Thursday, June 18, 2015

Another product of zero score soccer games

Another shooter boy. Another product of kids who have never been taught how to deal with adversity of even the mildest forms. For God's sake, we can't even have our kids deal with the aftermath of getting their asses kicked in a soccer game.

Of course, every kid is of the most special and every kid should be everything they can imagine. That's how we get shitheads who identify as black when they are as white as the driven snow and derelicts who get slighted in some form or another and their only line of recourse is to gun down a bunch of church goers.

Look, at one point in my life, I identified with Dr J. but when my growth spurt ended at 5'11" and my vertical tapped out at 28", I had to go to plan B. When that didn't work I hit plan C. I'm now 52 years old working off of plan J-M as we speak.

The thought being that I didn't sit around in a shitty diaper waiting for someone to fix my boo boos. I had to move on.

That's how life operates.

Now we have an entire generation of shitheads who are offended by the slightest of slights, have no skills to deal with them at all, and no ability to mobilize a detour when a giant mountain stands in the road of dreams.

Micro aggressions and triggers are now part of our campus lexicon. Seriously, are college students who want to ruin a professor's life work for saying something provocative really all that much different than a racist piece of shit with a gun.

Ask Laura Kipnis. The people who filed a title IX charge against her probably had no problem with her losing her livelihood simply because they were "uncomfortable" with her beliefs. She probably would have preferred to be shot in lieu of the professional assassination she had to endure.

This punk who shot up a church will not be the last as long as we keep coddling these kids as "special".

An addendum

I've read numerous articles on this punk and you know what I don't see? Comments from co-workers.

Why is this important? Because it implies that he would have had a fucking job. If he would have had a fucking job, maybe he wouldn't have had so much down time in his parent's basement listening to piles of racist bullshit and planning this shooting.

It also appears that this guy couldn't even come up with enough get up and go to actually go get a damn driver's license, yet had access to someone's car.

Maybe instead of buying their son a gun for his birthday, his parents should have purchased this piece of shit a resume service.