Thursday, December 22, 2011

Another clueless democrat

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Life in "Progress" City

Out here in "Redville" we have these concepts called "driiiiiveways". Try it sometime.

Some of us are more equal than others

Full disclosure, I have a relative who worked for MF Global. Hopefully, I'll get to share some of his information one day.

By the way, in case you did not know this, Jon Corzine operated a securities firm without the proper licensing (his expired without a renewal). DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS YOURSELF. Unless you are connected.


It's been 780 days since the first of two federal raids on Gibson Guitars (where they confiscated millions of dollars of inventory) that have yet to yield a charge.

Call me cynical but I think it shouldn't take the government two years to either charge someone with a crime or return their property.

Calling BS

When is someone going to call out the first family for a carbon footprint that would make Sasquatch jealous?

First Lady Michelle Obama and her daughters, Sasha and Malia, spent the night in Kailua, Oahu, on Saturday.

President Barack Obama has not yet arrived for the family's 17-day holiday vacation in a beachfront home.

Friends of the Obamas are expected to arrive Sunday, December 18 and Monday, December 19, and stay nearby in several homes along the exclusive Kailuana Place.

This is the fourth year in a row that the first family has spent the holidays in Kailua.

Seriously, It's not like these folks a working a Leer over to the islands, it's a giant ass 747 with all the amenities. And they couldn't wait a day or too to carpool.

And these are the people who want to lecture me for wanting incandescent light bulbs for my dimmer fixtures.


Why internet shopping is becoming more popular

Last week, after one of my seminars, I rolled into a Dick's Sporting Goods to pick up some ammo and Christmas gifts.

When I went to the counter, the clerk asked if I wanted to help children by donating $1, $5, or $10 to UNICEF.

I wanted to go into a rant about the communist leanings of UNICEF but instead I just told her "No. I don't want to help kids, I hate kids."

Given my purchase of ammunition, I surprised I wasn't arrested for some youth intimidation.

None the less, it highlights part of my distaste with shopping..... Getting hit up for a hand out.

Now, I'm good with a Salvation Army kettle because I'm used to it and I generally throw a few bucks in now and then. But it seems that every store I go into now has some Girl Scout, Boy Scout, or some other charity hitting me up for some more money.

But now we have store clerks hitting you up and it's not just commercial stores, it's license bureaus and the like.

Look, if Dick's Sporting Goods wants to take part of their profits and pass them along to UNICEF, go for it. Knock yourself out. But you know, I can avoid all this crap by simply buying online. Which I'm doing more of because of all the dingleberries of shopping in person and this is one of those annoyances.

Until then, if I want to give to UNICEF then I'll actually cut a check.

Follow up

You can't even go to a strip club without being hit up for a lap dance for charity.

I'm the fourth best president in American history ~ Barack Obama