Friday, September 14, 2012

Steyn has it right

So the media is going to bang on Romney because of the timing of his Libya criticism. You know a foreign policy crisis so severe it didn't delay a trip to Vegas for our president

Concerned Virginia citizen discusses media influence

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

It's getting real ugly in Chicago

At least it's not Coldplay

Back to the future - the Carter years

Remember the good old days when root beer was served in frosted mugs and the world invaded our embassy in Iran because of their hatred of George Bush.

Oh......... that was the Carter administration?

Never mind.

American Crossroads: "Words"

Obama's greatest hits

Gas at $4/gal.......... A coincidence? What will it cost at the end of this guy's second term?

KLAVAN: Obamanomics 101, Understanding How the Obama Economy Works

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Who will she vote for? #1011

Meet Katie Brotherton. Why is she in the news?

My pursuit in excellent education is rooted in a value system that promotes progressive thought for the betterment of the individual as well as society. Education is a core tenet and vested interest of the functioning democratic society. Upon that basic assumption and principle, I am overwhelmingly incensed by the silent epidemic of crippling student debt.

At 25 years old, I have $188,307.22 in student debt, all of which is my sole financial responsibility.
That exorbitant number was abetted by easy lending with a co-signer, negligence and lack of awareness, over-borrowing and the exponential growth of tuition.

I work both a full-time and part-time job, and abide by a strict budget. Yet, I still sleep in my parent’s basement and am dependent for food, gas and health insurance.
I am told I am not alone.

However, this particularly sensitive conversation is being ignored by our mainstream consciousness. Perhaps I should be ashamed for buying such an unaffordable education and internalize my debts as personal failures. Perhaps my mistakes warrant pained silence. But silence breeds apathy, and in regard to the welfare of the American economy, I want to humanize the numbers and give voice to this reprehensible problem.

What's missing in her rant is what she received in this "investment" in her future.

The word from various local talk shows is that she received a degree in English.


It never dawned on this person that maybe $190k in debt for an English degree qualifies you for what exactly?

She spent $190k for a degree when 15 minutes of on the job training at you local Starbucks qualifies you for a lucrative barista position.

I'll give her this. She is giving voice to a problem. We are educating kids who have no cognitive thinking ability.

Just think about those kids in the Chicago city schools. Will the literacy rate actually go up while the kids are out of school?

None the less, despite her overwhelming stupidity, she'll be allowed to vote this fall. Will she cast her ballot for Obama or Romney?


Obama's Greatest Hits

The private sector is doing just fine........

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Democrats: Let's Ban Profits!

The Gekkos are just back from a long weekend in Nashville.

While we were there, we caught some free concerts in Centennial Park. As I looked around the crowd and the parking lot, I could tell that Obama would probably take the free concert goer demographic by a 80-20 margin.

Prior to us going to the show, I watched this video.............

Between sets, I was really tempted to jump up on the stage and give this speech.

For all you who believe that corporate profits are bad, let me ask you some questions......

1) These "free" concerts are only free to you but they are hardly free to who puts them on. Where do you think the money comes from to put these shows on? Who pays for the stage? the electricity? the park space?

You may think that the money comes from sponsors such as Gibson guitars; which it does. But where the hell does Gibson get the money to fund their sponsorship. That's right......profit. Or as most of you view it......Satan's nectar.

What about the instruments these guys play. How many musicians could make these instruments on their own? But without a profit motivation, why would anyone have the incentive to build these instruments.

In fact, without a profit motivation who would build this band stage? or wire the electricity? Or build those Prius's you're so proud of placing your Obama bumper stickers on? For that matter, who would make Obama bumper stickers if they had to do it for free?

By the way, while all of you are tweeting about the Nazi on stage bragging about profits, do you think Steve Jobs built all those iphones out of some sense of altruism?

So while all you freeloaders come to these "free" shows, how about showing some fucking appreciation for those people who use their profits so you can enjoy them.

Thank you.