Friday, October 16, 2009

Rush Limbaugh: Bo Snerdley talks to the Hood about the NFL

Tea party photo

From the 9/5 tea party in West Chester........

It sure doesn't taste like astroturf

You know how the media has coined the term republican astroturfing to describe tea partiers?

Someone better get that memo to the tea partiers......
Republican officials turned to a conservative icon and invoked an anti-tax pledge Thursday to salvage the slumping campaign of a New York congressional candidate competing with a more conservative third-party challenger, part of an ongoing battle between the fiscally hawkish "tea party" movement and the Republican establishment.
That doesn't sound like an astroturf moment for the GOP.

Read the rest.....

More from "the most etical congress in history"

Faced with a promised vote to subpoena documents on Countrywide Financial's "Friends of Angelo" program, Democrats on the House Oversight Committee fled a scheduled 2 p.m. markup today.

Rep. Darrell Issa of California, the Ranking Republican on the Oversight Committee, had promised to call for a vote at today's markup on whether to subpoena documents involved in the program that gave sweetheart mortgages to at least four Democratic government officials, including two senators. According to the Wall Street Journal, the program might have also benefitted the chairman of House Oversight, Rep. Edolphus Towns, D-N.Y.

Even if it had been ruled out of Order, Issa's motion would have received a vote.

The committee's Democrats simply failed to appear. Republican staffers say they caught them on tape leaving by a back door at 2:35.


Rush gets ACORNed

Rush is a big boy so he certainly doesn't need my support as it relates to his trashed and libeled persona. But I have a few thoughts none the less.

1) This is a textbook ACORN scam; use lies and innuendo wrap them up in a tidy race box and you get what ever you want (like bogus voter registration drives, and relaxed home mortgage standards).

2) Rush should sue for libel against the bogus quotes people used against him. I'm certainly no libel attorney but I think he can prove that he suffered financial loss due to the use of bogus quotes attributed to him.

3) Nice to see that CNN has the ability to "fact check" an SNL skit but somehow doesn't have the staff to make sure Rick Sanchez doesn't smear someone's character.

4) Oh, Rick Sanchez, is now taking back those quotes..........on twitter. His tweet? i've know rush. in person,i like him. his rhetoric,however is inexcusably divisive. he's right tho. we didn't confirm quote. our bad. Nothing like trashing a guy's reputation for
"your bad".

5) The message is loud and clear from the NFL "we're OK with dog fighter's, drunken murderers, extortionist owners and Keith Olberdouche; conservatives need not apply".

That helps me free up my Sundays now.

Congratulations Bearcats

Nice job Bearcats. They lost their starting quarterback at the end of the first half and came back and rolled on 23rd ranked USF, 34-17.

Hopefully, the 'Cats can get Pike back and they can continue on the streak.

Full coverage here.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Quote of the day

From Camille Paglia......

“The mainstream media’s failure to honestly cover last month’s mass demonstration in Washington, D.C. was a disgrace. The focus on anti-Obama placards (which were no worse than the rabid anti-LBJ, anti-Reagan or anti-Bush placards of leftist protests), combined with the grotesque attempt to equate criticism of Obama with racism, simply illustrated why the old guard TV networks and major urban daily newspapers are slowly dying. Only a simpleton would believe what they say.”


Tea party photo

From the 9/5 tea party in West Chester

click to zoom

Life in "progress" city

From the Ohio Capital of Buckeyeville.....

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

GWU student gets Michael Moore to admit that we do not have true capitalism

Robert Reich: What An Honest President Would Say About Health Reform

He would have died in the care of liberals

I read this article this morning.......
A bystander freed a man trapped inside his upside-down burning vehicle following a head-on crash along Ohio 741.

Alcohol was involved in the two-vehicle crash at about 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 13, at milepost 9 on Ohio 741 north, according to Trooper Christopher Creech of the Ohio Highway Patrol’s Lebanon post.

Bryan Thomas of Bridgetown said he was on his way to Lebanon when he witnessed a Jeep with a trailer lose control and strike a car head-on. Both vehicles rolled over onto their tops and the Jeep caught fire.

Thomas said he used his pocket knife to cut the seat belt to free the trapped Jeep driver, who was conscious and talking, saying “I’m in trouble, I’m in trouble,” Thomas said.

This guy was lucky. See, if he had been traveling around this school where....
A 6-year-old boy's excitement over joining the Cub Scouts may just land him in reform school for 45 days.

Zachary Christie was suspended from his 1st grade class in Delaware's Christina School District after bringing a camping utensil - a combination knife/fork/spoon - to use at lunch, prompting calls to reexamine schools' zero-tolerance policy for bringing weapons to school, according to a New York Times report Monday.

or this school where......
An Eagle Scout who kept a 2-inch pocketknife in his car has been suspended from his upstate New York high school for bringing a weapon onto school grounds.

Matthew Whalen says he gave the knife to an administrator at Lansingburgh High School in Troy after another student told officials he had been carrying a knife.

The 17-year-old senior was hit with a 20-day suspension for violating the district's zero-tolerance policy for weapons on school grounds.

The teen says he received the knife as a gift from his grandfather, who's the police chief in a nearby village. Whalen, who's a member of the Army National Guard, says he kept the knife in his car along with other survival items in case of an emergency.

he would have died.

Question to Graham - Why do you think its necessary to get in bed with John Kerry?

I'm sure this was an Astroturf ambush set up by the republican party

Tea Party photo

Fact checking 101

A funny from Jon Stewart

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Tea Party photo

Here's a Tea Party photo from the 9/5 party in West Chester.

Camille Paglia, racist

I didn't know Camille Paglia was a racist until I read this piece critical of our first black president......

Yes, ever since week one of the Obama administration, I have been doggedly calling for heads to roll. As months of crass ineptitude drag on, however, the blacklist of those who should be tagged for the guillotine gets longer and longer. The most recent fiasco, of course, was sending the president of the United States on a humiliating fool's errand to beg for the Olympics as a Chicago boondoggle. I cheered when splendiferous Rio de Janeiro rightfully got the gig.

You are correct to argue that the cluster of appointees around a person in power reflects his or her belief system and modus operandi. However, it is a mark of leadership to recognize the need for professional evolution beyond an old comfort zone. Obama is approaching a turning point which will define his political future, if he has one. He is surrounded by some mighty small potatoes who need shoveling into the dumpster. The petty provincials need to go, and far more sophisticated and world-savvy analysts must urgently be brought on board.

Opponents of Obama are perplexed by the disconnect in polling between Americans' rejection of Obama's policies and his personal popularity. Count me among those who are very critical of many of Obama's actions or evasions but who continue to like him and to believe in his potential as a world leader. It's true he has accomplished nothing thus far and did not remotely deserve the Nobel Peace Prize, a gift carrying a terrible curse. The Nobel should have been the crown of Obama's career and not the butt of jokes. Yet the award has tangible significance insofar as Obama has endorsed the humanistic (if unrealistic) dream of a world without nuclear weapons. The lion may never lie down with the lamb, but politics will always be mired in seething, selfish squalor unless idealistic leaders appeal to our higher nature.

She rooted for Rio?

Wow, it sure looks like there's a lot of racist liberals out there.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

George Bush, Candian Prime Minister

When did George Bush start running Canada?

Surely, he has to be running a country who would do this.............
The government's push to abandon much of the Kyoto Protocol prompted dozens of developing countries to walk out on Canada's address during recent climate talks in Thailand, The Canadian Press has learned.

Article here.....

John Nichols, racist

I didn't know John Nichols of The Nation was a racist until I read this piece critical of our first black president................
The Obama administration really needs to get over itself.

First, the president and his aides go to war with Fox News because the network maintains a generally anti-Obama slant.

Then, an anonymous administration aide attacks bloggers for failing to maintain a sufficiently pro-Obama slant.

These are not disconnected developments.

An administration that won the White House with an almost always on-message campaign and generally friendly coverage from old and new media is now frustrated by its inability to control the debate and get the coverage it wants.

I believe this observation highlights the disservice liberal media types do to their candidates.

Look, has their ever been a president who had more air in his sail than Obama right now; governing majorities, a world population who's all behind him and a media who will carry his water and his message to their death?

Yet Obama struggles because he's received such kid glove treatment for so long he can't even handle the slightest speed bump. And his insecurities and immaturity has filtered down all the way through his administration.

So maybe the next time media outlets like The Nation vets one of their candidates, they might actually hit them with a few hardballs instead of getting all tingly.

But probably not.

Student Loan Socialism

Rhetoric vs. Reality

Life in "Progress" City

From the Golden Gate city of San Francisco, who hasn't had a conservative run the city since the Gold Rush.

Meet Kevin Johnson, mayor of Sacramento, who recently had his suitcase ripped off while traveling the BART..........

What's so "progressive" about being ripped on on the bus?

The Coming Ice Age (Part 3 of 3)

Funny how the guy in this film from 1978 was predicting the next Ice Age.

Now he's a Branch Gorevidian.

Read the details here

Obama vetting, fail

Where was this during the election?

Tea Party Photo

From the 9/5 West Chester OH tea party.....

More democratic corruption

Talk about a looting a government! Look at these compensation figures for the who's who of rich democrats.

Doug Ross with a complete breakdown of this corruption.

Welcome to the NFL

Apparently, the Junior Achievement administration had some harsh words for liberal bloggers.....

"those bloggers need to take off the pajamas, get dressed, and realize that governing a closely divided country is complicated and difficult."

That was my advise to the Obamunists when they were running for president.


Fox News attacks

It's just one bad play after another for the Junior Achievement administration.

Where's all that tough talk for the Iranians?

Liberal lies

From the American Thinker...........

When the BBC finally ‘fessed up last week to the Global Warming Fraud -- without admitting how much they aided and abetted the scam over ten years or more -- a liberal gent I know was shocked. He had sort of gritted his teeth and tolerated my skepticism over the years, but he never wanted to judge the whole fraudulent business for himself, although he had plenty of qualifications to do so. But this fraud was obvious. You had to want to close your eyes not to see it. I say that with all appreciation to the scientists and bloggers like Anthony Watt, who doggedly did the hard work of double-checking the fraud.

The global warming fraud is a lesson in the self-censorship of liberals, their fear of finding out the truth. It's even worse when you see that same self-inflicted blindness over and over again. Millions of liberals didn't want to know about Obama before the election. They sleepwalked into that voting booth, like an old Disney cartoon with Donald Duck holding his arms out in front and with his eyes firmly shut. But they do that a lot, just shutting out sizable parts of the world and not exercising basic adult intelligence in the minefield of politics. They are sucker-bait, user-car-salesman-bait, and I assume that somewhere in Nigeria a whole sweatshop of con artists with PCs is sending out thousands of emails to American liberals, and just raking in the dough. I mean, liberalism is a guarantee of gullibility, and how else do con artists earn a living? You gotta go where the suckers are. Maybe they just go for Sierra Club members, on the theory that people who are willing to believe in cute little polar bears that are desperately stuck on a melting ice floe will fall for anything.

Read the rest........

Monday, October 12, 2009

FNS Gov Granholm faces off Steve Wynn on health care and jobs

Who did they viote for? #9010

Meet members of a local concealed carry club who decided to riddle this bar with bullets.

This is how you know these clowns don't have concealed weapons permit; they shoot like they're in a Jay Z video.

Tea Party

The West Chester Tea Party was last Labor Day weekend.

I forgot my digital camera so I took some shots with a disposable camera, which Kroger's conveniently lost.

I finally got my pictures back so I'll be posting them daily.

Polanski round up

Apparently, Roman Polanski is depressed over his incarceration.

Hey Roman, just wait until you get an unwanted penis in your rectum, then you'll really feel depressed.

I apologize for the crass visual above, I just wanted to remind folks of what he actually did to a THIRTEEN YEAR OLD that has him where his is in the first place.

Sports round up

Baseball - Apparently, some baseball games where played but I didn't see an inning of any of them. Will someone let me know when they're over.

College Football - One reason I find the AP voting so ridiculous; take LSU. Friday they were ranked 4th in the country. Saturday, they played the number 1 in the country (Florida). Now it would kind of stand to reason that number one should beat number 4; correct?

Now, how is it that if number 1 beats number 4, number 4 falls to 10th in the country and wiping them out of any national championship consideration? It wasn't like LSU got humiliated. Maybe LSU is number 2?

Look, I don't feel sorry for LSU. This is a system the BCS schools have set up for themselves to keep them fat and happy. The non BCS schools and common sense would make the rankings worthless by actually settling scores on the field with a playoff and not this stupid bowl season.

So Ohio State fans, don't get your panties all in a bunch because UC leap frogged over you last week. The voters heard your cries and put you back where you think you belong.

Just remember, this is the system you guys protect.

Pro Football - The Bengals won another nail biter and Jay Cutler didn't throw an interception. I guess that's a good weekend.

Miscellany - The most annoying fans in sports. How Yankee fan didn't make this, I'll never know.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Dire Straits - Your Latest Trick

I've been practicing this on the sax

Bill Kristol: What Serious Argument is There That Sending 15, 000 Troops is Any Better Than 40,000?

Anita Dunn: Fox News Is "Research Arm of the Republican Party"

Morons, idiots, and communists, oh my!

Boy, who would have believed The One would have surrounded himself with a who's who of various societal derelicts?

Actually, I think that parochial Sarah Palin pointed it out in the campaign.

Here's a small sampling of the various anti American a-holes advising our president....

A sampling of President Barack Hussein Obama's morally bankrupt White House "Brain Trust"

1. Valerie Jarrett

2. Patrick Gaspard

3. Eric Holder

4. Cecelia Muñoz

5. Samantha Power(s)

6. Charles Freeman

7. Scott Gration

8. Rahm Emmanuel

9. Ezekiel Emmanuel

10. Cass Sunstein

Read their's and the others resumes here.....

Andrew Sullivan, racist

I always thought Andrew Sullivan loved Obama but when I read this piece critical of our first black president I realized he was a closeted racist (the only thing he's in the closet on)......
All I can say is: the president gave a speech he could have given at any point in the last three years. No one in that room could disagree with any of the things he said. I sure don't (with the exception of the hate crimes hooey). And he said it well and movingly. Like we didn't know he could do that.

But the point of electing a president who pledged to actually do things is to hold him to account, and to see if he is willing to take any risk of any kind to actually do something. I had a few prior tests of his seriousness or signs that he gets it, a few ways to judge if this speech had anything new or specific or clear. He failed every test.

This is the line that I found most hilarious

and to see if he is willing to take any risk of any kind to actually do something.

You mean like George Bush?

But he concluded with this one....

But the sad truth is: he is refusing to take any responsibility for his clear refusal to fulfill clear campaign pledges on the core matter of civil rights and has given no substantive, verifiable pledges or deadlines by which he can be held accountable. What that means, I'm afraid, is that this speech was highfalutin bullshit.


Life in "Progress" City

From The Big Apple city of New York, who hasn't had a republican run the city since Henry Hudson was cruising the waterways........

Members of a brazen Brooklyn crack gang raked in more than $500,000 in taxpayer money by repeatedly suing the city for civil rights violations, records show.

Accused drug dealers from the East 21st St. Crew and associates sued the city more than 20 times - and the city settled every time, even though many of the same people sued again and again.

The reason: The city's policy of aggressively settling cases rather than risk a big judgment after a costly trial.

Law enforcement officials are outraged at the repercussions.

"They [the reputed drug dealers] are raising hell in the community and collecting judgments on top of it," one police source said. "They were emboldened; taunting cops."

What's so "progressive" about enriching drug thugs?


Modest Expectations From An Obama Supporter

Any word yet on those mortgage payments and gas bills?


The debate is over

When you never take a tough question

Those who can do

This week's Nobel Peace Follies was maybe the best illustration of liberal domination of all things non profit (hence non accountable).

See liberals thrive in a place of non accountability. All you have to do is look into every profession where accountability lacks and you'll find yourself a nice little commune of "progressives".

Union protected government bureaucrats? check

Tenured professors? check

Global Warming quacks? check

Non profit organizations such as ACORN, the Nobel Prize committee, Ford Foundation employees, etc.? check

See the problem is that liberals cannot thrive in an environment where production reigns; where production can be measured in units, not some arbitrary subjective standard.

Even look at traditional news mediums where liberals were accountable to whom? Other media types who declared themselves as the official arbiters of "The Truth". Now that other means of delivering news has forced these companies to clean up their mess, you're now witnessing an entire implosion of an industry unable to compete in an objective, numbers driven, environment.

The difficulty for conservatives is that we lack representatives in these fields. Why? for the same reasons liberals dominate these fields? Conservatives thrive in competitive environments. Ones where the numbers tell "The Truth".

So why shouldn't the Nobel Prize committee give the prize to whomever they choose. After all, these are the same douche bags who gave us scoreless youth soccer games (actually they gave us youth soccer to begin with), non failing grades in schools, affirmative action etc.

It just seems like a natural fit.

Thanks to Doug Ross for the link.

Life in "Progress" state

They called it Paradise
I don't know why
Someone laid the mountains low
While the town got high

From the Golden State of California, who hasn't had a conservative run the state since the moon landing........
California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will know within a month whether a $1.1 billion drop in revenue collections is part of a growing budget shortfall or an isolated event, his budget spokesman said.

Revenue in the three months ended Sept. 30 was 5.3 percent less than assumed in the $85 billion annual budget, state controller John Chiang reported yesterday. Income tax receipts led the gap, as unemployment reached 12.2 percent in August.

“The culprit here appears to be estimated quarterly personal income tax statements,” H.D. Palmer, the governor’s budget spokesman, said yesterday. “The numbers are cause for concern, but the issue now for us is to determine if this is a one-time event or whether it has more long-term implications.”

The latest figures show that California is facing resurgent fiscal strains brought on by the U.S. recession. Since February, Schwarzenegger and lawmakers have cut $32 billion from spending, raised taxes by $12.5 billion and covered $6 billion more with accounting gimmicks and borrowing. Even with those actions, state budget officials predict an additional $38 billion in deficits in the next three fiscal years combined, including $7.4 billion in the year starting July 1.

What's so "progressive" about a bankrupt state?


Bob Kerry, racist

I never knew Bob Kerry was a racist until I read this WSJ piece critical of our first black president...........

In a wonderfully stunning decision, the Nobel Committee in Oslo awarded our president its Peace Prize. They said the award was as much for the hope that he will contribute to a more peaceful world as it was for any specific accomplishment during his first nine months in office.

This is the same hope I had when I voted for President Barack Obama, contributed to him financially, and campaigned for him in a few states. I believed he could successfully manage the process of U.S. withdrawal from Iraq. I believed he would help build a bridge to the Muslim world. And I believed he would bring his unique story to inspire us to overcome our divisiveness. I still hold fast to these beliefs, in spite of the fact that his presidency already seems to have brought out the worst in some.

By awarding the prize to Mr. Obama, the Nobel committee also surely hoped to influence the debate about U.S. policy in Afghanistan. I wish they had waited until the debate was settled here at home. My wish is based on a fear that American political leaders are about to talk themselves into breaking yet another foreign policy commitment.

In December 2006, President George W. Bush was faced with a similarly difficult foreign policy decision. The Republicans had suffered tremendous losses in the November election, in part because of the conduct of the war in Iraq. At the time, the unpopular Republican president was being pressured by ascendant congressional Democrats and some members of his own party into withdrawing from Iraq. Failure in Iraq loomed, as public opinion for the effort to help the democratically elected government survive had faded thanks to a series of tactical blunders and inaccurate assessments of what would be needed to accomplish the mission.

Then, against all reasonable predictions, President Bush chose to increase rather than decrease our military commitment. The "surge," as it became known, worked. Victory was snatched from the jaws of defeat.

From what I have seen, President Obama has the same ability to step outside the swirl of public opinion and make the right decision. While success in Afghanistan may not look the same as it does in Iraq, I believe there is a very good chance that a stable democracy can survive there. If it does, it would be good for the Afghan people, good for the security of the region, and good for the United States. The heroism of Afghan voters who turned out this past August in spite of the Taliban's violence should inspire us to stand by their side until security and stability are established in their country.

Read the rest....