Saturday, June 30, 2007

DUI Checkpoints

Tonight's DUI checkpoint will be... Well let's just use the Enquirer terminology.

Police will check cars and trucks for drunken drivers and seat-belt scofflaws on Ohio 125 (Beechmont Avenue) in Mount Washington tonight and Sunday morning.

It's a good thing the cops are going after those seat belt "scofflaws".

You know seat belt violations are a gateway crime. You start getting away with that and you move up to rape, murder and other scofflawing.

As a public service reminder. All Bengals... Keep your drunken debauchery confined to the west side tonight.

Stat of the Day

When trailing at the end of the 8th inning the Reds are 1-43.

Midas, what did Bob Castellini say about the Reds?

Hollywood ...What do they know?

A guy I play Saturday morning basketball with, has written a screenplay and the film has been completed.

I don't want to name the film because I don't want to jeopardize the current distribution deal he's currently working on.

I've talked to him a few times regarding the film and how hard it is to get things done when you are a Hollywood outsider.

In fact, he's told me about a conversation he had with a potential producer regarding the film. His attorney told him going in not to mention that he was from Ohio. Unfortunately, during the conversation it slipped out that this guy was from Ohio and the producer said "what the hell does this guy know about making movies?"

Well, maybe he knows enough to know that he's more creative than writing Spiderman 4 or the next of the Transformer movies or Ocean's 29.

I've talked to music people that have to overcome the same issues. All these people on the coasts think that flyover country is populated with a bunch of rubes and maybe we are. After all, we keep buying the crap that these guys keep shelling out.

But you would think that in the world of self indulgent arrogance and lack of talent maybe one guy would say "you know, who better to write the movies than the people who actually watch them".

I think it's the reason the liberals on the coast don't get middle America at all. There's too much inbreeding among their collective thoughts. To quote Tina Brown "I don't know how Bush could have won the election, I don't know one person who voted for him".

Maybe she needs to get out of Manhattan.

Friday, June 29, 2007

The No Baskets League

If the NBA ever wanted to figure out why the league is losing is popularity they need not go any further than looking at the draft.

The Bulls drafted Yoakim Noah with the ninth pick of the draft. The ninth best available basketball player in world. Look at this guy. He's not a basketball player, he's the carnie guy on stilts.

What I've never understood about basketball is why the teams continue to draft for potential and not production. I believe the 1st rounders get a guaranteed three year contract and then the player becomes a free agent.

Why would you invest in a guy for three years only to watch him become available for free agency before you got his best games out of him? If I'm drafting with the ninth pick, I'm taking a guy that can take over a game ... today and if that guy is not there, I trade the pick for that guy.

This potential bit showed up even bigger for Daequan Cook.

Here's what Lance McAlister said on his blog.

If you ever doubted how much stock was put in "potential" for NBA prospects vs what they actually did in college...look at Dunbar/OSU's Daequan Cook.
He's drafted 21st overall last night. In his only college season, in OSU's two biggest games (Final Four) he played 7-minutes vs Georgetown and played 9-minutes vs Florida...going a combined 1 for 5 from the field. His NCAA tourney stats: 9 for 30, averaging 4.8 points. His three biggest games of the season were vs VMI, Eastern Kentucky and Coppin St. He played a total of 770 minutes of college hoops. He did not score in double figures in his final 11 games....and reached double figures only 2 of his final 17 games.

So the next time you see some guy you never heard of clang one off the iron go back and check his draft position. You'll find on the notes "raw talent, lot's of upside".

Enforce the Law

I just got done listening to a few talk shows where the commentators believe that conservatives are going to have buyers remorse as a result of this immigration mess.

But let's look at the time line on this whole debacle

1986 - With the flood of approximately 3 million illegals in the country, the feds pass an amnesty bill with the promise of better enforcement of the border.

Leap forward to 2006 - with the prospect of having to manage anywhere from 20 - 30 million illegal immigrants, Congress passes a law ordering a fence across the border.

Before the feds have even built one mile of fence, these guys are working on more immigration legislation.

How is it we can manage to build hundreds of thousands of miles of fence for noisy interstate highways and we can't seem to manage this process?

This outcry from the conservative movement was more of an indictment of how the government can't or won't enforce it's existing laws. Since everyone knows they can't effectively do the job they were hired to do, they pass more laws effectively giving them a pass for their own mismanagement.

Imagine one of these senators working in the private sector.

John Boss (taxpayer) - Hey George why haven't we been able to get that product shipped out that you told me was going out last week.

George Employee (senator) - Well John, you know we've switched our whole shipping department around and we can't get out the product any faster.

John - George you are in charge of shipping. We use to get product shipped out the next day, now it takes more than a week. You told me that we could get product out in the same day with these changes.

George - Well John, you can complain about the week long shipping all you want, that's not going to speed up shipping.

John - What do you suggest?

George - First, I suggest that you just forget about shipping all together, those problems are going to solve themselves. Second, I think we need to incorporate the changes we made to shipping to the production department because that's where the real time lag is in our delivery and I think I'm just the guy to do the job.

John - George, you're an idiot.

Really could it be any different that that?

This is like being on a boat with a leak and our beloved leaders have the wisdom to tell us that if we get a big enough bucket, the leak will stop. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!

Here's the deal, enforce the laws as is first, show the public you have some ability to do that job for a change.

Dear Mike Duncan

Dear Mike (GOP Chair)

I've got a new slogan you can use for the next senatorial races.

The GOP, Hey at least we're not Democrats!

Oh wait, you're already using that.


To Catch a Predator

I wonder how Chris Hansen feels after one of their "To Catch a Predator" traps resulted in the suicide of a Kauffman County Prosecutor.

Once again, I come out as soft on child molesters. But again, you would be wrong. Show me a child who's been molested, and I'll show you a 20 year sentence for the son of a bitch.

I'm against these stings for a few of reasons.

1) How much of a problem do we have in our society with 15 year old girls looking to anonymously have sex with 40 year old guys?

2) The resources used on these crimes could be used in things like kicking illegals out of the country.

3) If I decide to rob a bank tomorrow, set up the plans, drive to the bank and as I walk in the door I get cold feet and turn around. Did I commit a crime? How do we know these guys wouldn't do the same.

4) I cannot think of another crime where the cops actively pursue and encourage someone to commit the crime.

5) I think a lot of cops get off on this.

The victim less crime detectives strike again.

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Streisand gets awards

Quoting this article

Barbra Streisand performed her first concert in France this week and was rewarded with a medal of the Legion of Honour.

President Nicolas Sarkozy awarded the singer at a ceremony in Paris, the first time the new President had bestowed the honour on anyone since he took over last month from Jacques Chirac. "You are the America that we love,"

In other words, the America they love is San Francisco, P'Town, and Seattle.

Why am I not surprised.

Pot Kettle Black Award

In a dramatic change of pace, this week's Pot, Kettle, Black award goes to a pack of pro business journalist; The 200 Wall Street Journal reporters that did not show up for work yesterday in protest of a Rupert Murdoch's potential takeover of the paper.

Let's see, your paper always espouses the free enterprise exchange of business and yet you are worried about what Rupert might do to the paper... isn't that free enterprise at it's best? How do you know that Rupert might not throw a few bucks in behind the paper to make even better than it is. I'm pretty sure he won't run this paper like he runs the NY Post.

I'm not sure if it's related, but when I arrived to work this morning low and behold... no WSJ. That's always a good way to get the masses to line up behind your cause.

PS I just got my paper. SO now I guess Murdoch can say. Hey I can get out a paper with 200 less reporters. COOL

Thursday, June 28, 2007

How did RINOvich ever win an election?

I caught a lot of flak because I refused to vote for Mike Dewine in this past election cycle.

While I pledged a long time ago to never vote for a democrat again, I won't vote for a liberal republican just to keep a majority in a house of congress. Essentially, I will no longer vote for the lesser of two evils.

With that said, for those of you who criticized me for not voting for Dewine, how are you feeling about dear George Voinovich now? Would you give him your vote today? Have you heard this interview with Sean Hannity?

I hope Voinovich doesn't run for reelection which will allow the GOP to actually have a conservative run. However, George is a US senator now, which practically means he's royalty. We can't get rid of him without some kind of voodoo ritual at this point.

In my mind, even if a democrat wins the next senate election, the GOP will be better off. Think if it like putting maggots on a gangrenous wound, it's disgusting in the short term but at least you get to keep your limb.

That's a lot of money

Warren Buffett hosted a Hillary Clinton fund raiser Tuesday and disclosed that he paid 17.7% of his 46 million dollars of income.

His complaint? That he paid a lesser percentage of his income than his receptionist who had to pay 30% of her income on a $60,000 wage.


1) His receptionist needs my business card. There's no way she paid that much unless you count FICA, state and local taxes.

2) Warren, why don't you give your receptionist a raise? Trust me... you can afford it.

3) 17.7% of 46 million is 8.1 million dollars in tax. You need a tax cut.

4) Warren, no one says you can't pay more in tax. Have your accountant re do your return and add a mill or two to the bottom line and kick it in to the Treasury.

I'll never get rich guys who complain that they don't pay enough. If you don't think you pay enough.... pay more. I have yet to see anyone turn down more money. Especially Hillary Clinton.

Pour some Sugar on Me

Last night Gordon et al went to the Styx, Foreigner, Def Leopard concert last night and here are some general thoughts.

1) If the band plays less than 10 songs they should not be on the ticket. Foreigner played six songs.... that's one more than five.

2) You know you are in an older crowd when a woman takes her top off and men buy her beers to put it back on.

3) Those sexy barb wire tattoos are sexy when you have a young tight body. Here's what it looks like when you get old and flabby -.(-(.L-.C-.-.-.-.-. A guy in the crowd who knew morse code told me that it spelled out "Jenny Craig only 49.95 a month".

4) When the skies open up and it starts pooring, just remember, rain is WATER, the very liquid you shower with, it is not battery acid. You will not melt when it touches you. I never saw so many perfectly healthy men cowering in a bathroom afraid to get wet.

Quote of the evening from the guy behind me... "The last time I saw these guys I had all my hair and the drummer had all his arms."

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

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A Dagger in the Heart of Pro Wrestling

The murders and suicide of Chris Benoit might be the death of pro wrestling. In the past, steroid use usually resulted in the death of just the users. However, Benoit didn't just kill himself, it spilled over into the deaths of innocents. Now the public is going to start demanding changes in all sports to rid ourselves of this junk.

With the surge in popularity of MMA (Mixed Marital Arts), pro wrestling has a choice to make. Start getting aggressive in testing these guys for 'roids which will result in a smaller less showman wrestler or leave it as it is which will probably result in some serious public backlash.

I was a big fan of the squared circle when I was a kid, but I started to see that trend was all about bigger, bigger and bigger. You just cannot get the kind of bodies these guys have without taking a needle in the ass on a regular basis.

Needless to say, I think Vice McMahon's days as a public figure may be numbered.

Liberals for Free Speech (Not)

Two years ago I was go to a concert with a dear liberal friend of mine when I heard about the Kelo Supreme Court decision on the radio.

After I went into a complete tirade about how ridiculous it is for the state to confiscate private property for private development, she simply commented, "Well that's those big business conservatives on the court you love so much".

Except all those big business conservatives ruled for Suzanne Kelo (Scalia, Thomas, Rehnquist and O'Conner) and the so called "champion of the little guys" liberals (Kennedy, Souter, Ginsberg, Stevens & Breyer) who ruled for the city.

Fast forward two years with the ruling on the McCain- Feingold law; a conversation with my friend would probably yield this comment, "Obviously, the free speech liberal judges overturned McCain Feingold"; except that would be wrong. Justices ruling against McCain Feingold (Alito, Roberts, Thomas, Kennedy and Scalia) and for (Ginsberg, Souter, Stevens & Breyer)

McCain Feingold might be the worst piece of legislation ever written. It's an obvious infringement on the first amendment.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment
of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;
or abridging the freedom of speech,...
How this wasn't a 9-0 vote is a travesty in justice. Just who is ruling strictly on their political agenda?

When will the average grass roots liberal finally come to terms with the fact that liberal ideology is all about big government and central control over individual liberty and free speech?

It all comes back to my belief that all Supreme Court decisions have a tag on the bottom of all rulings....

Brought to you by the same clowns that brought you "Separate but Equal".

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Supremes

The Supreme Court has come out with a flurry of decisions as it does every June and it will be time for the annual civics lesson for all those who know nothing about the US Constitution. This would include Justices Souter, Breyer, Ginsberg and Stevens.

The media would have you believe that the Hein v Freedom from From Religion Foundation case was all about government funding of programs sponsored by religious groups but really at issue was who has standing in the case. Meaning I can't sue your employer for firing you unlawfully because I have no standing, no dog in the fight.

Too often the media wants to focus on who wins the case and not the actual law being administered.

For instance, let's say the statute of limitations on a wrongful death suit is 5 years. Your company commits an offense where my wife is killed but it takes me six years for me to file suit. If a court ruled in favor of the company, the NY Times would have a big headline stating "Court Rules for Big Business Again!"

But the court would simply be adhering to the law as it's written. This is the case in Hein.

I love reading the press release from FFRF

Money quote

The U.S. Supreme Court's 5-4 decision today in Hein v. FFRF granting the executive branch the freedom to violate the separation of church and state without court review spells "imperial presidency,"

For the FFRF gang, Here is actually what the 1st Amendment states.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment
of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;
or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press;
or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and
to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Where in that is the expression "separation of church and state"?

In fact when the framers put together the constitution they knew full well that some states may have a "state religion". What they didn't want was a Church of England that was government church and with that came federal power over the masses.

The amendment says nothing about school districts sanctioning school prayer and it definitely says nothing about funding a federal program run by a church.

One of the results of horrible public education in this country is by dumbing down the masses you can manipulate them by altering the language. It's Animal Farm all over the liberal agenda.

Immigration "reform"

We have posted little on immigration because, frankly, until you are able to secure a border, any immigration law is simply legal masturbation.

I'm not one who believes in the wisdom of the general public, the public that gives ratings to rich high school drop outs leaving jail. However, in this case, it's clear that citizens in this country overwhelming want 1) secure borders and 2) no recognition for people here illegally already.

And yet the think tank known as US senators are just spitting in the face of the voting public on the issue.

What is it that this collection of bozo's know that we don't?

Bring our Senators Home

senator George Voinovich, (RINO, Ohio), says it's time to bring our troops home. So much for patience. I wonder if he cried while he was speaking.

We just got the 30,000 additional troops over there and before we can even tell if the surge is effective, dip sticks like Voinovich want to salute the white flag.

I don't care if Lyndon LaRouche is running against this guy. I've had enough of his BS.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Believe it or not

In a shocking development, police arrested this man, Curtis Allgier, for the murder of a corrections officer.

Seriously, how long did this guy think he was going to be able to hide out? Maybe putting some foundation over the swastika.

Don't worry about old Curtis, there, will be some woman in the world to take care of him.

I can blame just about every thing on birth control pills

I've been thinking about my earlier post and I can't help but think that nearly every problem in our society can be linked back to introduction of birth control pills and air conditioning into our society.

Think about it. Once women started taking the pill, they liberated themselves from relying upon men to be responsible sexually. In addition, women could now behave like men sexually. Don't get me wrong, I like being a man, but a woman is a woman, to be treated and respected as such. And, frankly, men's sexual qualities are not those to be emulated.

In addition, once couples could control the number of children in their family... wah lah, the woman is no longer confined to homemaker status. She can start working and once she starts working, the guys can kick back and relax for a change.

It blows me away to hear young women today talk about the fact that they have never been on a date. You know, a "date". An evening where a man actually dresses up, picks up girl at home, actually courts her, and takes her home. Nearly all young person relationships amount to a series of "hook ups" where people just meet in bars and go at it.

After all, women are our equals today, so why bother courting. Heck, let her buy some beers.

So if you're a guy why worry about protection.. right? I mean if she's sexually active she's probably already on the pill and if you knock her up... hey there's always abortion.

I know this post is a little graphic and drifts a little on topic but really. Imagine if our culture had instilled a sense of value in Jessie Davis. Personal values where a woman wouldn't put up with an environment where she'd just let some dirtbag knock her up a couple of times... while he was married.

Imagine a culture that would instill in Jessie Davis, the sense of value, where this guy would actually have to court her before he got in her pants. Where she could judge his character, maybe even find out he was already married.

I realize this post is graphic and really depicts sex in a very animalistic way, but that's the point. Our culture continues to reinforce that it's OK to act like an animal sexually and guess what? It's that very animalistic behavior that got this girl and her baby killed.

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Judge rules against plaintiff

If you have followed this case, it's enough to make you want to spit on every attorney.

An attorney in DC sued a dry cleaner for $64 million because the cleaner lost his pants. The judge ruled in favor of the defendants.

The judge also considering what to do about the attorney's legal fees.

Hopefully, she allow for the dry cleaners to kick this guy in the balls for being a, well, a lawyer.

Millions shun Banks

The Enquirer today has a story about the millions of Americans that operate in our society without bank accounts.

One of the reasons for the explosion of check cashing operations is that we continue to see a large number of people operating underneath the "radar" of our culture.

Whether it be illegal immigrants, guys avoiding child support obligations, people with poor bank account histories (large numbers of bounced checks) or drug dealers, we continue to have a class of people who frankly do not want to be located through traditional bank accounts.

Is it more expensive? helloooo. Yes it is; but it should be. I wouldn't want to serve this group of people without a premium for my service and guess what? They'll pay it.

I must have had a bad weekend.

I don't get it

Over the weekend, police found Jessie Davis' body and charged her boyfriend with the killing.

This is what I don't get. This woman looks like an young attractive woman with options in her life. Why was she whoring around with this ding dong? Yes, he was a cop, but he apparently was married, had a child with yet a third woman, had disciplinary action as a result of a gun his drug dealing cousin was possessing and had yet another female friend who was willing to help him out in the murder.

I've had a few conversations with friends in the past couple of weeks and I continue to be amazed how many otherwise sensible, attractive and accomplished women allow some drug dealing, cheating, non working low life bum into their lives; often getting pregnant by said bum. Do people, especially women, have such low self esteem, that they are willing to sleep with a piece of crap of a human being just so they have a warm bed at night?

Yesterday, I was watching the Outside the Lines, and Bob Ley said that 57% of all college graduates were women. Where the hell are the men?

It occurs to me that since women started entering the workforce more and more men are willing to kick back their heals and say "go at it girl... and bring me a twelve pack when you come home tonight".

As I tell my girlfriend, the reason men act like pieces of crap is because women let them.

Maybe someone out there can educate me as to why more and more women keep hooking up with dirtbags.