Saturday, July 28, 2007

A Wave of Liberalism

John Podhoretz has a good piece here where he throws out an interesting theory.

Maybe at this point in the country's history the political trend may be moving liberal.

As a person who grew up a liberal during the Reagan revolution, I've seen my political views move way right thinking that the country's was as well. Maybe the country is asking for liberal policies.

I've always been a counter cultural kind of guy. I would have been the only guy with a crew cut at Woodstock and I wore big bell blue jeans at least 10 years after that fashion wave was at low tide.

So the fact that the country would be moving to the left as I become a flaming libertarian is all starting to make sense.

Oil Company Investigations

Senator Voinovich, I know you like to do useful things for the citizens of Ohio, like crying over the Bolton nomination and telling Hannity you can't be bullied.

With that in mind, I think it's time that you and your other senators launch an investigation as to why gas prices are dropping.

Just about a month a go, I paid $3.30/gal for gas. Now it's down to $2.60. What gives?

It's pretty clear that it's some kind of corporate conspiracy set up by ExxonMobil, Shell & BP. These guys know that by lowering the price their profits will go down. It's a cut and dry case of Big Oil screwing the little guy even though I'm not sure how lowering prices does that.

So senator, do the citizens of Ohio a favor and get on it or I'll have John McCain come over to your office and kick your ass.

John "Gee my Hair Smells Terrific" Edwards

I don't know what it is about John Edwards, but the more of him I see, the more I just want to get a big ole pair of hair clippers and shed all his beautiful locks off.

Here's a video where Edwards calls out the people trying to "shut him up" on his views regarding universal health care. Of course Edwards, doesn't have the stones to actually name the "they". He's probably leaving that one for his wife Elizabeth to fight, just like he lets her take on
Ann Coulter.

The fact is. Ann Coulter is right when she says she's more of a man than John Edwards is. This guy definitely got beat up in too many sand lot games as a kid.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Skip RIP

Skip Prosser, coach of Wake Forest basketball team died yesterday at 56.

Skip was truly one of the good guys in the college basketball landscape.

He will be missed.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Fortitude - the Democrats should try some

If you haven't read the pronouncement by John Kerry that widespread genocide didn't occur after the US pullout from Vietnam, read this James Taranto piece.

In addition the America Thinker has a great piece regarding various genocides throughout the world since 1932 and the President residing over said genocide.

How is it the party that's supposedly so "compassionate", turns it's back on the human atrocities committed by Castro, Ahmadinejad and Chavez. Over on Andrew Sullivan's sight he has a video of a public hanging in Iran. Where the hell's the outcry from Amnesty International? That's right, they're worried about the flushing of Korans in Guantanamo.

I've always thought it odd that democrats were so soft on dictators given that if these guys were in power the first people they'd seek to exterminate would be the media types, gays,
actors and the rest.

I've also always thought it odd that it's the conservatives that ultimately fight the wars that protect the democrat's rights to hate our country.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Pot Kettle Black Award

My weekly Pot Kettle Black award goes to anyone who's ready to gun down Mike Vick yet railed about the unfairness of the Duke players treatment (which includes myself).

For the record, Vick has been charged with some crimes related to dog fighting. He has yet to convicted. What happens to Vick if he happens to be found not guilty? How does he recapture his reputation? How does this compare to Ray Lewis who faced charges related to the murder of a human being? He never missed a game.

Don't get me wrong, the prima facie case against Vick looks pretty compelling. But so did the Duke case for some individuals. Before we all get our undies in a knot maybe we could all step back, take a deep breath and let the criminal justice system do it's job before we all start singing "Who let the Dawgs Out".

What a Spectacle

Arlen Specter want to review all the Supreme Court decisions to see if the justices overturned previous precedent; against the testimony of the justices when confirmed.

Yeah, I bet everyone wishes that "separate but equal precedent" was still standing.

Remind me again of why we elect republicans at all.

Throw the bums out

Gordon and Midas spent a wonderful evening last night at the Red's game.

When we first got there I had to ask Midas, now are we razzing a player for steroids or dog fighting or point shaving... I get my sports all confused some times.

Regardless, I had a great time in the sun.

Due to my paying job, my posts have been few lately, but I hope to be in full force next week.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I don't know if it's just me or does it seem like we've had a rash of particularly heinous crimes committed by juveniles.

Christopher McCoy, 17, was charged as an adult today with the beating and carjacking of a 72 year old woman. This is in the wake of my buddy, Alfonso Price, 15, accused of beating and kicking his girlfriend until she lost her baby.

We are now in the midst of the third generation of a poverty population that has been the target of Lyndon Johnson's Great Society, how's that worked out so far?

The piece of the welfare puzzle your average liberal cannot understand is the deterioration of spirit that occurs when you simply give money to someone for simply "existing". After generations of this type relationship, we have succeeded in breeding millions of delinquents who simply grow up with the attitude "I want it, I deserve it and I'll take it" without regard to others.

And why shouldn't they?

If poverty were the sole cause of crime, prison populations should have exploded from the number of people in totally destitute situations. But they weren't because people understood that you don't just deserve something for existing; you have to offer something to others.

I just wonder if the compassion most liberals go on and on about extends to 72 year old ladies.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Liberals are soooo smart II

It appears that there may be some future controversy surrounding the author of various "diaries" printed by The New Republic related to the author's Iraq war experiences.

I have no idea whether or not the diaries are legitimate but just on their face, the stories seem odd.

For instance, the writer talks about how they like to drive over dogs and drive their Bradleys into concrete barriers.

Read more here and here.

It occurs to me that these news frauds are almost always perpetrated by liberal news services. The New Republic with Stephen Glass, Jason Blair at the NY Times and Dan Rather at CBS News.

Is it because they're so susceptible to their template of reality (that life's about rich hurting poor, whites hurting blacks, etc) that they are likely to not do a good job fact checking.

I'll wait for the fall out of this one, but let's chalk up another to the "fake but true" main stream media.