Saturday, April 26, 2008

Finally... An honest "progressive"

The estate in the next picture is obviously owned by some oil company executive fleecing the earth for it's natural resources.

At least until you read the article and you find out it's one of Sting's and Mrs. Sting's seven homes.
The interview at the Earls Court Real Food Festival had been going well, until one journalist pointed out that the couple's carbon footprint has been estimated as 30 times greater than the average Briton's.

Miss Styler tried to shift a little of the blame on to her musician husband, who is 56.

"When it comes to the carbon footprint, Sting puts his hand up immediately and says 'I'm a musician and I have a huge carbon-footprint",' she said.

She then asked: "Are we being hypocritical?' before seeming to answer the question herself.

"He has a 750-person crew to bring around the world and it is a difficult challenge.

"I would like to think that we both work pretty hard for the rights of indigenous people and for the rights of conservation of the Amazon rainforest, but we do need to get around. It's a difficult one."

Environmental experts labelled Sting's band, The Police, the dirtiest in the world because of the amount of pollution created during last year's reunion tour of the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Sweden, Germany, the UK, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, China and Japan.

Miss Styler failed to mention in Thursday's interview that she and their family joined him on much of it.

She also forgot to add that a cavalcade of horseboxes has been known to travel between their Wiltshire pile, The Lake House, and their Tuscan estate twice a year when the family decamps for the summer.

I'm sure that Sting's labyrinth in the back is made of rows of corn so he can power his E-85 trucks for the tour.

The death penalty is not a deterrent?

A piece on someone who escaped from a Canadian prison
Six days ago, Blane MacDougal, whose criminal record includes murder, escaping custody, indecent assault, rape, kidnapping and sexual assault with a weapon, slipped away from a minimum-security jail in the Fraser Valley.

He has vanished so thoroughly that police yesterday were left to appeal to the dangerous offender's "goodwill and conscience" to turn himself in.

The RCMP have dozens of officers searching for him, but say to date they have had no leads - not even the false sightings that typically come with such manhunts.

"At this time our appeal is directly to Mr. MacDougal himself, to do the right thing and turn himself [in]," said Inspector Pat Walsh, the head of the RCMP detachment in Mission, B.C., about 70 kilometres east of Vancouver.

Insp. Walsh said Mr. MacDougal is considered dangerous and could be anywhere.

"We're half an hour from the border, he could have gone into the U.S. Honestly, we don't know. There have been no sightings of him, which is unusual."


I'm sure you can count on MacDougal to do the right thing. He's got a whole life time of "doing the right thing".

Let's assume that MacDougal came to the US to raise funds for Obamania, would Obamania say "The notion that . . . me knowing somebody who engaged in detestable acts 40 years ago, when I was 8 years old, somehow reflects on me and my values doesn't make much sense,"

The Canadians have no death penalty. How are they going to explain this to the next family of the person this jack off rapes and/or kills.

I do know one thing, if Mr. MacDougal were executed he would be deterred from pulling this one off.

Another lib's opinion on Obamania

Stuart Taylor, a liberal and Obamania fan, throws out some ideas for Obamania's campaign to address.
Stephanopoulos zeroed in on one such issue when he asked Obama, “How, specifically, would you recommend changing affirmative-action policies so that affluent African-Americans are not given advantages, and poor, less affluent whites are?”

Obama’s vague response was seen by Mickey Kaus, Slate’s astute blogger, as expanding on an earlier hint that the candidate might come out for ending racial affirmative-action preferences while supporting special consideration for people of any race who have shown promise by overcoming poverty or other hardships.

Such a move would be popular with independent voters: Polls have consistently shown overwhelming opposition to the racial preferences that have become entrenched in university admissions and government employment and contracting, among other walks of life. An Obama call for ending racial preferences would also, in my view, be good both for racial harmony and for most African-Americans. The current racial-preference regime stigmatizes those “beneficiaries” who could succeed without special treatment, sets up some others for failure, and does nothing at all for the disadvantaged.

A good read

The Drew Carey Project

I'm a little late to the game on these but if you haven't seen any of the Drew Carey Project videos over at you need to.

This one is on the abolishment of the "bacon dog" sold by street vendors in LA.

It's an eye opener.

We're surprised?

At first, I thought the resignation of a state rep for having a nude photo on his computer was an over reaction to what might have been a slight mistake... until I read this in the Enquirer.

You may remember a semi-amusing news item last fall about Ohio State Rep. Matt Barrett of Amherst, who inadvertently flashed a photo of a nude woman on his computer while giving a civics lesson to a high school class. The photo was just one of several on a flash drive Barrett brought from home for his presentation.

"I have no idea where these came from," he said at the time, saying he received the device as a gift.

The next day, however, the freshman Democrat explained it as "an internal family matter," requesting "respect for our privacy as we deal with this situation." House Minority Leader Joyce Beatty backed him up, saying, "This situation is a matter between him, his teenaged son and his family."

Yeah, right. Ohio House Democrats announced Barrett's resignation Thursday morning, saying he stepped down "after he admitted he was not truthful about the photos displayed ... during a classroom presentation."

According to a lawmaker contacted by the Cleveland Plain Dealer, nude photos of two women from Barrett's district were on the flash drive.

Wow, how noble to throw your teenage son under the bus for naked pictures of your honey(ies). How democratic of you.

Then, I read this headline about Mr. Dann, democrat, attorney general, and overall scumbag.

Childish emails common between Dann and staffers

Dann's 28 year old scheduler, Jessica Utovich, playfully calls Dann names, invites him to drinks, solicits his opinion of her hair and scolds him for his conduct in thousands of emails between them released this week.

Are we paying for a giant frat house up there in Columbus?

I currently have business in front of the AG's office right now. I won't divulge details because I don't want to jeopardize my client's situation. But let's just say it sounds like there's a whole bunch of 28 year old honey's up there in his office.

Does he interview babes via text messages or something?

I'll give you that the state GOP became corrupt over a matter of a decade but the democrats haven't even been up there 18 months and we already have orgies running amok all over Columbus.... The strip joints up there probably never had it so good.

But if you're a democrat this is all OK because none of it is "illegal".

Friday, April 25, 2008

The common denominator

To the side, is a graph of US and Canadian gasoline prices since November, 2006

You'll notice that the price of gasoline was roughly $2.20/gallon on 11/06.

Question, if the Bush administration is responsible for the hike in gas prices since then, who is responsible for the almost mirroring of those gas price increases in Canada. Granted, Karl Rove almost runs the world but I don't think that includes Canada yet.

In addition, here's an article from the Communist News Network (aka CNN) from 11/06 on the unemployment rate. Here's the quote from the article.

The unemployment rate fell to the lowest level in more than five years in October, the government reported Friday, a sign of unexpected strength in the job market.

The jobless rate sank to 4.4 percent from 4.6 percent in September, the Labor Department said. It was the lowest since May 2001. Economists had forecast the rate would hold steady.

Another question....So what changed here?

Bush presided over both eras so it can't be him.

Karl Rove resigned from the White House on 8/07. Maybe his leaving is what changed?

Maybe it's the curse of the Red Sox?

Maybe it's when Brittney Spears started having her emotional problems?

Or maybe, it's the day the democrats took over Congress.

Actually, if you look at the gas prices beginning 1/07, the day they actually took over the Congress, prices shot straight up. Unemployment was at 4.4% on election day 2006.

As soon as Harry "The Weasel" Reid and Nancy Lollapelosi took over the reigns, the shit hit the fans.

Just like they've ruined each and every city they've governed, they're now taking on the rest of the country. At least now, all us small town, gun a& God clinging hicks can be just as poor as the cities these guys run.

As my sister likes to tell me "the scale don't lie".

Another Friday Funny- Classic Belushi

I'm betting the guy with the guitar would have been an Obamania supporter.

Man this stuff never gets old.

Friday Funny - AFSCME

Rated "R" for Teamster type language. Hat tip to Plunderbund

The Section 8 Bengals

Let me just start this post by saying, if you are one of those guys who camps out at your local sports bar to watch the draft for three + hours, you are a loser.

The only thing more worthless than the watching the draft, following high school recruiting.

But let's start again with the annual proclamation that the Bengals will always be losers up until the day the Brown family is killed in an airline crash or poisoned during Easter dinner.

Once again the Bengals did next to nothing in the free agent period. They lost four players to free agency. While a Bengal apologist will explain that none of the players were a big loss, the fact remains they signed exactly ONE player, Antwan Odom, during the period.

Who are they planning on replacing Madeiu Williams with? Me.

But you idiot Bengal fans will come back with the old "Gordon, we'll get our needs met in the draft".

HELLOOOOOO, Every team will address their needs in the draft. And every other NFL team actually uses team resources (aka scouts) to make sure they get the right players.

Let's do the math again class.

Every team gets 7 picks in a draft. The average life of a player in the NFL is 5 years. That means approximately 35 players (at best) will be players drafted by the team. The remaining 17 players will be up of free agent signings.

Below is a list of the players the Bengals drafted in 2004. Of eleven picks, three remain on the team.

Chris Perry
Keiwan Ratliff
Madieu Williams
Caleb Miller
Landon Johnson

Matthias Askew
Robert Geathers
Stacy Andrews
Maurice Mann
Greg Brooks
Casey Bramlet

So you loser Bengal fans can go to your local sports bar and oh an ah on this guy's 40 time and his bench press and think the Bengals are going to be better than there were last year.

Mean while I'll be laughing my ass off knowing that every other team in the NFL will be better after the draft and the Bengals will roll in a 6-10 record for 2008.

I made fun of the CMHA for wanting Section 8 housing on the riverfront. The fact is the city spent over a billion dollars to house two section 8 tenants down there.

More reason not to support welfare on any level.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Christians making a difference

For those atheistic types who believe that church goers are holier than thous who do nothing to change the world; listen to this message from Gary Haugen, President of the International Justice Mission.

Our church has funded a good deal of the work of this entity, in the hopes of ridding the world of child sex slavery, slavery camps, and other forms of economic oppression.

The message is powerful in that he speaks of how people who have endured years or decades of oppression can somehow see God in the world.

It's been a while since one my churches messages brought me to tears; this one is like watching Brian's Song.

Maybe someone can point me out to the publication where a group of atheist made a difference like this one.

Gotta watch those choir students

Two students attending Eagan and Apple Valley high schools were expelled last week after buying souvenir swords during a spring break choir trip in the United Kingdom.

A chaperone found the duct-taped boxes that held the swords after the students left the store. The swords were confiscated on the trip and never made it to Minnesota. The students flew home several days early, and the district disciplined the students when they returned.

"The severity of the punishment didn't fit the crime here," said Brad Briggs, 45, an Eagan resident and father of one of the expelled teens. "There was no intent of violence."

Oh, that's what you think. Of course, every student in the choir fits the profile of some angry, gun, I mean sword, clinging hick looking to slice off the heads of all those students on the spring trip. They might even believe in God......

It wasn't that long ago when I went to school and I remember those vicious sword wielding, choir students roaming the halls looking to slice innocent students in half.

In all seriousness, how can young people grow up to be self respecting, stable adults when their adult role models act like babies. My guess, the people involved in the expulsion were probably "progressives".

I just hope the rest of the students got some grief counseling from the threat.

More "progressive" thought

So now you've got two narcissists running for the democratic nomination; bogging it down to a stalemate. What do you do?

Considering that neither Obamania nor The Billary will step aside for each other, I'm sure both would be more than willing to step aside for Al "The Goricle".

Therefore, if the Democrats want to have their best chance to win an election in November that six months ago it looked like they couldn't lose, they may have only one option at this point: they can turn to Al Gore.

In truth, Gore would be a stronger candidate in November than the two front-runners. He knows what it's like to run in a tough presidential campaign, which, as we're finding out with Obama, is a huge advantage. He is, after all, a Nobel Prize winner; he has the advantage of now running from outside Washington even though he's as experienced as John McCain; and he might be able to pick off a Southern state or two. He's already won once - with an asterisk. And he could put the electoral focus back on the economy and the Republican record of the past eight years - which it will rarely be as long as Clinton or Obama is the nominee.

Hey Jimma Carter is a Nobel winner as well, and he's actually won an election, maybe the party can bring him back.

Give peace a chance

Have you ever noticed that liberal protesters are pretty brave... when up against a girl in a wheel chair.
A man heckling First Lady Laura Bush and daughter Jenna outside the 92nd Street Y was arrested after he punched a wheelchair-bound girl whose parents has told him to shut up, authorities said yesterday. German Talis, 22, was shouting obscenities at the Bushes, who were leaving the building Tuesday, when he crossed paths with Wendy and John Lovetro and their daughter Maureen, 18, who has cerebral palsy.

They had been in the audience to hear the Bushes talk about their children's book, "Read All About It."

"He began yelling about Iraq and Iran at Jenna Bush. She was waving at the crowd. I told the guy, 'What are you doing? Shut up. This is about a child and books,' " said John Lovetro. "He was unperturbed. I said, 'Get out of here! You're being a moron!' "

The next thing he knew, Talis was allegedly punching Maureen - a fan of the first lady since meeting her in 2004.

More friends of Obamania

More buddies of Obamania

Two years ago, Hatem El-Hady was the chairman of the Toledo, Ohio-based Islamic charity, Kindhearts, which was closed by the US government in February 2006 for terrorist fundraising and all its assets frozen. Today, El-Hady has redirected his fundraising efforts for his newest cause - Barack Obama for President.

El-Hady has his own dedicated page on Barack Obama's official website, chronicling his fundraising on behalf of the Democratic Party presidential candidate (his Obama profile established on February 19, 2008 - two years to the day after Kindhearts was raided by the feds). Not only that, but he has none other than Barack Obama's wife, Michelle Obama, listed as one of his friends (one of her 224 listed friends).

But his leadership of Kindhearts is not the only thing that has brought him scrutiny by federal law enforcement officials. Last summer, El-Hady was questioned by the FBI concerning his knowledge of possible conspirators in a UK-based terror plot.

Thank God for sex offender registration

It's a good thing that we have sex offender registration laws otherwise these guys might go out and rape again.

What? You mean they do anyway?

A 27-year-old registered sex offender was arrested late Wednesday in the rape of a 14-year-old girl in Butler County.

Sheriff’s officials said James Vincent-Reece Hansard is accused of assaulting the girl the night before while both were visiting a residence at the Towne and Country Mobile Home Park in St. Clair Township.

The state sex offender registry shows that Hansard was convicted in Warren County of three counts of gross sexual imposition in 2005.

But he was registered... How could this happen?

It happened because the douche bag should have been in prison in the first place. Instead the criminal justice system forced this guy back onto the community to deal with.

More Obamania hypocrisy

Sen. Barack Obama continued accepting donations from oil company executives and employees last month even as he aired ads in which he stated he took no oil company money, his campaign finance reports show.

Obama has taken at least $263,000 from oil company executives, family members and employees since entering the presidential race last year, including $46,000 last month. At least $140,000 has come in chunks of between $1,000 and $2,300, the maximum permitted under federal law.


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic

The city of Cincinnati is taking a page from the city of Detroit.

If the smell gets too bad, don't remove the dog crap in your room, just use more cologne.

Cincinnati City Council voted 6-2 Wednesday for a plan to build streetcar lines linking downtown, Over-the-Rhine and Uptown (the area around the University of Cincinnati), putting council on record as wanting to build the system.

But the vote left two question marks attached.

While the city has identified sources to pay for more than two-thirds of the initial line in the system, the plan calls for another $31 million from corporations and other private sources – money that has not yet been solicited.

Without the private money, the system can’t be built.

General thoughts

First, if there was a need for transportation from downtown to OTR and uptown, Metro would be servicing it already.

Second, there isn't a second. City resources are scarce. An investment on this boondoggle rivals fountain square west, the Freedom Center and Fifth & Race.

Fire, police and roads... the only things city government should be funding... Unless of course you are a "progressive" city, then you fund everything but....

Would you associate with these people?

John Kass with a column on William Ayers and his bride Bernadine Dohrn.
"And what they [Weather Underground] did was set bombs and in some instances people died," said Clinton, sweetly playing the white terrorist card. "I know Sen. Obama is a good man and I respect him greatly, but I think this is an issue that certainly the Republicans will be raising."'
And why shouldn't they?

As president, Hillary's husband commuted the prison sentences of two other Weather Underground members and of Puerto Rican terrorists, so her scolding was quite unconvincing.

Obama insists such gotcha politics is beneath our dignity. But no association is above question for a candidate, whether Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Illinois political fixer Tony Rezko, or Ayers and Dohrn.

Clinton and Republican John McCain have suffered scrutiny. The only one treated as an infant in swaddling clothes by the national media—until quite recently—is Sen. Change.

So let's wait until Labor Day, when Broadway Baby may become a catchphrase. Here's why: According to a 1982 New York Times report, Broadway Baby was implicated in an investigation of a series of violent armed robberies in New York—netting more than $2 million over a two-year span—committed by former Black Panthers and Weather Underground members in the early '80s.

Their aim? Global revolution, naturally. They needed cash, but the rich white parents weren't in a giving mood. So their privileged offspring grabbed guns, pointed them at the faces of the working man and, sometimes, they pulled the trigger.

At Broadway Baby, customers often paid by check and used driver's licenses for identification. On Dec. 28, 1979, information from two customer files was used to apply for two driver's licenses at the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles. The fraudulent licenses were used to rent getaway cars for the gang.

Investigators tracked the identities on two licenses for the getaway cars. The names belonged to women who had shopped at Broadway Baby in December 1979. But they weren't robbers.

And who was the manager of Broadway Baby during that period of the customer ID theft?

Dohrn, the future wife of Ayers, identified by investigators as taking customer information from one, and possibly both, of the women shoppers. Dohrn was never charged in that case.

Dohrn and Ayers had been running for some 11 years, fleeing federal charges that they instigated riots in Chicago in 1969.

They finally came in out of the cold in 1980, but the New York gang continued its spree, ending in the bloody 1981 robbery in Rockland County that left a Brinks security guard and two police officers dead.

The federal charges from the riots were finally dropped because the FBI used illegal wiretaps. But the local charge of aggravated assault stuck to Dohrn. She pleaded guilty to two counts, receiving a $1,500 fine and no jail time

In 1982, Dohrn was brought before a federal grand jury investigating radical conspiracies linked to the New York robberies. She refused to cooperate or to provide a signature sought by FBI handwriting analysts. Dohrn was held in contempt of the grand jury and imprisoned for seven months.

A few years later, Ayers got his job as a professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago. And Dohrn was employed at the Children and Family Justice Center affiliated with Northwestern University's School of Law.

I've always been fascinated as to how the radical underground stop running and get jobs in academia. Is there a Terrorist Patronage Office for Rich White People? And how did a convicted Dohrn get hired to teach at a law school?

I wonder when I can go to one of their dinner parties? These are the people I need to party with.

The thing that makes me most sick of these derelicts is their total lack of remorse for the lives they ended or the damage they created.

If this guy came into my office, he would be asked to leave...... just after I kicked him in the balls. I wouldn't be on any damn board that would have these douche bags on it. After all, what kind of self respecting organization would have these dildo's on it in the first place.

Well, if you are an organization like the Woods Fund, I guess you would. Which begs the question, why would Obama decide to sit on a board (1999-2002) that would have a couple of unrepentant terrorist piles of shit like Ayers and Dohrn on it?

I thought judgment was his best attribute?

Congratulations democrats

I want to extend my dearest congratulations to my fellow democrats for giving me plenty of material to write about this summer.

Because of your efforts, you now have a FUBAR (F--- Up Beyond All Recognition) situation. With the almost insurmountable lead held by Obama, Pennsylvania should have been a rallying point for him to finally put that stake in the heart of The Billary.

Instead, despite the overwhelming fund raising numbers, this guy cannot seal the deal against a fabulously flawed candidate. How could he possibly finish off someone like McCain? Someone with 10 times the experience of The Billary, much broader appeal and with none of the baggage.

When the city of Cincinnati mayor was selected out of the top city council vote getter, I argued that this was a horrible system since it allowed the chief rival to stay on council and sabotage anything the mayor proposed. The same is true with the democratic primary system. With a delegate allocation based on the pro rata vote count, you can't effectively kill off a rival, nor can someone realistically catch up.

The result? Conservatives like myself laughing our asses off while you guys try and get your crap together. Can you say 1968 all over again?

Nice job and congratulations.

By the way, don't think that no one is noticing how you've run your primary system. People can pretty much know how you'd run the country from that; FUBAR.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

He'll not sell

Arthur "Pinch" Sulzberger, Jr., Chairman of the NY Times, has said on no certain terms will he sell the paper off.

In keeping with our progressive standards we intend to keep this paper and ruin it like progressives have done to our nation's cities for decades.

Within a period of a decade, we will have taken the paper of record for the entire United States down to the level of your local alternative city newspaper, thus truly connecting with our liberal, I mean, progressive roots.

We will never allow this paper to be run by conservative corporations who will operate this paper to actually do things like, objectively report facts on national issues, hire competent news staffers unlike Jayson Blair, and finally, make money.

That's all I have to say until I complete my sex act on Obama.

Thank you.

Before the GOP gets too cocky

Over at NRO a comparison between Obamania and McCain's numbers...

Number of views of Obama YouTube videos: 37 million.

Number of views of McCain videos: 3 million.

Obama funds raised from under $200 donations: $76 million.

McCain funds raised from under $200 donations: $7.4 million.

Brownstein guesses that Obama has perhaps 10 times as many volunteers as McCain.

As of March, the two Democratic candidates had together raised about $430 million.

A Typical White Chick on Typical White Guys

Nora Ephron at the Huffington Post on us typical white guys.
Here's another thing I don't like about this primary: now that there are only two Democratic candidates, it's suddenly horribly absolutely crystal-clear that this is an election about gender and race. This may have always been true, but weeks ago it wasn't so obvious -- once upon a time there were eight candidates, and although six of them withered away, their presence in the campaign managed to obscure things. Even around the time of Ohio, when there were primarily three candidates, the outlines were murky, because Edwards was still in there, picking up votes from all sectors.

But now there are two and we're facing Pennsylvania and whom are we kidding? This is an election about whether the people of Pennsylvania hate blacks more than they hate women. And when I say people, I don't mean people, I mean white men. How ironic is this? After all this time, after all these stupid articles about how powerless white men are and how they can't even get into college because of overachieving women and affirmative action and mean lady teachers who expected them to sit still in the third grade even though they were all suffering from terminal attention deficit disorder -- after all this, they turn out (surprise!) to have all the power. (As they always did, by the way; I hope you didn't believe any of those articles.)

To put it bluntly, the next president will be elected by them: the outcome of Tuesday's primary will depend on whether they go for Hillary or Obama, and the outcome of the general election will depend on whether enough of them vote for McCain. A lot of them will: white men cannot be relied on, as all of us know who have spent a lifetime dating them. And McCain is a compelling candidate, particularly because of the Torture Thing. As for the Democratic hope that McCain's temper will be a problem, don't bet on it. A lot of white men have terrible tempers, and what's more, they think it's normal.

Some thoughts for Nora

1) The reason you have problems dating white guys probably says more about you than us. Nora, sweetie, you want to know why you can't rely on a white guy while you're dating? Probably because they'll tell you anything you want to hear just to get rid of you. My guess is most guys would lie to you just to get you out of their car. In the future, when they say they're going to call, don't wait by the phone.

By the way, just because that one guy couldn't have sex with you unless you wore a ball gag is no reason to believe that we all like torture.

In my mind, this is the same attitude displayed by NOW and abortion. Most men can't stand to be around these women long enough to actually get one pregnant. Abortion would seem like a moot point to me.

2) Like most things run by the democratic party, it's run a pack of amateurs. Of course white guys need to step in and bail it out, like they have to do over and over again. If you ran this primary like the republicans, The Billary would be your nominee and you could move on to the general. But nooooooooooooooooo. we have to make sure everyone's feelings are taken care of and that everyone gets a ribbon or a trophy when they go home so everyone can be a winner. Out of curiosity, does everyone get a juice box at the convention? You want to be treated like an adult? Act like one.

3) Once again, your party is totally defined by identity. If you can identify yourself as a victim you're welcome in. Unfortunately, there just aren't enough victim groups in this country to actually win an election. I mean, you can't actually have more victims than victimizers can you? So guess what? The DNC had to open it's tent up to include just enough white guys to win an election. And now they're pissed that these guys are calling the shots? Hello?

4) You think white guys have a temper? Have you read your own piece? I'm still wiping the anger and bitterness off my shirt. Nora, honey, are you working through your anger issues with a therapist? Just because that typical nice, cute, employed, white guy dumped your ass for some babe that wasn't a dip shit, is no reason to take it out on the rest of us.

5) You gotta love the irony. The democrats worked so hard to make one of their aggrieved voter bases president of the United States and now they have this mess. Of course, now, if you vote for Obamania, you hate women, if you vote for The Billary, you hate blacks. So why not vote for McCain so you can be accused of hating them both? You're going to get bitched at anyway, might as well get what you want.... Sounds like my marriage to my ex wife.

I'm not a McCain fan, but this is the type of kid like temper tantrum that has me absolutely refusing to even consider a democrat for elected office. The thought of one of these people sitting behind a desk surrounded with their sippy boxes and sixth place soccer trophies just doesn't instill a lot a confidence that they are actually adults.

More on starving the poor for global warming

Once again, another liberal rag on the unintended consequence of the fight on global warming...

The willingness to try, fail and try again is the essence of scientific progress. The same sometimes holds true for public policy. It is in this spirit that today, Earth Day, we call upon Congress to revisit recently enacted federal mandates requiring the diversion of foodstuffs for production of biofuels. These "food-to-fuel" mandates were meant to move America toward energy independence and mitigate global climate change. But the evidence irrefutably demonstrates that this policy is not delivering on either goal. In fact, it is causing environmental harm and contributing to a growing global food crisis.

Food-to-fuel mandates were created for the right reasons. The hope of using American-grown crops to fuel our cars seemed like a win-win-win scenario: Our farmers would enjoy the benefit of crop-price stability. Our national security would be enhanced by having a new domestic energy source. Our environment would be protected by a cleaner fuel. But the likelihood of these outcomes was never seriously tested, and new evidence has shown that the justifications for these mandates were inaccurate.

And once again, history proves "progressives" to be wrong. At least they're consistent, they are a perfect 100% wrong.


Just a reminder for those folks in Pennsylvania...

Here is a brief list of the endorsements each candidate has received.

Hugo Chavez
Raul Castro
Ahmed Yousef (head of Hamas)
Daniel Ortega
Fans of Che Guevarra

Heidi Fleiss
Larry Flynt
Jenna Jameson
Ron Jeremy

So if you are a communist dictator, your candidate is definitely Obamania. If you are addicted to porn, use hookers or Marc Dann, your candidate is definitely Clinton.

This is a public service announcement from taxmanblog.

I'm Gordon and I approved of this message.....

Happy Earth Day

A testimonial from a former member of Greenpeace....

The breaking point was a Greenpeace decision to support a world-wide ban on chlorine. Science shows that adding chlorine to drinking water was the biggest advance in the history of public health, virtually eradicating water-borne diseases such as cholera. And the majority of our pharmaceuticals are based on chlorine chemistry. Simply put, chlorine is essential for our health.

My former colleagues ignored science and supported the ban, forcing my departure. Despite science concluding no known health risks – and ample benefits – from chlorine in drinking water, Greenpeace and other environmental groups have opposed its use for more than 20 years.

Opposition to the use of chemicals such as chlorine is part of a broader hostility to the use of industrial chemicals. Rachel Carson's 1962 book, "Silent Spring," had a significant impact on many pioneers of the green movement. The book raised concerns, many rooted in science, about the risks and negative environmental impact associated with the overuse of chemicals. But the initial healthy skepticism hardened into a mindset that treats virtually all industrial use of chemicals with suspicion.

Sadly, Greenpeace has evolved into an organization of extremism and politically motivated agendas. Its antichlorination campaign failed, only to be followed by a campaign against polyvinyl chloride.

He forgot to add DDT which hasn't done anything but eliminate malaria from parts of the world....

Monday, April 21, 2008

Why associations matter

If you want to know why associations matter when electing a US president, you need only go to Canada to read the most salient of points.

In one's associations, as in other aspects of life, mistakes are made. But a hallmark of a leader is the willingness to make them right. For this, Obama has shown little talent or enthusiasm.

Obama has defended Wright by insisting that he merely represents the convention of "Black Liberation Theology," as though this were just some quaint offshoot of traditional Christianity. One need not pore over the tenets of Black Liberation Theology or its founder, James Hal Cone -- although a Google search of either would provide a world of clarity to the undecided voter -- to recognize that a would-be President who cannot utterly disassociate himself from such racist, anti-American rubbish lacks sufficient character and affinity for his country's ideals to be its leader.

The bumper-sticker slogan "dissent is patriotic" has for decades been employed to legitimize any insult to America, no matter how hateful or moronic. But Americans understand that their president's instinct ought to be to defend the nation against unfair invective, not embrace those who purvey it -- or, in the case of Ayers, seek to blow it up altogether.

That about sums it up.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Ways to avoid being tased.

A college student is in critical condition after being tazed outside of an Oxford bar last night.

If you are worried the man doing you wrong and tazing you, here are some helpful tips.

First, don't get into bar fights.

Second, if you feel the need to get into a bar fight, don't screw with the bouncers. They call them bouncers not because they bounce basketballs, but patrons.

Third, if you're not going to pay attention to the bouncers, at least do what the cops tell you to do; they have things like tazers, clubs, and guns, to ensure you do the things they want you to do.

Just last week, I was picking up a pizza when a cop showed up to take of a fight in the bar next door.

This cop was by himself; this cop had a hard enough time dealing with two douche bags in the fight, what he didn't need were some big mouthed bystanders jumping into the fray, which is what happened and what I suspect happened with this punk.

Over my drinking career, I've been a part of/or witness to at least 10 bar fights. Somehow I managed to always get away without being tazed, clubbed or shot. Why? because I did what the cop(s) told me to do when he requested.

So follow my simple steps and you can be all the drunken asshole you want to be and you won't have one knot on your head from a beating.

Making a Blue State look like Chernobyl

It looks like Michigan state government is doing all they can to make the state look like Chernobyl after the nuke plan melted down.

Compared with what his company paid under Michigan's hated Single Business Tax, Bronner's will pay about 500% more now under the new Michigan Business Tax, a supposed improvement over the SBT that took effect Jan. 1.

The increase includes a surcharge approved late last year so the state wouldn't go broke. The shock to businesses looking at their new tax liability could reopen the political debate over the state's business tax system and, even more broadly, Michigan's budget and fiscal policies as a whole.

"We've always been more than willing to pay our fair share of taxes here," Bronner said. "But it seems like a disproportionate amount has hit industries like us."

James Jenkins, a Southfield accountant, said last week that he's facing an even stiffer bump in his business taxes, from $1,000 a year under the SBT to $14,000 a year under the MBT.

"I've got clients that can move" out of Michigan, Jenkins said. "I suspect that some of them absolutely will if this becomes too penal."

Too much of a burden?

The increases stem in part from a shift in part of the tax burden from manufacturing firms to the state's growing service sector.

As part of Michigan's bitter, drawn-out debate last year on replacing the Single Business Tax, lawmakers in Lansing created the Michigan Business Tax to spread the tax burden more evenly. Manufacturers got some relief, while service firms were expected to pay more.

This spring, tens of thousands of firms are calculating their MBT bills to make estimated tax payments as required by law. "People are getting the first dose of the shock wave," Jenkins said.

State Rep. John Proos, R-St. Joseph, said Michigan could lose firms to other states, including nearby Indiana. The Hoosier state has begun to target Michigan firms with a marketing campaign to entice them to a less-taxing environment.

"This is at a time when Michigan's economy is struggling," Proos said. "Why would we simply take the arrows out of our quiver and give them to the State of Indiana to fire back at us?"

A couple of notes

First, note that Ohio doesn't appear to be a viable option for Michiganders as a relocation option.

Second, if you are a "progressive" ask yourself this question. Are businesses more or less likely to set up in Michigan as a result of this tax?

The clue phone is ringing for Ohio, will the state pols like Marc Dann pull his pants up long enough to answer it?

Those Bitter Chicagoans Part Dos

A follow up from yesterday's post on Chicago violence

A violent and deadly weekend continues in Chicago. At least 12 people have been shot, two of them killed, since Saturday morning. Two others were stabbed in a home invasion. This comes after at least 20 people were shot, four of them killed, from Friday night through early Saturday.

Funny I guess I never considered Chicago a small town filled with packs of hicks clinging to their guns. But it must be... how else to explain all that violence.