Friday, June 12, 2009

Tonight's waste of government resources

Will be in Clermont County......

A drunk driving checkpoint will take place Friday night on Ohio 125, just west of Interstate 275, according to the Ohio State Highway Patrol's Batavia post.

I guess all the Bengals are in town for mini camp the cops must be looking for autographs.

Article here


So what will the US look like after four years of Obamunist rule?

Are you a right wing extremist

Help Janet do her job and identify you as a right wing extremist looking to take out an abortion doctor.

Complete the questionaire here.

A feminist reacts

From Salon.....
Asking why it is that liberal women do not often take liberal men to task for these attitudes is well worthwhile. Maybe we don't want to appear shrill and humorless, unable to take a joke. Or maybe it's thought that conservative women are too ideologically reprehensible to merit a defense. But to challenge this kind of sexist talk is not the same thing as agreeing with a woman's politics. If the left is allowed to remain a refuge for this sort of misogyny, if this virus in the body politic is allowed to flourish, then it is likely only a matter of time before it is once again directed at liberal women who are threatening in some way, as happened to Hillary Clinton. Call Pamela Geller racist for her anti-Islamic views, but leave her "top-heavy frame" aside.

I just wonder if Letterman has the balls to tell that joke to Todd Palin over beers?


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Barney the rainbow dinosaur

Wanna know who I sleep with? That's what I thought

Apparently, Rolling Stone is coming out with an article describing the type of person one of the American Idols is attracted to.

Since I guess it's important to know who's sleeping with who, I want to describe in detail the women I've slept with....

Ah, Gordon, that's a little TMI

What do you mean TMI? Apparently, it's really important to know who sleeps with who. Aren't you always having conversations with co workers, friends, relatives about who you sleep with, the type of sex you're having with your partners, and the frequency of your sexual activities, the type of sexual partner you are attracted to?

That's what I thought.

Here in Cincinnati they have a showcase of new homes called Homerama (I'm sure city has something similar). You get to pay fifteen bucks to go through these million dollar plus homes.

I'm always telling people "when a rich guy pays fifteen bucks to go through my house, I'll pay the fifteen to go through his!"

The same is true about someone's sexual preference. I can't imagine someone being glued to this blog to hear about the type of woman I'd like to nail. Why would anyone be interested in this guy's sexual preferences?

More importantly, why would a magazine cover it?

Life in "Progress" City

Reader Jeremy sent me this link noting the insanity of tax increases, errrrrr, fee increases in the world's most "progressive" city, San Francisco.....

Mayor Gavin Newsom has repeatedly boasted of balancing San Francisco's dire budget deficit without raising taxes - but has quietly introduced hundreds of new fees and fee increases that would make living, working and traveling in the city more expensive.


Get ready to open your wallets wider if you need a city ambulance. A ride, which now costs $1,053, would increase to $1,458, plus the mileage rate would rise from $18 per mile to $28.

Getting a proof-of-death letter from the medical examiner's office for insurance purposes would get more expensive, as would swimming in a public pool, renting a recreation center and working as a street artist. The permit for running a street fair would become three times more expensive than it is now.

Some of the fees would be charged to outside agencies, including charging the FBI, the U.S. Park Service or other counties for use of the medical examiner's advanced drug screening technology. Those fees include $1,200 to test a corpse for date rape drugs and $4,000 per piece of hair to test for drug residue.


Ziegler, Brewer tangle over Letterman attack on Palin

HT Newsbusters

The misogynist party

Who really hates on women?

So-called feminists stand on the sidelines like so many Silda Spitzers or Elizabeth Edwardses or Hillary Clintons, standing by their menfolk while the boys treat women like dirt. Heck, Mrs. Edwards even served as her husband’s attack dog against any critic — even as she knew he was sleeping with his mistress of many years.

Consider the lack of any reaction by the left to David Letterman’s crude remark that Gov. Palin is buying make-up for that “slutty flight attendant look” insulted not just her but every woman. How could any woman respect such a man?

And yet the left said nothing.

The next night, Letterman hid behind joking to fantasize about the statutory rape of Palin’s 14-year-old daughter. His later “apology” only underscored his perversion:

“We were, as we often do, making jokes about people in the news. These are not jokes made about her 14-year-old daughter. I would never, never make jokes about raping or having sex of any description with a 14-year-old girl. Am I guilty of poor taste? Yes. Did I suggest that it was okay for her 14-year-old daughter to be having promiscuous sex? No.”

Then this jerk had the nerve to invite Palin on his show, as if nothing was wrong.

Excuse me, he fantasized Alex Rodriguez knocking up Palin’s 14-year-old daughter when Palin and the girl went to a ballgame.

A new low was hit in America.

Letterman will get away with it because liberal misogyny is OK in America. It has the Seal of Approval of the National Organization For Women.

Hey, support abortion and NOW and its pseudo feminists will let you get away with murder.

Yeah, just ask a Kennedy....

The rest.....

The party of know

Terrible Ted on the party of know..........

We know that prosperity can not be brought about by taxing, borrowing and spending trillions of dollars. We know that leveraging the future tax dollars of our children and grandchildren is immoral, unethical, and should be illegal.

We know the economic producers cannot be punished without also punishing the working class. We know that bad economic decisions roll downhill quickly. We are surprised that everyone doesn't seem to either know this or care.

We know that GM and Chrysler will ultimately fail because they are now being run by the federal government and the labor unions. We know they are hopeless. We know that the people who brought us the U.S. Postal Service and the Internal Revenue Code are incapable of managing a three-car funeral in the desert.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Obama Stimulus: Predictions vs. Reality

The Auto Company Business Model

Using the Obama auto manufacturer business model, Pepsi has told the Kroger Grocery store chain that they will no longer be allowed to sell their products.

It is hoped that by having fewer grocery stores selling Pepsi products, Pepsi's earnings will improve.

The country's most dangerous cities

The American Thinker with the list and the party of the people who run them......

No. 15 Philadelphia, Pa. Mayor Michael Anthony "Mike" Nutter (Democrat)

No. 14 Charlotte, N.C. Mayor Patrick "Pat" McCrory (Republican)

No. 13 West Palm Beach, Fla. Mayor Lois J. Lois J. Frankel (Democrat)

No. 12 Baton Rouge, La. Mayor-President Melvin "Kip" Holden (Democrat)

No. 11 New Orleans, La. Mayor Clarence Ray Nagin, Jr. (Democrat)

No. 10 Baltimore, Md. Mayor Sheila Ann Dixon (Democrat)

No. 9 Nashville, Tenn. Mayor Karl Foster Dean (Democrat)

No. 8 Charleston, S.C. Mayor Joseph P. Riley, Jr. (Democrat)

No. 7 Little Rock, Ark. Mayor Mark Stodola (Democrat)

No. 6 Orlando, Fla. Mayor John Hugh "Buddy" Dyer (Democrat)

No. 5 Stockton, Calif. Mayor Ann Johnston (Democrat)

No. 4 Las Vegas, Nev. Mayor Oscar Baylin Goodman (Democrat)

No. 3 Miami, Fla. Mayor Manny Diaz ("Independent,"Obama-first voter and 2008 DNC speaker)

No. 2 Memphis, Tenn. Mayor Willie W. Herenton (Democrat)

No. 1 Detroit, Mich. Mayor David Bing (Democrat)

Anyone surprised?


Letterman on Palin

No words of outrage from Bitch magazine yet.

Krauthammer on Fox News

From the NY Post, an excerpt from a speech given by Charles Krauthammer......

On a slightly more serious autobiographical note: When I left psychiatry to start writing, I did so not out of any regret for the seven years I had spent in medicine -- years that I treasure for deepening and broadening my sensibilities -- but because I felt history happening outside the examining-room door.

That history was being shaped by a war of ideas and I wanted to be in the arena. Not for its own sake. I enjoy intellectual combat, but I don't live for it. I wanted to be in the arena because some things matter, some things need to be said, some things need to be defended.

Read the whole thing here

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Bringing An End To This False Prophet Obama! Jon Voight

GM Reinvention Commercial

TOTUS interview

Rupert Murdoch: Unemployment Will Reach 10 Or 11 Percent

Party of the "little guy"

Reader Jeremy sent me a follow up to a post last week regarding a homeless guy getting his life straight.........
Larry Moore shined so many shoes on Thursday that he ran through two bottles of polish.

Then there were the women who walked up to give him a hug, the tourists who had their photo taken with him, and the people - more than one - who stuffed $100 bills in his shirt pocket.

"Honestly," Moore said, "it is probably the best day of my life. And not for financial reasons. It just means so much to have people come out and recognize someone working hard."

On Thursday, we reported that a city worker told the homeless shoe shiner that he had to fork over $491 for a sidewalk vendor permit. And that was roughly how much he had saved for a first month's rent that would get him off the streets. The city's inane bureaucracy put him back to square one.

Moore wasn't terribly upset. After all, he has lived under a Bay Bridge ramp for years. A few more months wouldn't kill him, he reasoned.

But San Francisco got outraged.

Workers and residents were furious at city government for making it so hard for Moore to pull himself up and out of the streets. They were also eager to lend a hand.

City officials got the message. It may have been a misunderstanding or miscommunication, but there was only one bottom line - taking almost all of Moore's money to pay for a permit was a boneheaded idea of epic proportions.

That would make them "progressives".

Article here.

Life in "Progress" City

At least one gunman sprayed upward of 20 bullets into a block party for a city council candidate, killing a 13-year-old girl, authorities said.

The Sunday evening drive-by shooting, about a mile from the Statehouse, was likely gang-related and could be connected to a shooting the night before at a Trenton nightclub, in which a man was shot in the leg, police said Monday.

The girl, Tamrah Leonard, was pronounced dead at a hospital; no other injuries were reported.

"It really started over some stupid argument at a local club ... that wound up with a little girl being killed," Trenton police director Irving Bradley Jr. said. "Our young kids have really been victimized by a lot of stupidity that has been going on in our streets."

Leonard was in a crowd of 80-plus people who had gathered for a campaign block party hosted by city council candidate Divine Allah, the national youth minister for the New Black Panther Party. Investigators are trying to find out who the intended target at the party was, but Irving said he was unaware of any known gang members at the barbecue.


Life in "Progress" City

For more than five years, the longtime retired city of Cincinnati employee drew his monthly pension check, which zipped electronically into his bank account via direct deposit.

Given that thousands of retirement benefit checks go out from City Hall monthly, there's nothing unusual about that - except for the fact the former employee was dead all that time.

That case is one of nearly three dozen in recent years in which dead city retirees or their beneficiaries received monthly pension checks for months, even years, after their deaths, according to city audit documents.

The payments continued - in fact, they became more numerous and costly - even after a February 2007 city audit faulted the Cincinnati Retirement System for "weak internal and management controls" that routinely allowed for, among other failings, pension checks to be mailed out to city retirees long after their deaths.


Monday, June 08, 2009

Palin speaks in Auburn, NY - Part 5

Palin speaks in Auburn, NY - Part 4

Palin speaks in Auburn, NY - Part 3

Palin speaks in Auburn, NY - Part 2

Palin speaks in Auburn, NY - Part 1

Are you feeling stimulated yet?

From reader Bernie

Socialized medicine at work

How good is the Medicare program?

EARLY this year, Barbara Plumb, a freelance editor and writer in New York who is on Medicare, received a disturbing letter. Her gynecologist informed her that she was opting out of Medicare. When Ms. Plumb asked her primary-care doctor to recommend another gynecologist who took Medicare, the doctor responded that she didn’t know any — and that if Ms. Plumb found one she liked, could she call and tell her the name?