Monday, July 11, 2011

Obama: I Want To Raise Taxes After I'm Reelected

Job Losses Prove Stimulus Worked

Life in "Progress" City - Chicago edition

"Apple picking" in the city
The robbery rate is running higher on the Chicago Transit Authority system this year.

Police link the increase to more so-called "Apple picking" by thieves stealing smart phones from CTA passengers.

According to the Chicago Tribune, 581 robberies were reported on CTA property in Chicago in 2010, an average of 48 per month.

There were 294 robberies reported January through May 2011, an average of 59 each month, which is a 23-percent increase.

Police say phone robbers often pounce on victims when a train stops at a station and the doors open. They urge CTA riders to keep their smart phones out of sight.

Why doesn't this type of crime occur in "Redville"?

First, we're in our cars not a train populated with thugs.

Second, we're packing. Want to get in my car, you're going to be shot in the near future.

Third, In "Redville" our criminals are already behind bars. We don't let them back out so they can perpetrate even more crime against the populace.


Who did they vote for? #500

Two guys walked in to a very busy Gents Barbershop at about 5:30 p.m. Friday on Whittier at Stratman on Detroit's east side. One with a gun said, "You know what time it is."

What the two bad guys didn't know was two customers were legally carrying handguns.

A man in a chair getting a cut took advantage of pulling his gun under the cover of the smock.

When one bad guy said, "Why you stalling? Empty your pockets," he then fired a shot into the floor of the barber shop. That's when the customer in the chair opened fire and emptied his clip containing multiple rounds.

Three children were also standing behind the barber chair. That same customer took his unarmed hand and swept the three children into a safe spot out of the way against the wall.

The end result was that none of the customers or children were hurt. One bad guy was killed and the other ran off during the shooting.

Police say the deceased has a long rap sheet. He was currently out on parole for an armed robbery conviction. They are still looking for a suspect that is described as a black male with scruffy hair between the ages of 22 and 30. They say he is six feet tall with a thin build and was wearing a white tee shirt and blue shorts.

So in the 2008 presidential election, who did the perpetrators support? who did the concealed carry guys support?


Obama: "The LAST THING We Want to Do Is Raise Taxes During a Recession"