Friday, September 28, 2007

Why I hate republicans

4 More Years of Clinton?

That's the heading of of an email I just received from Mike Duncan, head of the RNC.

Here's the first paragraph of the email.

Last week, Hillary Clinton voted against a resolution condemning for its vicious personal attack on General David Petraeus, the highly-respected leader of our Armed Forces in Iraq. Now, Bill Clinton is joining in, but - typically - he's taking it even further, angrily attacking those who condemned the ad:...

What's wrong this email? No where in the entire damn email does he address what the hell the GOP plans for the next administration.

It's clear to me, the GOP plans to run a campaign that consists of "At least we're not Hillary".

Mike, if you don't give people a reason to vote for you, they'll just stay at home. Conservatives don't vote for people just because they're not democrats. They vote for people that espouse conservative principles and that includes more than just gay marriage.

So get it through you're head and start running a party about principle over power or we're all going to be shouting "Heil Hillary" in January, 2009.

DUI checkpoint

Tonight's DUI checkpoint (aka a Bengals Reunion) will be held on Ohio St Rt 73, west of I-75.

If you are a Bengal, Bear, Falcon.... Jesus. Let's just say, if you play in the NFL and your teams nickname is an animal, stay clear of this area.

Unless, of course, you're Michael Vick... They're expecting you.

Products of the NEA

Hat Tip to Mike McConnell

Looking at the wear on the paint, it looks like this has been there a while.

Friday humor

I don't know Norm McDonald can keep a straight face

When winners endorse

Hillary picked up another key endorsement on her road to the White House.

Apparently, George McGovern is set to endorse the Hildebeast. Don't remember George? Don't worry no one else does.

But to brush you up on history, he was an anti war democrat, who in 1972 lost to Richard Nixon in a landslide. It was uglier than than Grossman on 3 and 10.

So I can see why Hillary would want such a key endorsement.

This is the list of some of her endorsements to date and the voting bloc they will bring.

Jenna Jameson, porn stars
Larry Flynt, porn distributors
Heidi Fleiss, hookers and Bill's girl friends
OJ, murderers who get off (Phil Specter and Robert Blake)
George McGovern, Anti war losers.

We're still awaiting an endorsement from Fidel Castro so she can pull in the dead, or not, communist dictators.

Edwards consents

In an effort to fund his never ending need for hair care supplies, the Breck Girl will now seek public financing of his campaign.

In a speech to supporters Edwards said "I want to bridge the gap between the two America's so I've decided to accept welfare for my campaign so I have a better understanding of what it's like to feel destitute."

Told that he lives in a home 8 times larger than the average American, Edwards responded "I'll have you know, my home is much smaller than average ghetto community".

It looks like it's down to Obama and Hillary now.

Tiger poop

The Bengals want permission to shoot pigeons in the stadium because they're "pooping" on fan's food and drink during the games.

First, poop on stadium food would be a plus. Poop in the draft beer might actually cool it down to room temperature.

Second, I think the Bengals should worry more about the poop on the field (aka the team).

Third, wait until the fans get there season tickets renewals. The way Mike Brown "poops" on the fans, I think they'll prefer the pigeon poop.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

joe cocker john belushi feeling allright

Last weekend I was telling the future Mrs. Gekko how I thought this was the best performance on SNL ever.

Yesterday, I saw it on Nasty, Bruthish & Short. So here it is.

Law enforcement

A car circles a high-rise three times. Someone leaves a backpack in a park. Such things go unnoticed in big cities every day. But that could change in Cicago with a new video surveillance system that would recognize such anomalies and alert authorities to take a closer look.

That's incredible. Maybe they'll be able to detect dead people voting.

Get those smugglers

The state of Tennessee recently passed a cigarette tax increase from 20 to 62 cents a pack and guess what, people are buying smokes from other states and bringing them back to the volunteer state.

So instead of making their tax competitive with other states so people aren't incentivized to go elsewhere, they're installing video surveillance sytems to bust smugglers.

Starting today, state Department of Revenue agents will begin stopping Tennessee motorists spotted buying large quantities of cigarettes in border states, then charging them with a crime and, in some cases, seizing their cars....

“This shows once again that Reagan Farr and the Department of Revenue are more interested in turning Tennessee into a police state than doing their job of collecting taxes,” said Drew Johnson, president of the Tennessee Center for Policy Research.


Thank God they're spineless

Whenever I get down on republicans, which occurs quite frequently here in Ohio, I always look to the democrats to see what real spineless politicians look like so I don't quite feel so bad.

If you are a democratic congressman who opposes the war, why aren't you doing more to stop it?

The Politico has this piece


The vast majority of Democrats in Congress are powerfully clear about what they think about the war in Iraq. It is the greatest strategic blunder of a generation.

It is a lost cause. Above all, it is immoral — with more men and women
dying each day for a war that many Democrats concluded years ago was a terrible mistake.

But clarity gives way to muddle when you pose a simple question to
Democrats: After eight months in power on Capitol Hill, why have you not done more to end the war?

Most answers come down to some version of “There’s nothing we can do.”

But if you truly believe that each and every life lost in this war is for some kind of Quixotic Bush Imperialism couldn't you muster up some kind of courage to get the boys home?

The article basically states that Pelosi and Reid could shut down all business in the house and senate until the administration agreed to a withdrawal.

The bottom line is principle & courage. So you have to question whether or not democratic reps have the courage to sacrifice a political carer to stand on a principle in which innocent Americans are being gunned down in Iraq.

And if you are Harry "the weasel" Reid the obvious answer is... "My political career is more important than a few guys dying."

No Texan Left Behind

Offering a grammar lesson guaranteed to make any English teacher cringe, President George W. Bush told a group of New York school kids on Wednesday: "Childrens do learn."

Bush made his latest grammatical slip-up at a made-for-TV event where he urged Congress to reauthorize the No Child Left Behind Act, the centrepiece of his education policy, as he touted a new national report card on improved test scores.


Dick Morris asks Hillary some tough questions:

Question: You say that your healthcare proposal will leave alone those who are happy with their current insurance. But if you provide health benefits for close to 50 million new people, thereby generating huge new demand for medical care without any increase in the supply of doctors, nurses or hospitals, it will drive up prices radically. Won't that force you to institute cost controls by limiting the care those now on health insurance can receive?

Question: You base your healthcare proposal on the need to cover 47 million "uninsured Americans." Since about a third of them are illegal immigrants and another third are eligible for Medicaid right now and just don't apply for it, aren't you overstating the problem?

Question: In 2005 you co-sponsored legislation to provide health insurance to the children of illegal immigrants who have lived in this country for five years. In other words, their children would get subsidized healthcare under the State Children's Health Insurance Program as a reward for dodging the cops for five years. Do you still support that proposal?


Gordon must be a prophet.

After my post where I talked about my old neighborhood that's deteriorated into a ghetto, lo and behold 2 UC students were robbed at gunpoint. Right at the address where I lived, 2900 Euclid Ave.

But I'm sure that anyone that would refuse to live there would be discriminating against the neighborhood.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Rank & File get screwed

GM, UAW Win in Contract Deal

Is the headline in this AP article about the GM strike

But with every winner there must be a loser. Who is the loser here? It's going to be the rank and file members getting the screwing of a lifetime by their leadership.

Because of this

The two sides tentatively agreed Wednesday to a groundbreaking agreement that allows GM to move its unfunded retiree health care costs into an independent trust administered by the UAW.

As a guy who watched the Teamsters systematically steal his father's pension, I can guarantee a huge chunk of this money will be siphoned off to political candidates, I can hear John Edwards licking his lips as I type.

Still not enough proof? How about the NFLPA who administers the disability payments for it's members. Remember the quote from one of their members about the president

I won't stop until that bastard's gone or in jail. He's a disgrace to every player, past and current.

Good luck UAW members.

Bill Wirtz RIP

For those who are not hockey fans, the name Bill Wirtz doesn't have much meaning but if you are a Chicago Blackhawks fan, the name has a lot of meaning; and it's not positive meaning at that.

He's most known for his refusal to telecast home Blackhawk games and his tightness with money. This is what a fan had to say about Mr. Wirtz who dies today.

His funeral will not be televised in this market, as the late Mr. Wirtz considered it unfair to potential "home" mourners.

Nice legacy Bill. RIP.


I wish it was Grossman

Let's discriminate, I mean choose.

It's against the law for landlords to discriminate based on the color of a person's skin. But can they reject you because of what's on your skin?

That's a question posed by this TV station related to an apartment building that won't rent to people with tattoos.

My answer, hell yes. Why not?

Because Gordon it's not right to discriminate for something like tattoos.

Look I have a tattoo. It's not visible but I could understand why someone wouldn't want to rent to someone with a body full of them.

And this is what I've never understood about discrimination. If you had a bunch of tattoos, why would you want to rent from somebody who feels that way about them. I wouldn't want my money going to a "bigot".

The other thing I never understood about discrimination is that we all do it, especially in housing.

Well I've never discriminated Gordon.

Then you are a liar. I remember getting out of college and looking for my first apartment. The complex I went to looked nice and I was all set to sign the lease when my ultra liberal girlfriend said "did you notice all the junkie cars in the parking lot".

To which I responded "did you happen to notice my car? it's pretty junkie". So I signed the lease and wouldn't you know there was a reason all those cars were heaps of crap. Because no one had jobs and because they didn't have jobs they partied all damn night not affording Gordon a justified good night sleep.

But Gordon, you're talking about cars not tattoos.

So what, same premise applies. We all "choose" based on lots of criteria. But when we choose it's OK but when someone else chooses, especially when they don't choose us, it's discrimination.

Last weekend, I drove through the neighborhood I lived in while I was attending college. I was half scared for my life. Why, because all you had to do was look at all the auto glass on the streets, windows boarded up, bars on the windows. The neighborhood is now a first class ghetto.

Yet, when I was in school the same neighborhood looked old and urban but it was a fairly safe neighborhood and it probably had the same ethnic makeup as it does today.

There's no way in hell I would rent there today.

So for you libs that are all about not choosing I challenge you to buy the first house you see. We'll see how quick you are to discriminate in your choice.

She's at rock bottom

So let's assume you're a news anchor for a broadcast few people watch.

What do you do to get people to pay attention to your broadcast?

Play the " I Hate Bush Card".

Don't you just want to pat little Katie on the head and say "It's alright honey, now go back to bed".


From the Gekko Institute of Useless Polls and Surveys (GIUPS)

Apparently, Democratic Pollsters have learned that Hillary

could lose the 2008 election because of her "very polarised image".

Who would have thunk it?


I've had problems all morning with Google.

Here's a video until I can get back to regular posts

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has reportedly banned teams from using their cheerleaders to distract visiting teams.

The 32 NFL teams were sent a memo that stated, "No longer will cheerleaders be allowed to warm up in front of the visiting team locker room or do their stretching in front of the visiting team locker room."

The reason? "Some players feel they were being a little distracted."

The Klintons

I hate to say it but I miss the Klintons and their unrivaled political machine. The next 13 months are gonna be a hoot.

Early this summer, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign for president learned that the men’s magazine GQ was working on a story the campaign was sure to hate: an account of infighting in Hillaryland.

So Clinton’s aides pulled a page from the book of Hollywood publicists and offered GQ a stark choice: Kill the piece, or lose access to planned celebrity coverboy Bill Clinton.

Ponzi couldn't have dreamed this up

Funny how I can't find this article on line. However, the Treasury Dept. announced a projected 13.6 trillion dollar shortfall in the fund.


For you public school graduates, that's more than a lottery jackpot.

This doesn't even include the estimated 20 trillion dollar deficit in unfunded Medicare benefits.

Seriously, for those of you who believe in the government running anything, how can you defend this?

This is one of those deals like bridge construction. We can all see the problems, every one can see the inevitable train wreck, fixing the problem today will be a lot less costly than waiting, and yet here is the response we get from those in charge.

Cricket chirps.

If only Ken Lay were alive to see this in action.

Right wing censorship?

Unlike most conservatives, I wanted that Iranian piece of excrement to come to the US and talk. I wanted him to go down to ground zero and make some statements.

Why? Because the guy is an idiot and a dangerous one at that. People in this country need to hear from these morons so they have a better understanding of what the US is up against.

For instance, little man says there are no gays in Iran. Well, that might be because he's executed all of them. Go to for a video of their public executions.

The only thing that has me outraged is the very people who would allow this ding dong to address their audience(s) would never allow a conservative to do so.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Shut Up Chad!

As I've mentioned in past posts, I'm not much of a Bengal's fan. I'll watch their games, since it's usually a comedy of errors, but I don't get nuts like the 65,000 clowns that show up down at PBS. But, I would think that even many of those diehards are getting tired of the Chad Johnson dog and pony act. Maybe #85 needs to take some acting lessons from Seattle's Nate Burleson.

A voice mail Seattle sportswriters didn't receive last week:

"Hey [fill in the blank], this is Ocho Uno. I just wanted to remind you to pay attention Sunday because I'm going to be carving up the Cincinnati Bengals' secondary.

"Look out, Ocho Uno is going to be all over the field, catching passes, punishing defensive backs, getting more face time on CBS than Katie Couric."

No, Ocho Uno doesn't play that game.

Nate Burleson, the Seahawks' No. 81, follows the advice his mother gave him a long time ago. He calls it, "The Three H's." Humility. Heart. Hunger.

Johnson sent all the self-promoting voice mails to Seattle sportswriters last week.

Burleson just caught the winning TD pass.

Johnson taped phone messages leading up to game day.

Burleson watched game tape.



The University of Cincinnati is expanding it's diversity efforts on campus.

No word yet as to whether they'll include republicans as part of the effort.

Avoid the death penalty

The ABA is asking Ted Strickland to suspend executions in the State of Ohio until a further review of the death penalty is completed.

I would offer this to the ABA. The death penalty in Ohio has already been suspended.

This state has executed 26 prisoners since reintroduction of the death penalty in the 1970's. That's less than one per year. There are currently 184 death row inmates. For all intents and purposes, you're going to die of a heart attack before you're executed in Ohio.

In 2006, five, count 'em, five prisoners were executed. At that rate, it will take 37 years to get your comeupence.

The ABA believes that the death penalty is discriminatory. I couldn't agree more. Of the 26 executions, none have been female. Only one female is on the list of death row inmates. Sounds pretty discriminatory to me.

Also, there's another place of discrimination not mentioned in the article. 100% of the death row inmates have been convicted of aggravated murder. There's not one death row inmate on the list who has not committed a crime. How could that be?

If you are a citizen of Ohio, here are some tips to avoid being sentenced to death.

1) Don't commit crime.
2) If you have to commit crime, don't commit aggravated murder.
3) If you have to commit aggravated murder, don't do it in Hamilton County. Joe Deters refuses to plea bargain death penalty cases; unlike Cuyahoga County, where you can probably plea bargain an aggravated murder charge to time served with the right PD.

If you follow these helpful tips, you'll never have to worry about being executed or more importantly to the ABA, being discriminated against.

Got OJ?

Proud OJ supporter. Based on his spelling skills, he must be a member of the NEA.

Why don't they like me?

In the Enquirer today, a man has a column about the contributions of gays, how they are systematically discriminated against, and how we need to celebrate Coming out day on October 11th.

Can you imagine a world with no Michelangelo to paint the Sistine Chapel, or with no Tchaikovsky's "Swan Lake" or Herman Melville's "Moby-Dick"? How about no peanut butter (George Washington Carver)? Or how about King James I, who commissioned the now-standard translation of the Bible?

Let us not forget Lord Byron, Walt Whitman, Oscar Wilde, Tennessee Williams, Cole Porter, Leonard Bernstein, k.d. Lang, Sir Elton John, Melissa Etheridge, Ellen DeGeneres, Sir Ian McKellen, Cary Grant, Montgomery Cliff and Rock Hudson.......

Yet, we gays and lesbians are looked upon as a threat to the very existence of society. We are denied human rights. We are denied the "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness" granted to us in the Declaration of Independence. We can be fired, denied housing, denied marriage even denied the right to make decisions for our loved ones in the hospital, all of which are taken for granted by the rest of society.

I'm always a little confused about the discrimination of gays and lesbians. How is it that all these people who are systematically hated, managed to do all these great things? How is it a group that is so vilified by society manages to have a greater household income than heterosexual households?

Since the fabulous Issue "5" controversy in the city, do you know how many suits have been filed using the issue? That's right..... nobody knows because they are so rare (I believe there have been three).

I think people like Mr. Niehaus make the brutal mistake of believing discrimination = being liked and accepted.

The fact of the matter is, people don't like me because I'm a ruthless libertarian and I have the hate mail to prove it. Is that discrimination? What if I was denied a job at a hair salon because of my outspoken political beliefs.... is that discrimination? Should I be hired at the Hustler store despite the fact they defile my Christian beliefs on a regular basis?

Maybe the reason people don't like Mr. Niehaus is because he's a whiny little wimp, not because he's gay.

This is what I could guarantee.... Mr Niehaus will have a better chance at getting a speaking engagement at Columbia University than Gordon Gekko. How's that for discrimination?

Obama's "tax cuts"

It should always raise suspicion when Democrats, especially liberal ones, begin touting "tax cuts". It's like a saloon owner claiming to endorse prohibition.

The New York Times headline read “Obama Proposes Tax Cuts for Middle Class and Elderly.” The Financial Times headline gave the same impression: “Obama pledges $85bn middle-class tax cuts.” But those headlines are disingenuous.

According to the September 19 New York Times, liberal Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama said he would create a tax credit for homeowners who do not itemize their deductions, give a $500 tax credit to workers, and eliminate income taxes for elderly taxpayers who make less than $50,000 a year.

Those acts, totaling $85 billion, sound great, but how’s he going to compensate for these measures and still be able to afford all the
entitlements in his platform?


Congrats to UC football for their first top 25 ranking since 1956.

The atmosphere at the game Saturday was unbelievable. I've been going to games down there since 1981 and the only time I saw a more electric crowd than Saturday night was in 1986 against the Miami Hurricanes led by Vinnie Testaverde.

The only thing that concerns me is that UC has beaten on chumps to date. Oregon State is probably going to be a lower half PAC -10 team. Both Miami and Marshall are way down.

This weekend, UC is going out to the west coast for a game against San Diego State. Hopefully, it won't be a let down.

Me too... Bill

“…I may slit my throat…”

That was former President Bill Clinton’s joking response - - or at least part of his joking response - - when asked how me might cope with going from being the leader of the free world, to being the spouse of another president.


White QB's that stink

Contrary to what Donovan McNabb might think, I think most people are critical of quaterbacks not because they're black but because they suck.

Take Rex Grossman. By most accounts, this guy is white. But man does he suck and I bet he wishes he was Donovan McNabb this morning.

Hell, Bears fans across the nation wish he was as well.

Sunday, September 23, 2007


A Dean at Columbia University claims

"Sure we'd invite Hitler to Speak"

Isn't that special. You'd invite Hitler but you won't let ROTC on campus.

But Gordon, ROTC is recruiting not speaking.

Really, what do you think ole Ahmadinejad is coming to Columbia for? Do you think he's "recruiting" people to think along side with his ideas? Do you think Hitler would have tried to "recruit" people into the belief that taking Poland was a good thing?

Once again, the party of free speech is all about it, unless you're pro-military. then you can go to hell.

Celebrate greatness

This morning I received a generous email from a reader who likes the blog. Below is an excerpt of the email.

I'm a strong conservative Cincinnatian myself. Agree with 100% of your posts. Particularly on taxes, anti-Hillary, and Cincinnati self-inflicted blight. I live on the west side with my wife and 2 boys. Many of my business associates are of the same mindset. The conservative movement needs a forum for the grassroots that can be accessed by people who have jobs

The fact of the matter is blogging is the only venue for the conservative, working stiff.


Think about your local news. What kind of "news" would it be if this were a headline.....

"90% of all men went to work this morning, came home, took interest in their wives and kids and want a better life for their kids then they had."

You wouldn't be on the air long.

Instead we have a culture built around the absurd.

When will Maury Povich have this show on....

"Wife claims DNA matches the father's and he agrees"

Or Springer

"Husbands who don't go to strippers because they have a kid's recital to go to and the wives who love them"

Doesn't make for ratings.

It reminds of a Nightline show a couple of weeks after Katrina. Ted Koppel was walking through neighborhoods ravaged by the flooding, and there was a guy cleaning up his lot of debris.

Ted asked him what he was doing and the guy popped back "Ted, I'm a Republican, when you have a mess, you clean it up, that's just what we do".

Compare the attention this guy got compared to the people sitting on rooftops just waiting and waiting for someone to bail them out.

So if I do anything in this blog but celebrate all the guys busting their asses during the week and providing for their families and at the same time calling out all the ding dong and derelicts on this earth who take more pride in being part of the problem instead of part of the solution, then I will always be proud of this blog.

Typical Bengals

In true Bengal fashion, they had a team down, foot on the throat and watched it all blow up in smoke in a matter of seconds. Final 24-21

To say it was uglier than my prom date doesn't do justice to the ugliness.

At least I'm a Bears fan, so I've at least deferred my Rex Grossman rectal exam until the night game.

Jeremy Hall

Here's a guy who says he was harassed for being an atheists. It's kind of ironic. I wonder... can atheists claim any rights as citizens without contradicting themselves? Does one have to believe in a "creator" before they can leverage the proclamation that "all men are created equal" and are "endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights..."?

Spc. Jeremy Hall and the Military Religious Freedom Foundation filed a lawsuit against Maj. Paul Welborne and Defense Secretary Robert Gates in U.S. District Court in Kansas City, Kansas, this past week. It alleges that Welborne threatened to pursue military charges against Hall and to block his reenlistment because he was trying to hold a meeting of atheists and non-Christians in Iraq.