Saturday, April 10, 2010

Who did she vote for? #9110

We can't meet Torry Hansen here. The only person we can see is the 8 year old she adopted but sent back to Russia when he got too difficult.

Aside from reserving her special place in hell, in 2008, did Torry vote for The Messiah or four more years of Bush?

Funny how the articles mentions family but somehow doesn't seem to be able to mention one male figure in any of the articles.

"A solid B+, A-"

That's not the grade he would get from the American Public on this poll.

Take it.... and see the grades

Friday, April 09, 2010

Life in "Progress" County

From the County of Ashtabula, Ohio, where they haven't had a conservative in county government since the advent of the combustible engine............

One judge's solution for citizens feeling less secure because of budget cuts in an Ohio county: Carry a gun.

Judge Alfred Mackey of Ashtabula County Common Pleas Court advised residents Friday to be vigilant and arm themselves because the number of deputies has been cut about in half because of a tight budget. He also urged neighbors to organize anti-crime block watch groups.

"They have to be law-abiding, and if they are not familiar with firearms they need to take a safety course so they are not a threat to their family and friends and themselves," Mackey said Friday.

Mackey, whose comments were first broadcast Thursday by WKYC-TV in Cleveland, was expressing concerns with budget cuts that have trimmed the sheriff's department from 112 to 49 deputies in the county, which is Ohio's largest by land area.


Life in "Progress" State

From the state of Maine, where there hasn't been a conservative in state government since the advent of the telephone...

The little girls' room won't be just for little girls

anymore, if the Maine Human Rights Commission has its way.

The commission is taking heat over a controversial proposal to ban schools from enforcing gender divisions in sports teams, school organizations, bathrooms and locker rooms. It says forcing a student into a particular room or group because of his or her biological gender amounts to discrimination.

The issue came to light last year when the commission ruled that, under the Maine Human Rights Act, a school had discriminated against a 12-year-old transgender boy by denying him access to the girls' bathroom.

Now the commission aims to issue guidelines on how schools should deal with similar situations in the future. It would make Maine the first state to implement such guidelines for schools as young as preschool and nursery -- and even some private schools.


Who did she vote for? #41

Meet Evelyn Burgess. Why is Evelyn in the news?

When a teenage cousin showed up at Evelyn Burgess' house for Easter dinner wearing what Burgess considered a revealing outfit, the hostess was not going to let the issue go.

According to family members who were present, Burgess got mad when her husband took notice of the T-shirt and jean shorts that Danielle Pickens was wearing.

Burgess and Danielle Pickens fought before Pickens walked outside and got into a car in front of the Linden-area house.

Burgess followed, pointed a handgun at her 19-year-old second cousin and shot her in the head, according to police.

Now I know that my family is loaded up with a bunch of gun toting hicks but we somehow find a way to keep from shooting each other during the holidays.

None the less, did Evelyn here vote for The One or The Maverick?


Who says the rich don't pay enough?

Another classic Steyn..........

We are nearing the climax of "tax season." That's the problem right there, by the way: Summer should have a season, and baseball should have a season, but not tax. Happily, like candy canes and Christmas tree lights on Dec. 26, the TurboTax boxes will soon be disappearing from the display racks until the nights start drawing in, and the leaves fall from the trees and tax season begins anew in seven or eight months' time.

And yet, for an increasing number of Americans, tax season is like baseball season: It's a spectator sport. According to the Tax Policy Center, for the year 2009 47 percent of U.S. households will pay no federal income tax. Obviously, many of them pay other kinds of taxes – state tax, property tax, cigarette tax. But at a time of massive increases in federal spending, half the country is effectively making no contribution to it, whether it's national defense or vital stimulus funding to pump monkeys in North Carolina full of cocaine (true, seriously, but don't ask me why). Half a decade back, it was just under 40 percent who paid no federal income tax; now it's just under 50 percent. By 2012, America could be holding the first federal election in which a majority of the population will be able to vote themselves more government lollipops paid for by the ever-shrinking minority of the population still dumb enough to be net contributors to the federal treasury. In less than a quarter-millennium, the American Revolution will have evolved from "No taxation without representation" to representation without taxation. We have bigger government, bigger bureaucracy, bigger spending, bigger deficits, bigger debt, and yet an ever smaller proportion of citizens paying for it.

The top 5 percent of taxpayers contribute 60 percent of revenue. The top 10 percent provide 75 percent. Another two-fifths make up the rest. And half are exempt. This isn't redistribution – a "leveling" to address the "mal-distribution" of income, as Sen. Max Baucus, D-Kleptocristan, put it the other day. It isn't even "spreading the wealth around," as then Sen. Barack Obama put it in an unfortunate off-the-prompter moment during the 2008 campaign. Rather, it's an assault on the moral legitimacy of the system. If you accept the principle of a tax on income, it might seem reasonable to exclude the very poor from having to contribute to it. But in no meaningful sense of the term can half the country be considered "poor." United States income tax is becoming the 21st century equivalent of the "jizya" – the punitive tax levied by Muslim states on their non-Muslim citizens: In return for funding the Islamic imperium, the infidels were permitted to carry on practicing their faith. Likewise, under the American jizya, in return for funding Big Government, the nonbelievers are permitted to carry on practicing their faith in capitalism, small business, economic activity and the other primitive belief systems to which they cling so touchingly.

Read the whole thing.........

Who did they vote for? #1000

At first pass, you're going to see the key words, violence, riots, dressed in black. For an MSNBC staffer, those key words are adjectives for tea partiers.

Police arrested 29 people after an anti-police march in Olympia Thursday night turned violent.

Cmdr. Tor Bjornstad said Friday that officers were monitoring about three-dozen people dressed in black, wearing masks and calling themselves anarchists. The group started marching downtown about 7 p.m. Thursday, chanting obscenities at the police.

By 9 p.m., they had spray-painted the camera of a photographer for The Olympian and tried to take the camera and his cell phone, Bjornstad said. They also spray-painted buildings, broke windows and threw newspaper boxes into the street.

Officers surrounded the group and made the arrests.

Two officers were hit - one in the head and one in the groin - and those two attackers were booked for investigation of felony assault, Bjornstad said.

So you tell me, did this group of anarchist, tea baggers vote for The Maverick or The One?


Why you can't be nice to employees

Because, if you ever need to alter work rules you get this...........
The warehouse and production workers in Denmark are rebelling against the company's new alcohol policy, which allows them to drink beer only during lunch hours in the canteen. Previously, they could help themselves to beer throughout the day, from coolers placed around the work sites. . . .
Truck drivers joined the strike in sympathy--even though they are exempt from the new rules.

See Gordon has a policy of allowing his employees generous amounts of very marginal coffee. I won't be moving to beer anytime soon.


When the media should have vetted their candidate

Now that a lot of people like Peggy Noonan and Kathleen Parker have had their second thoughts about The One just remember he told us he was a socialist from the beginning........

Is Bush still responsible?

Remember the good old days when our president was responsible for everything going wrong in our country.

That would include the Sago coal mine tragedy.

This from the democratic underground from that time

Cronyism, favoritism, etc. It should come as no surprise to anybody that federal funding for mine inspections and safety enforcement, have been substantially cut over the last six years under the Bush administration and a majority of the violation fines have been reduced to the amount of a traffic ticket so that the mine owners just shrug them off as a cost of doing business and the agency in charge of inspecting and enforcement has been downsized by 170 people since Bush took office. George Bush, according to the news story, formed an alliance with the mine owners to help him get elected in West Virginia in 2000 and has since placed people with strong connections to the mine owners in key positions that dictate mine safety regulations. I heard the story on NPR on the way into work but my workstation does not have speakers so the link I'm posting now may not be the same story I heard the above information from.

Funny where's the outrage for Obama cutting deals with coal miner unions so he could get elected.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

How's that hope and change working out?

I'm still waiting on that letter forgiving me of my mortgage obligation. But then again, I didn't vote for The One either.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Who did she vote for? #100

Meet Ms. Ding Bat. It's pretty clear that this person is a total ding dong. Of course, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe they still have slaves on the east coast.

So on November, 2008 did this Mensa member vote for The One or The Maverick?

Cash for Clunkers - a post mortem

Doug Ross with an excellent piece on the cash for clunker debacle.

This particular clip from Edmunds is what caught my eye.....

3. Independent economists generally agree with’s analysis of the program. For example, on November 2, Freakonomics author Steven Levitt blogged about the topic for “Cash for Clunkers mostly just turned out to be a gift from the government to people who happened to be in the market for a new car at the right time... It is relatively easy to move around the timing of when someone purchases a durable good, but much harder to affect whether they buy a durable good or not."

I can attest that I've had three people who bought cars under the program who would have been buying cars soon and all had the financial capability of paying. Once again, life's winners get the break, life's losers continued to be losers with the spike in used car prices; also detailed in the piece.

From the racist tea party camp

This article from one Clarence Page...........

President Barack Obama's election has inspired a record number of African-American candidates to run for Congress this year. What's surprising is that they're running as Republicans.

Life in "Progress" State - California Edition

From the Golden Shower State of California, where there hasn't been a conservative in state government since the gold rush............

The state of California's real unfunded pension debt clocks in at more than $500 billion, nearly eight times greater than officially reported.

That's the finding from a study released Monday by Stanford University's public policy program, confirming a recent report with similar, stunning findings from Northwestern University and the University of Chicago.

To put that number in perspective, it's almost seven times greater than all the outstanding voter-approved state general obligation bonds in California.

Why should Californians care? Because this year's unfunded pension liability is next year's budget cut to important programs. For a glimpse of California's budgetary future, look no further than the $5.5 billion diverted this year from higher education, transit, parks and other programs in order to pay just a tiny bit toward current unfunded pension and healthcare promises. That figure is set to triple within 10 years and -- absent reform -- to continue to grow, crowding out funding for many programs vital to the overwhelming majority of Californians.

How did we get here? The answer is simple: For decades -- and without voter consent -- state leaders have been issuing billions of dollars of debt in the form of unfunded pension and healthcare promises, then gaming accounting rules in order to understate the size of those promises.

You mean the creative accounting techniques that landed Jeff Skilling in prison? Yet here we just call that bidness as usual.

What so "progressive" about a 500 BILLION dollar ponzi scheme?


Tuesday, April 06, 2010

April 15th coming soon

If you haven't already generously tipped and/or hugged your tax preparer yet, your time is running out.

If you are a taxpaying tea bagger (as opposed to democrats who are generally on the receiving end of a good tea bagging), you are more then welcome to join me for a few free drinks at Cindy's Friendly Tavern at about 6:00, (April 15th).

Just like the urologist in Florida, if you voted for Obama, you are not welcome. The people at this gathering have already paid for your beer, cigarettes, lottery tickets, and soon, healthcare.

Call it my little way of giving back to the people who actually fund this country.

See you there.

How I'm going Galt

I never carry a lot of cash on me. First, it seems like every time I get a $100 out of the ATM the next day I'm wondering what happened to $70.

Second, since I like to keep track of where I'm spending my money I find a debit card forces me to itemize where my spending goes.

Third, it kind of holds me accountable with Mrs. Gekko since she gets the bank statement and sees all my pizza, beer and stripper charges.

Finally, it's always bugged me that a large segment of democrats in this country are made up of people in the tip industry. They're always so liberal except when it comes to actually paying taxes on that tip income. As a result, if I pay with a card, the company has to keep the paper trail on the tips.

But over the weekend I decided that the only way to kill the beast, aka government, is to starve it. As a result I decided that I'm no longer going to worry if Joe Blow pays his taxes or not. In fact, I hope he doesn't. Just because I'm in a profession that requires that I pay my taxes in full doesn't mean I need to police the rest of the world to make sure they do. So I'm no longer going to worry about other's tax liability.

So from here on out, when the Gekko's start doing anything it's going to be cash. When we get things done to the house, I'll start asking for a quote and then the "cash price".

I'll leave it up to those people to pay their taxes accordingly.

The other thing I intend to do is quit paying quarterly taxes. As a self employed individual, I am required to pay quarterly estimates. If you don't pay estimates, you could be subjected to estimated penalties. But I think I'm kind of tired of paying taxes to governments that take their jolly ass time to give you your money back (or in some states, refund your money back at all).

I'm still kicking around some others ideas of "Going Galt" that will zap the government of our money. If you have any ideas, please feel free to note them in the comment section.

Spring is here

Judge for yourself. Obama or mallory

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Life in "Progress" City

For your average Redville dweller, you know hunting season to begin in October/November when the deer are scrambling for mating season.

Inside of "Progress" City, hunting season begins the first weekend of spring and runs through the first frost. The only difference is the target gets to shoot back.........

A dozen preschool children scampered across the street, one tailing the other, as they headed into an educational center.

Some peered over at the line of young and old, many wearing T-shirts emblazoned with Ramone Jackson's face as they waited Thursday to get inside the New Prospect Baptist Church, where Jackson lay in a coffin.

Jackson grew up here in Over-the-Rhine. He also died here at the age of 20.

Jackson was the city's 14th homicide victim of the year when he was gunned down March 23. Witnesses told police the shooter was between the ages of 13 and 15. Jackson was shot in the head.

Over a 10-day period, starting on March 18, eight black men, mostly young, were gunned down and killed. Of those cases, only one arrest has been made.

Many in the long line noticed the kids. They shook their heads.

Children shouldn't see this, said Abdul Bilal, a Cincinnati street worker, hired by the city to promote nonviolence, provide counseling and cool heads at wakes and funerals, which are sometimes heated events.

But they do.

What's so "Progressive" about intraracial genocide?