Saturday, October 05, 2013

Day 4 of the apocalypse

So yesterday, the Gekko's continued to do our normal commutes to our respective jobs. I even filled up the tank during the day.

After a hard day at my desk, I was able to go to my local watering hole and watch the President's Cup replays on the tube.

So far we have still been able to do all of these things without selling our gold and silver.

Feds Raid Family Grocery Store's Checking Account Over Innocent Bank Dep...

Who did he vote for? #671

Meet Garry Beaufort.

Why is Garry in the news?
Wilmington police today arrested and charged a Pennsylvania man with assault, saying a store’s surveillance video showed him punching a former Marine who was running in the city Wednesday on a cross-country run to draw attention to veterans' issues.
Police confirmed the assault was made “suddenly and without provocation,” offering no motive for the attack on the charity runner.

J. Brendan O’Toole, 26, of Alexandria, Va., on Wednesday night told The News Journal he was running about 3:40 p.m. that day in the area of Sixth and Market streets, greeting those he passed, when he suddenly was slugged in the face and knocked to the ground.

Within hours, the safety ambassadors found a man matching that description sleeping in a doorway in the 100 block of N. Market St., Ivey said.

They contacted police, who took the suspect into custody without incident, he said.
Garry Beauford, 21, of Chester, was charged with second-degree assault and remains in custody tonight at Wilmington Police Headquarters awaiting arraignment, Ivey said.

Wilmington Police Chief Christine Dunning issued a statement praising the officers’ swift investigative action and crediting the cooperative effort of the business community.

“Violence on our streets is unacceptable,” she said. “When we work together, we send the message that it will not be tolerated.”

In the last election did Garry here vote for the The Obama or The Romney? 


Friday, October 04, 2013

Day three of the apocalypse

Yesterday, I didn't have to look for road kill to eat. I simply picked up a pizza.

I was also able to purchase a Mossberg .410 complete with background check that went faster than ever.

I'm not sure how but that government shutdown is hitting us although the media keeps telling me how horrible it is on our family.


In 1992, I took a job for a large regional bank. One of my assignments, was to put together an annual emergency pan for our department detailing how long the bank could operate without our department, what kind of office space we would need in the event of an emergency relocation, what supplieswe would need etc.

I remember coming home one night and telling my wife that I needed to look for a new job. When she asked why, I told her that it was obvious to me that our department was not all that necessary to the core bank operations and that our whole department was expendable.

That's the same feeling 800,000 government workers should have today.

Real Life Idiocracy in America - The Obama Effect

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Gordon Nostrodamus

A long time ago one of my physician clients made the statement "there's a big difference between being insured and receiving treatment".

Now were going to find out.

2nd day of the apocalypse

Yesterday, I somehow managed to get to a chamber of commerce luncheon. The pack house told me that few experienced problems with the government shutdown.

I was able to take phone calls from clients.

The Lovely Mrs. Gekko and I were able to get to a local bar, packed with patrons playing bar trivia.

Overall, we still haven't had to resort to lighting our house with candles or eating our kin.

Question, do people with obamaphones still have service?

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Harry Reid: 'Why Would We Want To' Help One Kid With Cancer?

Fire Johnny

As an avid sports fan, I've always been intrigued by the "player's" coach.

You know the guy who always has his player's backs in the face of any/all adversity.

Here's a question, how many of those player's return the favor by busting their asses and having the coaches back?

In fact, how many of those guys ever win a damn thing?

Let's return to one Johnny "Dusty" Baker. This who season, his team lack the intensity of a true champion. Too many games the player's just mailed it in.

All the while, Dusty was there to cover their respective asses. In the case of Brandon Phillips, he allowed him to charge into his office for the sole purpose of screaming at a reporter and assaulting him with personal slurs.

Later in the season, he refused to accept that the team was in an urgent situation.

That showed up big last night, as Johnny led a team of losers who looked more ready to pack up for their off season than a flight to St. Louis.

I don't expect a manager/coach to be a yeller and a screamer but I do expect the players to compete in primetime.

Dusty is now 2-7 in red's playoff games.

It's time for him to go.

Is this guy essential?

I'm just wondering if this clown is still on the government payroll.............

A high-ranking federal Environmental Protection Agency official who admitted to cheating the government out of nearly $1 million by pretending to be a secret agent, smugly refused to answer questions from lawmakers Tuesday, invoking the Fifth Amendment – even though he’s already pleaded guilty.

John Beale, who got himself a cushy four-day workweek for years by telling his bosses he had a one-day-per-week gig at the CIA, refused to answer even the most basic questions from Rep. Darryl Issa, R-Calif., chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. Although Issa said his committee hauled Beale, 64, in not to “ridicule” him, but to ensure that the fraud he committed wasn’t being duplicated by other government employees, Beale calmly refused.

“I will be asserting my Fifth Amendment privilege this morning,” Beale, who also lied to superiors about serving in Vietnam, told a visibly frustrated Issa.

Beale’s trickery, which began more than a decade ago, cost taxpayers an estimated $886,000, much of it in the form of unearned pay over some 13 years. Under his plea agreement, he must pay that money back, as well as an additional $507,000, and serve 30-37 months in prison. His lawyer told the panel that his plea agreement did not require him to cooperate with lawmakers, though Issa said he would seek to make it a condition of acceptance of the plea and sentencing by U.S. District Judge Ellen Segel Huvelle.


The first day after the Apocalypse

I'm not sure how we managed it.

My wife and I both managed to go to work, drive home, get gas, go to a restaurant for dinner watch the last episode of Breaking Bad on our DVR.

Yet somehow, our little area of "Redville"survived the government shutdown apocalypse and we didn't even have to raid our cans of spam and our jugs of water we stored in anticipation. Maybe we're living in "The Dome".

I'm not sure how we'll manage today but we'll make do somehow.

MSNBC Anchor Can't Access Obamacare Exchange