Friday, September 06, 2013

What food stamps can buy for you

A carton of Marlboro cigarettes (price of $51.00) and a bottle of Propel vitamin water.

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Life in "Progress" City - Newark NJ edition

The streak is still alive.

The city of Newark continued its awe-inspiring murder streak Thursday evening with its tenth homicide in as many days. A 14-year old boy, Ali Rajohn Eric Henderson, was gunned down in the courtyard area of Riverview Terrace Housing Complex. Heroin and weapons were reportedly found in Henderson’s bedroom.

It looked like a close call Thursday as to whether Newark would be able to continue its recent streak of nine murders in nine days or would drop below its 1.0 per day murder rate for the ten-day period, but the city, as always, rose to the occasion, hitting double-digits.

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Life in "Progress" city - NY edition

The NYPD says thugs are beating and mugging bike riders on a popular Manhattan bike path.

The victim of one attack recently came forward to tell fellow riders to be on guard, CBS 2’s Don Champion reported Tuesday.

The bike path along the Hudson River is popular with New Jersey bikers who take the route and cross the George Washington Bridge to get home at night in the dark.

One victim told Champion he’s always on guard, but was not expecting what he got when he turned one corner.

“It’s a little surreal,” said Keith Cho, who had one eye swollen shut. “It was very traumatic. I’ve never been jumped before.”

A rope mark burned into his neck detailed the reason behind Cho’s newfound sense of insecurity.