Saturday, September 22, 2007

Quote of the week

"Don't taze me bro............"


Flip flopping

I've never been one to criticize people for changing their political views since I have changed more than my fair share over the ages.

After all, I've moved from a pro abortion, welfare state, socialist to a pro capitalist, anti abortion, libertarian in the matter of a few years.

So for me, I won't criticize candidates who have an evolution, or in my case, a maturity of political thought.

However, I do find it funny how the current democratic candidates are twisting their stump speeches to isolate themselves from the "Betray Us" ad and kissing the asses of the same group. It's like a democratic game of Twister (without Bill Clinton, hookers, and some baby oil).

Bill Kristol has a great analysis of the Hildebeast in action.

Let's Move On

Once again, projection, hits the liberals again.

Isn't their an irony that the group, was originally organized as a response to the Clinton impeachment. Essentially, moving on, to the matters of the country.

But yet it seems the people most likely not to move on are liberals. hence the bumper sticker.

After all, it's only 2007.

Friday, September 21, 2007

A Friday funny

Provided by Rodney Carrington.

Take me out to the ball game

You just can't get rid of the paparazzi. Gordon & Midas just trying to take in a ball game and someone shoots our picture.

You have to zoom in but we're right in the center of the photo.

Now I know how Paris feels.

Get out of our homes

If you haven't followed the scene in Middletown, Ohio, where a 3:30 am gunfight broke out in a section 8 housing project, here are the details according to WLW radio.

Here is part of the quote from one of the residents in the community.

We live in government housing. We should be protected. They're supposed to screen people before they come into this complex........

You allow people to come in here shooting up our homes.....

First, Ms. Anonymous I don't live in government housing, I'm not "protected" by anybody.

Second, Nobody "allows" people to come in there shotting up the place.

Third, it's not your home. It's the government's property in which "we" allow you to stay.

Fourth, if you don't like the housing environment, you are welcome to leave.

Now I don't deny the problems in public housing. Most cops will tell you that 90% of problems in public housing are caused by boyfriends shacking up in a unit or a teenage boy living with mom.

Those same cops will also tell you most of the problems are drug related.

As a result, Gordon's got a solution. Why don't we have social workers randomly go into these areas and execute random drug tests for anyone in the unit at that time. If anyone tests positive, it's an immediate eviction.

That will take care of the transient bums who "live" in these units when they are not supposed to even be there. It will also force women in these units police their own homes. And finally, it will force the drug issues out of the projects to somewhere else. Failure to consent, will be an automatic eviction as well.

But Gordon that's awfully harsh.

It really isn't. The way I look at this problem. Let's assume a good friend of yours runs into hard times and you allow them to move in with you until they can get back on their feet. After they move in, you hear that they are at a casino blowing their paycheck. In addition, they are a slob in your house, leaving empty beer cans and pizza boxes all over the place. Do you think you're likely to kick them out of your home?

The same applies here. If we, the public, are going to provide you with housing, we have the right to say how you will live in "our" property. If you don't like those terms, you are welcome to buy your own place and do all the drugs and house all the derelicts you'd like.

And, by the way, what the hell were all these people doing up at 3:30 am?

Freedom of Speech

Do you think that a college that would allow Ahmadinejad to speak on it's campus would at least allow the ROTC on campus.

I wonder if the students will riot during his speech the way they rioted at Jim Gilchrist's speech last year.

Brought to you by the same liberals who always proclaim free speech to all.

UC football attendance

Tomorrow night I'll be at the UC - Marshall football game. Previous to the game, I'll be at Martino's signing autographs. Look for the guy wearing a codpiece.

For those who like to beat on the UC attendance figures take note of Miami University's attendance for the first three games of the season.

Marshall 39,830
FIU 40,915
Texas A&M 44,622

This is supposedly a national class team, only five years from playing in a national title game, and this is their attendance?

UC's attendance is woeful to say the least but it's actually common amongst all D-1 schools that share football with a pro team.

Despite the woeful attendance, I think Brian Kelly is bringing a certain energy to the program that's been missing since let's see, 1947.

See you there.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Pot Kettle Black award

It's been a while since I awarded a PKB award but this one goes to Tom Vilsack, former Iowa governor and current Hildebeast supporter, on his statement regarding Rudy.

Former Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack went off on Rudy Giuliani's family foibles in a televised interview, saying Giuliani has "lots of issues" voters may not know about - yet.

"I can't even get into the number of marriages, [and] the relationship he has with his children,"

Are you kidding me?

A Clinton supporter ripping anyone's personal life. Now that is definitely the pot calling the kettle black.

Pyramid Scheme

Norman Hsu, Clinton fundraiser, is accused of running a $60,000,000 pyramid scheme. Norm buddy, are you dense? You're that close to Hillary and you couldn't figure it out?

First, Become a US Senator.

Second, add a few 0's to the scheme.

Third, call it social security.

Fourth, tell people it's in a "lock box".

Do those things and you'll never have to worry about being busted for a pyramid scheme.

Why medical care costs so much

As a self employed individual, I have horrible medical insurance. My plan is a high deductible ($5,000 per year) plan with a health savings account.

I go to the doctor about once every couple of years for some issue. When I go I usually just tell them I have no insurance and pay my bill with my HSA debit card because I know the insurance won't pay it.

The last time I went, I made the mistake of telling them I had insurance but I wanted to go ahead and pay because it didn't meet my deductible. The clerks told me they still had to run it through insurance, which, in my mind, tells me a rate hike is now in order.

It's now been three months and I just received the bill to tell me what I already knew. I owe them the full amount and guess what? The doctor's visit was about twice what it would have been if I would have just paid while I was there.

It's why I believe if we really want to reign in health care costs, we ban insurance.

But Gordon, we can't do that. How would people pay?

The same way they pay for groceries.

If you don't believe costs would be more affordable without insurance simply look at plastic surgery and laser eye surgery; neither covered by insurance. One trip to a local gym will tell you boob jobs have never been more affordable and you can practically get laser eye surgery for the cost of a pair of glasses.

So the next time I hit the doc up, it's going to be no insurance.

Rather sues

Dan rather suing CBS News for 70 million. He claims CBS “seriously damaged his reputation.”

I don't think so.

Dan, you've always had the reputation for being a liberal hack journalist. CBS just confirmed it.

Gore in Australia

In an attempt to make sure we have perpetual global warming, Al Gore flew to Australia to talk about global warming.

How is it that the person who proclaims global warming to be the "most pressing issue of this century" does this and no one says a thing?

Animal Farm

That's a relief

For those with a Number 8 tattooed on their behind for Dale Earnhardt Jr., good news; he'll be driving the 88 car next year.

The bad news you'll have to skip a truck payment to pay to get the extra 8 tattooed.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

John Kerry's OK

Apparently John Kerry is OK after the University of Florida student was tasered at his speech Monday.

Scrappleface has full details.

Bush/Congress approval ratings

Well, August job approval ratings came in with a whopping 29% job approval for Bush.

So low, that his dog has to be his only friend. I'm sure Democrats are celebrating. Except that their approval ratings came in at 11%.


Are you kidding me? A toilet bowl could get those kind of numbers. Hell, even Bob Taft got better numbers than that.


Even OJ's got better numbers than that.


Hildebeast endorsement

So far Hillary's snatching up all the key endorsements this political season.

First the was Jenna Jameson
then Larry Flynt
Heidi Fleiss
and now O.J.

You can't make this stuff up. Watch the video.

Hat Tip Paindealer


This kid must have seen my Hildebeast post.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ocean's 13

OJ must have had Marvin devise the game plan.

More at Deadspin

Marvin makes nice

I happened to be listening to Marvin Lewis's news conference yesterday when he laid out this blast.

“I tell (players) all the time, ‘Don’t try to explain it to (media), because (media) won’t understand it’,” Lewis said.

Yeah, there's so much nuance and subtlety surrounding a defense that gives up 51 points in an NFL game.

Then this one

On the special teams giving up 451 yards in returns in two weeks because defenders are not staying in their lanes and getting sealed off:

"Your very elementary assessment of it is a little off-base. But we've got to do better."

Boy we're all a bunch of knuckleheads out here in fandom. I'll tell Marvin what's elementary. How does a coach take a 30th ranked defense in the NFL; let go of Brian Simmons, Tory James, Kevin Kasevaharin, and Sam Adams, replace them with a pack of accountants, bankers, & strippers, and expect a defense that's better than last year?

Marvin received a free pass around here because he took a team that was dreadful and made it mediocre. But the fact is, he runs his teams just like LeBoBo, Coslett, Shula, et al.

I hope his dad owns a steak house like Shula's because that's he's going to be working after this season.

Players we love to hate

ESPN has a piece on the top 100 players we love to hate.

75. Adam Dunn, Cincinnati Reds: In the eyes of Reds fans and their hatchet-wielding broadcasters, Dunn's 40 homers and 100 walks a season are a big fluke, and only his high strikeout totals and sketchy defense matter. The abuse has grown so harsh this season, you'd think he sold the recipe for Skyline Chili to Osama.

How does a guy who was a college quarterback at the University of Texas have an arm like Mark Mallory?

Slow news

It's been slow in the news lately, you know another Hollywood type hates Bush, senators try and block another Bush appointment, Iraq still going on, etc. etc.

So I'll be posting a few jokes & videos to bring up my spirits while the news cycle is slow and before I start the daunting task of bringing down the Hildebeast.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Friday the 13th, the Hildebeast returns

Like a horror movie where you think the demon is dead after you just put 35 bullets into it's body, burned off it's arm with a blow torch, and cut it's eyes out with a hatchet, the Hildebeast health care plan just stood up and it's coming back.

Mind you, the same government that now takes nine months to issue a passport, the same government that can't secure a border, and the same government that runs the world's largest Ponzi scheme called Social Security, now wants to run your health care.

Man, I just got over those horrible nightmares of a senator tapping his foot in a stall next to me, and now this.

How am I ever going to get any sleep? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Game film

here's a video of the Bengals watching game film.

Not pretty

It's taken me a while to digest the Bengal debacle.

Now that I have, I have to say..... it was uglier than my prom date.

I think Chuck B. got his defensive training from the same guys that set up the Maginot Line.


I've gotten so cynical about my politics, I don't read the details in articles. I just look for who's for and who's against any particular candidate or issue and I make my position accordingly.

So when I read this

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) gave a tentative thumbs-up to President Bush’s pick of federal judge Michael Mukasey for attorney general

I know the guy is a loser.

Take over the Schools

Hugo Chavez is going to take over private schools in Venezuela.

Hey Hugo, We'll do you a favor. We have a group called the NEA that has turned our public schools into socialist training camps. We'd be glad to send them to you.

They'll do a great job.

Cruel and Unusual

Barely Maninuff (aka Barry Manilow) won't perform on The View because Elisabeth Hasselback's political views are "dangerous".

Are you kidding me?

This same guy's music has been used to smoke out terrorists from Pablo Escobar to Manuel Noriega.

And now a judge sentences noise offenders to constant Barry Manilow music. So who is actually dangerous?

Give me a water board treatment.


Tom at Bizzyblog has a nice break down on the University of Cincinnati's foray into real estate development.

They have a hard enough time running a University, I don't think real estate development was ever in the cards.

Big Eleven network

Saturday, I was at home watching football on Direct TV. I happened to flip over to the Big Ten Network to see Penn State putting a drilling on Buffalo. That's compelling TV.

And the BTN wants to charge Time Warner $4 a subscriber but they don't want Time to pass along the cost to the consumer. That's mighty, US government like.

Of course, we get more than a mediocre PSU-Buffalo match up. We get replays of the Florida Atlantic beat down of Minnesota; or a replay of the Iowa State beating of Iowa, or Duke whoopin' on Northwestern.

I think I know why the BTN wanted TW to offer it for free. Nobody would pay to watch that crap.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

New York, New York

A while back, I was all over the city of New York because of their decision to outlaw aluminum bats at little league games because one child was hit in the chest (and killed) from a ball coming off the bat.

So if you are that same council, what do you do when 87 boys between the ages of 13-19 receive a death sentence. Anyone, Anyone

Are those crickets in the background?

Yeah, I guess when the incidence of HIV case skyrockets, we better make sure those killer aluminum bats are no where to be found.

Canadian health care strikes again.

So if you're a well healed Canadian government official ( and a former Bill Clinton honey ) and you get breast cancer, where do you go for cancer treatment.

Well, you go to the US of course.

I'm sure that will show up in the next movie about that great Canadian socialized medicine.

Hat Tip Porkopolis.


I'm not much of a Bengals fan (baseball is my game), but if I were I'd be calling for the head of Chuck Bresnahan. Someone has to lose their job after a game like that... don't they? Who Dey?

Twin Killing dot Com: Panic Mode?