Saturday, August 04, 2007

Nanny news media

Alert! Danger! It's hot outside!

Keep an eye on your pets and the elderly. Try to get plenty of fluids and avoid alcohol. If you exercise outside, do so in the morning or evening. If there's a smog alert, avoid filling up before the magic hour of 6 pm and combine trips. Don't leave your ice cream in the car for very long.

Geez... if you read the newspaper or watch the TV news, one would think it never gets hot around here in the summer.

Where's the money?

The Sleuths at the Enquirer report this headline.

Where's the bridge money?

Here's a clue for an Enquirer reporter. Maybe the bridge money is in the .30/gal in federal and state road taxes we pay for each and every gallon of gasoline we buy. Wait, look under this shell it's federal, state and local income taxes in the amount of over a trillion per year.

The fact is, the money is and always has been in the hands of government officials who decided long ago that it was more important to fund an
Ohio Civil Rights Commission who's only note worthy act was to attempt to put a Mason Bar owner out of business for his "For service, speak English"

I guess having money to watch over those issues is more important than watching about 30 cars slide into the Ohio River.

Yet more bad government

So you want to take the decision making out of the hands of politicians who bend to too many political winds and hand it over to seasoned "professionals" who know what they are doing and not influenced by the electorate?

Here's what you get.

Over at King's Right a decision from the Ohio Civil Rights Commission.

Ohio Civil Rights Commission to propose changes that would strengthen the state's 30-year-old pregnancy discrimination law by guaranteeing all working mothers at least 12 weeks of post-childbirth leave without fear of losing their jobs.

The federal law mandates companies with at least 50 employees to allow new mothers who have worked at least 1,250 hours in the preceding 12 months to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave. The proposed state law would require employers with at least four workers to offer the same 12 weeks of unpaid leave regardless of how long a woman has worked for a company.

The FMLA and the existing state law, which requires companies to give women a "reasonable period of time" off work to care for their newborn, established a good basis for the rights of pregnant employees, More....

Now who do we get to fire for this decision? Who's responsible? Politicians, especially liberal ones love these deals because no one is ever accountable. Then, once the jobs start moving to North Carolina they have a reason to increase taxes to keep up these types of government necessities.


Friday, August 03, 2007

State of Ohio

Not to be outdone for bad governance, the state of Ohio had to add some BS to the mix.

For an education to the average Joe. Ohio businesses are required to collect Ohio and county sales tax on the sale of taxable goods and services.

As a reward for a business doing the state's job, the state allows the vendor to keep .9 percent of the tax collected. So if you were to collect $500.00 in sales tax for a month you get to keep $4.50 for your trouble.

Keep in mind that if you are late sending it in, it's a minimum $50.00 late fee. So, needless to say, most vendor's would be more than happy to let the state collect their own damn sales tax.

Well vendors recently received notice that the discount was going from .9 percent to a whopping .75%. So that same $500.00 in sales tax gets you a whopping $3.75. You can't get a welfare mom to run across the street for that kind of money. In addition, the state said they would no longer send out notices when the sales tax rate changes. You'll have to know when you ship to Athens county whether or not they have changed their sales tax rate.

Somehow, I don't think businesses in Juarez Mexico have to deal with this circus.

Oh that compassionate government again

Let's begin with the city of Cincinnati Public Schools

This November, voters will be asked to approve a 10 mill levy for operating expenses. The cost to a home owner will be around $300.00 on a $100,000 home.

This is the quote from the article...

The district’s annual operating budget is about $428 million. Projected enrollment for the upcoming school year is 33,809, down by more than 20 percent since 2000.

Anybody done the public school math on this one? This comes to an average of $12,659.35 per student.

Are you out of your freakin' mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They need another 79 million on top of this?

The quote from anti tax crusader Tom Brinkman says it all “When your opponent’s killing themselves, stand back out of the way.”

Now, the city of Cincinnati.

I'm a libertarian I don't think city government should be in the business of funding parades.

However, it seems to me there are much lesser priorities the city funds in front of the $40,000 the Opening Day parade costs. This an event that really showcases the city and promotes city businesses from Findlay Market to Fifth Street.

This is in addition to the $75,000 Stan Chesley coughed up to keep the city pools opened for the remainder of the summer.

It occurs to me that these should be funded well in front of the $200,000 the city gives to the Underground Freedom Center that no one actually wanted built in the city in the first place.

Ultimately, a philanthropic type person will cough up the money so the parade will go on but it begs the question; if private people can make these things go, why the hell do we need city government in the first place?

Hamilton County

Earlier this year, Hamilton County approved a sales tax increase to build a jail after citizens last November overwhelmingly rejected it.

According to the wisdom of one David Pepper "we got the message last November, that people wanted a larger tax increase to cover more than a just a jail"


Well, voters got the increase back on this November's ballot where it will probably go down by a 70-30 vote. I guess that will send the message to Portune and Pepper that they need to increase the tax even more.

With the collapse of that bridge in MN this week on top of the absolute lunacy of the local politics here, I have to ask.... Do you have to be an absolute moron to be a politician today?

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Pot Kettle Black Award

You just can't make this up.

John "the Breck Girl" Edwards is the recipient of this week's Pot Kettle Black award.

His sin. Calling out Hillary "for taking more than $20,000 in donations from News Corp. officials, arguing that the company's Fox News Channel has a right- wing bias and Democrats should avoid the company."

Except that Heir Hair forgot one little thing

...himself earned at least $800,000 for a book published by one of the media mogul's companies.

The Edwards campaign said the multimillionaire trial lawyer would not return the hefty payout from Murdoch for the book titled "Home: The Blueprints of Our Lives."

The campaign didn't respond to a question from The Post about whether it was hypocritical for Edwards to take money from News Corp. while calling for other candidates not to.

In addition to a $500,000 advance from HarperCollins, which is owned by News Corp., Edwards also was cut a check for $300,000 for expenses.

Look for the Hairball to be hiding behind a woman's skirt near you.

Hat Tip King's Right

Still seething after all these years.

I still cannot believe how upset I am about this whole bridge thing.

After bitching about it to the future Mrs. Gekko she finally asked "What the hell is wrong with you?"

I guess what's wrong with me is that I've been preaching roads, police, & fire for years. These are the basics the government should manage; before retirement benefits, before environmental agencies, before schools, before economic development. And yet we cannot trust that the nearest bridge we are crossing is going to hold up.

Plus, I've been stuck on the Brent Spence bridge after a horrific accident tied up traffic for hours. Drive across the northbound lanes one time and you fully understand that bridge is a death trap notwithstanding an actual collapse and yet everyone just keeps shuffling paper like some magic bridge fairy's going to fix it all.

I appreciate the friendly debate with Dave at Nix Guy. I think it's healthy to debate to advance the cause of better, more responsive, government.

Here are his thoughts.

But if you let the politicians direct the dollars, then we have the problem of money being spent on high-visibility projects while ho-hum things like adequate maintenance get the short thrift.

Bridge-to-nowhere being a prime example.

My conservative principle tells me to resolve the dilemma by pushing the decision making down to the lowest level possible, and trust the professionalism of 95% of the civil engineers out there. They'll get it done if you give them the adequate resources.

First, I'd be all about letting professionals deal with problems. However, what about the EPA? If you give them more money and they'll just bog down bridge construction with ever more litigation. In addition, you have intra agency fighting between NTSB, DOT's and local government's bickering about who's going to pay.

Second, even DOT's run by professionals become quasi lobbying groups. There is no pot big enough to fill all the "needs".

Look at your average school system. They are supposed to budget for capital improvements to maintain their existing infrastructure. School boards then "raid" those funds to pay for general operating costs. Twenty years later, they come back to the voters to fund school construction because the schools they have are falling down dumps.

I was walking through the old Riverfront stadium garage, at the time, all of twenty five years old and saw huuuuuge chunks of concrete laying on the ground. A few weeks later, I read that the city, the people responsible for the maintenance of the stadium, used funds specifically earmarked for maintenance general operations.

DOT's are no different. "We need more inspectors, more engineers, more this, more that". The next thing you know these guys have spent billions yet the infrastructure is falling apart.

At least when we get to vote on the people doling out the money the politician might lose their job, not so with a civil servant. These people are harder to get rid of than cockroaches.

The fact of the matter is, government's, including the pols and bureaucrats, are totally non responsive to the wants and/or needs of the citizens they're supposed to serve. I really thought that after 9/11 all government officials, elected or not, would be more apt to execute the mission(s) for which they were hired to handle.

Instead we get more of the same.

And you want these guys to manage your health care. You've got to be kidding me.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Fire, Police, Roads

NixGuy (I appreciate the link from him to me) has a nice post on the bridges and, contrary to my thoughts, believes there are too many politicians involved in the building of roads and bridges, which is why they take so long.

This is where I disagree with him. Long ago, congress and state reps decided to waive their responsibility for governing by allowing power to exist within government bureaucracies, also known as "agencies"

These bureaucrats are not elected and as a result have no accountability to the wants and needs of the general public.

I just heard Steve Chabot (for the record, one of our best congressmen) on the radio blathering about how the Brent Spence Bridge project had already begun. Bull Crap. If they started digging today on the project it would take 15 years to complete. Within 15 years, that bridge is not only going to be rated "Functionally Obsolete" but "Structurally Deficient". All that's been started by the bureaucrats is "starting to talk about it".

It all gets back to reps making government so big that they can't manage problems like these. If they simply kept government responsibilities to what it should be, roads, police, fire and, for the feds, add defense then we would actually see something happen on these bridges and four people would be alive today.

I'm telling you, I hold every congressman, senator, DOT representative, and state rep responsible for those lives being lost yesterday.


This morning, I come to the office to be greeted by the remnants of a moltave cocktail that someone threw in my driveway last night.

Of course, being in the suburbs, here comes Bernard P. Fife fresh from a donut break. "Well, I guess we'll put out additional patrols tonight".

Great.... So as my business is melting to the ground, all the cops will be close for a wienie roast.

Given my recent post about how unions screw their members out of their pension money, I just wonder if it was a coincidence or something more deliberate.

Just remember Teamster Thug, I've got your IP address, new security cameras, and plenty of insurance so bring it on.

Congressional Hearings

The more I read about this bridge collapse the angrier I get.

I just wonder if Nancy and Harry will have congressional hearings detailing how something like this could occur?

I'll be keeping track of any developments in congress on the bridge issues and report it here.

Compassionate government?

So you're the person who wants the government to take over our care medical care systems.

Is that the same government that allows this kind of tragedy.

I'm sure this bridge has needed replaced for some time but probably ran into all kinds of delays in funding, environmental studies, who gets political credit, etc., etc., etc.

How would I know?

Because we have this very tragedy brewing right here in the Cincinnati area. The Brent Spence Bridge joins I-71 and I-75 across the Ohio River. The original capacity of this bridge was 80,000 vehicles a year and now traffic exceeds 150,000. It's needed replaced for the past 20 years and we're as close to getting it done today as we were 20 years ago.

At least once a week, a serious accident involving injuries or death occur on this bridge as a result of the increased traffic. Many times these accidents tie up the bridge for hours resulting in lost productivity for the area and it's citizens.

Can you get a politician to address it.


So if you are one of those idiots that believe compassion can only be measured in how many dollars a government spends ask one of the seven families killed yesterday in the Minneapolis accident how compassionate the government is.

And if you are one of those congressman or senators responsible for funding the replacement of bridges across the country; How can you look at yourself in the mirror knowing you're responsible for this?

Compassion my ass.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Bush starves babies

Stealing healthcare from babies

That's the headline from a Ron Brownstein column in the LA Times. This is your typical canard thrown out by liberals to get their foot in the door and advance a socialist agenda.

To suggest a novel idea that maybe people should pay for their own children's health care is somehow twisted to be "stealing healthcare from babies".

Of course, once the GOP relents (after all, they don't want to be known for stealing babies health care) and passes these stupid SCHIP programs we'll hear this.

"We can't insure babies while poor parents live uninsured."

Next from the liberal rags. Bush seeks to withhold food from children.

Colleagues won't judge Stevens

Ted Stevens is and always has been a scumbag. Regardless, of the FBI investigation, this guy needs to be out of the senate.

Of course, no one in the senate has the stones to say so. Once again, we find that the chumminess of the institution wields more power than partisanship. It's no different than the priest abuse within the Catholic Church. It's all about protection of the institution than the mission of the institution.

My guess is that no one will call out Stevens because they know they're just as much on the take as he is... so why drum up any additional scrutiny.

I'm sure that there are a few GOP people that want to give Stevens the old "hey everyone does it, he just got caught" pass but I think republicans need to purge themselves of these dolts and leave the democrats defend guys like William "I left $90,000 in my freezer?" Jefferson.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sports or Reality Show

I rarely read a USA Today because their coverage of the news usually consists of where Lindsay, Paris, and Brittany's next rehab assignment will be.

I happened to pick one up today and let me list each of the headlines on the front page of the Sports section.

- Beckham won't make Galaxy Trip to Dallas
- Michigan, Notre Dame extend to 2031
- Phelps tries out new strokes for Beijing
- NASCAR TV ratings below '06 race
- Legend changed face of football
- Man in Vick case makes plea deal
- Castillo Teixeira head to NL
- Celtics trade for Garnett
- Bush all Business

Do you see a common theme here?

Not one of these articles has to do with anything related to performance on the field or court.

Granted yesterday was a slow sports day, but this is more the norm than the exception anymore. I used to be a huuuuge pro sports fan, but I'm not really interested in a bunch of crap not related to what actually happens on the field.

Sports by itself is a reality show. Highs and lows, upsets, domination, comebacks, etc. We don't need the drama of all the crap outside the field to make sport interesting.

Even as boring a game as baseball is, writers like Jim Murray and Red Smith could describe the field action in a way that would make Survivor watchers envious.

Instead of reading this crap in the paper I think I'm going to just get my hard news from FNC, at least the anchors provide for some nice eye candy.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Sex Offenders among Us

The Cincinnati Enquirer has a series of articles this week regarding the sex offenders laws.

It kind of verifies my beliefs that the laws regarding sex offenders 1) are so stringent they almost make compliance a near impossibility (with law enforcement and the offenders) 2) not constitutional in regards to ex post facto laws 3) not effective and 4) create a false sense of security or, in some cases, insecurity for the people living near such offenders.

I come back to Jeni Lee Dinkel. Really, how is my family safer as a result of knowing she'll be a convicted sex offender in my neighborhood? Do I need to worry about her coming into my home grabbing my five year old and trying to have sex with him?

Don't be ridiculous Gordon, of course she's no threat but the community should know anyway.

But that's my point. How do you know? We only know her facts and circumstances because it's in the news but how do I know that the offender isn't a 23 year old school teacher with a 17 year old student or a 48 year old that grabbed and raped a 12 year old with a gun to her head.

One offense strikes me as a crime but no different than Breaking an entering or fraud (none of which we get notification on), the other strikes me as a crime so heinous the creep shouldn't even be in the general population.

The bottom line is this. If these people are such a threat to society, they shouldn't be in the general population. If they are not let's quit playing "pretend we're doing something for the children", when you're really not doing a damn thing.

By the way, you probably need to fear Uncle Larry than neighbor Larry.