Saturday, January 15, 2011

toning down the discourse

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Life in "Progress" City - Memphis edition

  • Approximately 90 students at Frayser High School are pregnant or have recently given birth
  • The startling numbers fall in line with high teen pregnancy rates in the entire Frayser community
  • A new initiative to help combat the problem will soon be introduced

(Memphis 1/13/2011) About 90 students at a Memphis High School are either pregnant, or have been recently.

The startling news was confirmed by a high ranking city official and comes as the community plans to roll out a new initiative to help combat the problem.

However, one Frayser High School graduate says teen pregnancy is not a new problem for the school.

It's no problem as long as you don't mind living a life of poverty.


Hey, we're pro business!

From the "if you have to say it, it's probably not true" file.

The Obamunists would have you believe that they're a very pro business administration.

But ask yourself the question. How many "pro business" administration would pull this one............

The Environmental Protection Agency on Thursday vetoed a controversial Arch Coal Inc. mine in southern West Virginia — a decision that underscores growing tension between the mining industry and regulators.

Using its power under the federal Clean Water Act, the EPA took the rare step of revoking a coal mine permit that had been approved by the Army Corps of Engineers in 2007.

The action, hailed by environmentalists as a major victory, effectively stifles development of Arch's Spruce No. 1 mine, a sprawling complex that would be among the largest operations of its kind in Appalachia. The Creve Coeur-based company, which vowed to challenge the decision, said the EPA move threatens a $250 million investment and 250 jobs.

We don't need no stinkin' jobs.


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Andrew Klavan: The History of Western Culture in 2 1/2 Minutes

That '70's show

It's deja vu all over again..........

Jobless claims hit a 10-week high last week while producer prices shot up in December, pointing to headwinds for an economy that Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said was showing fresh vigor.


Life in "Progress" City - NY edition

From the Empire City.........

Eek! Here's one subway ride that will make your skin crawl.

The nightmare of every subway rider was caught on video after a chubby sewer rat crawled up the leg of a sleeping straphanger on a No. 4 train in Brooklyn and came face-to-face with the man.

The video clip, posted Wednesday on YouTube, has already become a viral hit and promises to freak out anyone who has ever taken the subway.

Rats are often relegated to the tracks as straphangers gaze at them while awaiting their train. This time, this rat-subway rider encounter was a little too close for comfort.

Question of the day?

A man walking his dog has found a black bag holding ammunition that authorities believe was discarded by a gunman accused of trying to assassinate an Arizona congresswoman.

Chief Rick Kastigar with the Pima County Sheriff's Office told The Associated Press that an 18-year-old found the bag Thursday morning in a neighborhood near where the suspect lives. He went to get another man, who looked inside and saw ammunition.

Authorities have said the suspect, and his father got into a confrontation over the bag at their home in the hours before the shooting.

All this brings a question to my mind. Where did this guy get the money to buy his gun and all his ammunition.

A new Glock is going to run you $500. Even a used one in good condition is probably going to go for over $400.00. In addition, the special clip he loaded had to cost a few bucks.

Frankly, 9 mm ammunition has been almost impossible to find in Cincinnati and when you can get it it runs for $30 a box.

We know this guy had no job. Where did he get the cash to finance his murder spree?

I just can't see myself going to my folks and asking "Hey mom, can I get $500 for a Glock?" It doesn't sound as though this guy's parents were made of money.

I'm curious as to whether this guy was getting an SSI check for his mental issues. If so, we can thank the Social Security Administration for subsidizing an assassination attempt.

In addition, we should question how a guy who was receiving disability payments for a mental disorder could qualify for a gun purchase.

The article notes that he used a credit card to buy the ammunition but how did he did he pay on a credit card with no job? On top of all that, the guy was a regular pot smoker. Does his dealer swipe credit cards? The people I'm familiar with typically work on cash only basis.

Just a thought.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Life in "Progress" City - Chicago edition

From the Windy City.................

WBBM Newsradio 780 has learned that the cooler at the Cook County morgue is so crowded right now, bodies are doubled-up on some of the trays.

Why are there so many bodies?

“We had this huge upswing in deaths right at the end of the year, and with the holidays being on Saturdays, it really created a backlog because the funeral directors weren’t coming in,” Cook County Medical Examiner Dr. Nancy Jones tells WBBM Newsradio 780′s Steve Miller.

Well you know the criminals were trying to beat the murder quota before year end......


Global Warming Panic explained

Males not permitted

Years ago, I liked to spend Sunday mornings going to a local park, turn on a Sunday morning sports talk show and read the Sunday paper in the fresh air.

One Sunday, I went to Mt Airy Forest (you Cincinnatians know of it) where I was doing just that when I got the crap scared out of me by a guy who knocked on my window.

I asked him what he wanted and he just looked at me real weird and walked away.

When I told a coworker about it, he informed me that I was in "Lollipop Park" and the guy probably thought I was looking for some gay action.

"ON SUNDAY FREAKIN' MORNING!?!?" was my reply.

So I decided I could no longer go to that park for fear that someone would mistake me for George Michael.

As a result, I started going to a park where there was traffic........ assuming that gays wouldn't be hanging out with the soccer moms.

One morning, a cop pulled up next to me and asked me what I was doing. I told him I was reading my paper listening to the radio.

He told me that one of the soccer moms called in a strange guy in a car in the park.

Nothing came of it, but I got the message loud and clear. DON'T GO TO FREAKIN' PARKS ANYMORE IF YOU ARE A SINGLE/STRAIGHT GUY.

So I can relate to this article completely...........

Last week, the lieutenant governor of Massachusetts, Timothy Murray, noticed smoke coming out of a minivan in his hometown of Worcester. He raced over and pulled out two small children, moments before the van's tire exploded into flames. At which point, according to the AP account, the kids' grandmother, who had been driving, nearly punched our hero in the face.


Mr. Murray said she told him she thought he might be a kidnapper.

And so it goes these days, when almost any man who has anything to do with a child can find himself suspected of being a creep. I call it "Worst-First" thinking: Gripped by pedophile panic, we jump to the very worst, even least likely, conclusion first. Then we congratulate ourselves for being so vigilant.

Consider the Iowa daycare center where Nichole Adkins works. The one male aide employed there, she told me in an interview, is not allowed to change diapers. "In fact," Ms. Adkins said, "he has been asked to leave the classroom when diapering was happening."

Hey, I guess if I can get out of diaper changing what do I have to complain about?


Monday, January 10, 2011

Why do we continue to glorify shooter punks?

You won't find the name of the douche bag who decided shoot a bunch of people this past weekend on this blog.

You also won't find the name of any other list of losers and derelicts who have no life so they try to make a name for themselves by shooting up a whole bunch of innocents.

Years ago, you couldn't watch a sporting event without seeing some dumb ass run on to a field or court to show off. After Monics Seles was stabbed, TV executives decided they would no longer show these dumb asses on TV. Today, you rarely have these dolts doing it.

You see.... even your low man on the food chain, sports executive understands that you if don't give dip shits a venue, they'll go away.

Unfortunately, network TV news hasn't gotten the memo. So they'll continue to glorify this punk for doing something heinous, creating an environment for someone other idiot to one up him.

I guess I understand that someone of prominence was part of this shooting, but how is this anymore tragic than the 100 black men who are gunned down on our American streets during any one weekend?

In Cincinnati, we have a case where a father and son each killed their respective children (one was three years old, one was three months).

Are you going to tell me the shooting in AZ was more disgusting than that?

In addition, I got sick of watching TV & reading blogs trying to place a political motivation behind these shootings.

I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that this guy never read Sarah Palin's blog and noticed the bulls eyes on the state of Arizona.

Instead of looking for a political motivation, why isn't anyone interviewing his parents? I'd be shocked if this guy came from an intact, functional, two parent family.

It's my belief that most of these spree shooters are a product of culture that protects their little ones from all adversity in life..... to the point that we can't even keep score to a soccer game. As a result, when these clowns actually have to deal with truly difficult adversity (like a relationship break up, getting kicked out of school, getting fired) they totally unravel.

But no..... the same same old reporting will occur and now the next Mark Lee Asshat or the next Robert David Dipweed or Andrew Wayne Moronovich will have an even bigger goal to achieve.