Saturday, May 10, 2008

Political analysis you won't find at CNN

rated R for language

HT Red State Update

But they're run by "progressives"

A report on the Philadelphia public schools
Philadelphia public schools are unsafe places where students who commit violent crimes are rarely punished and rehabilitated and with a disciplinary system that is "dysfunctional and unjust," according to a report by the district's safe-schools advocate.

In a blistering 72-page document obtained by The Inquirer, Jack Stollsteimer describes a district where students who assault teachers or come to school with guns are not removed from classrooms, a violation of federal and state law.

School crime, he says, has been historically underreported, victims do not receive proper rights, and the increasing violence against teachers and employees is not taken seriously.

Hasn't anyone told these people they're democrats. Oh... nevermind.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Obamania's travels

He must be counting Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela as states.

Buy your locks

You've been forewarned
The Democratic presidential primary is landing in Northern Kentucky next week.

Hillary Clinton is scheduled to visit Kenton County on May 18, though details of her stop have not been announced.

Clinton's daughter, Chelsea, will spend Monday in Northern Kentucky, meeting with high school and college students and visiting local businesses. Details will come when they are available.

As we know from previous Billary trips, it's best if you hide your daughters, lock up all of your valuables and cling to your guns. If you rent space or do catering services for these guys, get your money up front or you will get screwed.

What party are they?

In keeping up with Bizzyblog's notations of media stories that have no mention of party affiliation, I'm setting up the What Party are They? Label for stories where there is no mention of party affiliation.

The first post originates from Prosaic New Jersey, where former mayor Samuel Rivera, pleaded guilty to corruption charges.

Passaic Mayor Samuel Rivera today pleaded guilty this morning to federal corruption charges and faces up to two years in prison.
Rivera, 61, among 11 public officials caught in a statewide FBI sting last year, pleaded guilty to one count of extortion after being accused of accepting $5,000 in cash from an insurance brokerage firm in exchange for his help getting contracts. The firm turned out to be a front for the FBI.

"Don't worry about it. I'll help you out. I'll help you out," Rivera told an undercover FBI informant last year during one secretly recorded conversation, according to the two-count indictment.

He was indicted earlier this year by a federal grand on bribery and extortion charges. By pleading guilty to the extortion charge, Rivera faces 18 to 24 months in prison under federal sentencing guidelines, according to his lawyer, Henry Klingeman.

You can read the entire article and then answer the question....

What party is he?

The Guv backs down

I guess The Guv must have dusted off his old playbook from the 1990's and has now decided that Marc "Dannimal" House's offenses "don't rise to the standard of impeachable offenses".

After all, being fat, drunk and stupid may be no way to go though life but it's good enough to be AG.

Another Friday Funny - Dannimal Style

At first, I thought this was Marc "Dannimal" House's wife.

Friday Funny

The top 50 Greatest Commercial Parodies of all Time

I can't believe the Adobe Car (SNL) wasn't on this list.

Tonight's DUI checkpoint

Tonight's DUI checkpoint location for SW Ohio.
A drunk driving checkpoint tonight in Butler County will be in Middletown on Ohio 122 near Kensington Street, according to the Ohio State Highway Patrol's Hamilton post.

The checkpoint will run from 11:30 a.m. to 3 a.m., said Lt. Wayne Price.

Stay tuned at taxmanblog for the latest in ineffective use of police resources.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Read My Lips

What a surprise, Obama says he'll raise taxes if he's elected prez. Look out if you're rich (i.e. make more than $100,000)

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama flatly promised to raise taxes in a television interview Thursday afternoon.

“I will raise CEO taxes,” Obama told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on “The Situation Room. If you’re a CEO in this country you’ll probably pay more taxes,” Obama said.

Obama speculated his CEO tax rates “won’t be prohibitively high, you’ll pay roughly what you did in the 90’s when they were doing fine.”

Obama also said he would eliminate the Bush tax cuts and install what he called a “middle class tax cut.”

Blitzer asked Obama to define “middle class.”

Obama replied, “You know, I think the definitions are always a little bit rough” and said “if you’re making $100,000 a year or less, then you’re pretty solidly middle class…On the other hand, if you’re making more than $100,000 and certainly if you’re making more than $200,000 or $250,000, you’re doing pretty well.”

Red's Rant

Not original, but funny anyway...

Reserving a room in hell

If this is true, this Cincinnati Police Officer just reserved a special place in hell for this stunt.
In February 2006, Mitchell entered a Springfield Township home to evict a couple who were behind in their rent. According to the indictment, Mitchell and local police found the husband’s body hanging in the basement.

Mitchell later learned the husband had an insurance policy and filled out fraudulent insurance forms purportedly from the widow, the indictment states.

Mitchell then collected almost $200,000 in benefits that should have gone to the man’s widow, the indictment says.

Bengals reunion tomorrow

The Ohio Highway Patrol announced a DUI checkpoint for tomorrow night; just in time for Chris Henry's release from home arrest.

The time and dates have not been determined but much will probably depend on whether they expect Cedric Benson to show up on his boat.

Are you kidding me?

Margaret Carlson with a piece titled

Time for Clintons to Finally Take High Road:

You're kidding me right?

I know we're talking about "progressives", who seem to believe that history goes back as far as the last meal they ate, but let's review the 1990's.

The democrats hated republicans so much they put up with a lyin', cheatin', perjurin' president despite their known narcissistic tendencies. They defended them to the end, and became defacto enablers to their narcissism.

And now they're asking them to step aside for the good of the party.


These people have never cared about anything but themselves for their entire existence. They eat, shit and screw their self absorption. And now you expect them to put all that aside for someone's benefit besides their own. Are you on crack?

For an entire decade, you told these people that they could do whatever the hell they wanted as long as they weren't republicans. They could lie, rent the Lincoln Bedroom, sell influence to the Chinese, sell out the party, rape women and you turned a blind eye to all these shenanigans.

It's proof positive "progressives" are complete dumb asses.

On a somewhat related thought...........

I've got a question for all you Clinton defenders from the 1990's. What has Marc "Dannimal" House done above and beyond what Bill Clinton did as president that has you wanting his resignation? To my knowledge, Marc "Dannimal" House did not commit perjury (Paula Jones). He never attempted an unsolicited grope (Kathleen Willey). He never asked another to commit perjury. He never used a young girl to satisfy his sexual needs. Ooops, he did do that.

Ted Strickland is a complete hypocrite on this and I'd like to see someone call him out on it.

For what it's worth, it's only looking brighter for the democrats. If you thought The Billary were totally self absorbed, wait until you get Obamania. Standing next to Michelle Obama, people would call Tereza Heinz Ketchup, humble.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Blue City goes bankrupt

Vallejo, CA has decided it's going to file bankruptcy.
Vallejo, California, officials voted to file for bankruptcy because the San Francisco suburb isn't able pay its bills after costs for police and firefighters soared and the housing market's slide cut into tax revenue.

The city council's unanimous decision last night will make Vallejo the largest California city to file for bankruptcy and the first in the state to seek protection from creditors because it ran out of money to pay for basic services. The decision came after it failed to win salary concessions from labor unions.

Can you guess which party dominates the city's leadership. If you guess the same party that led New York and Cleveland into bankruptcy, democrats, you would be correct.

The democratic party plans to switch it's slogan for the '08 campaign.

The Democrats.... we can't run a primary or a city, but dang we want to run the country.

Another RINO

Charles Grassley RINO, Iowa apparently believes ethanol has no relation to sky rocketing food costs.
Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, one of the Senate's two working farmers and a longtime ethanol booster, said he finds it hard to believe that ethanol could be "clobbered the way it's being clobbered right now" over the issue of food costs. What does the cost of corn have to do with the price of wheat or rice, he is telling people.

Chuck buddy, you are either a retard or a liar. Actually that makes you a senator by definition. Econ 102 would have taught you that when one commodity price goes up, demand will shift from that commodity to another.

When oil goes up, the price of natural gas, coal, etc also goes up.

When gold shoots up, platinum, silver and copper will also go up.

In this case, when corn goes up, demand drops for corn but increases for soy beans, oats, wheat, etc.; thus increasing prices.

Think of it this way. Corn prices go up, my Corn Chex shoot up in price, so what so I do? I start buying Wheat Chex. More people buying Wheat Chex cause the price for those to go up.

Grassley and Voinovich must share a condo together.

He needed more paid time off

This fall we're going to vote on mandatory paid sick days.

You know what's going to happen with those paid days?

Maybe they'll use those days as Ryan Norman here did.
Ryan Norman left Bond Hill's Engine 9 in early March. As April came to an end, so did his paid time off.

Fire officials - trying to contact him to let him know his leave was up - couldn't find him.

New Mexico officials corralled Norman when they arrested him and a Hamilton man April 25 for allegedly transporting 213 pounds of marijuana in the rear of a car they were towing.

I'm sure he was just trying to care for a sick grandmother with glaucoma.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

All my marxist friends...

Investor's Business Daily on Obamania's association with known marxists.
Ayers has since lectured the Marxist dictator of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, on using public education as an instrument for advancing "revolution." Meanwhile his stepson, Chesa Boudin, has gone to Caracas as an "adviser" to the anti-American Chavez.

Oh, by coincidence, Chavez and Castro are two of the dictators Obama said he'd like to give face time as president of the U.S.

It gets worse when one looks at Obama's political organization.

Obama's own Web site has held at least 15 favorable mentions of Che Guevara, according to a count by blogger Henry Gomez.

When an Obama precinct captain in Houston flew a Cuban flag bearing Guevara's likeness, Obama said only it "disappointed" him and "does not reflect (his) views." He never publicly ordered the flag down, nor rejected Guevara's blood-soaked communism.

Another Obama supporter, acting in Obama's name, secretly contacted Colombia's Marxist FARC terror chief Raul Reyes to tell him that Obama would cut off U.S. military aid to Colombia to hinder its war against FARC, as well as deny Colombia free trade, a strategy FARC considers key to overturning Colombia's democracy.

If Obama repudiated that secret messenger, we didn't hear it.

Some pundits dismiss Obama's ties with radicals as an opportunistic association with Chicago political machines to advance his career. But the depth and breadth of the contacts seem deeper.

That wonderful free health care

The Canadian Health Care system, that progressives love to show as the prototype of how the US's could work, is really wonderful.

Unless you actually need to use it.

From Toronto's Globe & Mail.
More than 100 Canadian women with high-risk pregnancies have been sent to United States hospitals over the past year – in what a doctors' group attributes to the lack of a national birthing plan.

The problem has peaked, with British Columbia and Ontario each sending a record number of women to U.S. neonatal intensive care units (NICUs). Specifically, 80 B.C. women have been sent to U.S. hospitals since April 1, 2007; in Ontario, 28 have been sent since January of 2007, according to figures from the respective health ministries.

André Lalonde, executive vice-president of the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada, said the problem is due to bed closings that took place almost a decade ago, the absence of a national birthing initiative and too few staff.

A great commencement address

P.J. O'Rourke with the commencement address I wish I'd received oh so many years ago.
Well, here you are at your college graduation. And I know what you're thinking: "Gimme the sheepskin and get me outta here!" But not so fast. First you have to listen to a commencement speech.

Don't moan. I'm not going to "pass the wisdom of one generation down to the next." I'm a member of the 1960s generation. We didn't have any wisdom.

We were the moron generation. We were the generation that believed we could stop the Vietnam War by growing our hair long and dressing like circus clowns. We believed drugs would change everything -- which they did, for John Belushi. We believed in free love. Yes, the love was free, but we paid a high price for the sex.

My generation spoiled everything for you. It has always been the special prerogative of young people to look and act weird and shock grown-ups. But my generation exhausted the Earth's resources of the weird. Weird clothes -- we wore them. Weird beards -- we grew them. Weird words and phrases -- we said them. So, when it came your turn to be original and look and act weird, all you had left was to tattoo your faces and pierce your tongues. Ouch. That must have hurt. I apologize.

Our white racist vote

One of the things that we conservatives are going to need to handle this fall is being call racist for somehow finding a way not to vote for Obama.

Never mind that he and his crew are anti-American socialists. A vote for anyone but Obamania, is a sure fire test that you are a racist.

Now, even a vote for The Billary denotes some kind of racism.
If this sounds--excuse the pun--beyond the pale, it's because it is. Or at least, it should be. But the alleged racism of white working-class voters has become, through her campaign's own actions, the last remaining rationale for Clinton's candidacy.

Are white working-class voters really racist? How many and where? If a significant number of them are, should Democrats really court them on the terms of their racism? These are questions worth asking since, apparently, a lot of Democrats think they're valid. But as long as the Clinton campaign continues to code the fact that it is counting on a base of white racist support, we'll never have this conversation. And as long as the mainstream media indulges the euphemism of "electability"--one that makes white racism seem like a personal deficiency of Barack Obama's--we'll be stuck mucking around in diffuse fears and anxieties that nobody, least of all Hillary Clinton, wants to name.

Maybe I just don't want to vote for a guy who knows what arugula is. Does that make me a racist?

The media's love affair

A really good piece on the, almost psychotic, love affair the media has with Obamania.
Yet the flip side of all this is why Clinton’s demographically determined constituencies haven’t felt the Obama magic, why for them he’s an acquired taste, like espresso. It’s not only that the people who create and run the media—and who love Obama—occupy the social and cultural upper rungs. The world depicted in “the media,” broadly construed—not just straight journalism but everything we watch and read and hear—is overwhelmingly a bright, shiny, upscale, youngish world. Uneducated white people, residents of the so-called C and D counties, and the elderly—in other words, Hillary Clinton voters—are seldom allowed into the mass-media foreground, and when they appear it’s usually as bathetic figures, victims or losers. (And working-class black pop culture is considered part of the sexy mainstream in a way that working-class white pop culture is not.) The shocking eclipse of Hillary (an eight-figure net worth, maybe, but at least she’s got a normal American name and a Wal-Mart shopper’s bad hair and big bum) by this fashionable (black!) media darling is one more slap in the face for the people chronically excluded from the pretty mediascape version of America, one more damn new new thing that they don’t really get. It makes them … bitter, and the bitterness makes them cling to the Clintons.

The media didn’t see this coming. Back in February, when the new prince was gliding thrillingly up and up toward nomination, a part of the thrill for the media was their happy astonishment that they were no longer cosmopolitan outliers but finally (unlike in 1984 with Gary Hart) in sync with America: Regular folks, white people in Iowa and Virginia and Wisconsin, were actually voting for Obama!

That was then. With the ten-point loss in Pennsylvania, the latest Reverend Wright eruption, and the shrinkage of Obama’s leads in the polls, the media are feeling lousy, and not just because their guy is taking a beating. If Obama is deemed to be an effete, out-of-touch yuppie, then the effete-yuppie media Establishment that’s embraced him must be equally oblivious and/or indifferent to the sentiments of the common folk.

One way you might become connected to small town, hickville? Don't use words like espresso, bathetic, and effete. It's kind of a giveaway that you're some cosmopolitan a-hole.

Other "tells", eating arugula and knowing what pinot noir is.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Plants' rights

I thought this was satire by the Onion until I read it all the way through.
Swiss lawyers are elaborating the doctrine of vegetable rights. "A few years ago the Swiss added to their national constitution a provision requiring "account to be taken of the dignity of creation when handling animals, plants and other organisms." No one knew exactly what it meant, so they asked the Swiss Federal Ethics Committee on Non-Human Biotechnology to figure it out." In short, they are arguing that plants have inherent rights which humans can't transgress. It sounds ridiculous. Why should we care? But we should.

A 24 page PDF edition of the committee report can be read here. One of the arguments for plant rights is that vegetables are members of "collectives". But beyond that, each individual plant has inherent worth, rather in the way that men used to have. Therefore the committee concludes that "it is unanimously held that plants may not be arbitrarily destroyed ... the majority considers this morally impermissible because something bad is being done to the plant itself without rational reason and thus without justification."

But who is really being "empowered" by the Swiss committee's decision? Is it plants? No. It is bureaucrats. The point of vegetable rights isn't to give plants dignity but to transfer yet more individual human freedoms to activists and government officials.

Deciding that individuals had power over themselves and the things around them was central to the development of human freedom -- and human rights. The noted English jurist William Blackstone made the argument that property rights were the "sole and despotic dominion which one man claims and exercises over the external things of the world, in total exclusion of the right of any other individual in the universe". Whether one agrees or not, historically this was important because it marked the boundary between the power of the King and the power of the individual. In the world of absolute Monarchs, humans had no more rights than rocks or plants, a point we will return to later. The Swiss committee's decision, far from being progressive, is retrograde. In many parts of the world today a "homeowner" cannot make alterations to his house, even those of a nonstructural nature, without getting a permit. Now the power of the permit is being extended to the flower-bed. Since the Swiss committee maintains that plants may not be disposed of without a rational reason, it must be asked who determines those reasons. Naturally it is the bureaucrats. The Weekly Standard describes the clear, bright line which determines vegetable rights.

Another "progressive" hypocrite

An obituary on Howard Metzenbaum by the WSJ.
But we come today not to judge the late Senator, only to praise him for one last act of personal financial acumen. Though a lifelong Ohioan, the Senator moved to Florida in 2002, according to a declaration of domicile filed with the Broward County Clerk's office in 2003. In doing so, he avoided paying his home state's income tax (top rate: 6.55%).

More important as he neared the end of his life, the former Senator also saved his family from paying Ohio's death tax, which features one of the highest state rates (7%) and lowest asset thresholds – $338,333 – in the country. Florida famously has no income or estate tax, which is one reason other than the climate that it is home to so many northern-born retirees.

HT Keane Observations

When is Ohio going to stop the blood letting that occurs when rich people seek economic asylum from Ohio to friendlier states like Florida.

Governments are no different than private business. Imagine if I set up a promotion with AARP which said "Come to our business and we'll charge you 50% more than our competitor". The same works with state and local governments. Why pay more for something you hardly use?

You see it every where; flight out of the cities into the suburbs; flight from one state to another; and even super rich people expatriating the US to the Caymans or Bahamas.

But politicians, particularly those tremendously smart, "progressive", politicians somehow believe that tried and true economic laws (ie cost/benefit, supply/demand) don't apply to governments.

There's a reason states like Ohio continue to shrink and it's because our solidly purple state is turning blue and our politicians believe they can defy a cost/benefit curve. It's a Quixote like fantasy of defying gravity.

Howard Metzenbaum was at least smart enough to know otherwise.

Obamania's buddy Ayers

Marathon Pundit with a nice picture of William Ayers in 2001; stepping on a US flag.

I guess it's better to stand on one than wear one.

Maybe it's Michelle

Christopher Hitchens provides an alternative thought on the Obamania/Wright flap.

He surmises that perhaps Obama never chose the Rhymin' Rev to be his spiritual mentor but that his wife chose Wright for the family. What would this mean about Obamania if this were true?

What can it be that has kept Obama in Wright's pews, and at Wright's mercy, for so long and at such a heavy cost to his aspirations? Even if he pulls off a mathematical nomination victory, he has completely lost the first, fine, careless rapture of a post-racial and post-resentment political movement and mired us again in all the old rubbish that predates Dr. King. What a sad thing to behold. And how come? I think we can exclude any covert sympathy on Obama's part for Wright's views or style—he has proved time and again that he is not like that, and even his own little nods to "Minister" Farrakhan can probably be excused as a silly form of Chicago South Side political etiquette. All right, then, how is it that the loathsome Wright married him, baptized his children, and received donations from him? Could it possibly have anything, I wonder, to do with Mrs. Obama?

This obvious question is now becoming inescapable, and there is an inexcusable unwillingness among reporters to be the one to ask it. (One can picture Obama looking pained and sensitive and saying, "Keep my wife out of it," or words to that effect, as Clinton tried to do in 1992 when Jerry Brown and Ralph Nader quite correctly inquired about his spouse's influence.) If there is a reason why the potential nominee has been keeping what he himself now admits to be very bad company—and if the rest of his character seems to make this improbable—then either he is hiding something and/or it is legitimate to ask him about his partner.

Do "progressives" have compassion for man kind?

If you are a "progressive" you've got to be pumped about the price of gas. Right?

After all, with the increase in gas prices, people will be forced to scale back their consumption; which will be good for the earth.

In addition, all the money people are spending on gas is less money people will spend on cheetos, steaks, and nachos and we know that's good for the environment, right?

But you know it has to burn up the butt's of "progressives" when corporations are getting the profits off of the increases instead of the government.

Three years ago, if Nancy Lollapelosi, had proposed a two dollar a gallon gasoline tax to slow down the consumption of oil, she would have been moved right into atheistic saint hood for her leadership.

But when the free markets do it, (see big oil and big food) there's hell to pay.

All this begs the question, how compassionate are "progressives" toward their fellow man.

Right now we have food being used as fuel, causing food riots around the world. Do you hear a "progressive" speaking out on the lunacy of this retarded ethanol policy? Nooooo.

There are a number of reports that indicate that maybe man made global warming isn't what it appears. Do you hear anything from "progressives" indicating the need to ease Kyoto targets because of the stress they add to the lifestyles of the poor? NOPE.

What about kicking in on the idea of using nuclear energy instead of burning coal for energy. Thus helping the air quality for asthmatics? Negative.

The truth is, despite the rhetoric, "progressives" have a true disdain for their fellow man. How else can you explain putting spotted owls in front of jobs for loggers? How else do you explain the insistence on an ethanol policy that now has people truly starving? How else can you explain support for a baby euthanasia policy when bearing a child just isn't convenient for the mother/society.

People can pick up on the cues. It's why a socialist like Obamania can't make any traction against The Billary; people can pick up on the antagonism true liberals have for their "small town, hick beliefs". They don't trust that he'll put people in front of the spotted owl or caribou, etc. After all, they know he'll want to look good in front of all those well healed "progressives" in Marin County.


More classic Steyn.

That's an easy choice for the swooning bobbysoxers of the media. With less impressionable types, such as voters, Sen. Obama is having a tougher time. The Philly speech is emblematic of his most pressing problem: the gap – indeed, full-sized canyon – that's opening up between the rhetorical magic and the reality. That's the difference between a simulacrum and a genuinely great speech. The gaseous platitudes of hope and change and unity no longer seem to fit the choices of Obama's adult life. Oddly enough, the shrewdest appraisal of the senator's speechifying "magic" came from Jeremiah Wright himself. "He's a politician," said the reverend. "He says what he has to say as a politician. … He does what politicians do."

The notion that the Amazing Obama might be just another politician doing what politicians do seems to have affronted the senator more than any of the stuff about America being no different from al-Qaida and the government inventing AIDS to kill black people. In his belated "disowning" of Wright, Obama said, "What I think particularly angered me was his suggestion somehow that my previous denunciation of his remarks were somehow political posturing. Anybody who knows me and anybody who knows what I'm about knows that – that I am about trying to bridge gaps and that I see the – the commonality in all people."

Funny how tinny and generic the sonorous uplift rings when it's suddenly juxtaposed against something real and messy and human. As he chugged on, the senator couldn't find his groove and couldn't prevent himself from returning to pick at the same old bone: "If what somebody says contradicts what you believe so fundamentally, and then he questions whether or not you believe it in front of the National Press Club, then that's enough. That's – that's a show of disrespect to me."

Slick still has it

Former President Bill Clinton is cracking wise about his ability to make people faint, telling voters in North Carolina he didn't think he still had it in him.

Clinton was campaigning Sunday for his wife's presidential bid on a hot and sunny day in western North Carolina. The state's primary is Tuesday.

It's amazing how people are prone to fainting when you slip them roofie's Slick.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Ouch, that Stings

Last week, I noted how carbon unfriendly Sting and Mrs. Sting really were.

This week, we find out Sting's charity is not so charitable after all.
This is nothing to croon about.

Rock star Sting's celebrity-studded Carnegie Hall charity concert in 2006 to save the world's rainforests raked in millions, but less than half the riches actually funded tree-saving programs, according to charity watchdogs and a Post review of tax records.

It's one of the prime reasons the local arm of Sting's Rainforest Foundation is rated one of New York City's worst charities, according to Charity Navigator.

This guy must party with Al Gore.

Groundhog Day?

"I Got You Babe" keeps running through my head...

"We're buying the Reds to win. Anything else is unacceptable."

-Cincinnati Red's owner, Bob Castellini (January 2006)

Your Tax Dollars at Work

Here's a picture from the annual "Weasel Stomping Day" festivities at Columbia Elementary School in Maineville, Ohio on Friday.
“Weasel Stomping Day” is apparently based on a song by “Weird Al” Yankovic.

Whatever happened to schools teaching reeding, righting and rithmetic?

Let's starve people for the planet

More on the faux science of global warming. One of the great hypothesis "progressives" are using to starve the poor.
Let's call it Apocalypse Postponed. At least temporarily.

German climate scientists have just published a study in the respected science journal Nature suggesting global warming has stopped and will not resume until at least 2015.

In other words (my words, not theirs) contrary to the received wisdom of Al Gore's simplistic and propagandistic An Inconvenient Truth, global temperatures aren't moving in lockstep with rising greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, the science isn't settled and we don't know everything we need to know.

Based on new, computer-generated climate models that factor in natural ocean currents, the researchers conclude: "Our results suggest that global surface temperatures may not increase over the next decade, as natural climate variations in the North Atlantic and tropical Pacific temporarily offset the projected anthropogenic (man-made) warming."

Noel Keenlyside of the Leibniz Institute of Marine Sciences said if their calculations are correct, the 0.3 degree Celsius global temperature rise predicted by the UN's Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change over the next decade won't happen.

"We believe that ocean currents and systems could, in the short term, change global warming patterns, and even mean temperatures," he told National Geographic News.

Once again, it's OK to harm the poor as long as you do it for the "right" reason.