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Herman Cain rallies tea party in Madison

Friday, February 18, 2011

Inhofe Takes on Global Warming Alarmist Attempted Ambush

Life in "Progress" State - California edition

So you already pay some of the highest taxes in the country but your government can't even provide the basic municipal service.........police protection............

Residents in a Modesto neighborhood are so concerned about crime they may bring in armed security guards.


Why I'm a conservative #199

Because last night I was in a local convenience store buying some milk and I had to wait while the guy in front of me buy a bunch of junk food on his food stamp card, then paid for his cigarettes with cash. As we walked out the door, he got into a Ford 500 (probably about five years old) while I got into my 2004 Pontiac Vibe (for the record, I would never buy a GM product. It was my wife's car before we married).

As I drove away I couldn't help but wonder what the hell's wrong with this picture. Then I read this piece of some more people I get to support while driving my piece of shit.

New data from the Ohio Department of Education show the proportion of students getting free and reduced-price school lunches through a federal program has reached a record high.

The proportion of students who get the tax-funded benefit has risen nearly 50 percent in the past five years, and four of every 10 Ohio students are now part of the lunch program for low-income children, The Columbus Dispatch reported Sunday.

Students can qualify for free lunches if their household income is under 130 percent of the 2009 federal poverty level, which means a top income of about $28,600 for a family of four. Families earning up to 185 percent of the poverty level can get reduced prices for student lunches.

Here's a novel idea, you breed 'em you feed 'em.


Stuff liberals run - Universities

The University of Cincinnati is looking for people of color.

Squaring diversity goals with higher academic aspirations is among the biggest challenges for the University of Cincinnati.

A first draft of UC's latest diversity report, delivered to President Greg Williams late Wednesday, calls for more scholarships and developmental education programs to help close persistent gaps recruiting and keeping minority students.

It also suggests bigger budgets to help recruit professors of color.

It's about time we get a little red into our schools.


Life in "Progress" City - Cincinnati edition

Cincinnati police aren’t sure why a high school graduate with a steady job was shot and killed Wednesday night while seated in his parked car outside of the apartment complex where he lives.

Mark Mason Jr., 19, was sitting in his vehicle at 3545 Ibsen Ave., between Madison Road and Ridge Avenue, just after 11 p.m. when he was gunned down. Police said he was shot in the head.

A friend, 18, was uninjured as he ducked for cover in the passenger seat. He told police he didn’t see who was shooting.

I get enraged when punks shoot law abiding, taxpaying citizens. But that's life and death in "Progress" City. What I find hilarious is that if this kid were to live in lily white "Redville" where we all cling to our God and guns, he'd be alive today.

None the less, if you are a newspaper extolling the questions of why a seemingly good kid gets shot..............

Don't use a mugshot photo of him in the story.


Life in "Progress" State - Michigan edition

Michigan could save at least $4 million a year because of changes to the Michigan Bridge Card, a taxpayer-funded food assistance program that some legislators, including State Rep. Joe Haveman (R-Holland), claim college students have been abusing.

“College kids are not the client that was intended for Bridge Cards,” Haveman said. “For a traditional college student coming out of a middle class family, their parents are their support system.”

The current Bridge Card application policy, which will be altered in April, required applicants to provide information about their earned and unearned income and household expenses to the Michigan Department of Human Services (DHS). Depending on those factors, DHS can allot a monthly food stipend of up to $200.

About 1.9 million Michigan residents have Bridge Cards, DHS reported. Most beneficiaries are low-income families and the unemployed. But due in part to their jobless status, between 18,000 and 20,000 college students qualified in 2010, according to DHS spokesperson Christina Fecher.


Give us more of the chubby

I think this guy gets it on the conservative love for Chris Christie even though he's far from a tried and true conservative.........

So why and how -- in this age of supposedly rigid litmus tests -- has a man who is firmly in the middle right become a right wing hero? Easy. It's the attitude, stupid. If you look closely, what you have to conclude is that conservatives are not so much aching for an arch-conservative as they are someone who is not afraid to boldly proclaim the conservatism that he/she does believe in -- and not afraid to focus on the most immediate problems.

As even far lefty Eleanor Clift had to admit in the Daily Beast, Christie is playing well due to his "heft and swagger, both physical and intellectual."

Give us a 70% guy who is true to himself and who is going to stand his ground for that 70 over a 90% guy who will sell out half of that to stay friends with the media and the lobbyists and the precious "independents."

As we watch all the protests going on in Madison, Columbus and the likes, here's the one thing I hope the republicans are catching on to "Why cozy up to groups who will never support you no matter what you do"?

These union thugs are never going to support republicans plain and simple. Any yet, historically the GOP has always seemed wishy washy in backing the items conservatives know to be true. It has been maddening.

It appears that Chris Christie has pushed the republican party into a place where they can no longer retreat into wussyhood.

It's been a long time coming.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Life in "Progress" City - White people edition

Why is there "white flight" out of the city?

When you're treated with this much respect is it any wonder...........

Tuesday’s Dallas County Commissioner’s Court meeting erupted into an argument between Commissioner John Wiley Price and a citizen, ending with Price repeatedly telling several citizens to “go to hell.”

The exchange started during the public speaking portion of the meeting, which happens after the commissioners have gone through their weekly agenda.

Six citizens addressed the court. All of them talked about the recent controversial departure of county Elections Administrator Bruce Sherbet. Sherbet, who was the Elections Administrator for 24 years, said he felt Price and Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins forced him out.

The last public speaker at Tuesday’s meeting, Jeff Turner, began by stating that he would refer to “a certain member of the court” — Price — as “the Chief Mulllah of Dallas County.”

Court rules state that public speakers may not address individual commissioners by name.

As Turner spoke, he continued to call Price “Chief Mulllah.” Price interrupted Turner several times, yelling at him, “don’t call me Chief Mulllah” and “call me by my name.”

The New Oxford American Dictionary defines “mullah” as “a Muslim learned in Islamic theology and sacred law.”

Turner continued speaking, ignoring Price’s ongoing interruptions.

At that point, Jenkins adjourned the meeting.

As Price stood to leave, he looked at Turner and the five other citizens who addressed the court. Price said to them, “All of you are white. Go to hell!”

Why people don't trust their government

A while back I posted on the government's push to get children immunized in the face of now discredited science indicating a link between autism and immunizations.

If you ever wondered why it is that people so distrust their public officials on public health issues you need look no further than what public officials say to gin up support for their causes.

Meet Lisa Jackson.............

After Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson testified on Feb. 2 that regulating drinking water might help prevent children from getting autism, asked Jackson by e-mail whether she could provide “any data, studies, documents, reports or other sources” to confirm her claim. Her office subsequently stated there were “emerging studies” but provided no evidence.

In an e-mail statement to on Feb. 11, Jackson said there were “emerging studies” that show a possible link between autism and environmental factors. But repeated requests by e-mail and by telephone to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) asking them to produce those studies or other documentation to support her claim were not answered.

The Feb. 11 statement said, “We do not yet know enough about autism to identify any specific environmental contaminants that are responsible. As EPA Administrator, it is my job to make sure that the public's health is protected from environmental toxins in the air we breathe, the water we drink and our land. Science is an always evolving field, and will always guide EPA's actions.”

“Developmental disorders, including autism, hit close to home for many Americans,” the statement said. “We have seen over the decade, the reported prevalence of such developmental disorders rise.”

All you need to do is ask yourself one question. Is water cleaner today than in the past? If your answer is yes than how does more autism cases occur when we have cleaner water?

In other words, she has no more proof than the jackass who fabricated the original autism link. If this derelict were in the private sector she'd be fired for her incompetence.


Choo Choo

The City of Cincinnati released it's route for the upcoming light rail line they'll be wasting taxpayer dollars on.

Whenever I need traffic for the old blog there's a few things I can post on that will generate traffic no matter what. And apparently, there's a ton of people who like to google "cincinnati light rail" so they troll and espouse the benefits of rail traffic within the city of Cincinnati.

Given that, I know there will be light rail proponents checking out this blog.

So I propose a challenge to all of you Thomas the Tank Engine obsessed proponents.

Will you be willing to bet your life savings against mine that this rail system will do three things?

1) Come in below budget
2) Exceed rider projections
3) Not need more taxpayer support than originally projected

I'm more than willing to bet everything I have (and more if I had it) that none of these things will come to fruition.

If you are a proponent of the rail why won't you take me up on this? Because in reality isn't that the gist of this whole project..... A bunch of people with no skin in the game using someone else's money on a monumental capital works gamble?

If they lose, who cares? Right? These people will scurry under the baseboards like cock roaches when the lights go on.

And when they lose who will be picking up the tab? The very people bitching about how this was a loser from day 1.

Fortunately, people like me who have seen the lunacy of large municipal government for years, won't be picking up the tab. They've already moved from this farce a long time ago. Which is why our cities are populated with a bunch of free loaders instead of hard working, taxpaying, citizens.

And that's why a tony rail system won't do anything to slow down the Detroitization of our once great and proud cities.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Who did she vote for? #12

Meet Jerrie Perkins.

Why is Jerrie in the news?

A Pontiac woman’s alleged theft attempt was foiled this week when her motorized cart became stuck at a Rochester Hills Meijer.

Jerrie Perkins, 30, is charged with unarmed robbery, resisting and obstructing a police officer and second-degree retail fraud.

Her bond was set at $15,000 by 52-3 District Magistrate Nick Camargo during arraignment Thursday.

Investigators said Perkins was attempting to leave the Rochester Road Meijer with more than $600 worth of stolen electronic merchandise when her cart got stuck and she was unable to drive out the door.

So in the last presidential election, did Jerrie vote for The Messiah or Four More Years of Bush?


Monday, February 14, 2011

Life in "Progress" School System - DC edition

The teacher played religious gospel songs for his students and had been warned about playing DVDs during class. Students reported that he told them to go to "H-E-L-L," all spelled out.

"[He] said he didn't see anything wrong with it because the word hell is in the Bible," wrote a D.C. Public Schools principal in his recommendation that the teacher be fired in 2008.

D.C. Public Schools dismissed that teacher, as well as 74 others deemed ineffective by their principals, as of Aug. 1, 2008.

But an independent arbitrator ruled last week that then-Chancellor Michelle Rhee had improperly fired those 75 teachers because she never told them why they were being dismissed -- "The glaring and fatal flaw," arbitrator Charles Feigenbaum wrote in his verdict favoring the Washington Teachers' Union, which has been fighting DCPS on the firings for more than two years.