Saturday, April 17, 2010

More liberal projection - charitable giving

Nice to see Joe Biden showed his true liberal generosity once again.

You may remember Joe Biden as the guy who said paying taxes was "patriotic". I guess the same dosen't hold true for charity.

The Biden's gave a whopping $4,820 to charity last year. Taking out the $900 they gave to Goodwill in the form of old lamps and an inoperable toaster oven, that leaves them with a total of $3,920 in cash donations.

On an income of 333,182, that's a whopping 1.2%. It's even more pathetic when you consider their income is substantially higher given the free room and board they get in DC.

Hell, I gave more than that and I don't make anywhere near the dough the Biden's are pulling in.

Joe I'm going to clue you in. Most people give one percent in the change they drop in the Ronald McDonald house box at the local drive in.

I can see why liberals are always claiming conservatives are so stingy. It's their own petty support of charities they project on to others.

Review the rest of the Biden's return here.

Conservatives beaten in a political attack....liberals still quiet

Funny how the media's all over fake racial slurs and spitting but mum on this one......

This time it's the New Orleans Police Department Public Information Officer Bob Young who termed the beating as "of a political nature."

From via The Hayride:

I just had a very interesting and somewhat confusing conversation with New Orleans Police Department Public Information Officer Bob Young.

Mr. Young confirmed to me that the New Orleans police had indeed taken statements from both of the victims, Jindal aide Allee Bautsch and her boyfriend, Joe [Brown]. He confirmed that in those statements, the victims reported that their assailants had indeed hurled “insults” at them, and the “insults” were, and I quote, “of a political nature”. Describing the entire attack, he went on to say “it was of a political nature”. I then repeated what he told me, and he confirmed it as accurate. I had a witness on the call, Mark Harvey of the Snooper Report, who can confirm this. However, for reasons I’m not clear about, when I pressed him again later, he began to backtrack a bit, perhaps with some cya in regard to his superiors, and he said that he was not authorized to give an official statement about the contents of the “insults”, and for the record, it had not officially been made clear to him what the contents of those “insults” were. He ended up going from “yes, it was of a political nature” to “I’m not sure”. Mark, an established blogger, was as baffled as I.

My read on this: he caught himself talking out of school in a relaxed opening with me, and then backtracked before he got his ass in trouble.

He then informed me that the lead detective on the case was one Detective Nick Gernin, a crack officer, one of the very best in the 8th Division, the Division assigned to cover the French Quarter. Detective Gernin had told him yesterday that he had “a couple of hours” of surveillance tapes to review last night. Mr. Young told me that the Detective wasn’t in the office yet, but that as soon as he was, he would get a report from him as to the contents of those tapes, and he would call me with whatever their was to report about them.

Mr. Young also told me that there was no other new information to report on the case at this time, and that there were no named suspects on anybody’s mind or list, yet.

Let's be real, you're more likely to get beat up by a gang of liberal, union thugs or have your property destroyed by a group of G-12 protesters then to be called a bad name by a tea partier.

Just ask Kenneth Gladney.


When I'll have respect for liberals

When one of them posts these signs on their doors.

Hey, if you believe that gun control works so well, at least have the balls to stand up to your convictions......

Do you feel uncomfortable?

I bet he'd fell a lot more uncomfortable at NBC's studios where they have no blacks and no conservatives.

Who did he vote for? #44,019

Meet Matthew Clemmens. What gives Matthew his 15 minutes of fame?

Police arrested a New Jersey man after he was accused of intentionally vomiting on a young girl at the Phillies game Wednesday evening.

The young girl's father, trying to give his daughters an unforgettable night at the ballpark, ended up getting a memory he wishes he could forget.

Captain Michael Vangelo, with the Easton Police Department, was off-duty when he took his 11 and 15-year-old daughters to the Phillies game Wednesday night.

"When I say disgusting, there was not only insults and vulgarities directed at us, but also beer was thrown at us," Vangelo told Eyewitness News.

Unfortunately, the evening only got worse.

"I actually heard the individual behind me say, 'I'm gonna get sick', then I couldn't believe what I saw. He actually had his fingers down his mouth and into his throat to make himself vomit. He vomited and lurched forward and it was hitting my daughter," Vangelo explained.

So during the 2008 presidential campaign was Mr. Clemmens here more abt to show up at a McCain rally or Obama?


Life in "Progress" City - San Francisco edition

From the liberal utopia of San Francisco, where there hasn't been a conservative in city government since man invented time............
A San Francisco judge told prosecutors Thursday to dismiss hundreds of drug cases after they admitted that the investigation into the police drug lab scandal would prevent them from bringing the defendants to trial anytime soon.

District Attorney Kamala Harris' office has already dismissed several hundred cases because of evidence-skimming suspicions involving a former lab technician, and prosecutors have said as many as 600 more are in jeopardy. However, after an initial wave of dropped cases, prosecutors have been freeing defendants only a few at a time, usually when their court dates arrive.

Meanwhile, many drug defendants remain behind bars at the county jail. At a Superior Court hearing Thursday, Judge Anne-Christine Massullo asked lead drug prosecutor Sharon Woo about the status of six cases set to go to trial next week.

Woo replied that prosecutors did "not intend to go forward" with any of them.

She explained that the police criminal investigation into whether retired lab technician Deborah Madden stole drug evidence prevented her office from meeting its legal obligation to turn over all documents that could help defense attorneys defend their clients.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Look at me, I'm humble

From the "If you have to say it, it's probably not true" department...........

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Winding down

Needless to say, the last few days have been hell without the warm weather.

Our office did 150 more tax returns than we kicked out last year and my hairline, or lack there of, is starting to show it.

As I'm sitting here smoking one of my traditional April 15th cigarettes (I hate cigars so this is the closest substitute), I can't help but think how my tax practice has changed in 15 years.

My practice has emerged not as a tax compliance center but a welfare affiliate office.

With the earned income credit and other refundable credits, people don't come here to limit their tax liability anymore, they come here to get their free government cheese. It's actually kind of disgusting and unseemly.

I'm going to finish a couple more cigarettes and head to Cindy's Friendly Tavern where me my tax paying buddies can hang with a few bottles of our favorite liquid bread.

Maybe I can fill out some forms down there where Cindy can give me free government beer.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Be careful what you wish for

Remember the good old days when $4.00 gas was a result of the oil companies lining their pockets. What's going to be the excuse this year?

By the way, it's not like we never saw this one coming........

Life in "Progress" State - Oregon edition

From the Beaver state, where they haven't had a conservative in government since Lewis beat Clark in a beaver trapping contest........

Klamath County School officials are considering cutting the school week to four days to save the district $6.3 million annually.

The Herald and News reported that the shortened week is one of many money-saving measures school officials are considering.

District Superintendent Greg Thede says that a $5.8 million cut to his $60 million budget and nearly 20 layoffs last year prompted the district to form a committee to study the option of cutting Fridays from the school week.

He says that school days Monday through Thursday would be longer to meet state hourly requirements.

"I think we've seen all over the state, programs getting cut, class sizes going up, employee groups having to make concessions," Thede said. "These times we're going through right now are unprecedented. It's tough."

But there are concerns from the Klamath Falls Association of Classified Employees, the union that represents classified staff, such as teaching assistants, cooks, custodians, secretaries and bus drivers.

What's so "progressive" about not going to school?


Don't abstain....even with HIV

Planned parenthood with this brochure telling teens with HIV that sex can still be great........

This is the thing that has always bugged me about the whole "abstaining" issue with kids

We tell kids to abstain all the time; cigarettes, booze, driving recklessly, etc.

Why don't we adopt the attitude of "well, you know, some kids are going to drink and drive, so let's at least teach kids how to do it responsibly."

Just last week, a 17 year old Notre Dame football recruit fell off a balcony to his death. Maybe if Planned parenthood had taught him how to act responsibly with alcohol in his system, he may have averted his death?

So kids, go have all the sex you want. Act like chimpanzees on spring break and maybe you can get the HIV like so many others.

Read the whole thing at Gateway Pundit

White union members are racist

I thought when we elected our second black president we'd be over this by now.

Look for a racist at a tea party near you

Of course it won't be a person who actually believes in the tea party movement but a liberal trying to discredit the movement..........

So let me make sure I have this right. They're going to expose "homophobes and racist" by being homophones and racist.

Once again, it seems to be democrats who seem most comfortable with the racist attitudes. That's why their party is party of projection.

Go to the site if you wish.