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Life in "Progress" City - Detroit edition

Keep voting for Obama and the rest of the democrats and the rest of our country can look just like this someday...............

"The Breakup"

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Sound familiar?

DNC Video: "The Government Is The Only Thing We All Belong To"

16 Trillion Reasons

Life in "Progress" Country - Spain edition

Seriously, what's it going to take for some media type to call out Obama for leading the US on the same track as the PIIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, & Spain)?

It is, Julio Vildosola concedes, a very big bet.

After working six years as a senior executive for a multinational payroll-processing company in Barcelona, Spain, Mr. Vildosola is cutting his professional and financial ties with his troubled homeland. He has moved his family to a village near Cambridge, England, where he will take the reins at a small software company, and he has transferred his savings from Spanish banks to British banks.

“The macro situation in Spain is getting worse and worse,” Mr. Vildosola, 38, said last week just hours before boarding a plane to London with his wife and two small children. “There is just too much risk. Spain is going to be next after Greece, and I just don’t want to end up holding devalued pesetas.”

  Now ask yourself the question, when people flee a bad situation who ends up holding the bag?

garbage collectors
corporate executives
taxi drivers
movie stars


Labor day prediction

A few weeks ago, a client asked me my prediction on the election.

Here it is.

Romney will win with more electoral votes than Obama won in 2008.

How is that when the polls say it's a tight race?

As I told my client, probably half the American public couldn't identify Romney in a police lineup.

As he gets more media attention from his VP pick, he'll get a point or two bump. After people see coverage of the convention and can see that he's not Lucifer complete with a three piece suit and horns, he'll pick up another point.

But the key will be the debates, where people will see him matched up against The One. At that point, the public will be forced to concede that Obama is a loser and will throw him overboard.

I think you are starting to see the water filling up the boat when media types are publiching articles about how he's selfish, arrogant, etc.

That's my call. But then again, prognostication has never been my strong suit.

Obama: "Plant will be here for another 100 YEARS... right here in Janesv...

Monday, September 03, 2012

VP Joe Biden Forced To Address Better Off Question On Stump

"We've Heard It All Before" (Extended Cut)

Who will they vote for? #1010

A suspected robber is dead after breaking in to a Boone County home early Monday morning.

Three men broke into 92-year-old Earl Jones' home in the 15000 block of Violet Road in Verona at about 2:40 a.m. and Jones shot one of the men as he was coming up the stairs of his basement, according to Boone County spokesperson, Tom Scheben. Jones used his .22 caliber rifle to shoot the alleged robber in the chest.

The injured robber, whose name has not yet been released, fled the scene with the two other men allegedly involved in the robbery. The two men took their injured friend to 2001 Chevrolet Impala on Courtney Road and called police. The pair fabricated a story about the man's injury to try and get him medical attention, Scheben said.

The man died from his injuries. Scheben said the suspect is 24 years old, but they have not yet released his identity.

Police identified the other men as 22-year-old Ryan Dalton and 20-year-old Donnie Inabnit-- both of Dry Ridge. Both are charged with second degree burglary and tampering with physical evidence.

Jones is not facing charges for the shooting. Jones told officials that Monday morning's incident was the third time his home has been robbed.

So in the next presidential election will Earl Jones's vote for the candidate trying to strip him of his medicare or President Obama?

Will the burglars vote for the candidate who hates poor people or Barack Obama?

Will the dead person vote for...... uhhhhhh....... Actually we already know who he'll be voting for.

A refresher course

Just how smart is Chris Matthews?

Welcome to Obamaland

Sure, the economy is adding jobs these days…but most of those positions pay pretty poorly.

Some 58% of the jobs created during the recovery have been low-wage positions, according to a new report by the National Employment Law Project. Only 22% have been mid-wage jobs and 20% higher-wage positions. These low-wage jobs pay $13.83 an hour or less.

“The recovery continues to be skewed toward low-wage jobs, reinforcing the rise in inequality and America’s deficit of good jobs,” said Annette Bernhardt, NELP’s policy co-director. “While there’s understandably a lot of focus on getting employment back to pre-recession levels, the quality of jobs is rapidly emerging as a second front in the struggling recovery.”

The explosion in low-wage job growth comes after the Great Recession hammered the mid-wage job sector. Some 60% of the jobs lost during the downturn were mid-wage, as opposed to 21% of low-wage and 19% of higher-wage positions.

The fastest growing low-wage jobs include retail salespeople, food prep workers, laborers and freight workers, waiters and waitresses, personal and home care aides, office clerks and customers representatives.


Who the hell is this woman?

She apparently is running the country.......

Read the article here....

Life in "Progress" City - Detroit edition

A Detroit man suspected of fatally shooting two men attempted to turn himself in on Saturday but, to his surprise, there were apparently no police officers available to take him into custody. 

The shooting occurred at around 1:30 a.m. Saturday in Detroit, a city grappling with high crime rates. Witnesses said several people were attending a “social event” when the suspect, identified only as a 36-year-old male, lost his temper in an altercation, pulled out a gun and started shooting, WDIV reports. 

After the smoke cleared, two men were dead and two others wounded. The shooter fled the scene in his car. 
About two hours after the shooting, Detroit police say the suspect arrived at a Detroit Fire Engine Station and said he was involved in the deadly shooting that night, seemingly turning himself in. 

The fire station called the police, expecting them to rush to the station to pick up the murder suspect. Instead, the police told them that area patrol units were too busy “handling high priority runs” and therefore “no units were dispatched to the location,” according to the report. 

This allowed the suspect to actually leave the fire station on his own free will. Fortunately, the suspected shooter went directly to the 10th Police Precinct where he was finally taken into custody 


National Empty Chair Day

Our president's contribution to our country the past four years............

How Obama help create the subprime mess....before he was president

From the law of unintended consequences.............

The Daily Caller obtained the previously unpublished records for all of Barack Obama’s clients in the 1995 lawsuit “Buycks-Roberson v. Citibank Fed. Sav. Bank.” Obama was named as the lead attorney for two of the three named plaintiffs in the case.

TheDC verified the real estate history of all clients using public databases provided by the Cook County Recorder of Deeds, the Cook County Assessor’s Office, the Illinois bankruptcy court, the federal court system and Zillow, a real estate firm.

These documents are “proof of claim” records for more than 100 of the class-action plaintiffs based in or near Chicago. The paperwork shows their assertion that Citibank had denied them mortgages, an outcome they believed was related to their race. [RELATED: With landmark lawsuit, Barack Obama pushed banks to give subprime loans to Chicago’s African-Americans]

The case was settled out of court with Citibank agreeing to change its standards for lending in urban areas and to applicants who would not otherwise qualify.

The case is emblematic of the subprime mortgage crisis, caused in large part by lenders extending credit to borrowers who, like many of the “Buycks” plaintiffs, were not creditworthy. As a result, countless homes were foreclosed and property values have plummeted in many metropolitan areas of the United States.

At least 46 of Obama’s 186 clients have declared bankruptcy since 1996, often multiple times.

Read more:

Shit. I'm just surprised to see that the dude had a job in 1995.

Life in "Progress" City - Detroit edition

A U-Haul truck loaded with equipment for a Monday event featuring Vice President Joe Biden was stolen in Detroit Sunday, a spokesman for the U.S. Secret Service said. 

"A U-Haul that we were utilizing was stolen at the Westin Hotel overnight," Ed Donovan told CNN. 

Donovan would not specify what equipment was in the U-Haul at the time it was stolen, and added that the theft shouldn't affect the vice president's plans on Monday. 

Biden is scheduled to speak at a Labor Day rally in downtown Detroit Monday and march in a parade organized by the Michigan AFL-CIO. Last year President Barack Obama spoke at the Motor City's Labor Day celebration. 

Hopefully, Biden wasn't in the truck.

Article here.........

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When you can't lick your opponents on the facts, you simply scream like a two year old.