Thursday, July 10, 2014

The fed's regresssive tax on the poor

I just recently got my 401k/SEP statements and I'm a rockin'

With the feds easy money policy, people with money are kicking ass.

See, cheap money means company's costs of capital are lower which means more on the bottom line. Couple that with a soft economy which suppresses labor costs and my 401k statement starts kicking ass.

But the Feds easy money comes at a price.

Devalued dollars means it costs more for commodities such as gasoline, grains, meats, etc.

So while inflation is low in aggregate, the cost that middle income people have to pay for gasoline and food is killing them.

U.S. food prices are on the rise, raising a sensitive question: When the cost of a hamburger patty soars, does it count as inflation? It does to everyone who eats and especially poorer Americans, whose food costs absorb a larger portion of their income. But central bankers take a more nuanced view. They sometimes look past food-price increases that appear temporary or isolated while trying to control broad and long-term inflation trends, not blips that might soon reverse…
The consumer price of ground beef in May rose 10.4% from a year earlier while pork chop prices climbed 12.7%. The price of fresh fruit rose 7.3% and oranges 17.1%. But prices for cereals and bakery products were up just 0.1% and vegetable prices inched up only 0.5%. The U.S. Department of Agriculture predicts overall food prices will increase 2.5% to 3.5% this year after rising 1.4% in 2013, as measured by the Labor Department’s consumer-price index. In a typical supermarket, shoppers are seeing higher prices around the store’s periphery, in the produce section and at the meat counter.


Immigration crisis?

Nothing brings on the farts and giggles like a good old fashion discussion of the immigration crisis.

Who did she vote for? 31,018

Meet this unnamed honey.

During the last election did she vote for Obama or Romney?

Obama Blast Bush For Flyover

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Houston Black Woman EPIC Rant on Illegals - " Why Can't They Go Back ? "...

This never gets old

Alex Wagner Grills Cecelia Muñoz - Why Won't Obama Visit the Border ? - ...

What if he were Bush?

Hey at least George Bush did a flyover..........

For President Barack Obama, the humanitarian crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border is increasingly becoming a political liability, giving Republicans a fresh opportunity to question his administration's competence and complicating the debate over the nation's fractured immigration laws.

Still, Obama is resisting calls to visit the border during his two-day fundraising trip to Texas, where he arrives late Wednesday afternoon. Instead, Obama will hold a meeting hundreds of miles away in Dallas to discuss the crisis with faith leaders and Texas officials, including Republican Gov. Rick Perry.

Obama's trip comes one day after he asked Congress for $3.7 billion in emergency spending to get more resources to the border.

The roundtable discussion in Dallas is seen by the White House as a way to address the immigration issue while avoiding awkward optics at the border. Tens of thousands of unaccompanied children have arrived there in recent months, many fleeing violence in Central America, but also drawn by rumors that they can stay in the U.S. White House officials say most are unlikely to qualify for humanitarian relief and will be sent back to their home countries.

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Why I'm skeptical about manmade global warming

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know by now how much I like to make fun of Branch Gorevidians.

In reality, I'm actually fairly agnostic about man made global warming.

See I get when you start your car in the garage and don't open the garage door you will ultimately die of carbon monoxide poisoning. So obviously, spewing this stuff into the atmosphere can be a good idea.

None the less, a couple of weeks ago, I was driving back from Columbus to my palatial estate. by the end of my drive, I must have had hundreds of bugs splattered on my windshield. And it dawned on me.

How many trillions of bugs do we humans  kill on a daily basis? Think of all the insects we kill through our cars, our lawnmowers, walking, etc.

How much of a dent have we made in the insect population?

I've yet to hear one person say that our ecosystem is in jeopardy as a result of the loss of insects.

In fact, every morning on my drive to work, I see at least one newly dead opossum, raccoon, squirrel, goose, etc in the road way. Despite the genocide of these various forms of wildlife I have yet to hear that opossum are an endangered species.

So while I'm agnostic as to man's impact on the environment, I'm also smart enough to realize that the world's a pretty damn big place. And if we cannot even make a dent into the world wide mosquito population, what makes someone think we have that much of an impact on global temperatures.

Obama's Katrina