city life amenity

City dwellers love to point out all those great amenities city life offers.

They probably always forget this one....
New data indicate New York City residents are contracting the virus that causes AIDS at three times the national rate.

The city health department said Wednesday that almost 4,800 New Yorkers were infected with HIV in 2006. The number represents 72 in every 100,000 residents, compared to a national rate of 23 per 100,000.

The figures are the first to pinpoint when people became infected, not just when they were diagnosed. Better blood tests have helped make that possible.


Obama Hilton

More "progressive" schools in the toilet

Question. Can you guess what party runs this school district and community?
Clayton County schools have lost accreditation. The 50,000-student school system becomes the first in the nation to lose accreditation in 40 years, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools announced today.

The ruling confirms the worst fears of Clayton’s 271,000 residents.

Clayton County Commission Chairman Eldrin Bell, who was in the meeting at SACS headquarters in Decatur when the announcement came, confirmed the loss of accreditation.

“I’m disappointed. I think we still have a window of hope because there is an appeal process,” he said.

Bell said he summoned the committee of citizens who helped the school district when it was on probation five years ago.

“I cannot allow this to happen. We are going to step back up to the plate to reassure our community that there is hope and we care about our children.”

No accreditation means students will have a tougher time getting into some colleges and universities. They may also have difficulty obtaining scholarships.

If your answer is democrats, you would be correct.

What's so "progressive" about shitty schools?

Good luck Tony

During the summer of 1998, I separated from my now ex-wife. During that summer, I would go to different bars and restaurants to eat dinner and have a couple of beers.

I started going to Willie's in Kenwood because it wasn't smoky, the food was decent and reasonably priced and the beer was cold.

After going in there for a few months I was introduced to a lot of people who ultimately became my great friends; Tony, Rick, Chris, The Unabomber, Karen, Matt, Jeff, Mike and Mizzi, Dan, Joe, Byron, Andrea, Jamie, What about Bob, Holly, Tashia, Dana, Dave, Ken, Marie, Vernon, Shane, Lisa, Pilot Dave, Mike, Mike, Mike and Mike.

Now, after ten years, the straw that stirs the drink, my friend Tony, has finally pulled up his stakes and is moving to Chicago today.

They say that people come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime and that you need to figure out which one it is.

My hope is that Tony's friendship will be a lifetime.

Good luck in Chicago Tony and good luck with that 1739% sales tax in Cook County.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dems to Hillary voters..... Get over it.

I see a certain irony when democrats, a party who operates almost exclusively out of emotion, are now telling disaffected Hillary voters to "get over it".

From Margery Eagan
DENVER - This mess just won’t end.And if it doesn’t end soon - like today - the Democrats will lose in November. Again.

The mess I refer to? Hillary supporters’ continued up-the-ante demands for respect and validation, for hurt feelings to be soothed, voices to be heard, etc.

Mostly they’re middle-aged women, like me, and I’m feeling embarrassed by association.

Is this really about Hillary and politics, or some deeply resented dissing by a husband, ex-husband, ex-boyfriend or boss?

Can’t we all just get along?


Honey, I love you

Notes from the convention from The Weekly Standard
4) With the convention half done, the Obama campaign is still desperately seeking a narrative. Have you noticed how every speaker has mentioned how much they love America? That’s new for the Democratic party. However touching these displays of patriotism have been, this is playing on McCain’s home turf. As the Republicans will probably remind America next week, John McCain has shown his love of country by actually serving it, Obama by talking about when it became politically convenient to do so.

Once again, the clue phone is ringing for democrats and they just don't want to pick up.

Imagine you say this to your lovely spouse... "Honey, I love you. Except for that mole on the back of your neck." or "Honey, you're the greatest, except for the annoying snort you do when you laugh." or maybe "Honey, I love you, but you know, I can't stand your male patterned baldness."

See most conservatives recognize that we live in the greatest country in the history of mankind. PERIOD. How do we know this? You need only look our net immigration numbers.Millions more people want to come here than leave.

But democrats seem hell bent on saying "we love America, but it will be so much better when we're like Europe."

That voter in Chillicothe Ohio understands the difference. Apparently, if you're from San Francisco, you don't.

Web site of the week

So you went to a strip club last week and you screwed up by putting all those lap dances on your credit card. What do you do?

Well you can go to this web site and set up your own custom receipt so when your wife pays that bill to Deja Vu you can say that it was for art work in your office.

Of course then you need to get yourself some artwork, real quick, with cash.

Make corporations pay more

If you are one of those "progressive" thinkers who think we should have corporations pay more in taxes. Read this....
Following newly released OECD data that shows U.S. corporate income taxes are 50 percent higher than the OECD average, the Tax Foundation released a revised summary showing that the US federal corporate income tax quietly taps family pocketbooks for nearly $370 billion per year in the form of higher prices, lower wages and poorer return on investment.

The typical family focuses on the more visible taxes such as property taxes on homes, sales taxes on purchases, and personal income and payroll taxes. But in Tax Foundation Tax Watch, "What Do Corporate Income Taxes Cost American Families," Tax Foundation President Scott Hodge puts a price tag on the corporate income tax.

"Most people think corporate income taxes are paid by wealthy, anonymous companies," said Hodge. "But as economists have been teaching for years, ultimately people bear the burden of corporate taxes, not companies. And in 2006 that burden averaged $3,190 per household. That's more than the average household spends on restaurant food, gasoline or home electricity in a year."

Maybe a "progressive" can educate me as to how making me pay more in taxes makes things cheaper for my customers.

The American Narcissist Convention

Right now, in Denver, we have the American Narcissist Convention and I'm not just talking about Obamamania and The Billary.

We've also got the fine assortment of MSNBC anchors bitching and moaning amongst themselves.
Scarborough declined to talk to Page Six, but sources say he and NBC anchor Tom Brokaw disagree with MSNBC's decision to position itself as the channel for George W. Bush-haters.

At a forum on Sunday, when Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell called MSNBC "the official network of the Obama campaign," Brokaw said, "I think Keith has gone too far. I think Chris has gone too far."

Insiders say Olbermann is pushing to have Brokaw banned from the network and is also refusing to have centrist Time magazine columnist Mike Murphy on his show.

Only a pack of self aggrandizing, group of ego manics can get together in a city and call it a convention. Just call it a democratic party.

Just like living with a pack of teenagers, the adults will show up next week and clean up the mess.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cult of Personality

If Obama wants to shed himself from the celebrity tag, he may want to tell his musician buddies to quit making these videos.

This gives creepy a whole new meaning.

Democrats and common sense are mutually exclusive

Do you know why democrats have a hard time reaching those gun clinging, god fearing hillbillies in SE Ohio?

Well, it may start with the fact that many democrats lack enough hillbilly common sense to discern between good and evil.

Case in point, Tom Hayden's comparison between John McCain and William Ayers.
"I have met and like John McCain, but he bombed, and presumably killed, many people in a war I opposed," Hayden says. "If I can set all that aside, I would hope that Americans will accept" that Ayers has changed, too.

For democrats, it's why Bush = Hitler, republicans = Hitler, global warming doubters = Hitler, meat eaters = Hitler, people against gay marriage = Hitler.

If you can't discern the difference between an air force bomber on a mission and a non repentant domestic terrorist, you're never going to reach a guy in Gallipolis with some common sense.

By the way, if Ayers has changed, you'd think he would start by condemning his past actions. Something he has yet to do.

It's 3 a.m. again

All about Obama

James Carville on the DNC Convention....
"The way they planned it tonight was supposed to be sort of the personal — Michelle Obama will talk about Barack Obama personally, Ted Kennedy was a very personal, emotional speech," Carville said. "But I guarantee on the first night of the Republican Convention, you're going to hear talk about Barack Obama, commander-in-chief, tax cuts, et cetera, et cetera."

Not that I want to help out the Obama campaign but attacks on McCain are a waste of time. Because of McCain's experience and notoriety, changing the narrative on him will be next to impossible.

It's actually impossible for the McCain camp to change the narrative about their own candidate. People already have their impressions on McCain ingrained in stone. Just read any conservative blogger and you will read the disdain they have for McCain. People like myself, who will end up voting for McCain, cannot stand the way he's sold out conservatives for political expediency. Anything he does to mend those fences will be seen as politically expedient because the narrative is so strong.

Once again, this election will be all about Obama. Obama's an unknown quantity. His experience his sparse and there's not a lot about his personal narrative known to the public.

The Obama campaign needs to provide the public a reason to vote for him. McCain's got an easier job because they can shape lot's of reasons to vote against him.

As it is, the Obama campaign is working right into the hands of McCain camp. He's soft on experience, so Obama selects Biden as his VP. He's got an association with domestic terrorists, so Obama releases an ad noting Ayers as a radical. He's a celebrity so he surrounds his convention with celebrities.

So Obama, you keep running those McCain = Bush ads and when you see those dead cat bounces just remember, I told you so.

A Tribute for Kennedy

I don't watch conventions, republicans or democrats. They're the equivalent of watching an infomercial. Plus, if I want that much smoke blown up my ass I'll go to Vegas, get myself a hookah and some hookers and have a good ole time.

That said, I have to question a tribute to Ted Kennedy. Did they show footage of him with the neck brace on after Chappaquiddick?

Can you imagine the republicans doing a tribute to Strom Thurmond, Larry Craig, Ted Stevens, et al.? It would be ridiculous.

But somehow when you are a democrat, killing a young woman because of your indiscretions is just washed away as soon as the next tide rolls in. I'm sure Mary Jo Kopechne would have been so proud.

Obamamania - Catch it

"Excellent with distinction" school districts in Redville

The Enquirer noted twelve area school districts who received an "excellent with distinction" ranking (74 state wide).

Just out of curiosity, I wonder how these school districts would match up in the red state/blue state metaphor.

Forest Hills - Red
Indian Hill - Red
Kings - Red
Lakota - Red
Lebanon - Red
Loveland - Red
Mason - Red
Ross - Red
Springboro - Red
Sycamore - Red
Wayne - Red
Wyoming - Red

You'll notice that all of these school districts are populated with republicans. But let's say you're a hard core democrat and you want to live with and have your kids educated by democrats. Well, you have lot's of choices. Assuming you want your kids in crappy school districts like Hamilton, North College Hill, and Cincinnati Public.

I'm always cracking up with the liberal mantra that they are the "intelligent" ones and that suburban republicans are a bunch of goobers. Well, if that's the case, why do the school systems liberals run suck so bad?

What's so "progressive" about shitty schools?

Monday, August 25, 2008

Yep, he's a democrat

Apparently, Joe Biden is everything it means to be a democrat, including the ability to be charitable as long as it's not your own money....
Sen. Joseph Biden, D-Del., chairman Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama's running mate.

Earned income: $298,200.

Honoraria, all donated to charity: $1,025.

In percentage terms that all of 1/3 of 1% of his income.

Wow, that's pretty generous Joe. What? You didn't clean out your sofa cushions last year?

For the Joebama ticket, if they put together their charitable dollars they might be able to buy a coat for some poor kid somewhere.

The party of the rich

Remind me again which party has sold out to corporate interests...
Despite a campaign that attacked corporate and special interest lobbyists as evil and banned their money and participation, Sen. Barack Obama has done little, if anything, about their pervasive, free-spending presence at the Democratic convention in Denver, ethics watchdog groups say.

I think he could have sent a signal to say I want this tamped down," said Ellen Miller of the Sunlight Foundation, a political ethics watchdog group.

"But he has not," she said, "so it's party time."

(Brian Ross reports tonight from Denver, on the Money Trail, for World News with Charles Gibson.)

A spokesman for the Obama campaign, Ben LaBolt, said the Senator could not "make changes to this year's convention" because of the "very late end to the primary season."

As a result, lobbyists are once again spending millions of dollars here on gourmet food, top-shelf liquor and private lavish parties for Democratic elected officials who seem more than happy to play the role of world-class freeloaders.

Freeloaders? Doesn't that make them democrats by definition?

Another "Progress" CIty amenity

My friend, John in Northside, was quick to point out the amenities city life offers over the bland suburbs but he forgot some....

Yeah, really. In addition, to the opera, symphony, art museums, pro sports teams, you also have aggressive panhandlers....
Barbara Bradley, an editor with the Memphis Commercial Appeal, moved into the River City’s reviving downtown about a year and a half ago, loving its “energy and enthusiasm.” But a horde of invading panhandlers has cooled her enjoyment of city life. Earlier this year, she recalled in a recent column, as she showed some visitors around the neighborhood, “a big panhandler blocked the entrance to our parking area and demanded his toll.” Now a nervous Bradley avoids certain downtown areas, locks her car when fueling up at local gas stations, and parks strategically, so that she can see beggars coming before getting out of her car. “When I hear someone call out ‘ma’am, ma’am’ anywhere in downtown or midtown, I run.”

I know when Mrs. Gekko and I are out running errands, the first thing I always tell her is "be careful when you go to West Chester. You may get accosted by a bum" or "Honey, please make sure your doors are locked when you drive through Mason. I don't want a squeege guy car jacking you".

How is it that all of our glorious cities, run by "progressives", have all these bums in them?

Look, I think we can all agree that homelessness is not a good thing and yet the most progressive city in the country, San Francisco, is littered with it.

Now these really smart "progressives", who run that city, annually spend $104 million on homeless programs. Has it alleviated homelessness in the city of San Francisco? The last time I visited there, I got to watch several guys eat out of trash cans and step over them while they were passed out on the side walk. So I'll answer no, it hasn't helped. In fact, it's gotten worse

Now, I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that Dublin, Ohio spends -0- on their homeless community. And guess what? I don't think I've ever seen a guy hauling around a grocery cart in that bastion of republicans.

Why is that?

Could it be that all these programs designed to help the homeless, are simply enabling people to live this lifestyle?

But then again, they are "progressives". They are much smarter than all of us yaahoo's in the suburbs.

And we also don't have droves of homeless people all over the place.

What's so "progressive" about homelessness?

Does he play softball?

Apparently, Barack Obama is just an ordinary guy...
"I think what you'll conclude is, he's sort of like us: comes from a middle-class background, went to school on scholarships, had to pay off student loans, he and his wife had to worry about childcare and figure out how to start a college fund for their kids," he said.

I know what he's talking about. Just the other day, I was at my local watering hole talking to my friend Rick, who was bitching about the price of arugula; just like Obama.

My other buddy, Matt, a Harvard grad, sat on the other side telling me how wonderful it was to marry a chick with a degree from Harvard; just like Obama

Then my other buddy, Mike told me how wonderful the Pinot Noir he was sipping was; just like Obama.

Then my friend Sam piped in to let me know he has this wonderful pastor, who proclaims that we live in the USKKKA; just like Obama.

Finally, my friend Jim reminded us of his great neighbor, who's terrorist activities resulted in the death of a cop; just like Obama.

Man, this Obama guy would fit right in at the old watering hole. I'd send him an email inviting him to be a member of my bowling team, except we need a better average than 63.


Probably the best way to describe the Eddie Money show last night at Taste of Blue Ash.

We didn't get to sit through the entire show because of rain but it didn't take a lot of songs to realize that Eddie was about 15 years older than Kenny Loggins is; except that Kenny's a year younger.

It was clear that Eddie really lacked any wind to do a song or to play his sax with any gusto. Instead of Shakin' it should be Breathin'

None the less, it was a good time listening to all those great 80's tunes.


Eddie did a song honoring troops. He made it clear that he wasn't pro or con any politician. You need to be Eddie. You're going to need some hip and knee replacements in the future. I think you should be touting socialized medicine in your show.

Eddie! Don't do the hip shake thing; unless you take a calcium supplement. All night, I was worried we might slide off the ramps in front of the stage.

More Jessica.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Olympicsexmania - Catch It!

NBC couldn't televise the most exciting action at the Olympics in Beijing - the sexual acrobatics of the young competitors in the Olympic Village.

According to veterans of the Games, the world's top athletes were hooking up for the two weeks of competition - with a final burst of sexual release last night on the eve of today's closing ceremonies.

"How else is this going to manifest itself than with a volcanic release of pent-up hedonism?"

Syed notes the big winners, "even those as geeky as Michael Phelps," were the principal objects of desire for many female athletes. Losers also get their share, he said, adding it was "a common sight to see recently knocked-out athletes gorging on Magnums and McDonald's, swilling alcohol and, of course, shagging like crazy."


I'm All Right

Last night, Gordon and Mrs. Gekko went over to the Taste of Blue Ash to see Kenny Loggins.

I was never a big Loggin's fan, but I have to admit he put on a great show with a lot of energy.

He also surrounded himself with a great band who could really kick out the rock.

We're out tonight to see Eddie Money. After the chair madness at the Taste last night, wish me luck.

Tonight's DUI checkpoint

There will be a DUI checkpoint in Hamilton County somewhere along US Rt 52 tonight.

As soon as I can get further details I'll pass it along.