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Friday funny

I'm guessing that you won't see this ad on an American TV station soon. Thanks reader Doug

What if he were Ms. California?

An Army translator was recently discharged because he was gay. When will this Neanderthal, George Bush, quit ruining the lives of gay people for simply being gay.

Some readers might think it unfair to blame Obama. After all, the president inherited the "don't ask, don't tell" law when he took office. As Commander-in-Chief, he has to follow the law. If the law says that the military must fire any service member who acknowledges being gay, that is not Obama's fault.

Or is it?

A new study, about to be published by a group of experts in military law, shows that President Obama does, in fact, have stroke-of-the-pen authority to suspend gay discharges. The "don't ask, don't tell" law requires the military to fire anyone found to be gay or lesbian. But there is nothing requiring the military to make such a finding. The president can simply order the military to stop investigating service members' sexuality.

An executive order would not get rid of the "don't ask, don't tell" law, but would take the critical step of suspending its implementation, hence rendering it effectively dead. Once people see gays and lesbians serving openly, legally and without problems, it will be much easier to get rid of the law at a later time.

Wait a minute. That can't be right. We all know that George Bush and Ms. CA are haters. There's no way Obama would continue to hate on gays in the military.

You mean, he would?



Where's the love Mr. President?

Dear Mr. President;

You may know me as the head of one the world's largest corporations or one of your biggest supporters.

In fact, we are such big supporters of your administration, we dedicated an entire TV network (MSNBC) for your use.

But despite our support, we're not feeling the love in return.

Your continued use of prime time network airtime is costing us a fortune. (read here)

In addition, your defense cuts directly impacted production of jet engines for fighter planes. (read here).

Mr. President, we have one question for you here. Where is the love?

I mean, we did a hell of lot more to get you elected than those ACORN freaks, yet you have no problem loading up their pockets with government money. C'mon did anyone at ACORN get a tingle up their leg when you spoke?

So Mr. President, we're asking for a little love from your administration (wink, wink). We won't stand idly by while you continue to take us for granted.

Your friend forever,

Jeffrey Immelt
CEO General Electric

Life in a "progressive" state

They called it Paradise
I don't know why
Somebody laid the mountains low
While the town got high

While "progressives" like to beat on conservatives for not caring about all causes, there actually is a practical reason for conservatives to resist government spending.

Frankly, a government cannot afford to take care of every issue that faces society.
Just look at the liberal train wreck known as California. This "progressive" paradise is just about on the brink of total economic collapse as a result of their feeding and funding every perceived problem in the state.

California could run out of money as soon as July, the Legislature's chief budget analyst warned Thursday, as a new poll showed voters poised to reject five budget-related measures on the May 19 ballot.

If the propositions do not pass, the state could find itself as much as $23 billion short of the money it needs to pay its bills over the next year, according to a new forecast by Legislative Analyst Mac Taylor. The poll, from the Public Policy Institute of California, found that even as voter interest in the ballot measures rises, all are trailing except the sixth one -- Proposition 1F, which would bar pay hikes for lawmakers in deficit years.

The other measures would provide the state with as much as $6 billion in the coming year through borrowing against the California State Lottery and temporarily reducing some social services.

One proposition, 1A, which barely one in three likely voters supports, the poll shows, would extend recently enacted tax hikes until 2013, plumping state coffers by another $16 billion.

All of the proposals were placed on the ballot by the governor and lawmakers as part of a February budget agreement. That plan was intended to keep the state solvent well into next year, but it was quickly knocked out of balance by the deteriorating economy.

Keep in mind that California is a state with resources beyond most states dreams. Yet they cannot control spending when every pig gets to the trough with mouth open.

What's so "progressive" about bankruptcy?


Friday, May 08, 2009

Pelosi On The Rachel Maddow Show

Four more years of Bush

It's a good thing Obama is in power and has decided to end the national security practices of the Bush administration. Otherwise we'd still have the following

The wiretapping, which Obama attacked as a trashing of the constitution.

We'd still have the rendition policy, an attack on human rights.

The military commissions, which Obama himself had said had been a failure.

What's that?

The Obama Administration has continued these practices? Liberals are saying A-OK? Olberman hasn't noted Obama as the most "evil person in the world"? Isn't that kind of hypocritical?


What did those small tent conservatives do?

NRO, has a piece on the vicious attack Ms. California has been under for merely, expressing an opinion on gay marriage.

Now republicans have been accused recently have having a small tent; the charge that they do not allow discussion of issues that do not fit their "extreme right wing" views.

Can anyone out there cite one "extreme right wing" group who has done any of the character assassination on the contestants in that pageant who answered affirmative on gay marriage?

Did Sean Hannity out anyone like Keith Olberman did?

I thought the whole point of being "progressive" was to keep your mind open to new thoughts and ideas.

Funny, I even went to a couple of feminist sites Jill recommended (like bitch magazine) and searched their sites and blogs for "Carrie Prejean" just to read the outrage over her treatment. Unfortunately, I couldn't find them. I guess you only get feminine protection if you look like a man.

What's so "progressive" about character assassination?

Another Friday Funny

So the head of the CDC is afraid we might become complacent about the swine flu.

There might be a reason. Maybe it because of all the rest of the government warnings as to how we'll meet the apocalypse.

Here's a list of other scares in my lifetime (From Mike McConnell).......

Well, since you didn't post it, I did it myself.. the last two I added. Edit and post if you like.

This is a short list of all the scares that have happened in our life time . We were all supposed to die or the world was going to come to an end as we know it.

  1. Swine flu (now)
  2. Mad cow disease
  3. Swine flu-circa 1975
  4. Avian flu
  5. S.A.R.S.
  6. Alar scare
  7. Hunta virus
  8. Hole in the ozone
  9. Silicone breast implants
  10. Killer bees
  11. Global warming
  12. Global cooling
  13. Y2K
  14. Acid rain
  15. Red Dye # 2
  16. Saccharin scare
  17. A.I.D.S
  18. D.D.T
  19. Lyme Disease
  20. West Nile Virus
  21. Mercury in fish
  22. Radon
  23. Cell phones causing cancer
  24. Running out of oil
  25. Cell phones causing cars to explode while being fueled
  26. Flu shots (in general)
  27. Radiation Poisoning
  28. Nuclear Holocaust

Living near power lines
Rain forest destruction
Extinction of other life forms.

A Friday Funny

From reader Tom......

A woman in a hot-air balloon realized she was lost. She lowered her altitude and spotted a man in a boat below. She shouted to him, "Excuse me, can you help me? I promised a friend I would meet him an hour ago, but I don't know where I am."

The man consulted his portable GPS and replied, "You're in a hot air balloon, approximately 30 feet above a ground elevation of 2,346 feet above sea level. You are at 31 degrees, 14.97 minutes north latitude and 100 degrees, 49.09 minutes west longitude.

"She rolled her eyes and said, "You must be a Republican."

"I am," replied the man. "How did you know?"

"Well," answered the balloonist, "everything you told me is technically correct. But I have no idea what to do with your information, and I'm still lost. Frankly, you've not been much help to me."

The man smiled and responded, "You must be an Obama Democrat."

"I am," replied the balloonist. "How did you know?"

"Well," said the man, "you don't know where you are or where you are going.. You've risen to where you are, due to a large quantity of hot air. You made a promise you have no idea how to keep, and you expect me to solve your problem. You're in exactly the same position you were in before we met, but somehow, now it's my fault."

Bacon makes everything better

I am convinced that bacon is God's perfect food.

It just makes everything better. In fact, if you want the prime cut of beef, filet mignon, you have to wrap it with bacon to get that extra kick.

Don't believe me. Then why has someone gone to the trouble of inventing bacon flavored vodka!

Used to be that to experience bacon vodka, you’d have to persevere endless rounds of punk rock at Double Down (we’ll never forget the night the bottle ran out and we got to suck on the bacon — way nastier than a mescal worm). But now you can sip the stuff in your own home, to the dulcet sounds of Ella Fitzgerald. A Seattle company, Black Rock Spirits, has finally concluded two years of recipe testing based on the concept of “meat and potatoes” (bacon and Idaho russets, that is), and they’ve officially launched Bakon Vodka: “Pure. Refreshing. Bacon.” As of now, the liquid pork is only available in Northwestern states, but rest assured, the makers are working on wider distribution, meaning New Yorkers will eventually be able to experience Primus’s concept of “pork soda” (bacon vodka and Coke?). Check out If It’s Hip It’s Here’s list of other recently launched brands, including something that’s truly gross: Ed Hardy vodka.

Excuse me while I have a bacon flavored Pop Tart for breakfast.

I wonder... if you wrapped Coldplay up in bacon flavored clothing, would they sound better?

Dysfunction by design

One of the reasons we currently have a totally nonaccountable federal government is that the framers of the constitution designed it for a weak federal government.

Unfortunately, over years of the feds usurping the role of the states, we now have parochial representatives dictating national policy, it's a natural dysfunction by design.

Nothing illustrates this more than Chuck Schumer, a senator who should be spending 100% of his time dealing with all things in our national interest. Instead, Chuckie finds the need to throw himself into telling IHOP what kind of maple syrup they need to put on their pancakes.....

New York ’s senior U.S. senator, Charles Schumer, has asked IHOP to stock New York-made maple syrup in all of its 44 locations in the state, a call prompted by the pancake chain’s recent commitment to use Vermont syrup in its (for now lone) restaurant in the Green Mountain State.

In a letter to IHOP CEO Julia Stewart, Schumer wrote:

I believe that replicating this option in New York with New York’s own maple syrup will be both a delicious option for customers as well as a boon to the State’s maple tapping industry.


I guess if IHOP declines they won't be getting any TARP money anytime soon!


Life in "Progress" City

The city of Cincinnati is rampant with criminals roaming the streets, so when a couple of republicans are trying to do something like using "stimulus" money for home incarceration systems you'd think they might get at least a vote on the program.

Not in "Progress" City, where we'd rather use the funds for a diversity festival rather than keeping the citizens safe from miscreants.

A plan to buy ankle monitoring systems for criminals released early from jail likely will die without a hearing - because the mayor sent it to a committee that doesn’t meet soon enough for the city to apply for money to lease the monitors.

The issue drew the most heated words between council members in months. Councilwoman Leslie Ghiz, who pitched the idea with Councilman Greg Harris, announced she would be voting against all stimulus requests until her motion to lease the monitoring units got a vote. Laketa Cole fired back later, saying Ghiz and Harris were having a “temper tantrum because they can’t get their way.”

Cole emphasized her point by asking City Manager Milton Dohoney how much money the city already spends on public safety. He said 63 percent of the city’s general fund is spent on public safety. The general fund budget is about $375 million.

Ghiz blamed Mayor Mark Mallory for what she predicted will be the death of the idea to lease 75 monitors. He sent the legislation back to the finance committee, where he had originally assigned it but where it had not yet been heard. She and Harris got a hearing Tuesday in the law committee, where the idea passed. But Mallory said the issue never should’ve been heard there and sent it back to finance.

The finance committee doesn’t meet until May 18. That’s the same day the application for stimulus money is due, not leaving enough time for it to pass through committee that day and be voted on by the full council. Mallory could still allow it to be voted on at council’s meeting next week, but Ghiz doesn’t expect that to happen.

Now here is my challenge. Go through this article and tell me the party affiliation of each of the people named.

It won't take long before you figure out the party who supports criminals and the party who doesn't.

What's so "progressive" about protecting criminals?


Moderating the GOP

Rich Lowry has a thoughtful piece on the threats posed by purging the GOP with the likes of Arlen Specter.

IF there were ever a senator a party would want to show the door, it's Arlen Specter. Personally disagreeable, philosophically unmoored and fundamentally self-interested, he represents the worst of the US Senate.

So the collective cry of good riddance on the right that greeted his departure from the GOP is understandable. Specter joined the Republican Party in the '60s for opportunistic reasons, and he left it last week for opportunistic reasons -- a primary challenge from the talented conservative Pat Toomey he probably wouldn't have been able to overcome.

A better politician wouldn't have so lost the affection and loyalty of his own party -- and Specter didn't stake his career on any great matter of principle, as Joe Lieberman did on the Iraq War. Specter was reliably unreliable. He dissented from his former party not just on social issues, but on everything else.

The danger to the GOP is making good riddance an ongoing rallying cry. South Carolina Republican Sen. Jim DeMint pronounced on Specter's departure, "I would rather have 30 Republicans in the Senate who really believe in principles of limited government, free markets, free people, than to have 60 that don't have a set of beliefs."

This is a bracing statement of suicidal purity. If Republicans had just 30 senators, it wouldn't matter if they scored 100 percent on the Ayn Rand score card -- they'd be an irrelevant rump watching the Democrats pass something like the New Deal and Great Society rolled into one.

Lowry makes a good point, but all you need to do is look at the great state of Ohio to see what the Voinovich/Taft GOP legacy did for the state. It ruined it to the point that we may never get it back and now we're on the fast track to Michigan South.

The way I see it with republicans like Taft and Specter, who needs republicans. We already have democrats.


Sleep with the devil

They called it Paradise
I don't know why
You call some place Paradise
Kiss it good bye.

Now you can see why some responsible states are declining "stimulus" money.

Reporting from Sacramento -- The Obama administration is threatening to rescind billions of dollars in federal stimulus money if Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and state lawmakers do not restore wage cuts to unionized home healthcare workers approved in February as part of the budget.

Schwarzenegger's office was advised this week by federal health officials that the wage reduction, which will save California $74 million, violates provisions of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Failure to revoke the scheduled wage cut before it takes effect July 1 could cost California $6.8 billion in stimulus money, according to state officials.


What if this were Bush?

Just imagine the number of reporters surrounding Crawford Texas right now if Bush claimed he knew nothing of waterboarding when documents detailed otherwise.

Intelligence officials released documents this evening saying that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) was briefed in September 2002 about the use of harsh interrogation tactics against al-Qaeda prisoners, seemingly contradicting her repeated statements over the past 18 months that she was never told that these techniques were actually being used.

In a 10-page memo outlining an almost seven-year history of classified briefings, intelligence officials said that Pelosi and then-Rep. Porter Goss (R-Fla.) were the first two members of Congress ever briefed on the interrogation tactics. Then the ranking member and chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, respectively, Pelosi and Goss were briefed Sept. 4, 2002, one week before the first anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

The memo, issued by the Director of National Intelligence and the Central Intelligence Agency to Capitol Hill, notes the Pelosi-Goss briefing covered "EITs including the use of EITs on Abu Zubaydah." EIT is an acronym for enhanced interrogation technique. Zubaydah was one of the earliest valuable al-Qaeda members captured and the first to have the controversial tactic known as water boarding used against him.

The issue of what Pelosi knew and when she knew it has become a matter of heated debate on Capitol Hill. Republicans have accused her of knowing for many years precisely the techniques CIA agents were using in interrogations, and only protesting the tactics when they became public and liberal antiwar activists protested.

The media's and "progressives" take "It's all right Nancy, you're one of us".

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It's Going to be a Long Recovery

Hairzilla is back

I thought we'd never have to hear of John "Gee, my hair smells terrific" again, after the affair with his skank was revealed but he's back.

This piece analyzes the media's affection for Edwards and this snippet struck me.......

Edwards hadn't finished his single term as North Carolina's senator when he ran for president, so he had a slim public record. Much of what was known about him came from his own account of his passionate representation of wronged families he'd represented as a trial lawyer, a calling that made him rich.

Swap trial lawyer for community organizer and who do you have?

The reason the media loved Edwards is that they love style over substance.

See, your average reporter is a dip shit. They loved the way Edwards talked about two America's but they never questioned how a populist could live in a 26,000 square foot house.

They never questioned what he actually ever accomplished for a poor person that didn't line his own pockets.

Finally, they never questioned the variety of rumors that swirled around his campaign around his affair with a ding dong.

They never asked because they either 1) didn't want to know the answer and/or 2) were too dumb too ask.

The same template played out perfectly for The Won.

Tax cheats, English style

Liberal tax cheats don't have to be American.

From the mother state.......

Jacqui Smith was facing new sleaze claims last night over her constituency home.

The property on which she has claimed thousands of pounds in second homes allowance is actually her primary residence for tax purposes, it was revealed.

The Home Secretary has pocketed £84,000 of taxpayers' money on the home she shares with her husband, Richard Timney, and their two children in Redditch, her West Midlands constituency.

That was only possible because she persuaded the House of Commons authorities that her main home is actually her sister's spare bedroom in London, where she lodges during the week.

But after a freedom of information request, Redditch council has confirmed that Miss Smith pays council
tax as if the £300,000 constituency house was her main home.

Last night, Tory MP Ben Wallace said the revelations suggest the Home Secretary is guilty of 'an abuse of the system'.

He has passed the details of Miss Smith's tax status to the parliamentary sleaze watchdog, who has launched an inquiry into the affair.

The discovery threatens to further undermine the Home Secretary's already tarnished credibility, after it emerged that she also tried to get taxpayers to pay for her husband's porn films.

She should talk to Obama. He's still got some staff positions available.


You can never make a liberal happy

So you're sick and tired of listening to the whines of your "progressive" constituency over global warming so you finally give in to a wind farm development.

So how do the libs thank you? By telling you you can't do it because of "environmental concerns".

Seriously, you can't make this up.........

But it gets even better. Now they oppose a solar farm for the same reason.........

A key part of President Obama's energy plan -- replacing fossil fuels with green alternatives -- is facing increasing opposition from an unlikely source: environmentalists.

Some environmentalists, who have successfully fought a wind farm on the border of Oregon and Washington, are trying to block a massive solar plant in the Mojave desert. And now an Oregon county is considering a ban on wind power in the foothills of the blue mountains.

"We all want to be as green as we can be. But at what cost?" Richard Jolly of the Blue Mountain Alliance. "To take everything from us? This valley could be surrounded by them."

Jolly says 400-foot wind turbines are a bird-killing eyesore. The developer argues the danger to birds is exaggerated but admits every big energy project has its downside.

I think I know why I detest liberals so much. They remind me of my ex-wife.... no matter what you do it's never enough.

The rest here....

What if his name was Jack Abramoff?

Somehow, when the Jack Abramoff scandals rocked Washington, you couldn't turn on a national news report without seeing his name.

Now we have Norman Hsu who's influence and connections went up much higher on the scrotum pole than Abramoff's ever did.

Do you think the perky Katie Couric might do a report on this tonight.........

A swindler whose arrest in 2007 prompted Hillary Clinton to return $850,000 in Democratic Party campaign contributions from fundraising, pleaded guilty on Thursday to fraud charges in an investment scheme.

Businessman Norman Hsu, who was sentenced to three years in jail by a California state judge in January 2008, pleaded guilty in Manhattan federal court to a criminal indictment of mail fraud and wire fraud in running a Ponzi scheme of up to $60 million.


Life in a "progressive" state

The state of Massachusetts, who hasn't had a republican governor (I don't count Bill Weld) since the minutemen was the coolest fraternity to get in..........

Gov. Deval Patrick’s free wheels for welfare recipients program is revving up despite the stalled economy, as the keys to donated cars loaded with state-funded insurance, repairs and even AAA membership are handed out to get them to work.

But the program - fueled by a funding boost despite the state’s fiscal crash - allows those who end up back on welfare to keep the cars anyway.

“It’s mind-boggling. You’ve got people out there saying, ‘I just lost my job. Hey, can I get a free car, too?’ ” said House Minority Leader Brad Jones (R-North Reading).


So are you donating?

Yesterday, my letter to the editor was printed on The Enquirer's web site.

It was a follow up to my earlier posts here regarding school district levies.

This is a concept that most liberals cannot seem to get their arms around. There are ways to support things without tax dollars.

One of the commenters to my letter called out people who voted against levies as "selfish". But I'd be willing to bet that the thought of actually kicking in some money to her local school district is as foreign a concept to her as purple elephants.

Look, I'm not willing to call out anyone who doesn't vote for a levy as "selfish". We all have reasons for supporting or not supporting levies.

But it all doesn't start and/or stop with levies.

Just this week, I cut a check for $100 to the Lancaster High School Athletic Boosters. Why? I don't have kids in that school. I don't even live in that school district (although I do have four nieces and nephews in the district).

I did it because I want to give back to a school and program that gave me so much.

I'm not waiting for my neighbor to vote for a tax levy to send them money, I'm doing in on my own.

So here's the deal, if you talk about supporting schools and you refuse to donate money to the schools then you are no different than your "selfish" neighbor who didn't vote for a levy.

In fact, it's the height of hypocrisy.

Once again, if you vote for school levies because you want to "support the children", what's keeping you from going to the school's web site or calling a local principal and asking how you can help with a financial donation?

If you won't do that, you must be "selfish".

What if this were Bush?

John Kerry shows up big for a child pornographer......

Wade Sanders, who pleaded guilty in December to possession of child pornography, was sentenced Monday, and he got off relatively easy. The San Diego Union-Tribune reports that Judge Thomas Whelan sentenced Sanders to just 37 months in prison--barely a third of the 10-year maximum, and more than two years less than the 63 months prosecutors had asked for.

Sanders had argued that he deserved only probation, claiming that what the paper calls "his compulsion to research the world of child pornography" was "a symptom of his post-traumatic stress disorder that stemmed from his combat service"--that is, he was depraved on account of he was deployed.

The Union-Tribune describes Sanders as a "war hero," but he is best known for his service to John Kerry, the 2004 Democratic presidential nominee. Kerry's central campaign claim was that he deserved to be president because his so-called band of brothers, veterans who had served alongside him on Navy Swift boats in Vietnam, vouched for his heroism and his impeccable character.

Jim Taranto with the not so enchanting news

Life in "Progress" City

From the City of Angels, who hasn't had a republican mayor since Santa Anna attacked the Alamo.........

For seven years, the Los Angeles Unified School District has paid Matthew Kim a teaching salary of up to $68,000 per year, plus benefits.

His job is to do nothing.

Every school day, Kim's shift begins at 7:50 a.m., with 30 minutes for lunch, and ends when the bell at his old campus rings at 3:20 p.m. He is to take off all breaks, school vacations and holidays, per a district agreement with the teacher's union. At no time is he to be given any work by the district or show up at school.

He has never missed a paycheck.

In the jargon of the school district, Kim is being "housed" while his fitness to teach is under review. A special education teacher, he was removed from Grant High School in Van Nuys and assigned to a district office in 2002 after the school board voted to fire him for allegedly harassing teenage students and colleagues. In the meantime, the district has spent more than $2 million on him in salary and legal costs.

Last week, Kim was ordered to continue this daily routine at home. District officials said the offices for "housed" employees were becoming too crowded.

About 160 teachers and other staff sit idly in buildings scattered around the sprawling district, waiting for allegations of misconduct to be resolved.

The housed are accused, among other things, of sexual contact with students, harassment, theft or drug possession. Nearly all are being paid. All told, they collect about $10 million in salaries per year -- even as the district is contemplating widespread layoffs of teachers because of a financial shortfall.

What's so "progressive" about paying people who do nothing?


(Thanks to reader Jeremy for the tip)

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Who did they vote for?#156

A group of college students said they are lucky to be alive and they’re thanking the quick-thinking of one of their own. Police said a fellow student shot and killed one of two masked me who burst into an apartment.

Channel 2 Action News reporter Tom Jones met with one of the students to talk about the incident.“Apparently, his intent was to rape and murder us all,” said student Charles Bailey.

Bailey said he thought it was the end of his life and the lives of the 10 people inside his apartment for a birthday party after two masked men with guns burst in through a patio door.

“They just came in and separated the men from the women and said, ‘Give me your wallets and cell phones,’” said George Williams of the College Park Police Department.

Bailey said the gunmen started counting bullets. “The other guy asked how many (bullets) he had. He said he had enough,” said Bailey.

That’s when one student grabbed a gun out of a backpack and shot at the invader who was watching the men. The gunman ran out of the apartment.

The student then ran to the room where the second gunman, identified by police as 23-year-old Calvin Lavant, was holding the women.

“Apparently the guy was getting ready to rape his girlfriend. So he told the girls to get down and he started shooting. The guy jumped out of the window,” said Bailey.

First question, what the hell is that college kid doing with a concealed weapon? They better bust his ass for not having a permit.

Second, now who did the armed college kid vote for this past election? The Won or The Maverick?

Third, who did those thugs vote for this past election? The Messiah or that old guy with the age spots?

Do you think those other students where thankful for his concealed carry?

Watch the video here.

Four more years of Bush

The international Red Cross confirmed Wednesday that civilians were found in graves and rubble where Afghan officials alleged U.S. bombs killed had dozens. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said Washington "deeply, deeply" regretted the loss of innocent life.

Women and children were among dozens of bodies in two villages targeted by airstrikes, the International Committee of the Red Cross reported Wednesday, after sending a team to the district. The U.S. military sent a brigadier general to the region to investigate.

A former Afghan government official said up to 120 people died in the bombing Monday evening.


From the party of free speech

If you are the kind of person who gets so upset by a policy opinion of a beauty contest participant, you out that person's medical procedures, you are mentally ill.

I've heard the ruckus about Ms. California but I couldn't care one bit. Because she's about as credible on political issues as the waitress who served me chili today.

But for some on the left, Ms. California is the Anti-Christ (or the atheistic equivalent) for simply having an opinion on the subject of gay marriage. They're so outraged they're outing all of her medical procedures.

Here's a "progressive" who recognizes her right to privacy........

I just wonder how he'd feel if I outed a woman close to him for an abortion simply because she disagreed with me on tax policy?

I thought it was a woman's body to do with what she wants?


Who did he vote for? #4156

Meet Miciah Black. Why's Miciah in the news?

Hamilton County Municipal Court Judge Brad Greenberg set bond at $500,000 Wednesday for a man suspected of raping and robbing a woman in Lytle Park Monday.
Miciah Black, 20, was in court for an arraignment. He was arrested Tuesday afternoon.

Black is accused of choking a 17-year-old female several times and raping her. Police also say he took a state identification card, an MP-3 player and $7.

Police say the woman was attacked sometime between 10 and 11 a.m. Monday.

She had bruises and scrapes on her neck and pelvis and was taken to University Hospital, according to the police report.

Black's lawyer Kip Guinan said Black denies the charge.

Black, who has no listed address, has been arrested several times before in Hamilton County.

So Miciah's, all of 20 years old, yet has been "arrested several times before in Hamilton County"; what party do think is responsible for letting Black out on the street?

Now you are a person who supports democrats, what do you say to the seventeen year old who was raped yesterday knowing that your beliefs are what has this derelict on the streets?


In my mind, it's this simple; you either support crooks or cops. Why would you even consider supporting excrement like this clown over cops by voting for "progressives"?

How many of the "progressives" currently supporting the use of 200 million dollars of resources to build a light rail loop would support the use of those funds to put Mr. Black here in the hole?

If you ever wanted to know why people leave the city for the 'burbs, ask this 17 year old girl, she might be able to shed some light on the issue and my guess is it's not for lack of a street car.

Oh, and by the way, did Black here vote for the Hope and Change candidate or four more years of Bush last November?

Article here...

Where's that shovel

In an earlier post, I asked the question as to where are the shovels for the "shovel ready" projects.

Thanks to reader Scott, I have my answer.... I have to find them for myself.....

So just who's tracking that $787 billion in taxpayer money that President Obama and the Democrat-led Congress are doling out? You are. Or you're supposed to be, anyway.

"We are, in essence, deputizing the entire American citizenry to help with the oversight of this program," said Rep. Brad Miller, chairman of the House Committee on Science and Technology's subcommittee on investigations and oversight.

So, too, said Earl Devaney, the ex-cop who's now chairman of the Recovery Act Accountability and Transparency Board, charged with tracking the torrent of cash now pouring out of federal coffers.


Let me make sure I have this right. Earl Devaney's in charge of the oversight of this stimulus money but we're the one's who's supposed to be monitoring how it's spent.

Hey Earl, I see a patently blatant misuse of funds. Namely, your salary!

So calling all taxmanblog readers, if you see something actually being done with all this stimulus money, could you please let me know, or more importantly, call Earl.

Heaven forbid a government entity monitor it's own spending

The stench just gets stenchier.

Follow Up.

Reader Scott sent me this link that is even more hideous.

That should bring you more readers

It will soon be $2 to buy the all the enchanted news that's fit to print.....

The New York Times is raising its newsstand prices for the third time in less than two years as a severe advertising slump forces readers to shoulder more of the costs of producing newspapers.

With the latest changes announced Tuesday, individual copies of The New York Times on Mondays through Saturdays will have doubled to $2 since July 2007.


Deep Thoughts

Deep Thoughts buy Gordon Gekko

Did all those "shovel ready" projects from the stimulus plan get delayed because I haven't seen any yet?


Now go ahead and send them money

The school district the Gekko's reside in, Little Miami, failed to pass a 9.95 operating levy yesterday.

In fact, it went down 58-42 percent.

The tax increase was a whopper, adding $305 on a $100,000 home.

Now if you are one of those who voted for this tax, there's absolutely nothing keeping you from sending in your $305. And believe it or not, you can actually send them more.

In fact, if the nearly four thousand people who voted for the levy sent in $305, the school would reap 1.2 million dollars, enough to keep some programs alive.

If you don't, you must be against the kids because that's what the sign in your front yard said.

Oh, Oh, by the way, if you voted against the levy, Janet Napolitano wants you to know that you've been targeted as an extremist because you are a tax hater.

Article here.......

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Tom Lauria On Fox

Guantanamo Bay Terrorists: Coming to a Neighborhood Near You?

Life in "Progress" City

This time it's the nation's capital, who hasn't had a republican run the city since Washington crossed the Delaware.....

After the D.C. Council voted unanimously to recognize same-sex marriages Tuesday morning, Councilman Marion Barry asked for his vote back, according to Washington Post reporter Tim Craig.

Apparently Mayor for Life, an opponent of the legislation, voted yea without knowing what he was voting on, but he woke up in time to ask that the bill be reconsidered, and the debate that was expected took place, to the relief of all the council members who wanted their two cents on the matter on record.


Life in "Progress" City

While the "progressives" in the city are looking for a couple hundred million to blow on street cars, the city of Cincinnati continues to collapse into a crime cesspool.

Don't believe me. Just ask the judges.....
Three judges pleaded for help from City Council on Tuesday, saying the closing of the Queensgate jail in December has emboldened criminals, who now thumb their noses at the justice system.

Municipal Court Judges Heather Russell, Fanon Rucker and Bernie Bouchard took the unusual step of testifying before a council committee to stress how difficult their jobs have become since Hamilton County budget cuts closed the 800-bed Queensgate jail in December.

The bipartisan panel judges, representing the 14 judges on the court, told story after story of defendants they ordered jailed being released immediately.

Among those was a man jailed for domestic violence who got home from court even before the victim did.

Another, jailed by Rucker for assault, was out before the judge finished court that day. Incredibly, the man came back to court to ask the judge to consider a lighter sentence, said Rucker, a Democrat. Judges wouldn't name the defendants.

The releases, Rucker said, "shock the conscience."

Now where do you think these ding dongs are heading when they get out of jail?

They're going out to rape a woman in a city park in broad daylight as happened just this morning. What the hell is so "progressive" about that?

But the city would rather spend time, money, and resources trying to construct a trolley car throughout the city; completely forgetting that their city isn't worth living in because it's populated with rapists, murderers and other thugs.

This is life under democratic rule. You won't see a liberal defend city living on this blog because it so closely resembles life in any one of a hundred cities in this country. Each and every one governed by liberals.

To say it's disgusting is an understatement.

What's so "progressive" about criminals roaming the streets.


That makes it the whole country

This just in.........
The same Homeland Security Department office that categorized veterans as potential terrorists issued an earlier report that defined dozens of "extremists" ranging from black power activists to abortion foes. The report was nixed within hours and recalled from state and local law enforcement officials.

Whites and blacks, Christians and Jews, Cubans and Mexicans, along with tax-hating Americans were among several political leanings listed in the "Domestic Extremism Lexicon" that came out of the Office of Intelligence and Analysis (I&A) in late March.

Tax hating Americans?

Why don't they start with the people who aren't extremists. The list would be a lot shorter.


Scare force one photos

This would be Onion material if it weren't so true.......
After claiming last week that the flyby of the VC-25 aircraft that is designated Air Force One when the President is on board was meant to upgrade the file photos of the airplane over national landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, the US Air Force now says that they wont make the photos public.

Are you kidding me? After spending $328,835 [ed: corrected the figure] to make the effort and causing quite the scare and stir in the NY metro area because of the low flying aircraft that no one except a chosen few in the FAA and a few people that the FAA informed, the Air Force and White House owe it to the taxpayers and the New York metro area residents to see what they got for the trouble.

Way to fuel the conspiracy kooks.....


Democratic corruption du jour

More John Murtha....

The headquarters of Murtech, in a low-slung, bland building in a Glen Burnie business park, has its blinds drawn tight and few signs of life. On several days of visits, a handful of cars sit in the parking lot, and no trucks arrive at the 10 loading bays at the back of the building.

Yet last year, Murtech received $4 million in Pentagon work, all of it without competition, for a variety of warehousing and engineering services. With its long corridor of sparsely occupied offices and an unmanned reception area, Murtech's most striking feature is its owner -- Robert C. Murtha Jr., 49. He is the nephew of Rep. John P. Murtha, the Pennsylvania Democrat who has significant sway over the Defense Department's spending as chairman of the House Appropriations defense subcommittee.

Robert Murtha said he is not at liberty to discuss in detail what his company does, but for four years it has subsisted on defense contracts, according to records and interviews. He said Murtech's 17 employees "provide necessary logistical support" to Pentagon testing programs that focus on detecting chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats, "and that's about as far as I feel comfortable going." Giving more details could provide important clues to terrorist plotters, he said.

This guy makes Ted Stevens look like a choir boy.

And you know damn well if Murtha were a republican, the media would have already assigned some "gate" name to the corruption.


Life in "Progress" City

The city of Cincinnati, who hasn't had a republican mayor or council since David slew Goliath, comes this nice amenity to city life..........

DOWNTOWN -- A woman was raped in Lytle Park today, Cincinnati police said.

Police say the rape happened around 10:50 a.m. in the park, which borders Fourth and Lawrence streets.

After the attack, the woman went to a Burritos Joe's restaurant on Fourth Street for help.

Now where else can you be raped in broad daylight, in a city park than right in the middle of downtown? That sounds pretty damn "progressive"; doesn't it?

Once again, I'll wager lot's of money the perpetrator who pulled this off is a scumbag who should have been in prison a long time ago. And I don't think it's those pesky conservatives making sure he's on the street waiting to attack someone again.

What's so "progressive" about being raped in a public park?


I'll do nothing and plenty of it

One of my clients, who's involved in Warren County Republican politics, asked me recently about getting involved in the party.

The conversation went like this.

Client - Gordon, we need some bright, financially adept kind of guys to get involved in the party and/or run for office. You immediately came to my mind.

Gordon - Bob, I'm not sure if I should feel complimented or insulted. I think I might be the worst person to be involved in politics.

Client - You seem to have a passion for it. I read your blog.

Gordon - I have a passion for educating people about the inherent evil of government. That usually doesn't win you a lot of votes and or support.

Think about it. Old Gordon, gets up on stage for a presser on his candidacy to some office. It'll be right out of a Seinfeld episode.

Press - So what is your candidacy about?

Gordon - Nothing.

Press - Nothing?

Gordon - That's right, when elected, you'll pay me not to do anything.

Press - What about certain issues?

Gordon - Nothing.

Press - So you won't do anything to help the people?

Gordon - Nope

Press - What about problem "xyz"?

Gordon - OK, I guess I will have to do something. I'll have to make sure that my council/legislature does nothing.

Just how long do you think my candidacy would last?

All this is a long winded segue into the death of Jack Kemp. Kemp may have been the last of the true conservatives. Unlike Gordon's presser above, Kemp could sell a conservative message because he believed and he attracted people to the message.

All of our current republican douche bags ran as conservatives because it was trendy and cool at the time; but none of them believed. That's how you end up with multi billion dollar highway bills and a boot out of office that would make a dictator envious. They are all just one election away from pulling a Specter; it's all about self preservation for them.

This is how you end up with "conservatives", like Jean Schmidt, who show up to speak at a Tea Party and then goes right back to Washington to vote against everything the Tea Parties were all about.

These people still believe that governments make a difference. Conservatives like Kemp and Reagan believed that governments just got in the way of greatness. They didn't need to "tailor" a message because they believed in the simple message that is conservatism and that message was infectious.

The conventional wisdom is that the republicans need to "tailor" their message expand their tent. Basically, giving up principles to expand their base. I would offer that the current republican derelicts in office diluted the current principles to the point that the party looked like Arlen Specter. Now exactly what did clowns like Arlen Specter ever do for the conservative movement?

Put another way, if we conservatives managed to get an executive and legislative branch full of Specters. Just how would conservatism look? In Ohio, we had that under Bob Taft and that looked pretty good didn't it?

Kemp's passing may be the impetus to purge our rolls of the Specter's of the world and repopulate the republican party with conservatives who believe.

He will be missed.

The president who hates his country

I'd like one the reporters from The Enchanted Times to ask just what does the president find most enchanting about his country....
The one thing all of these virtuous and evil men had in common was love for their respective countries, in fact a burning passion that superseded all else. The virtuous believed in freedom and democracy. The evil believed in subjugation of their peoples and lifetime tenures for themselves in order to actualize their goals of conquering their eternal enemies – Americans and Jews.

Today, we have a new crop of inveterate America- and Jew-haters, among them the Marxist leader of Venezuela Hugo Chavez, Nicaragua’s president Daniel Ortega, Iran’s “death-to-America-and-Israel” study-in-abnormal-psychology Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and the ever-sabotage-America and anti-Semitic “leaders” of the 22-Arab states that surround Israel.

I have either read about or observed firsthand all of these people. Yet in my decades of commenting on the political scene, I cannot recall a single leader of any country or regime who has ever spoken negatively of his country or tolerated others speaking ill of the land or the people he represented

Until now

Bizarre and, yes, repugnant as it is to our essentially centrist country, America now has a president who has broken that time-honored tradition. Barack Obama, on the campaign trail and as the leader of the free world is the first U.S. president to proclaim to anyone within earshot that he, like his wife, is not proud of his country, and is all-too-willing to offer serial apologies – for America! – to Americans and foreigners alike.

As Ed Lasky writes: “We know that during the campaign [Obama] warned that criticism of his wife was `off-limits’. But criticism of America – well, that is fine.”

We also know that during his run for the presidency, Obama expressed sneering condescension towards all those bible-clasping, gun-owning yahoos who “cling” to those silly things, and that in Europe he consistently gave voice to America’s supposed “sins.” But all that pales in comparison to the clear contempt – looks more like hatred to me – that Obama feels for the United States of America and for its most revered founding document, the U.S. Constitution.


Arranging deck chairs

A 15 year old can go cut a baby out of her womb but by got we gotta make sure she's not tan.........

Teen tanning rules in Ohio would become some of the toughest in the nation if state lawmakers approve a proposal that would require anyone under 18 to get a doctor's note before getting into a tanning bed.

Rep. Courtney Combs, a Hamilton Republican, plans to re-introduce the measure this week - a move he says will decrease the time teens spend in tanning beds and could, ultimately, reduce the number of future cancer cases. It would trump current rules that require teens to get their parents' permission first.

This is the kind of nonsense that makes me hate on republicans.


When the teleprompter goes dark

President Barack Obama's joke wasn't lost in translation—even though he referred to a Cinco de Mayo celebration as "Cinco de Cuatro."

Obama jumbled his words as he welcomed guests to the White House to observe the Mexican holiday, sending the crowd into laughter before he referred to the day correctly.

"Welcome to Cinco de Cuatro—Cinco de Mayo at the White House," said Obama, in what appeared to be an attempt to note they were celebrating on the fourth of May instead of the fifth.

Cinco de cuatro means "five of four" in Spanish.

"We are a day early, but we always like to get a head start here at the Obama White House," he said.

During the presidential campaign, Obama acknowledged his Spanish skills weren't great.

"My accent's always been good," he said. "It's just that I only know 15 words."

The holiday, which marks the Mexican troops' defeat of the French on May 5, 1862, was overshadowed by a swine-flu outbreak that started in Mexico and has spread around the world.

Someone's needs to reprogram the teleprompter for a spanish translation.


Monday, May 04, 2009

Remarks by Kareem Dale, WH Adviser for Disability Policy

watch this starting at the 1:51 mark

Life in "Progress" City

Today's city of "progress" is Cincinnati, who hasn't had a republican mayor since the Boston Tea Party was in the news....
Cincinnati police are searching for the person who drove down Race Street on Monday just before noon and opened fire -- shooting a gun six times and taking down three people, including a marathon runner.

Here's what I'm willing to bet. I'm willing to bet $100 that the guy who shot these people is a ding dong who should have been in jail for an offense he's already been convicted of....

But see, "progressives" want to see these derelicts released back into society. As a result, they go back and prey on innocent people, not in Redville but back in the "progressive" cities they came from.

So you tell me, what's so "progressive" about being shot in a marathon.