Saturday, March 24, 2007

Narcissism Presidential Style

Is it just me or does it feel like every single person running for president is trying to fulfill some type of personal life time achievement award?

Democrats Clinton, Obama, Edwards and Republicans McCain and Romney all seem to be running as if this is their big chance to win American Idol - the Political Version. Every one of these guys should make their public appearance with the song "I Wanna be a Rock Star" blasting in the background.

My guess is every one of these people were big time geeks in school and this election is their geeky way 0f sticking their tongue out at the bullies who stole their lunch money in prep school.

I think from now on, the person who gets my vote for president will be the person I believe least wants the job.

In that vain, I don't get the sense that Guiliani is running as some sort of life resume achievement. Maybe it's because I think if he were running the presidential calculation machine, he wouldn't have come up with all the goofy issues surrounding his marriage(s) and other personal relationships. He would simply have pulled a Clinton; "stand by your man b.s.".

Maybe someone out there can set me straight.

Thursday, March 22, 2007


In follow up to my post detailing my beliefs surrounding evolution, here's a site I ran across where the host describes himself as a "a macro evolution agnostic".

I used to accept evolutionary theory. Then I looked at the evidence. It became clear to me that macroevolutionary theory is built more on a priori philosophical assumptions than on evidence. Microevolution, on the other hand, is supported by the evidence. The distinction between the two is critical and is largely ignored, or not understood, by the mainstream media and general public.

This is the thing that really disturbs me about the teaching of evolution theory. When I was taught evolution in 10th grade biology, no distinction was made between macro and micro evolution. The teaching of evolution as some type of scientific law became the cornerstone of my agnostic beliefs which is why I now believe there is almost a conspiratorial attempt to indoctrinate our youth into the "state beliefs".

As we have entered all this farce known as global warming, it reminds me of so many other things I was taught in school that turned out to be a bunch of caca.

In the mid 1970's, we were taught the metric system because "you won't be able to buy milk and gasoline by the gallon ten years from now". The beginnings of the Earth day movement because we were going to "run of oil in the next 30 - 60 years".

I remember a term paper I did in high school where I wrote that "the earth could only generate the resources to support 6 billion people". Most of my research came from reading some school crap about overpopulation being the ruination of the world.

Even dietary issues are taught, I believe, to reduce the public's consumption of meat and dairy, Have you seen that food pyramid? Eat that and you'll weigh 300 before you graduate, It's totally loaded with carbs from grains. Compare that to 4-4-3-2 which I was taught as a kid.

Since then there has been asbestos, DDT, acid rain, alar, red dye #5, silicone breast implants, mad cow, avian flu, Y2K, all of which have proven to be far less a threat to human life and the environment than originally believed. In fact, the elimination of some of these things through public policy based on hysteria instead of scientific fact has resulted in deteriorating standards of living for the world's poor.

I bet some African with Malaria sure wishes we never outlawed DDT.

So yes, old Gordon is skeptical about Global warming and anything else that comes out of the mouths of lefties. Too many times, it looks like an attempt to scare the public into adhering to some socialist policy.

Now excuse me while I drive down to the local pub in my SUV, have a beer, some nachos covered in trans fat for an appetizer, big ole steak, followed by a couple of cigarettes.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Mr. Gore flys to Washington

Al in Washington to deliver his apocalyptic message on global warming.

I'm sure he flew commercial.

Has anyone ever considered that we could slow global warming simply by banning these guys from traveling around the world telling us about global warming?

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The libs strike again

Once again, liberals prove that if you can't win the debate, pull a Nazi storm trooper maneuver to stifle the opposition.

This must be what Hillary refers to as a "vast right wing conspiracy".

Carbon Offsets

John Edwards weighs in on the global warming debate by declaring that his 28,000 square foot home is "carbon neutral" meaning that he can use all the energy he damn well pleases as long as he subsidizes a wind mill farm in SW Oklahoma.

These carbon offsets to me are like beating your wife with a board. It's OK as long as you buy you neighbor a belt to beat his.

Just out of curiosity. Does anyone find it laughable that the party that's always looking out for little guys has a billionaire candidate with a 28,000 square foot house (Edwards), a candidate who lives in the exclusive NY suburb (Clinton), a former candidate married to a billionaire (Kerry-Heinz), and another former candidate with four plus homes (Gore)?

Ohio Lottery

Recently I read a little blurb about Governor Strickland indicating that he wanted to revamp the Ohio Lottery because he thought the payout were too high at 59% of the revenue.

This is what is amazing about state sanctioned gambling.... 59% payouts?

Look, my buddies Sal and Tony run a little gambling thing known as illegal book making. The juice they get off the Sunday NFL games is only 10% of the take. They even extend credit although you don't want to be late on your payments.

This is the type of efficiency you get from a government run monopoly. Do you think the post office might be able to deliver mail at a price lower than the 41 cent stamp due out in May if it were run by UPS, Federal Express, et al?

In fact, I may mention it to Sal and Tony they might be able to make a few bucks from the delivery of illegal mail.