Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Maybe they were born that way

Mika seems a little judgmental about an alternative lifestyle.

It ain't torture if you can watch it.

So Dianne Feinstein is coming out with her "torture"report.

Apparently the prevailing sentiment is that waterboarding is is torture.


How do you know waterboarding is not torture? Because you can watch a hundred videos of it being done on Youtube. drunk college kids doing it to each other. Radio personalities having it done to them. etc.

Do you think Youtube would allow videos of people having bamboo shoots shot under someone's nails? Do you think ole mancow would be lining up for a little electro shock therapy? Could you watch a video of a man being hung from his feet and beaten?

If the worst thing done to these terrorists was that they felt like they were drowning for a minute, I'm good with that.

And you should be too or else you should be demanding that youtube take off those x rated "torture" videos.