Friday, December 21, 2012

What is it about the second amendment?

The guy who taught my concealed carry class, regularly sends out an email whenever he gets a new supply of guns into his shop.

Last Friday, literally minutes before the New Town shootings, I received one noting several different Bushmasters he just got in.

I had called my brother in law (who's a police office and gun aficionado), to see which of those he thought was the best deal.

Before my brother in law could get back to me, the dealer called to tell me he only had one left. So I bought it.

Of course, as of today, the gun is just a really expensive club since .223 ammunition is next to impossible to find and I won't pay price gougers who have hoarded the stuff.

When I brought the gun in the house and told my wife it was one of her Christmas presents, she just about had a cow.

As I told her, you're better off having a gun you don't need than needing a gun you don't have.

What's been somewhat predictable in this whole gun discussion is how many potential solutions have been presented and how, not one of them, would have prevented the massacre in Connecticut.

And then you have the Hollywood elite who throw out such quotes like Wayne Lapierre should be shot in the nuts.

Did it ever occur to any of these idiots that there's a reason no one has ever spree killed in a police station, any NRA office, a gun store or target shooting facility?

Conversely, there's a reason these nut bags head to schools and other non armed facilities?

I've offered that one of the reasons these idiots do these shootings is for the glory. There's probably no better quote to address this than this one.............

The results of the Gun Free School Zone act’s passage have been devastating. The first mass shooting in a school since before 1900 occurred in 1997. As prominent researcher John Lott has noted, mass shooters are attracted to defenseless victim zones. While zones that ban armed citizens are a tiny percentage of the nation’s area, according to Lott, only one of the “successful” (four or more victims) mass shootings in the past thirty years occurred outside of a defenseless victim zone (gun free zone).

Why do mass shooters chose defenseless victim zones? Because they want the fame that goes with the media attention that a mass killer gets, and to get the attention, they have to kill a lot of people. If they are stopped by an armed citizen, they lose their chance to make the “record books”, and there is no point in mass killing.

So before we go and assault the 2nd amendment, let's propose these additional laws

1)  Let's ban all violent video games........ It appears that the CT killer played these games endlessly.

2)  Let's ban the media from reporting the names of any spree killer of more than four people....... I've noted on this blog that the prevalence of streakers and other drunken idiots running on playing fields at sporting events ceased right after the media quit showing them.

3)  Let's make it easier to lock up and treat mentally ill people who have made violent threats and/or shown the capacity to be violent. This really awesome piece illustrates the issue for a parent who has recognized the violent tendencies of her son but is essentially neutered to do anything about it.

Of course, you'll hear the Hollywood types hide behind the 1st amendment to continue producing their violent games.

The news media types will hide behind the first amendment saying it's in the public interest to know everything about the shooter, even as they report inaccurate information to the public.

And finally, the mental health community will protect the criminally insane, sighting the 4th amendment right to privacy.

But you won't hear any of these solutions come out of the Joe Biden committee now will you?

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Be careful what you wish for

Have you ever heard some dumbass defending marijuana legalization make the comment "When's the last time you heard of a driving accident with someone who's high?"

Actually it was this morning...........

the Vancouver Police Department arrested a man for Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana in connection with a deadly crash in Vancouver.

Investigators said the driver hit and killed a pedestrian around 5:50 p.m. on East Mill Plain Boulevard and Andresen Road.

Police say the victim, a male in his 50's, was believed to be walking back from Safeway and stepped out into the middle of traffic.

The driver, Scotty Rowles, was driving westbound on East Mill Plain Boulevard and could not stop his car in time, according to police.  

Detectives says Rowles cooperated with the investigation, but after interviewing him they determined there was enough evidence to arrest him on suspicion of driving under the influence of marijuana.

Police believe this is the first traffic fatality involving the drug, since it became legal in the state of Washington.

Police say the victim was close to two different lit and controlled intersections, but chose to step out into the middle of traffic, which would clearly put him at fault.

However, because Rowles was believed to be under the influence of marijuana, Washington State law says he is technically at fault, according to police.

While it may now be legal to smoke marijuana in the state of Washington, police say it is never legal to smoke it and then get behind the wheel.

Article here.............

Sunday, December 16, 2012

If there's a reason, I'm not seeing it right now

This weekend, I did something I haven't done in quite some time, I worked a weekend of drunken sloth.

It started Friday with the news reports of the Connecticut shootings. But that didn't seem to hit me as hard as this local news story.................

A couple is behind bars after an 18-month-old girl was reportedly left in an overheated room in Adams County.

Police say Jesika Case and Jeremy Cox were taken into custody late Wednesday morning after their 18-month-old daughter, Jailynn Cox, was found unresponsive.
Authorities believe the baby was left in an overheated room, in a house located at 517 E. 5th Street in Manchester, Ohio.
According to investigators, the child was sleeping in a small room on the second floor with no duct work. As a result, the room was chilly and a space heater was put on a nearby nightstand to keep the baby warm.
Police say Jailynn was put to bed around 11 p.m., with the space heater about 3 to 5 feet from her crib and the door closed.
Reportedly, she wasn't checked on until 11 a.m. the next morning, and was unresponsive.

So this Einstein doesn't check on an 18 month old for an entire 12 hour period of time?

Notice also that it's a week day and neither of these two dolts apparently had any sense of urgency to get to anything resembling a job or, god forbid, an interview.

So this weekend I've been spending my time wondering, why am I busting my ass to pay for the welfare so these derelicts can breed another victim in this country?

Why don't we all just lay around and smoke pot all day?

Couple this with a tragedy in our family involving a child and I have to say that God isn't real freakin' high on my list right now as it pertains to children.