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CBS: ObamaCare System Threatened From High Medicaid Enrollment In Many S...

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If you like your plan, you'll be able to keep your plan

A one sided love affair

Probably the largest disconnect I see with liberal media is their constant love for lefty pols when history proves time and time again, the love isn't mutual.

Let's face it. When the communist come marching in the first heads to be lopped off are your friendly journalists.

So it really comes as no surprise to me that the assaults on journalists by the Obamaunists look more and more like storm trooper attacks...........

A veteran Washington D.C. investigative journalist says the Department of Homeland Security confiscated a stack of her confidential files during a raid of her home in August — leading her to fear that a number of her sources inside the federal government have now been exposed.

In an interview with The Daily Caller, journalist Audrey Hudson revealed that the Department of Homeland Security and Maryland State Police were involved in a predawn raid of her Shady Side, Md. home on Aug. 6. Hudson is a former Washington Times reporter and current freelance reporter.

A search warrant obtained by TheDC indicates that the August raid allowed law enforcement to search for firearms inside her home.
The document notes that her husband, Paul Flanagan, was found guilty in 1986 to resisting arrest in Prince George’s County. The warrant called for police to search the residence they share and seize all weapons and ammunition because he is prohibited under the law from possessing firearms.

But without Hudson’s knowledge, the agents also confiscated a batch of documents that contained information about sources inside the Department of Homeland Security and the Transportation Security Administration, she said.

Outraged over the seizure, Hudson is now speaking out. She said no subpoena for the notes was presented during the raid and argues the confiscation was outside of the search warrant’s parameter.

“They took my notes without my knowledge and without legal authority to do so,” Hudson said this week. “The search warrant they presented said nothing about walking out of here with a single sheet of paper.”

So my message to all the journalists out there. This is what you campaigned for.

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See a pattern here

During the aftermath of the Benghazi murder of four Americans, the only person/people to receive punishment are

1)  The people who actually murdered our people?
2)  Representatives of the State Department who were involved in the cover up of the asssinations?
3)  The people responsible for providing the necessary security for a diplomat in a war zone?
4)  Some guy who posted an unrelated Youtube video?

Using the same logic, who gets hosed in the Obamacare fiasco

1)  The government employees charged with overseeing its implementation?
2)  The contractors who totally screwed up the job?
3)  The employees who failed to tell the president the project was a fiasco?
4)  The telephone operator communicating with the public.

When Sean Hannity called the Obamacare hotline, not only did he not get the answer he wanted, but he also got a woman fired. Luckily for her, Hannity had the money to help her out.

The Fox News and radio host called the hotline on Monday and spoke on-air with employee Erling Davis about promised improvements to the Obamacare website. Hannity brought Davis back onto the show on Thursday, and she revealed that she had been let go after their conversation.

So much for being a champion for the little guy.


Good enoough for thee but not for me.....

As the Friday deadline approaches for Senate and House committees to determine if staffers will be swept into Obamacare like personal office aides of members, sources tell Secrets that several Democratic staffs will likely be kept out of the troubled health care system.

Such a move to shield thousands of aides would be a blow to efforts to have all of Capitol Hill enrolled into the system the president and congressional Democrats created.

Said a top Senate GOP staffer: “If Obamacare is so awesome, why the hell aren't Democratic committee chairmen giving their staff the gift of losing the insurance they have and be dumped into Obamacare like the rest of us?”

Under the rules governing Obamacare, the personal office staffs of House and Senate members have to shift from the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program to Obamacare. They will continue receiving their federal contribution so that out of pocket expenses won't surge, though there is an effort to take that away.

When the good guys have guns too

Two soldiers have been shot and one suspect following a rampage at a Navy base in Millington, Tenn., according to multiple reports.

The U.S. Navy tweeted the following: 
#BREAKING: #USNavy can confirm shooting on Navy property; Naval Support Activity Midsouth in #Millington on lock-down.

Moments later, the Navy again tweeted: #USNavy confirms #Millington suspect in custody. 2 Soldiers injured - not life threatening.

The base remains on lockdown as a precaution, Navy officials said.

The Associated Press reported that a Navy recruiter who had been relieved of duty was quickly taken into custody following the shooting.

Naval Support Activity Mid-South has more than 7,500 military, civilian and contract personnel working on the base, according to the facility’s official website.

Clue phone for Kathleen

According to Kathleen............

“The majority of people calling for me to resign I would say are people who I don't work for, and who do not want this program to work in the first place,”

Kathleen, let me offer this novel idea for a're not working for the people who you do work for..........the American people.


"If you like your insurance you'll get to keep it"

Except when you can't.........

The Affordable Care Act was signed by President Obama in 2010 and since then he has repeated one reassuring phrase: "If you like your insurance plan you will keep it. No one will be able to take that away from you. It hasn't happened yet. It won't happen in the future."

But it is happening. The president's health care law raises the standards for insurance policies, which many consider to be a good thing. But hundreds of thousands of Americans whose policies don't meet the new standards are being told that their health plans are being cancelled.

Natalie Willes is a sleep consultant who helps parents in Los Angeles train their newborns to sleep. She buys her own health insurance. 

"I was completely happy with the insurance I had before," Willes said.

So she was surprised when she tried to renew her policy. What did she find out?

"That my insurance was going to be completely different, and they were going to be replaced with 10 new plans that were going to fall under the regulations of the Affordable Care Act," she said.

Her insurer, Kaiser Permanente, is terminating policies for 160,000 people in California and presenting them with new plans that comply with the healthcare law.


Harf Loses Her Cool With Matt Lee in State Press Conference

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Carol Costello: Obama's People Can Be 'Nasty,' Willing to 'Threaten Your...

In other words, the Village People are not welcome

University students in America have been told not to wear "offensive" halloween costumes including cowboys, indians and anything involving a sombrero.

Students at the University of Colorado Boulder have also been told to avoid "white trash" costumes and anything that portrays a particular culture as "over-sexualised"- which the university says includes dressing up as a geisha or a "squaw" (indigenous woman).

They are also asked not to host parties with offensive themes including those with “ghetto” or "hillbilly" themes or those associated with "crime or sex work."
In the letter sent by a university official students are asked to consider the impact that their costumes could have.

Christina Gonzales, the dean of students, wrote: "Making the choice to dress up as someone from another culture, either with the intention of being humorous or without the intention of being disrespectful, can lead to inaccurate and hurtful portrayals of other people's cultures.


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Obamacare 2.0

Apparently, the Obamunists just released a download version of the Obamacare software.........

Responding to widespread criticism regarding its health care website, the federal government today unveiled its new, improved Obamacare program, which allows Americans to purchase health insurance after installing a software bundle contained on 35 floppy disks. “I have heard the complaints about the existing website, and I can assure you that with this revised system, finding the right health care option for you and your family is as easy as loading 35 floppy disks sequentially into your disk drive and following the onscreen prompts,” President Obama told reporters this morning, explaining that the nearly three dozen 3.5-inch diskettes contain all the data needed for individuals to enroll in the Health Insurance Marketplace, while noting that the updated Obamacare software is mouse-compatible and requires a 386 Pentium processor with at least 8 MB of system RAM to function properly. 


Ohio hires Obamacare programmers

These guys don't even have a calendar on hand........

Monday, October 21, 2013

MSNBC: Obama Admin Is Lying About ObamaCare Enrollment Data

What food stamps can buy for you?

So you're destitute and hungry. What says fulfilling that hunger pang like a cool refreshing Coca Cola.

But shit, why settle for that high fructose corn syrup variety when you can buy some true authentic Mexican Coke complete with good old sugar cane...... the way God sweetens life...........

Who did he vote for? #101

Meet Glenn Taylor, alleged scout leader.

Why is Glenn in the news? Just watch the video.

But there's more to Glenn than just the ability to move boulders. He's disabled to boot. Or at least that's what he claiming to the government.......

A Boy Scout leader who came under fire for pushing over an ancient boulder in a national park filed a suit last month claiming he was suffering permanent “disability” and “impairment” from an auto accident four years ago.

Glenn Taylor initially faced scrutiny after a video of him pushing over a Jurassic era rock formation in the Goblin Valley State Park in Utah went viral.

Taylor, a Boy Scout leader, told ABC News that he should have handled the incident differently but thought the boulder was dangerous and thought it would be safer to push it over.

“The Boy Scouts didn’t teach me to do this,” Taylor told ABC News. “Would I do it again? Yes, with a ranger standing there. That’s what we should have done.”

Charges Possible For Toppled Ancient Utah Rock

However Taylor is now facing additional scrutiny after it was revealed that he filed a suit claiming he endured “great pain and suffering, disability, impairment, loss of life” stemming from a 2009 car accident, according to ABC News affiliate KTVX-TV in Salt Lake City, Utah.

So in the last election did Glenn here vote for Romney or Obama?


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giving liberals what they want........ again

Throughout the government shutdown, Democrats, who knew Republicans wouldn’t be able to delay Obamacare, routinely said, “It’s settled law.” President Obama was re-elected, they say – though he said almost nothing about Obamacare during the campaign, and what he did say amounted to platitudes he knew were false. And the Supreme Court ruled it constitutional.

The debate was over, progressives crowed. It was going to happen. Soon they will be eating crow, and Republicans have to position themselves smartly and strategically now to make sure that crow is served up to them on a silver platter.

The roll out of Obamacare has been a disaster that makes “New Coke” look like the iPad. The website rarely works, and when it does, it sends incorrect information to insurers. And when young and healthy people do sign up, they discover they’re going to be paying exponentially more for insurance to subsidize premiums for wealthy retirees.

That last one should stick in the craw of everyone under 35. They will be paying thousands of dollars per year more so retirees who technically have no income but own their homes and are living off savings and investments – which don’t count as income when it comes to subsidies for the “poor.” And they will be paying for this until they reach 65 and go on Medicare, at which point still younger people will be subsidizing them.

In short: Obamacare is a massive wealth “spreading” from the young and struggling to the old and well off.


giving liberals what they asked for

As I've noted hundreds of times on this blog. The only people who ultimately hurt from increased government regulation and taxes are the people who have no ability to pass the costs along to others.

Increase the price of electricity, businesses simply increase their prices. Poor people ultimately get stuck with the tab.

So again, I'm not a conservative for me but for those who can't absorb the costs of increased government.

So one of the unfortunate side effects of conservative politics is saving liberals from their own stupidity.

All that is the back drop to the degree from the school of Hard Knocks young people are going to get from their support of the Obamaunists...............

But he adds that "I did not think it would be nutty to tie entitlements to the debt ceiling because there's a massive long-term problem. And this president, despite what he says, has shown time and time again that he needs a gun at his head to negotiate in good faith. All this talk about, 'I won't negotiate with a gun at my head.' OK, you've been president for five years."
His voice rising now, Mr. Druckenmiller pounds his fist on the conference table. "Show me, President Obama, when the period was when you initiated budget discussions without a gun at your head."
Which brings him back to his thieving generation. For three decades until 2010, Mr. Druckenmiller ran the hedge fund he founded, Duquesne Capital. Now retired from managing other people's money, he looks after his own assets, which Forbes magazine recently estimated at $2.9 billion. And he wonders why in five years the massively indebted U.S. government will begin sending him a Social Security check for $3,500 each month. Because he earned it?
"I didn't earn it," he responds, while pointing to a bar chart that is part of his college presentation. Drawing on research by Boston University economist Laurence Kotlikoff, it shows the generational wealth transfer that benefits oldsters at the expense of the young.
While many seniors believe they are simply drawing out the "savings" they were forced to deposit into Social Security and Medicare, they are actually drawing out much more, especially relative to later generations. 

That's because politicians have voted to award the seniors ever more generous benefits. As a result, while today's 65-year-olds will receive on average net lifetime benefits of $327,400, children born now will suffer net lifetime losses of $420,600 as they struggle to pay the bills of aging Americans.
One of the great ironies of the Obama presidency is that it has been a disaster for the young people who form the core of his political coalition. High unemployment is paired with exploding debt that they will have to finance whenever they eventually find jobs.
Are the kids finally figuring out that the Obama economy is a lousy deal for them? "No, I don't sense that," says Mr. Druckenmiller, who is a registered independent. "But one of my points is neither party should own your vote. And once they know they own your vote, you're not going to get any action on this particular issue."

Read the whole thing...........

Help Wanted

Computer techs needed to fix the Obamacare website. Experience is not necessary. However, donations to Obama For America are a requirement. Salary starts at $635 million.